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Gemstone and Mineral List

**Notice: This is not a complete list and additions to the post are welcome. I apologize for any names spelled incorrectly or stones with the wrong color(s) listed. I will make any corrections that are needed.**


Almandine Garnet (dark red)
Almandine Garnet Star (dark burgundy, light burgundy or white spikes)
Andesine (red)       
Bixbite (Red Beryl) (pinkish red)
Carminite (dark red, hints of orange and red)
Cat’s Eye Scapolite (dark red, black, sliver of light red or white)
Crimson Calcite (red)
Cuprite (dark reddish pink, dark red)
Indian Red (red)
Mozambique Garnet (dark red, hints of orange)
Proustite (red, dark red)
Pyrope Garnet (dark red)
Red Aura Amethyst (red, dark red, light clearish brown, clearish brown)
Red Amethyst (rust, dark rust)
Red Aventurine (rust, reddish pink, reddish light brown)
Red Diamond (dark red)
Red Fluorite (pinkish red)
Red Spinel (dark red)
Red Topaz (red)
Rubellite [Tourmaline] (red, dark red, dark fuchsia)
Sard (red, dark orange)
Spessartite (orangeish red)
Spinel (dark pink, red)


(orange, yellow)
Amber Calcite (yellowish orange, faded orange)
Andesine Labradorite (deep reddish orange, peach)
Bastnasite/Bastnaesite (orange, dark orange)
Botryogen (reddish orange, orange, peach)
Cachemirine (bright orange, yellowish orange)
Cachemirine Garnet (orange)
Carnallite (orange, light orange)
Carnelian [Chalcedony] (orange, dark orange)
Chondrodite (orange, dark orange, dark red)
Citrine [Quartz] (yellowish orange)
Cliffordite (yellow, orange, dark orange)
Clinohumite (orange, dark orange, hints of yellow)
Coral (orange, reddish orange)
Creedite (orange)
Crocoite (orange, reddish orange)
Golden Selenite (orangish yellow, orange)
Golden Tourmaline (orange, dark orange, brownish light orange)
Hessonite Garnet (orange, dark orange)
Honey Calcite (light orange)
Imperial Topaz (orange with hints of pink)
Jacinth (orange, dark orange, red, hints of yellow)
Joaquinite (orange, yellowish orange)
Laueite (yellowish orange, dark orange)
Madeira Citrine (orange, dark orange, yellowish orange)
Mandarin Garnet (orange)
Norbergite (orange, brownish orange)
Normandite (orange, light orange, dark orange, brown)
Orange Aventurine (orange, light orange, yellowish orange)
Orange Beryl (yellowish orange, yellow)
Orange Calcite (orange, light orange, white)
Orange Chalcedony (dark orange)
Orange Fluorite (orange, yellowish orange)
Orange Kyanite (orange, dark orange, brownish orange)
Orange Sapphire (yellowish sapphire)
Orange Tourmaline (shades of orange)
Poppy Topaz (orange)
Red Calcite (orange, light orange, dark orange, red)
Shigaite (orange, dark orange, red, dark red, hints of brown)
Spessartine (orange, yellowish orange)
Spessartite Garnet (orange, dark orange, reddish orange)
Sphalerite (orange, dark reddish orange)
Svanbergite (dark orange)
Tinzenite (orange, yellowish orange)
Vanadinite (orange, yellowish orange, dark reddish orange)
Wulfenite (yellowish orange, orange)
Zincite (dark reddish orange, hints of yellow and orange)


(clearish yellow, clear)
Ankoleite (yellow, light yellow)
Becquerelite (yellow, orangish yellow)
Beryl (yellow)
Boltwoodite (yellow, orangish yellow)
Brass (gold, metallic yellow)
Brazilianite (clearish dark yellow, clearish faded yellow)
Bytownite (faded light yellow)
Cacoxenite (bright yellow, dark yellow, hints of brown)
Cat’s Eye [Chrysoberyl] (yellow)
Chalcopyrite (gold)
Chrysoberyl (dark greenish yellow)
Copal (light yellow, yellow)
Cubanite (gold)
Cymophane [Chrysoberyl] (dark yellow, sliver of light yellow)
Ettringite (yellow)
Gold (gold)
Golden Calcite (clearish orangish yellow)
Golden Beryl (yellow)
Golden Chrysoberyl (clearish yellow)
Golden Danburite (yellow, light yellow)
Golden Healer Herkimer Diamond (clear, yellow, light yellow)
Golden Lemurian Seed (yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, clear)
Golden Sapphire (yellow)
Heliodor [Beryl] (dark yellow)
Kauri Gum (yellow, dark yellow, hints of orange)
Legrandite (yellow)
Lemon Jade (faded yellow)
Libyan (Desert) Glass (clearish yellow, clearish light yellow)
Londonite (yellow, light yellow)
Mali Garnet (yellow, dark yellow, greenish yellow)
Marialite (yellow, clearish yellow, clearish light yellow, clear)
Mimetite (yellow, dark yellow, orange)
Orpiment (orange, yellow, dark yellow)
Orthoclase (light yellow)
Paradamite (yellow)
Phosphuranylite (yellow)
Rhodizite (yellow, light yellow)
Rutile (yellow, brownish yellow)
Scapolite (clearish yellow)
Sklodowskite (yellow)
Sphene [Titanite] (yellow, with hints of green)
Star Sunstone (goldish yellow, slivers of light yellow)
Stewartite (yellow, clearish yellow, hints of orange)
Sturmanite (dark greenish yellow)
Sulfur/Sulphur (yellow)
Tinaksite (yellow, dark yellow)
Triphane (clearish faded yellow)
Tsumcorite (yellow, dark yellow, hints of yellowish brown)
Tyuyamunite (yellow)
Uranophane (yellow)
Uranopilite (yellow, orange)
Walpurgite (yellow)
Weloganite (pale greenish yellow, cream)
Yellow Apatite (clearish light yellow)
Yellow Aventurine (yellow, light yellow, dark yellow)
Yellow Bowenite (faded yellow, faded greenish yellow)
Yellow Fluorite (clearish yellow, clearish dark yellow)
Yellow Richterite (clearish yellow)
Yellow Sapphire (yellow)
Yellow Scapolite (clearish yellow)
Yellow Smithsonite (yellow, yellowish orange)
Yellow Topaz (yellow, hints of orange)
Yellow Tourmaline (yellow)
Zippeite (yellow) 


(forest green, light forest green, sometimes muted yellow)
Actinolite Cat’s Eye (muted green, sliver of white or grey)
African Jade (green, light green, sometimes hints of light brown)
Agardite (mint green)
Amblygonite (faded green, clearish mint green)
Anapaite (green, light green)
Andradite (green, light green)
Andradite Grossular [Garnet] (green)
Annabergite (mint green/teal)
Antigorite (faded green, faded dark lime green)
Antlerite (green)
Apophyllite (light mint green)
Arsentsumeite (green, lime green)
Arthurite (green, dark green)
Augelite (light green, clearish light green)
Autunite (green, lime green)
Aventurine [Quartz] (green, light green, dark green)
Bayldonite (green)
Bowenite (faded green, faded light green, hints of yellow)
Buddstone (green, dark green)
Byssolite (forest green)
Cat’s Eye Diaspore (dark lime green, hints of red tints, sliver of light green)
Cat’s Eye Jade (green, sliver of light green)
Cat’s Eye Kornerupine (dark lime green, sliver of lime green)
Celadonite (faded green)
Chrome Diopside (dark green)
Chrome Tourmaline (green, dark green)
Chrysolite (clearish yellowish green)
Chrysoprase [Chalcedony] (bluish green, sometimes hints of brown)
Clintonite (forest green, dark green, light green)
Conichalcite (green)
Creaseyite (green, light green)
Cuproadamite (green)
Cuprosklodowskite (green)
Demantoid (green)
Demantoid Garnet (green)
Diopside (dark green)
Duftite (green)
Ekanite (forest green)
Emerald [Beryl] (green)
Emmonsite (green, lime green)
Epidote (green, dark green)
Erinite (faded green)
Forsterite (green, light green, clearish green, clearish light green)
Fucsite (metallic faded green)
Gaia Stone/Green Obsidian (green)
Gormanite (dark green)
Green Amber (green, dark lime green)
Green Aragonite (light green)
Green Apophyllite (light green, light clearish green)
Green Beryl (clearish bluish light green)
Green Calcite (light green, hints of brown)
Green Datolite (faded light green, whitish)
Green Fluorite (light bluish green)
Green Heulandite (green)
Green Kyanite (green, light green)
Green Moonstone (muted green, light green) 
Green Sapphire (various shades of green)
Green Selenite (green, light green)
Green Stilbite (faded green)
Green Tiger’s Eye (green, dark green, black)
Green Topaz (green)
Green Tourmaline (dark green)
Green Tremolite (green, clearish green)
Grossular (light green, hints of yellow)
Grossular Garnet (green, faded green)
Healerite (yellowish green)
Hiddenite [Spodumene] (clearish green)
Idocrase (green, lime green)
Indocrase (green, yellowish green)
Jade (green)
Lemon Chrysoprase (muted light green, green, sometimes hints of brown)
(green, dark green)
Ludlamite (faded green)
Luorapophyllite (light green)
Milarite (faded lime green)
Moldavite (green, dark green, light green)
Mottramite (green, forest green, brownish green, lime green)
Narsarsukite (yellow, greenish yellow, green)
Nephrite (green, light green, dark green)
Nephrite Jade (faded green, dark green)
Olivine (green, faded light green)
Pargasite (green, light green)
Phosphophyllite (clearish bluish green, clearish light bluish green)
Pistacite (forest green, dark lime green)
Prasem (shades of green)
Prasiolite (faded light green, clearish light green)
Pumpellyite (faded green, faded light green, dark green)
Pyromorphite (green)
Rainforest Topaz (dark bluish green)
Seraphinite (forest green, light green, white)
Serpentine (dark green)
Tashmarine (clearish light yellow green, clearish green)
Titanite (dark yellowish green, green)
Torbernite (green)
Tremolite (green)
Tsavorite (green, dark green)
Tsavorite Garnet (green, dark green)
Uranocircite (green)
Uvarovite (green)
Verdite (green)
Vermarine (green, light green)
Vesuvianite (green, dark lime green)
Viridine (green)
Volborthite (lime green)
Zeunerite (green, light green)


