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Rules: name 10 songs you’ve been listening to and tag ten people.

idk i’ve been going through my itunes figuring out what to keep so this is kind of a conglomoration of that (i listed the good ones, obviously) plus what’s been popping up on my pandora

1. You Ain’t Alone by Alabama Shakes
2. Thrash Unreal by Against Me!
3. Hooked On a Feeling by Blue Swede
4. Don’t Let It Trouble Your Mind by Rhiannon Giddens
5. 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins 
6. My December by Linkin Park :(
7. Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen
8. The Man by The Killers
9. Downtown (Skid Row) from Little Shop of Horrors (i’ve been entrenched in Alan Menken’s Broadway resume and this show never stops being good)
10. Strawberry Champagne by Bruno Mars (because fuck me i guess, i couldn’t stand bruno’s songs for years and now he’s coming out with all kinds of shit i’m physically incapable of hating)

i tag @queeraang @negloves @silasjulian @augustatheodora @podracerbarrelroll @bripopsicle @whoweargoldintheirhair @invisiblespork @mongooseland @livinmokotory and anyone else i’ve missed who wants to do this

This is Our Time

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Word Count: 950, give or take  

Warnings: Mild language, more of my stupid humor.

A/N: This is my piece for @notnaturalanahi‘s Crack 600 Celebration writing challenge. My prompt was “Major Tom to Ground Control…Oh, come on! It’s a classic!” I just hope it makes you laugh. Thanks to @idreamofhazel for the read-through. I went through and linked the songs on youtube. If they get stuck in your head, it’s not my fault. Feedback is loved and welcomed. (gif from canonspngifs)

You stare at your notes, a pleased grin on your face as your head bobs along to The Turtle’s song “Happy Together.” You’ve got it playing on speakers in the library during some down time with Sam. You look over at him, catching his eyes as he gives you a content grin of his own.

In the middle of the next song, Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling,” you hear frustrated grunts coming from down the hall. You lift your eyes, watching the doorway. The consistent chant of ‘ooga chaka’ echoes on the walls, but you return to your work when the hall remains empty after another minute.

Starship’s “We Built This City” starts next. The small chorus of voices draws out your smile even further. You try to bite it down when you hear boots stomping down the hall. Your eyes flick over to Sam, catching the smirk on his face.

“Told you,” he mutters.

“Whatever, he doesn’t get an opinion,” you say defiantly. Just then, Dean makes his appearance in the doorway. His face screwed up into a glare and fixated on you.

“Hey Dean,” you greet him, sweetly.

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so i just rewatched gotg vol 1 with autistic + adhd peter in mind and here’s my thoughts: (this is an ironically long post for someone with adhd making an adhd headcanon but i did super simplified bullets so hopefully it isn’t too hard to read)

  • no one ever thinks he’s listening because he doesn’t look like it. he doesn’t make eye contact and he’s always listening to music.
  • music is stimmy and comforting.
  • he’s touch averse so he hesitates taking his mom’s hand when she asks him to and regrets it for the rest of his life to the point that he can hear her voice when gamora’s telling him to take her hand.
  • he has meltdown after his mom dies
    • which is reasonable for anyone in that situation but him going from generally silent/really quiet to screaming out in raw anguish and having to be carried away from the room suggests meltdown to me.
  • he runs outside because it’s too loud and too much is happening and that’s when he gets picked up by yondu.
  • his helmet blocks out light and sound and he wears it whenever he’s overstimulated.
  • dancing/singing is totally a stim for him (which i feel hardcore, i dance and sing all the time even when it’s not Appropriate). 
    • also he literally spins around and around during come and get yr love.
  • “I don’t learn. one of my issues.” 
    • such an adhd thing. I’ve not learned from a single gotdam one of my mistakes.
  • music is a big comfort thing, so is his walkman.
  • “hooked on a feeling, blue swede, 1973, that’s MY SONG” 
    • maybe he repeats the titles and bands of songs as as stim?? that’s definitely part of his SI in music though, memorizing info about the songs he likes
  • he’s panicking in prison bc sensory overload, too loud too many people touching him, 
    • when he’s getting dressed he looks like he’s in pain maybe bc the clothes feel bad and wrong.
  • “the guards will protect her, right?” 
    • could be black and white idea of morality?? that’s the Right thing to do so why wouldn’t they do that??
  • helping gamora bc hyperempathy.
  • he’s bad at small talk and can’t tell when he’s over sharing 
    • “oh. you don’t care”
  • doesn’t get that slicing throat isn’t a universal symbol, then explains the symbol and that it’s a metaphor in earnest probs bc he’s had trouble with them in the past.
  • “how are we gonna sell it when we and it are still here??” 
    • bad at planning ahead and impulsive. doesn’t think things through.
  • “I was just kidding about the leg” “what?!” 
    • didn’t realize it was a joke until after
  • panicking when his Walkman is gone, “wait wait wait” is maybe palilalia
    • he doesn’t even have time to explain, he just rushes off to get it because it’s Important. also he attacks anyone in the way of his comfort object.
  • tossing the orb as a stim. (throwing and catching stuff is good as long as you don’t drop it.)
  • echoing from pop culture (footloose metaphor).
  • “right right okay you’re right” is palilalia.
  • again with the hyperempathy, saves gamora even though he barely know her.
  • “I have a plan… I have part of a plan!….. 12% of a plan.” 
    • totally adhd impulsivity.
  • “it’s a fake laugh!” could be read as he’s learned to identify emotions and he definitely knows that rocket is faking the laugh.
  • “we’re all losers. I mean. people who have lost stuff” 
    • he’s really bad with words and trying to convey his emotions.

seeingeverything  asked:

Hi! :) Blue Swede - Hooked on a feeling. All against Odds -Phil Collins and Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On :) thanks in advance!

Hooked on a Feeling - ESFP

Against All Odds - ISFJ

Dream Theater - INTP

An interesting assortment of songs. All pretty interesting though!

The original post is long gone but if you send me a song I’ll type it

Both the endometriosis pain and anxiety have been brutal the last weeks. The pain has increased since the surgery. It’s it so ridiculous how this illness, that over 170 million people have, is so unknown by the healthcare system and people. So many humans with uteruses suffer in silence. I’m looking for the right treatment right now but it feels like im on the edge of collapsing. Constant pain plus mental health issues and the financial struggles that comes with it. Thankfully I have my amazing mom. My love for her is everything.