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The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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Happy Birthday Omega Pt 1 - Jared Padalecki x Reader

Alpha Jared Padalecki x Omega Reader series

Summary: Jared and Reader go to Australia for Readers birthday, they have a long list of things to see and do

Series Warnings- language, smut, oral sex female receiving, fingering, breast fucking, blow job male receiving, public sex, a/b/o dynamics, breeding kink, female heat and biting

Part 1: Room, For Dessert

Warnings: Oral sex female receiving, fingering and language

“You okay baby” Jared said, “I’m okay, I wish we’d land already, but I’m okay” Y/n said. Jared and his wife were going to Australia for her birthday. They had been on the plane for almost 17 hours and he was a little concerned about his Omega. Y/n was scared of flying, but she was doing really good. He had been holding her hand since takeoff, he of course didn’t mind, if there was anything he could do to make her feel safe he’d do it.

Finally the plane had landed in Sydney Australia and they got off and got their bags and their ride to the hotel. They got to their room, she went right to the balcony and opened the door. Y/n could see the ocean from there, the beach was in walking distance of the hotel. Jared stepped out on the balcony behind her putting his hands on her hips. “We have a beautiful view” she said, “my views much prettier” Jared said looking at her. “You’re so cheesy” she said laughing.

That night they went to a beautiful ocean side restaurant, it was set on a pier, dolphins and other ocean life could be seen from the tables. Y/n was wearing a pale blue summer dress with a floral pattern it was a spaghetti strap, the length of the dress went to her knees. Jared was wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt that said Australia on it, he also wore a baby blue sport coat. They had ordered drinks, Jared a locally brewed beer and Y/n a glass of white wine. For dinner he got surf and turf, she got bbq shrimp.

The waiter brought the food and refilled the drinks, “those good Y/n” he asked, watching her pull the shrimp from the sticks with her lips. “Mmhm” was all she was able to say. “I see you looking at that strawberry shortcake thing, you can have it if you want” Jared said. They finished with their food and Jared paid the bill, “now let’s go back to the hotel for my dessert” Jared said. They got in the town car and rode back to the hotel and went up to their room.

Jared led her to the bedroom and he unzipped her dress letting it fall to her ankles. He slipped his hands in the band of her panties and slid down her legs dropping on her dress on the floor. She laid on the bed naked spreading her legs for him, he stroked his cock through his pants. Jared kissed her lips, down to her neck and he left a trail of kisses all the way down to the top of her mound.

Jared licked a line up her slit, back down again, he pushed his tongue inside her licking over her entrance. His tongue moved to her clit kitten licking it she let out a moan. She had a hand wrapped in his hair and with her other hand she fist the sheets. He attachedhis lips around her clit sucking it and nibbling it, he added a fingers into entrance. Jared thrust his fingers into her wet pussy pumping them fast in time with the nibbling and sucking of her clit. “Oh Jared, yes Alpha, yes, so good Alpha” Y/n moaned.

Jared sped up the thrust of his fingers and his tongue working her clit “pussy tastes so good Omega” he said into her puss. He felt her pussy clench and he knew she was close. He removed his fingers bringing them up to her mouth encouraging to suck them. Y/n sucked his fingers into her mouth sucking up all her juices “I do taste good, gonna cum Alpha” she screamed. He slid his tongue inside her entrance pumping it thrusting.

Fucking her with his tongue until her pussy clenched and tightened around his tongue. “Alpha yes, yes Alpha fuck ues” Y/n screamed. Jared licked up all her juices and crawled up her body putting his lips on hers. He kissed her forcefully yet passionate. He rolled off on to his back, she rolled over putting her head on his chest, she slipped her hand down his boxers. “No, not now baby, they’ll be plenty of time for that later” Jared said. One command fro. Her Alpha was all she needed to fall fast asleep.

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Noel is on his way to Wimbledon, so let’s take a look at some of his previous Wimbledon looks…

Just Dating Ch 3

AO3 / FF

Annabeth can count the number of times she’s seen Piper wake up before seven on one hand. So when her phone plays Piper’s selected ring tone of “Hollaback Girl” and not her normal default alarm she jumped.

“I’m surprised you waited until this morning to call me,” Annabeth says, skipping a normal greeting since it’s Piper.

“Jason took my phone, then I tried to seduce him to get it back… it’s a long story.” The frustration is more than apparent in Piper’s tone.

Annabeth rolls her eyes and pushes herself out of bed.

“Remind me to thank him,”  Annabeth says with a muted groan as she stretches.

“So how’d it go? Second date? We should get you an actual date outfit not just work clothes, but we’ll deal with that later.” Piper talks so fast the sentences merge together.

“Why don’t we have lunch later and you can grill me then?” Annabeth bends at the waist, reaching for her toes and letting out a muffled moan.

“Oh my god,” Piper gasps. “Is he still there? Yeah girl!”

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