Afghanite (blue)
Amazonite (teal, light teal, white/light grey)
American Blue Topaz (bright light blue)
Angelite (light blue, powder blue)
Apatite (light blue)
Aqua Blue Chalcedony (blue)
Aqua Quartz (blue, dark blue)
Aquamarine [Beryl] (blue)
Aurichalcite (turquoise, teal)
Azurite (primary blue, dark blue)
Benitoite (dark blue, purplish blue)
Bermuda Blue (blue, hint of green)
Bideauxite (blue, dark blue)
Blue Amber (blue, hints of orange)
Blue Apatite (blue, hints of light grey and light brown)
Blue Aragonite (blue, light blue)
Blue Aventurine (blue, dark blue, specks of light blue or light grey)
Blue Barite (clearish light blue, clearish blue)
Blue Calcite (light blue, light grey, white)
Blue Chalcedony (light blue)
Blue Euclase (blue, light blue, dark blue, clear, hints of light brown)
Blue Fluorite (blue, light blue)
Blue Hemimorphite (blue, light teal)
Blue Jadeite (blue, light blue)
Blue Scapolite (blue, light blue, dark blue, white)
Blue Smithsonite (turquoise, light teal, light blue)
Blue Spinel (various shades of blue)
Blue Star Sapphire (blue or dark blue with slivers of white)
Blue Tiger’s Eye (dark blue, black, slivers of copper brown)
Blue Topaz (blue)
Blue Tourmaline (various shades of blue)
Blue Zircon (light blue)
Boleite (blue, dark blue)
Boracite (light teal, light blue, light faded green)
Botallackite (blue, greenish blue, teal)
Brochantite (greenish teal, teal, dark teal)
Buttegenbachite (blue, teal)
Caledonite (blue, light blue)
Carletonite (blue, clearish blue, clear, white)
Cat’s Eye Aquamarine (blue, sliver of light blue or white)
Cat’s Eye Apatite (blue, sliver of light blue)
Cavansite (blue, dark blue)
Celestite/Celestine (powder blue, light powder blue)
Chalcanthite (blue, dark blue)
Chalcophyllite (teal, blue)
Clinoclase (blue, dark blue)
Connellite (blue)
Cornetite (blue, light blue, dark blue)
Cumengite (blue, dark blue)
Cyanotrichite (blue, light blue, dark blue)
Dark Blue Beryl (dark blue)
Devilline (teal, light blue)
Diaboleite (blue)
Dianite (blue, light blue, specks of light brown and grey)
Diego Blue Calcite (light blue, white)
Dioptase (dark teal)
Disthene (blue, light blue)
Dumortierite (blue, light blue specks)
Euclase (blue, light blue, dark blue, clear)
Graemite (blue, teal, hints of green)
Grandidierite (blue, light blue)
Hauyne (blue)
Hawk’s Eye [Quartz] (dark blue, light blue, hints of brown)
Hemimorphite (bright blue, light blue)
Indicolite [Tourmaline] (blue)
Iolite/Water Sapphire (purplish blue)
Jeremejevite (clearish blue, clearish light blue)
Kinoite (blue)
Kornerupine (clearish blue with hints of lavender)
Ktenasite (teal, hints of green)
Kyanite (dark blue)
Lammerite (blue, dark teal)
Langite (blue)
Larimar/Pectolite (light blue, blue, white)
Lavendulan (blue)
Lazulite (blue, dark blue, dark teal)
Lazurite (blue)
Linarite (blue, dark blue)
Liroconite (blue, turquoise)
London Blue Topaz (blue)
Maxixe Beryl (shades of clearish blue)
Mint Alabaster (light greenish blue)
Mixite (turquoise, light teal)
Papagoite (blue)
Paraiba Tourmaline (bright light blue)
Parasymplesite (blue, dark blue)
Pentagonite (blue)
Plancheite (blue, light blue, green)
Plumbogummite (blue, light blue)
Posnjakite (blue, turquoise)
Quetzalcoatlite (blue, light blue, teal)
Rosasite (turquoise)
Sapphirine (blue, light blue, dark blue)
Scorodite (blue, dark blue)
Scorzalite (blue, light blue, dark blue)
Sky Blue Topaz (clearish light blue)
Smithsonite (teal, light teal)
Sodalite (light blue, blue, light navy)
Spangolite (blue)
Star Sapphire (blue, dark blue, slivers of white or light blue)
Swiss Blue Topaz (bright blue)
Tanzanite [Zoisite] (dark blue, hints of purple)
Teal Topaz (blue)
Topaz (blue, dark blue)
Tsumebite (turquoise, green)
Turquoise (turquoise, hints of brown, black, or gold)
Tyrolite (turquoise)
Vauxite (blue)
Veszelyite (blue, dark blue)
Zircon (light blue, blue)


Amethyst Chevrons (purple, dark purple, white, clear)
Black Amethyst (dark purple, black)
Brandberg Amethyst (clearish purple, clearish dark purple, clear, sometimes brownish clearish grey)
Chalcedony [Quartz] (light purple/lavender)
Chambersite (clearish purple, clearish dark purple)
Chevron Amethyst (purple, light purple, dark purple, white)
Holly Blue Chalcedony (bluish lavender)
Indian Star Ruby (pinkish purple; white lines)
Kammererite (pinkish purple)
Lavender Smithsonite (lavender)
Lepidolite (light purple, purple, dark purple)
Purple Fluorite (dark purple)
Phosphosiderite (lavender, dark lavender)
Purple Aventurine (purple, light purple, lavender)
Purple Creedite (clearish lavender, clearish dark lavender)
Purple Fluorite (purple, dark purple)
Purple Garnet (purple, dark purple)
Purple Jade (lavender, light lavender)
Purple Sapphire (purple)
Purple Spinel (various shades of purple)
Purple Tiger’s Eye (purple, dark purple, black, sometimes dark pink)
Purpurite (purple)
Rose De France Amethyst [Quartz] (light lavender)
Sainfeldite (purple, lavender)
Star Garnet (dark purple, slivers of white or light purple)
Stichtite (purple, light purple, dark purple, black)
Strengite (lavender, purple)
Taaffeite (clearish light purple, dark purple)
Tiffany Stone (purple, light purple, dark purple, white, black)
Tschermigite (dark purple)
Twilight Mountain Amethyst (lavender, light lavender, sometimes white)
(lavender, light lavender, pinkish lavender)
Violet Sapphire (various shades of bluish purple and purple)
Violet Spinel (various shades of purple)
Yttrium Fluorite (lavender, dark lavender, white)


Angel Skin Coral (light warm pink)
Chalcotrichite (dark pink)
Cinnabar (dark pink)
Cobalt Bloom (dark magenta)
Cobaltoan Calcite (pink, light pink, dark pink)
Cobaltocalcite (pink, light pink, pinkish lavender)
Corundum Ruby (dark pink)
Cuprite (dark pinkish red)
Gmelinite (pink, peach)
Heulandite (peach)
Hodgkinsonite (pink, purplish pink)
Hot Pink Topaz (dark clearish pink)
Hureaulite (pink, dark peach)
Imperial Garnet (shades of pink)
Inesite (pink, peach, hints of purple)
Kermesite (dark fuchsia, hints of red or purple)
Kunzite [Spodumene] (light pinkish lavender)
Kutnohorite (light pink)
Lawsonite (faded light pink)
Mangano Calcite (pink, light pink, white)
Manganoan Calcite (pink, light pink)
Morganite [Beryl] (pink, dark pink)
Olmiite (pink, dark pink, peach, dark peach)
Padparadscha Sapphire (pink, rosy pink, light reddish pink)
Peach Aventurine [Quartz] (faded peach)
Peach Calcite (peach, light peach, dark peach)
Peach Moonstone (peach, light peach, dark peach)
Pezzottaite (pink, dark pink)
Pink Fluorite (pink, light pink)
Pink Sapphire (various shades of pink and light pink)
Pink Spinel (various shades of pink)
Pink Topaz (clearish pink, light clearish pink)
Pink Tourmaline (various shades of pink)
Poudretteite (clearish pink, clearish dark pink)
Red Beryl (dark pink)
Rhodochrosite (light pink, pink, dark pink)
Rhodolite Garnet (dark pink)
Rose Alabaster (whitish light pink)
Rose Cat’s Eye Quartz (pink, light pink, sliver of white)
Rose Rhodochrosite (pink, light pink)
Roselite (pink, dark pink, fuchsia)
Serandite (pink, light pink, dark peach)
Sphaerocobaltite (pink, fuchsia, purple)
Star Ruby (pink, dark pink, slivers of white or light pink)
Stilbite (light peach, beige, white)
Sussexite (light faded pink, dark faded pink)
Thulite (pink, light pink, white)
Tugtupite (pink, light pink, dark pink, white)
Umbalite (dark pink, dark reddish pink)
Umbalite Garnet (dark pink)
Vintage Rose (light pink)


Acanthite (metallic dark grey)
Achondrite (brown, black)
Aegirine (black)
Aeschynite (brown, light brown, metallic black)
Allanite (black)
Altaite (grey, hints of brown and white)
Aluminum (silver grey)
Amphibole (dark grey, white)
Andesite (shades of grey, white)
Ankerite (brown, light brown)
Anorthosite (shades of grey)
Antimony (silver grey)
Apache Tears (Obsidian) (black, light grey)
Aragonite (orangish brown)
Argentite (metallic dark grey)
Argyrodite (grey, metallic grey)
Arsenopyrite (light grey, grey, metallic silver)
Augite (black, specks of brown)
Axinite (clearish brown, clearish light brown, dark brown, black)
Babingtonite (black)
Baumhauerite (dark grey, metallic dark grey)
Bauxite (brown, light brown, reddish brown)
Biotite (black, hints of brown or white)
Bixbyite (black)
Black Ammonite [Fossil] (black, sometimes hints of shades of brown or grey)
Black Andradite Garnet
(black, sometimes brown and dark brown)
Black Calcite Shamanite (dark grey, black, light brown)
Black Coral (black, light grey)
Black Diamond (black)
Black Diopside (black, slivers of light grey or white)
Black Kyanite (black, dark grey)
Black Lace Onyx (black with lines of white)
Black Moonstone (black, grey, dark grey, brown, light brown)
Black Phantom Quartz (clear, grey, dark grey, black)
Black Spinel (black)
Black Star Diopside (black, slivers of white)
Black Star Sapphire (black, brown, hints of orange, slivers of white)
Black Tourmaline (black)
Blizzard Stone (black, grey, white)
Bloedite (brownish grey, grey, light grey, dark grey)
Bone (cream, beige, light brown)
Boulangerite (silver, grey)
Bournonite (metallic grey)
Bronzite (shades of brown)
Brown Aragonite (shades of brown, hints of orange)
Buergerite (brown, dark brown, black)
Calaverite (ochre, dark brown, grey, metallic grey)
Calcite Fairy Stones (grey, light grey, white)
Carnelian Boulder (shades of brown and orange)
Carrollite (metallic dark grey and black)
Cassiterite (shades of clearish brown)
Cerussite (clear, white, light clearish brown)
Chalcocite (metallic grey and dark grey)
Champagne Citrine (clearish light brown with hints of pink or orange)
Chiastolite (brown, black)
Childrenite (brown, light brown, dark brown)
Chromite (grey, metallic grey)
Chromium (metallic grey)
Chrysanthemum Stone (black, white)
Clinozoisite (yellowish brown, yellowish dark brown)
Coal (dark grey, black)
Copper (metallic reddish brown)
Coral Fossil (shades of brown and light brown)
Cristobalite (black, white)
Cryolite (clear, white, light yellowish brown, brown)
Cylindrite (metallic grey)
Desert Rose (brown, whitish brown)
Diaspore (brown, light brown)
Dolomite (white, light grey, light brown)
Dorado (light brown, brown)
Dyscrasite (metallic grey)
Enstatite (brown, dark brown, hints of orange)
Feldspar (various earth tones, white)
Ferberite (metallic grey, metallic dark grey, metallic black)
Ferroaxinite (clearish light brown, dark brown)
Flint (various earth tones, black)
Fluorrichterite (dark grey, black, hints of brown)
Fossil Coral (brown, light brown)
Franckeite (metallic dark grey, black)
Fulgurite (light brown, white, clear)
Galena (metallic grey, grey)
Gabbro (grey, light grey)
Glendonite (brown)
Goethite (light grey, grey, black)
Gold Sheen Obsidian (black, metallic gold)
Silver Sheen Obsidian (black, metallic grey, silver)
Midnight Lace Obsidian (brown, light brown black)
Graphite (metallic grey)
Gratonite (metallic grey)
Grey Moonstone (grey, light grey)
Grey Star Sapphire (light grey, slivers of white)
Hausmannite (black)
Hematite (metallic dark grey, metallic black)
Hydroboracite (brown, light brown, white)
Hypersthene (metallic grey, light metallic grey, light metallic brown, dark brown, black)
Ilvaite (black)
Inderite (white, clearish, brown, light brown)
Indigo Gabbro (grey, dark grey, black, hints of purple or dark purple)
Iron (metallic grey)
Ivory (beige, cream)
Jamesonite (metallic grey)
Jet (black)
Jet Hematite (grey)
Jordanite (black, metallic black)
Khaki (brown, sand)
Kulanite (black)
Lamprophyllite (brown, light brown)
Larvikite (shades of grey, reflective light blue)
Lead (metallic black)
Leifite (beige, light brown)
Light Colorado Topaz (light brown)
Limestone (beige, light grey)
Limestone Garnet (brown, light brown, white)
Lorenzenite (brown)
Melanite (black)
Merlinite (grey, light grey, black)
Miargyrite (metallic grey, dark metallic grey)
Molybdenum (silver)
Monazite (brown, hints of orange)
Morion (brown, dark brown, black)
Mystic Merlinite (grey, dark grey, black)
Neptunite (black)
Nickel (silver)
Obsidian (greyish brown, dark brown, black)
Onyx [Chalcedony] (black)
Orthoceras (grey, light grey, dark grey)
Painite (dark reddish brown)
Peanut Wood (beige, white, brown, light brown, dark brown)
Petoskey Stone (brown, light brown, dark brown, cream, white)
Platinum (silver)
Psilomelane (grey, dark grey, black)
Pyrolusite (grey, dark grey, metallic grey)
Pyrophyllite (brown, light brown, beige, hints of yellow)
Ramsdellite (grey, metallic grey)
Romanechite (grey, metallic dark grey)
Rosaline (light pinkish brown)
Sandstone (brown, light brown, grey, light grey, beige)
Schalenblende (brown, light brown, dark brown, light yellow)
Schorl [Tourmaline] (black)
Schorlomite (black)
Sedonalite (brown)
Semseyite (grey, metallic grey)
Serendibite (black)
Shungite (metallic black, dark grey)
Silicon (dark metallic grey)
Silver (silver)
Silver Pyrite (silver)
Sinhalite (yellowish brown, light yellowish brown)
Skutterudite (metallic grey)
Smoked Topaz (light brown, brown, dark brown)
Smoky Quartz (light brown, brown, dark brown)
Smoky Topaz (light brown, brown, dark brown)
Snowflake Obsidian (white, light grey, black)
Senarmontite (grey, light grey, dark grey, some metallic grey)
Staurolite (brown, black)
Stibnite (metallic grey, dark metallic grey)
Stromatolite (shades or brown or grey)
Teallite (grey)
Tektite (black)
Tellurium (silver)
Tennantite (grey, metallic grey)
Tetrehedrite (metallic grey)
Thorite (shades of brown)
Tibetan Tektite (black)
Tiger’s Eye [Quartz] (light brown, brown, dark brown, orange)
Tin (silver)
Titanium (silver)
Tourmaline Aura Stone (black)
Vatican Stone (grey, dark grey, black)
Vermiculite (brown, light brown)
Wakefieldite (black)
Whiteite (tan, brown)
Wolframite (metallic grey, light grey, dark grey, brown, dark brown)
(light grey, white, specks of brown, dark grey, or black)
(light brown, cream)
Yuksporite (brown, light brown, dark grey)
Zebra Marble (black, white)
Zebra Stone (black, white)
Zebradorite (brown, dark brown, black)
Zinc (silver grey)
Zinkenite (metallic dark grey and black)  


Achroite [Tourmaline]
Adularia (clearish white)
Alabaster (white, cream, light brown)
Artinite (white)
Azeztulite (white, clearish)
Beryllonite (clear, hints of white)
Borax (white)
Cacholong (white)
Cat’s Eye Moonstone (milky clear, sliver of white)
Chalk (white)
Clear Calcite (clear)
Clear Topaz (clear)
Clinoptilolite (clear)
Colorless Taaffeite (clear, whitish)
Colorless Tourmaline (clear)
Cubic Zirconia (clear)
Danburite (clear, clearish white)
Edingtonite (clearish white, white, beige)
Epistilbite (white)
Epsomite (white)
Erionite (clearish white)
Eucryptite (white, light grey)
Fiedlerite (clear)
Goosecreekite (white)
Goshenite [Beryl] (clear)
Gypsum (clearish, clearish white, white, beige)
Gyrolite (beige, white)
Halite (clear, white)
Hambergite (clear)
Harmotome (white)
Herkimer Diamond (clear)
Howlite (white, black, grey)
Hydromagnesite (white)
Hydrozincite (white)
Iceland Spar Calcite (clear)
Kernite (clear, clearish white, white)
Laumontite (white, cream)
Menalite (white)
Mesolite (white)
Moissanite (clear)
Mordenite (white)
Natrolite (clearish white)
Okenite (white)
Petalite (clearish)
Phillipsite (clearish)
Picromerite (white, clearish white)
Pollucite (clear, white)
Scholzite (clearish, white)
Scolecite (white)
Selenite (clear, white)
Spodumene (clear)
Star Moonstone (cream, white, slivers of white or light cream)
Talc (light grey, white)
Tincalconite (white)
Tridymite (light grey, white, clear)
Ulexite/Television Stone (clear, white)
Whewellite (clear, white)
White Alabaster (white)
White Aragonite (white)
White Aventurine (white)
White Barite (white)
White Onyx (white) 
White Sapphire (clear)
White Spinel (clear)
White Topaz (clear)


Angel Aura (rainbow, mostly clear)
Angel Aura Danburite (clearish rainbow)
Bismuth [Crystals] (rainbow)
Mystic Fire Topaz (dark rainbow)
Mystic Topaz (dark rainbow)
Peacock Ore (rainbow, mostly blue)
Peacock Topaz (dark rainbow)
Rainbow Calcite (rainbow, mostly turquoise)
Rainbow Fluorite (various shades of Fluorite together)
Rainbow Moonstone (blue, white, sometimes hints of brown)
Rainbow Obsidian (black, dark rainbow)
Rainbow Pyrite (sparkly rainbow)
Rainbow Topaz (dark rainbow) 


Adamite (lime green, yellowish lime green, teal, light teal)
Ajoite (turquoise, clear, sometimes hints of brown)
Amegreen (faded green, lavender, white)
Ametrine [Quartz] (orange, purple)
Ammonite [Fossil] (brown, hints of rainbow)
Anastasia Topaz (faded orange, pink, brown, light brown)
Anatase (blue, dark blue OR orangish brown)
Andalusite (yellow, brown)
Anyolite (green, purple, black)
Arfvedsonite (light blue, light brown, brown, black)
Astrophyllite (black, brown, blue, white)
Atacamite (dark teal, black)
Atlantisite (lime, green, lavender, purple)
Azotic Topaz (orange, dark orange, pink)
Azurite (dark blue, green, black)
Azurite-Cuprite/Bluebird (primary blue, light blue, green, brown, sometimes whitish grey)
Azurite-Malachite (lime green, primary, blue, sometimes light brown)
Baratovite (peach, white, dark grey, black)
Bi Color Quartz (various)
Bi Color Sapphire (usually: yellow, blue, hints of green)
Bi Color Tourmaline (various)
Binghamite (red, orange, dark yellow, dark grey, black)
Black Chevron Amethyst (faded purple, dark brown, cream, white)
Bloodstone (Heliotrope) [Chalcedony] (dark green, red, orange)
Blue Green Fluorite (teal, greenish blue, blue)
Bornite (blue, purple)
Boulder Turquoise (brown, light brown, slivers of turquoise)
Brookite (red, orange, hints of yellow, black)
Buckeye Burl (yellow, grey, black)
Cancrinite (light yellow, light yellowish orange, light grey, black, white)
Carnotite (primary yellow, dark yellow, brown)
Cat’s Eye Enstatite (black, sliver of green)
Cat’s Eye Tourmaline (various)
Celestobarite (black, light grey, light reddish brown)
Chabazite (peach, dark brownish peach, brown)
Chalcosiderite Turquoise (light greyish brown or light green, forest green)
(light purple, purple, black, white)
Chrysocolla (green, blue, black)
Chloromelanite (green, dark green, black)
Color Change Sapphire (blue/purple)
Color-Change Diaspore (clearish yellowish green/clearish pink)
Copiapite (orange, dark orange, yellow, grey)
Cornwallite (green, teal)
Corundum (various)
Covellite (blue, dark blue, purple, dark purple, black, light grey or light brown)
(orange, dark orange, brown, dark brown)
Elbaite (pink, dark pink, clear, white, green, dark green)
Eosphorite (orange, light orange, brown)
Erythrite (fuchsia, dark fuchsia, black)
Eudialyte (dark pink, black, sometimes light pink or white)
Fluorite (dark green, dark purple, black)
Franklinite (dark metallic grey, black; rainbow)
Galaxite (dark green, black, specks of green and yellow)
Garnierite (green, turquoise)
Gaspeite (green, brown)
Goethite Onegite (black, hints of dark green, brown, or ochre)
Golden Seraphinite (green, dark green, black, hints of yellow)
Goldstone (various)
Hackmanite (white; hot pink, dark blue, purple)
Hardystonite (grey, dark grey, white; rainbow, black)
Hematite Kidney Ore (metallic burgundy, metallic grey)
Hibonite (orange, dark orange, brown)
Hubnerite (black, sometimes red)
Jarosite (dark yellow, brown, hints of orange)
Kakortokite (white, spots of dark pink, sometimes clear and grey spots)
(clearish blue, clearish purple)
Labradorite (blue, brown, black)
Lepidachrocite (Quartz) (clear, pink and dark pink splotches)
Luxurianite (dark peach, light brown, black)
Mahogany Obsidian (brownish orange, black)
Marble (white, grey, light grey)
Marcasite (faded gold, goldish brown)
Mawsitsit (neon green, black)
Purpurite (purple, brown)
Melody’s Stone (purple, clearish purple, clearish lavender, yellowish brown, clear)
Moonstone (white, light blue, blue)
Mozarkite (light red, pale pink, light blue, white, sometimes light yellow)
(dark red, dark yellow, brown, dark brown, black)
Nebula Stone (green, light green, dark green, black)
Nunderite (pale brownish peach, light grey, grey, light brown, brown)
Nuummite (specks of yellow and grey, dark brown, black)
Pallasite (yellow, blue, grey, clearish)
Petrified Palm Wood (yellow, dark yellow, brown, light brown, beige)
Petrified Wood (brown, hints of other colors)
Pietersite (dark red, dark orange, dark yellow, light blue, blue, dark blue, black)
Rhodonite (faded pink, black)
Preseli Bluestone (green, dark green, spots of black, light brown, and white or grey)
Pyrite/Fool’s Gold (gold, brown, silver)
Raspite (clearish orange, clearish yellow)
Realgar (red, dark red; yellow or orange from long term light exposure)
Red Tiger’s Eye (red, dark red, brown, black)
Scheelite (orange, dark orange, yellow; blue, light blue)
Septarian (yellow, beige, grey, brown, dark brown)
Shattuckite (blue, teal, green, sometimes dark green or blue)
Siderite (dark yellow, brown, light brown)
Sonora Sunrise (turquoise, orange, black)
Spectrolite [Labradorite] (light blue, blue, light brown, brown, muddy green)
(yellow, brown, light brown)
Stibiotantalite (dark yellow, orange, dark orange, brown, dark brown)
Sunstone [Oligoclase] (reddish orange, rust, hints of brown)
Sylvite (orange, light orange, light brown, white)
Thomsonite (peach, light peach, beige, forest green)
Tiger Iron (yellow, yellowish gold, brown, light brown, black)
Tiger’s Eye Matrix (yellowish gold, brown, light brown, black)
Tourmaline (various)
Topazolite (yellow, yellowish brown, brown)
Trolleite (light blue, grey, light grey, white)
Unakite (faded reddish pink, green)
Variscite (light green, green, creamy grey, sometimes brown)
Venus Hair Stone (clear, light brown lines)
Villiaumite (dark red, black, hints of orange)
Vivianite (green, dark green, dark teal)
Watermelon Tourmaline (pink, dark pink, light green, green)
Wernerite (light grey; bright yellow, dark blue)
Wurtzite (red, orange, yellow, brown, black)
Xenotime (yellow, brown, dark brown, hints of orange)
Yellow Datolite (yellow, brown, black)
Yellow Turquoise (yellow, pale yellow, brown, black)
Zircon (various)
Zultanite (sand, brownish orange, greyish green)


Amethyst Agate (purple, lavender)
Black Agate (black, sometimes white or brown lines)
Blue Lace Agate (blue, light blue)
Botswana Agate (brown, light reddish brown, light pink, light grey)
Chinese Rain Flower Agate (mint green, brown, light rust)
Condor Agate (red, mustard yellow, light blue, green, pink)
Crackled Fire Agate (orange, dark orange, red, hints of yellow)
Cr*zy Lace Agate (red, faded orange, brown, grey, white, hints of faded yellow)
Dendritic Agate (white, clear, black, brown)
Eye Agate (dark red, orange, dark orange, white, black)
Fire Agate (dark brownish rainbow)
Iris Agate (clear, whitish, rainbow)
Laguna Lace Agate (red, faded yellow, light orange, light grey)
Lake Superior Carnelian (light orange, dark reddish orange, white)
Montana Agate (orange, yellow, brown, light brown, black, white)
Montana Dry Head Agate (orange, orangish brown, brown, white)
Moss Agate (white, clear, black, brown)
Purple Agate (shades of purple)
Sagenite Agate (yellowish brown, brown, light grey)
Tree Agate (green, light green, white)
Turritella Agate (brown, light brown, dark brown)
Yellow Agate (yellow, light yellow, brown, light brown)


African Jasper (green, teal, brown, black)
Agate Jasper (red, white, brown, grey)
Bamboo Jasper (red, yellow, brown, grey)
Biggs Jasper (brown, light brown, light powder blue)
Black Jasper (black, light brown, light grey)
Blue Jasper (blue, light blue, brown, light grey)
Brecciated Jasper (red, black, dark brown, clearish)
Brown Jasper (brown, light brown, dark brown)
Bruneau Jasper (light yellow, brown, light brown)
Bumblebee Jasper (yellow, orange, grey, black)
Carrasite Jasper (light red, yellow, brown, light brown, greyish green)
Cave Creek Jasper (dark pink, red, grey, brown)
Chestnut Jasper (red, reddish orange, yellow)
Chrysanthemum Jasper (shades of brown)
Confetti Jasper/Elephant Skin Jasper (yellow, maroon, brown)
Crab Jasper (orange, light orange, red)
Dalmatian Jasper (cream, black)
Deschutes Jasper (brown, dark brown, light brown)
Exotica Jasper (pink, light brown, grey, black, white)
Green Jasper (green, forest green, dark green, light grey)
Impression Jasper (shades of blue, beige, brown)
Jaspilite (red, grey, black, brown)
K2 Jasper (blue, black, white)
Kambaba Jasper (green, dark green, black)
Kiwi Jasper (light mint green, light grey and black dots)
Lizard Skin (green, dark green, black)
Leopard Skin (pale pink, light brown, brown, grey)
Mookaite Jasper (burgundy, red, yellow, purple, dark purple, white)
Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper (red, orange, yellow, brown, black, white)
Morrisonite Jasper (red, yellow, blue, brown, green)
Moss Jasper (green, dark green, grey, white)
Noreena Jasper (red, yellow, white)
Ocean Jasper (various)
Oolitic Jasper (black, grey, dark grey hint of pink)
Opal Jasper (blue, light blue, light brown)
Orange Jasper (orange, yellowish orange, reddish orange, light brown)
Outback Jasper (pink, dark brown, grey, white)
Owyhee Jasper (rust, yellow, blue, brown, sometimes green)
Picture Jasper (brown, light brown, grey, black)
Polka Dot Jasper (mustard yellow and black dots, white)
Polychrome Jasper (rust, yellow, light yellow, light blue, dark green, brown)
Purple Jasper (purple, light purple, light brown, brown)
Rainforest Jasper (green, splotches of other colors)
Red Jasper (red, hints of light brown and black)
Riband Jasper (red, yellow, brown, black)
Ribbon Jasper (pinkish brown, cream)
Snakeskin Jasper (dark red, brown, beige)
Spiderman Jasper (red, orange, black)
Stone Canyon Jasper (burgundy, yellow, light brown, white)
Wild Horse Jasper (yellow, light blue, light brown)
Yellow Jasper (yellow, yellowish brown)
Zebra Jasper (white, black, sometimes shades of brown instead of black and white)  


Arizona Landscape Opal (cream, dark cream, peach, dark yellow, orange, light powder blue, brown, white)
Black Opal (mostly dark blue, rainbow)
Black Star Opal (black, brown, orange)
Blue Opal (dark blue, spots of light blue and lime green)
Boulder Opal (brown, rainbow, mostly blue and lime green)
Brazilian Opal (white, rainbow)
Cat’s Eye Opal (dark orange, sliver of bright orange; whitish rainbow, sliver of rainbow)
Chocolate Opal (brown, rainbow specks)
Dragon’s Breath (Fire) Opal (pink, purple, spots of blue, sliver of yellow and orange)
Ethiopian Welo Opal (Ocean) (clearish blue, light brown, brown)
Fire Opal (shades of orange, rainbow)
Honduran Opal (dark grey or black, sprinkles of rainbow)
Hyalite Opal (clear, light brown)
Koroit Opal (brown, rainbow- mostly light blue and green)
Light Grey Opal (blueish grey)
Mexican Cherry Opal (red, dark red, splotches of various colors)
Mexican Matrix Opal (light brown, rainbow)
Mintabie Crystal Opal (white, rainbow)
White Opal (white, rainbow)


Abalone Pearl (soft rainbow)
Antique Brass Pearl (brown, brass)
Black Pearl (black, grey)
Blue Pearl (turquoise, cobalt, navy)
Bright Gold Pearl (gold, yellow)
Bronze Pearl (cream, mocha)
Brown Pearl (dark brown, reddish brown)
Burgundy Pearl (burgundy, deep red)
Coco Brown Pearl (brown)
Copper Pearl (orange, brown, copper)
Coral Pearl (pink, salmon)
Cranberry Pearl (purple, reddish purple, maroon)
Cream Pearl (white, cream)
Creamrose Pearl (white, cream, light pink)
Creamrose Light Pearl (white, cream)
Dark Green Pearl (dark green)
Dark Grey Pearl (dark grey)
Dark Purple Pearl (dark purple)
Forest Green Pearl (green, forest green)
Fuchsia Pearl (pink, fuchsia)
Gold Pearl (gold, yellow)
Green Pearl (green, light green)
Grey Pearl (grey)
Light Blue Pearl (light blue)
Light Green Pearl (light green)
Light Grey Pearl (grey)
Light Plum Pearl (light purple)
Light Purple Pearl (light purple)
Lilac Pearl (purple, light purple)
Maroon Pearl (maroon, deep red)
Matte Blue Pearl (blue)
Matte Gold Pearl (gold)
Matte Green Pearl (light green)
Matte Grey Pearl (grey, light grey)
Matte Lavender Pearl (lavender)
Matte Light Plum Pearl (purple, lavender)
Matte Light Purple Pearl (light purple)
Matte Light Sapphire Pearl (light blue)
Matte Lilac Pearl (light pinkish lavender)
Matte Olivine Pearl (light green)
Matte Peach Pearl (peach)
Matte Purple Pearl (light purple, dark lavender)
Matte Sapphire Pearl (blue)
Mocha Pearl (light brown)
Mystic Black Pearl (black)
Nacre/Mother of Pearl (slight rainbow sheen, mostly cream)
Night Blue Pearl (dark blue, midnight)
Olivine Pearl (dark lime green)
Peach Pearl (peach, pink)
Peacock Pearl (dark pink, dark green, black, sometimes blue)
Pink Pearl (pink)
Plum Pearl (dark purple)
Powder Almond Pearl (light faded brown)
Powder Blue Pearl (light powder blue)
Powder Green Pearl (light faded green)
Powder Rose Pearl (light faded pink, light pink)
Purple Pearl (purple, hints of blue)
Red Pearl (red, dark red)
Rosaline Pearl (pink, light pink)
Sapphire Pearl (blue, cobalt)
Tahitian-Look Pearl (black, greenish blue hue)
Taupe Pearl (light brown)
White Pearl (white, cream)
Yellow Pearl (yellow)


**Notice: Only gems with ‘quartz’ at the end of its name are listed below. There are other gems that fall into the Quartz category that are in other lists above.

Actinolite Quartz (clear, spikes of forest green)
Amethyst Spirit Quartz (purple, lavender, hints of light brown)
Angel Aura Quartz (clearish rainbow)
Angel Quartz (clearish rainbow)
Apophyllite Quartz (clearish white)
Apple Aura Quartz (lime green)
Aqua Aura Quartz (blue)
Aqua Aura Spirit Quartz (blue, light blue)
Blue Moon Quartz (clear, hints of light blue)
Blue Quartz (light blue)
Blue Quartz with Lazulite (light blue, clearish blue, specks of blue)
Blue Siberian Quartz (blue)
Blueberry Quartz (clear, splotches of blue)
Blush Quartz (dark faded peach)
Bushman Quartz (shades of orange, brown)
Caribbean Quartz (blue, light blue, green)
Champagne Aura Quartz (clearish gold, clearish dark yellow)
Cherry Quartz (pink, light pink)
Chinese Chromium Quartz (green, light green, light greyish brown)
Chlorite Quartz (clear, green, dark green)
Crackle Quartz (clear, dyed various)
Dendritic Quartz (clear, black, sometimes yellowish brown)
Drusy Quartz (various)
Eisenkiesel Quartz (dark orange, dark red, orangish brown)
Elestial Quartz (smoky, brown, light brown)
Faden Quartz (clear)
Fire (Harlequin) Quartz (orange, reddish orange, clear, white)
Flame Aura Quartz (dark rainbow)
Girasol Quartz (clearish)
Gold Aura Quartz (orange)
Gold Quartz (gold, light brown, light grey, white)
Golden Aura Quartz (orange, yellowish orange)
Golden Healer Quartz (yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, clear, white)
Golden Rutilated Quartz (yellow, dark yellow, brown, light brown, clear)
Green Quartz (various shades of green)
Gwindel Quartz (clear)
Harlequin Quartz (clear, dark red specks)
Hematoid Quartz (shades of orange) 
Jacare Quartz (smoky brown, light smoky brown)
Jacinto (de Compostela) Quartz (dark red, hints of brown)
Lemon Quartz (bright clearish yellow)
Lodolite Quartz (clear, faded green, brown, light brown)
Medusa Quartz (clear, green, blue)
Olive Quartz (clearish green, clearish light green, clearish dark green)
Ouro Verde Quartz (clearish lime green, clearish light yellow, clearish dark lime green)
Papaya Quartz (pink, dark pink, clearish)
Pink Himalayan Samadhi Isis Quartz (light pink, clearish white)
Pink Quartz (pink, light pink)
Prase Quartz (faded green, light faded green, dark green)
Prasiolite Quartz (clearish faded light green)
Colbalt Aura Quartz (rainbow, mostly dark blue)
Rutile Quartz (clear, yellow and yellowish brown spikes)
Star Lemon Quartz (clearish yellow, spikes of white)
Purple Aura Quartz (purple, rainbow)
Quartz (clear)
Rainbow Mayanite Quartz (rainbow, mostly clearish golden yellow)
Rainbow Solar Quartz (rainbow)
Red Phantom Quartz (red, white, black, clear)
Red Quartz (shades of red)
Rose Aura Quartz (pink, dark reddish pink)
Ruby Aura Quartz (hot pink, dark pink)
Rutilated Quartz (clear, yellow and brown spikes)
Samadhi Quartz (light peach)
Satya Mani Quartz/Sathya Mani Quartz (clearish)
Seriphos Quartz (faded green, faded light green)
Shocked Quartz (rainbow)
Slightly Milky Rutilated Quartz (clear, light brown)
Star Hollandite Quartz (clear, clearish white, black spikes)
Star Quartz (various, slivers of white or lighter version of gem’s color)
Strawberry Quartz
(clear, strips and spots of red and pink)
Sunshine Aura Quartz (clearish bright yellow)
Tangerine Aura Quartz (clearish orange)
Tangerine Quartz (orange)
Tangerine Aura Quartz (bright orange, light orange)
Tangerine Sun Aura Quartz (orange, light orange)
Tanzan Aura Quartz (clearish bluish light purple, lavender)
Tanzine Aura Quartz (clearish bluish light purple, purple)
Teal Quartz (teal)
Titanium Aura Quartz (dark rainbow)
Titanium Flame Aura Quartz (dark rainbow)
Titanium Quartz (dark rainbow)
Tourmalinated Quartz (clear with black and dark brown spikes)
Yellow Golden Quartz (yellow, light yellow)
Yellow Quartz (yellow)

Star Light, Star Bright

Originally posted by daenso

Star Light, Star Bright
Ship: Shooting Star/ Guardian Angel!Jimin | Reader
Description: When you wish upon a star, you never really think he’d come to visit.
Warnings: Fluff, Intercourse, Fingering, Slight Cum Play, Slight Dirty Talk, ANGST
Word Count: 7,595
A/N: Fluffier (sorta) than my other writings, and maybe not as dirty. It’s still there though. I was starting to think I’d never get around to writing this but I’m so glad I finally finished!

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sheloveskook  asked:

i don't know if you're already writing this out but the one universe where human was born as colorblind unless they met their soulmate and the colors will starting to bleed into their life // jikook is soulmate // thank you ^-^

Hey lovely! This took me actually forever to finally do so I apologize 😖. This soulmate au was really interesting to write since I haven’t something like this before, I hope you enjoy~

+ Jimin is a waiter at a restaurant and that night at work, he ended up waiting on Seokjin, an old friend, and a couple other people with him

+ “My God, Park Jimin! I haven’t seen you since high school!” Seokjin had beamed. Seokjin introduces Jimin to his friends, catching up on the years they haven’t seen each other

+ In the end, Seokjin invites Jimin to hang out with all of them sometimes and Jimin accepts. He’s easily integrated in their friend group

+ Jimin enjoys all of Seokjin’s friends, especially one named Jungkook. He finds out Namjoon is Seokjin’s soulmate and he can see in full color. Meanwhile, Jimin’s world is still black and white.

+ Jimin often comes over to one of their houses to play video games with them.

+ One day while he was there, during a break, Jimin asks Jin about what colors look like. “I don’t think I can explain it to you, but I can tell you what color objects are?” And so he begins to point out objects in the room and trying to explain what color they are.

+ “And that—that is blue,” Jin points to the controller in Jimin’s hand. “Blue huh..”

+ Jimin finds himself getting especially close to Jungkook. Despite the fact that he is younger, Jungkook enjoys messing around with Jimin. Jimin is too endeared to tell him to stop.

+ Jungkook and Jimin hang out together often, even without the group. Jungkook likes to tag along with Jimin when he goes places. “Hyung, can I come grocery shopping with you?” “Why do you want to come grocery shopping…?” Jungkook always shrugs with a smile.

+ It happened a couple days later. Jimin was back at Jin’s house playing games with all of them when he noticed something peculiar. His controller—it wasn’t black nor white. It was this blue that Jin had described. A speck of blue in his sea of black and white.

+ “So this is what blue looks like…” Jimin had said quietly. Jin immediately paused the game. “Holy shit, you’ve met your soulmate?” Everyone in the room is shocked.

+ Hoseok begins to question him instantly, asking him all of the people he met recently. “Hyung, I’m a waiter, I meet new people every single day—it could be anyone!” But at the same time, Jimin was excited he finally had come across his soulmate.

+ But he couldn’t help but notice how defeated Jungkook looked in the corner.

+ From that day on, colors began to bleed more and more into his life. The sky was colored, the trees had pigment—it was more beautiful than ever. But he still had no idea who his soulmate was.

+ It’s weeks later and Jimin’s color vision is still spotty. He also noticed Jungkook had been distancing himself, so he corners him one day and takes him out to the park.

+ “Hyung…I think I see color too.” Jimin froze on the bench seat they were sharing. A deep realization erupts in him. The more he hung out with Jungkook, the more he saw color.

+ “Jungkook…I’m going to try something so please just—stay still okay?” Jungkook nods with wide eyes as Jimin cups his face and leans in close.

+ Before Jungkook knew it, Jimin’s lips were on his. And when they opened their eyes, color bloomed in every black and white crevice that remained in their vision.

+ Jimin laughs in astonishment. “Jungkookie, I think you may be my soulmate.”

+ Jungkook smiles. “Yeah, maybe.”

“Coronation” Part Twelve

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst, it’ll all be over soon

Word Count: 741

A/N: We are close. I’m guessing four or five more parts to this. Maybe I’ll open requests up again after this. I am going to put together a list of rules and people I am willing to write for. So, look for that. Please leave feedback. It is really appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

Coronation Masterlist

Originally posted by marci1900

She could hear the quiet murmur of voices outside of her cell. her wrists were raw and bleeding. she could smell it on the chains. It was so dark. She had never experienced a darkness like this before. She could feel the death emanating from every corner of the room.

The footsteps were like beating drums. They were the loudest things she had ever heard. it was like steel crashing onto concrete, it was deafening. She shrunk back when the doors were pulled open with a loud creak, but there wasn’t any place for her to go.

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This is the first prompt I’ve ever received that doesn’t have Lance as the main Suffering Boi ™ … I haven’t even designated myself as a Langst blog, so I think that’s absolutely hilarious. Anyways, enjoy the fic!

Lance’s jetpack let out a burst of energy, propelling him safely along the side of the Galra ship. Pidge landed alongside him and activated her bayard to slice a human-sized hole in the hull. As they flew into the dimly lit hallway, Keith’s voice crackled over the comms.

“I’m near the central control room, but the place is swarming with soldiers. Lance, Pidge, I need you here now.”

“Alright, no need to be pushy,” Lance retorted. He could practically hear Keith rolling his eyes and grinned. “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!” he said, activating his bayard with a flourish.

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Overview: When the Malfoys host a Masquerade ball on the Vernal Equinox, old relationships are rekindled and new feelings are formed. But the clock always strikes midnight and good things always come to an end.
Word Count: 2,500
Note: No Voldemort, Death Eaters, etc.

⇢  A Draco x Reader work loosely based on the story of Cinderella.

The last time you visited England, you were four. Now, over ten years later, you found yourself back in the same place. Wiltshire: The location of the esteemed Malfoy Manor and the home of the even more prestigious Malfoys.

For the first time since you were given the choice, you attended the Equinox ball with your parents. Every year, the ball had a different theme; this year, the theme was a masquerade.

As you walked through the rustic entrance gates, you noticed the golden glow of the sunset reflecting off the newly bloomed flowers lining the eight-foot tall hedges in the front garden. Despite your parents’ stories of previous galas, the manor was even bigger than you imagined.

Still, something about the stone palace was rebarbative.

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*slams head into a pillow*

Gosh - OK - first sorry for the random absence! Just suddenly got busy within life o-o

And not just that… but I got a question on my Wall on UT Amino about if there was a Fell!PJ, and if PJ is a jerk - is Fell!PJ more of a jerk?

And while I know there are Fell!PJ’s out there already that answer this as a ‘yes’ - I just… I suddenly thought how he WOULDN’T be a bigger jerk and in fact… would be TERRIFIED constantly. 

Just first - I never really think that Fell versions of out code characters can exist. Just due to how the multiverse is. 

But IF there was a Fell!Error and Fell!Ink - THIS is what Fell!PJ would be like:

Gosh - not much difference at first glance - but:

  • He is on edge all the time - Scared constantly. Always in fear. Hence why his left eye default is a circle - not a diamond like the original.
  • Instead of marching off angerly at 15 like his main counterpart - he runs away in a panic at 10. 
  • His fell parents? Both took him under their watch - altering between one, the other, or both. They saw PJ as an opportunity to craft him into what they needed - and used different tactics to do it. 
    (Again - honestly I doubt Error and Ink could have a Fell version anyway so I was just going on a huge idea burst with that one)
  • Fell!PJ moves from AU to AU - not to judge, but to hide. He feels more comfort in a solid world than the white void. Still - can’t stay for too long - he knows he leaves tracks behind. 
  • When and if he gets to know someone kind and is able to calm down - he will be more like original PJ - except he will catch himself on what he said and will apologize for it over and over. He doesn’t want to be anything like his parents - yet he still got that sarcastic yet straight forward attitude one of them has…
  • His splat mark on his cheek spreads out like a slap mark. It’s due to having been hit on that side too many times that the colored marks is just his way of ‘bandaging it up’

And well - his face colors look like this:

His hoodie is magenta/black, with the long sleeves below being purple/blue like his side pack. He would have orange and blue specks on his shorts and no ‘leggings’ like the original. 

As you can see - I thought WAY TOO MUCH INTO THIS GOODNESS.
(yet still don’t know what the parents would have done to make him that scared all the time… heh… hard for me to think of how a fell Ink and Error would be like I guess…)

Cheese and Whine

not my gif

The wind whipped harshly around you, and it would have hurt the exposed skin of your cheeks and nose had they not already been decidedly frozen and numb. Walking twenty minutes to your favorite bar usually wasn’t an issue, but perhaps you should have checked the weather and grabbed a thicker scarf before heading out tonight. As you passed the RenCen, you took notice of the temperature; eighteen degrees. You vaguely recalled hearing someone mention in passing that temps would drop below zero tonight with the wind-chill and had considered, only briefly, that maybe you should enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. But, you reasoned, it was the last game of the season and they’d played so well every time you watched at the bar. If you watched from home and the game was a complete blowout, you’d feel personally responsible for the loss. So out in the cold you went. Never could anyone question your dedication or loyalty to your team. The frozen tip of your nose was evidence of all you were willing to sacrifice for a win.

As the wind howled around you, you struggled to pull open the door to the Greektown bar. A brief moment of reprieve from the wind allowed you to yank it open and finally find shelter from the elements. You were hit with a blast of warmth as you stood in the doorway that instantly began to thaw your frozen body.

Someone else was coming in behind you, forcing you to move further into the bar and that’s when you noticed how absolutely packed it was. All the booths and high-tops were full, servers buzzed around as quickly as they could in the sea of Honolulu blue. There were specks of gold and green throughout, but Lions fans easily out numbered the few cheeseheads. But of course the only empty spot you could find was at the bar next to a guy in a heavy brown coat, hunched over his drink with eyes intently on the screen, with a green and gold beanie pulled tightly over his head.

The game was about to start and you didn’t want to risk having to stand all night, so you reluctantly headed for the empty spot, fixing your own blue beanie to proudly display the logo so this guy would know that you were not going to be friends. You hoped against hope that perhaps this would be one of the few civilized Packers fans in the world so you wouldn’t have to listen to any taunts and could focus on the game in peace.

This game was a big deal. Not as big of a deal as it could have been, thanks to the Giants doing their job and winning earlier that day, but still. If the Lions won tonight, they’d be the champs of the NFC North, earn a bye week heading into the playoffs, and have home field advantage for the duration of the playoffs. If they lost, well, it’d be same day, different shit, playing the Packers again, but at Lambeau—a stadium the Lions managed to be completely incapable of winning in.

You settled into the barstool next to the cheesehead, and he straightened a bit, shuffling closer to the wall to give you more space. Before taking a swig of his beer, he tipped it in your direction and smiled. “May the best team win,” he said, finishing his beer. He had an accent, but not that of the typical Midwesterners that traversed this area. He was British. And beautiful, you noticed, as you let your eyes linger on him a bit longer than necessary. His dark hair was just peaking out from under his hat, curling at the ends, and he had these dark pink lips that settled into a charming smile.

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PROMPT: “You think you could do better?” and “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Sequel to this winged Gavin and Ryan oneshot~

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for all your generosity and support <3 <3 <3

“It’s beautiful,” Gavin breathed, as they reached the top of the canyon.

Ryan nodded, but his eyes weren’t fixed on the rising sun and the colourful dawn sky. They were trained on the side of Gavin’s face and how his hair shimmered in the gold light, how it brought out every fleck of colour in his eyes and the dappled pattern of his wings. When Gavin turned towards him with a wide grin he quickly glanced away, cheeks heating. If Gavin noticed, he didn’t comment.

“Come on,” was all he said, and tapped Ryan’s arm before leaping forward. His wings unfurled and he swooped into the canyon in a gentle glide. Ryan stared after him, transfixed for a moment, as always, by the other Valkyrie’s fluid grace. Then he shook his cloak off and let his own wings free, leaping to join him.

They didn’t usually come out here this early.

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Everything Fades But Love

Alright alright! 

Important stuff: 

Ok, I’m done. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the AU. 

Keith smile drops as soon as the elevator door closes.

He allows himself to sigh and let his shoulder loose, as if the mere action of smiling physically exhausted him.

He can still hear the jovial music behind the door from the Royal Wedding and Keith can’t help but hum pleased, his mouth twitching upward for a second as his mind flashes him the scene of Allura beaming brightly at Shiro as the leader of Voltron holds her close to him, smiling down at her softly and lovingly.

Keith’s stomach drops as he remembers their bright livid eyes, thinking that they have everything they could ever ask for.

They are happy. They are in love.

They are lucky.

Keith wishes he could have some of their luck.

The hotel’s elevator opens with a sound and then he steps out. Keith drags his feet down the unfamiliar hallway as he walks towards their designated room –

His room. He corrects in his mind, feeling the familiar pain inside him as he remembers.

With every step, the music from the wedding starts to fade and it’s not until the door of the room closes behind him that Keith can hear the strong pounding beat of his heart.

He leans back on the door, closing his eyes and tries to calm himself down. He’s not successful in the least because there are not quiet words to guide him through or soft touches of hands in his cheeks or the feel of lips on his face that whisper quiet ‘I love you’s.

There’s only silence.

“Oh, L-Lance.” Keith whimpers, as if the mere action of calling him out hurt him physically, “P-please, please, come b-back.”

Silence answers him in the only way it can: with emptiness and realization. It makes Keith choke with his own breath and then he’s sliding down until he’s on the ground.

His hands move in automatic. He reaches and grabs the lonely worn out jacket that hangs from the corner of the bed next to him and pulls it towards him, hugging it tight against his chest for a few minutes, burying his face on it and breathing it in.

Sobs shakes his body and he’s glad that they are muffled by the jacket. He takes his time. he allows himself to break and curse because there’ nothing left for him to do.

He tries to fill in the silence with a broken lullaby. It’s an old song Lance had taught him so long ago but the words were impregnated in his brain for some reason.

Keith sings. He hums and his voice breaks in every other line but he sings quietly to himself. The words of the song echoes around him and Keith takes comfort on them because it almost feels like there’s someone else with him singing with him.

If he tries hard enough he can even feel a body pressed against him. If he tries hard enough he can feel the touch of soft lips pressing themselves against his temple.

But it can never be enough.

Suppressing a sob, Keith pulls away from the jacket and puts it around him, letting it hug him as best as it can as it hangs loose on his thin slender frame.

Keith takes a deep breath as he pressed the long sleeve to his nose and he can feel new tears falling as soon as the smell of Lance hits him.

He chokes out a sob, tightening his hold on the jacket around him in a poor attempt to keep the smell of earth and ocean close. The smell of Lance on it it’s already fading.

It’s fading so fast and it scares him to death.

He doesn’t remember what the sky back on earth looks like because he can no longer see Lance’s eyes that always reminded him of it. He can no longer remember the sound of crashing waves because Lance’s no longer shouting in victory after every mission.

He can’t remember feel of the soft breeze it always came with the sunset back when he lived in the shack because Lance’s no longer here with him whispering comforting words in his ear late at night.

He can’t remember what it feels like to touch Lance’s skin. He can’t remember Lance’s laughter or his smile.

Everything blurry and there are only small specks of blue and Keith can’t reach them. He can’t grab them. He can’t, he can’t, he can’t -

Everything is fading and Keith’s in agony.

So he holds on tight. He holds on and keeps a death grip on the memories on the feelings. He keeps the confession of love and affection close to his soul and locks them inside.

Lance’s jacket is his only things he has left. It’s the only thing that ground him and pushes him forward. There’s nothing more.

There’s no more butterflies kisses in the morning. There are no longer playful banter that turns into messy makeout session. There are no more late nights star gazing in silence with their hands interlocked.

Keith has nothing left except for a jacket and emptiness inside him.

That will have to do.

Okay so pining Keith is a thing and now I’m imagining Lance one day just being really insecure and lonely and telling Keith about how he’s always flirting but in reality all he wants is a real relationship, and that he’s never been in one. Also that he may act confident for show but can’t imagine someone ever actually falling for him and Keith is just sitting there silent and hurt because if he could just tell Lance how he felt. How pretty the midnight blue specks of his eyes are and how vibrant, warm and beautiful Lance is as a whole, inside and out. And it just kills him daily because how could someone this radiant ever believe no one could love him when he’s so deeply in love with him already.

Singing Is Singing


•||Warning(s)||• Angst(?)

•||Summary||• In which you send letters to Tom after he left you for another.

•||Requested by||• No one.


It’s funny how you actually think you mean something to someone, and they just turn around and prove you wrong.

How could he just walk away like I meant nothing? Kicking me like I was dust? Breaking my heart with his bare hands and throwing the pieces away into a river, letting them drift and lose each other so I would struggle to put them back together.

At the moment he did that I didn’t want anyone to contact me. I didn’t want anyone to comfort me or even ask me if I was okay or not, so I turned off my phone so no one could reach me.

I ended up realizing that just because you turn off your cyber world doesn’t mean the real world around you is non-existent, so I turned my phone back on, turned on airplane mode, put in my headphones and blasted the music so damn loud no world could reach me.

I don’t understand, how do men do it? How do they tell a woman they love her, make promises, make her smile, make sweet small talk just to lure her in and once that’s done, they disappear, no need for anymore effort, the random texts, the long phone calls, that all goes with him, how can they do that to a woman? How does a man beg to be with a woman only to leave her in the end?

I simply don’t understand.

So, I let the tears keep on coming, not planning on letting them stop anytime soon. It’ll be a cloud with endless water. It just keeps fueling with every thought of him. An endless day of rain. And endless storm. And endless hurricane of emotions.

Bring on the disaster.




“…and though I know you’re in love with her, there are still times where I wonder if you look for pieces of me in her. If you search her blue eyes for the specks of grey mine hold. If you would ever wonder what my lips taste like compared to hers as they’re pressed to yours. If you dream about me while she’s lying next to you. If you ever regret choosing her over me.”

He read her letter over and over a million times. Letting the hurt that trailed along every word she wrote to him sink in.

She had sent these letters months ago, but only now did he have the courage to open them. Only when he felt as she once did when he left her.

How did she endure the pain? he would ask himself time and time again through the tears.

He pulled out the next letter, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the words she spilled onto the parchment.

“It hurts to know that you lost interest in me, kinda like someone punching me in the gut. And it also does pain me to walk past you, pretending we never met and never stayed up all night talking, it feels like a knife through my chest every time. But what truly hurt most, so bad that I can’t find the words to explain it, is that you left without a single word. And I keep waiting for a sign or something from you, but I should accept that sometimes, no message is a message.”

He couldn’t bare it.

The hurt.

The pain.

The knives stabbing him.

The aching in his heart.

The guilt.

How could he do such a thing to her? How did she survive this?

He cried until his eyes shed no more, until his jaw hurt. His hair and bed were a mess. Pictures of Y/N and him sprawled all over his sheets and wooden floor.

He turned on his T.V., hoping something–anything–can steer his mind off her, but alas fate hates him.

There she was.

Looking like a goddess from the oceans below. Dressed in a coral colored dress. The color making her face glow, bringing out her eyes and going so well with her complexion.

The lights reflected on the sparkles sprinkled at her chest, making them glisten. The top half of her dress being covered in different colored rhinestones. The straps were barely visible on her shoulder, due to being covered with her long locks. The lower part of her dress fanned out, reaching to the lower part of her thigh.

Her hair, her beautiful raging hair, in long curls trailing down her back and ending just below her knees.

He missed combing his hands through those long strands. Smelling all the fruit she would mix with her shampoo to give it an extra unique smell.


Her name was being screamed repeatedly by reporters and fans. Asking for just a glance, or a word out of her.

In the past eight months Y/N’s singing career had skyrocketed. With endless coming songs pouring out of her, she became one of the “Top Ten Celebrities”.

She was known worldwide. For her looks, her personality, her music and her hair, as funny and weird as that may sound.

“Y/N!” A voice yelled loudly, catching Y/N’s attention.

“Haz?” Y/N questioned, not sure if she was seeing things or not. Another familiar voice caught her attention, causing Y/N to ask, “Harry?”

“Y/N!” Both boys yelled at the same time, confirming her suspicions.

“Oh My God!” Y/N exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide for both boys to tackle her into a bear hug. “I’ve missed you both so much!” she breathed.

Through their excitement, the boys only managed an, “Us too,”

“How are you both? How’s your family?” Y/N quizzed taking both boys in.

“He misses you,” Harry said, flashing a sympathetic smile towards her.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Y/N scolded softly, but that was what she had meant.

She worried about him, when it should have been the other way around. She missed him, when it should have been the other way around.

“Listen, I need to go, my concert starts in thirty minutes. I would love to talk to you after my show.” Y/N hurriedly said, walking backstage with Haz and Harry.

“Alright, break a leg.” Haz said, flashing a bright smile. Before both boys could walk off to their seats, Y/N stopped them.

“Wait,” Y/N whisper-yelled, “d-does he—I-I mean—does he still think about me?” she finally managed to get out.

Harrison and Harry looked at each other, giving off a silent sign while Y/N waited impatiently.

“All the time,” they both revealed at the same time as if it had been rehearsed. Like they knew she was going to ask.

Y/N nodded, letting those three words course through her mind.

She walked onto the stage, her silver stilettos clicking on the wood as she waved at her fans with a proud smile. Her heart raced inside her chest, hoping he was watching her right now.

“How’s everyone tonight!” she spoke into her mic, her voice echoing through out the giant arena, bouncing off the walls and into the ears of her fans, who were cheering and whistling as loud as possible, “I’m beyond thankful and ecstatic that you could all make it here just to listen to me,” The crowd erupted in another wave of cheers, “and I hope that you all enjoy what I’ve prepared for you tonight,” with the last word the crowd roared with excitement and the first notes of the song struck.

Taking in a deep breath she calmed her nerves and tried to relax her rigid posture.

Baby even though I hate ya
I wanna love ya
I want you you you
And even though I can’t forgive ya
I really want to
I want you you you
Tell me, tell me baby
Why can’t you leave me
‘Cause even though I shouldn’t want it
I gotta have it
I want you you you

The audience sang along with Y/N, screaming out their favorite parts or doing the wave. The amount of support her fans have given her was what had gotten her here, and to see them all smiling and having a swell time motivated her voice even more.

She got more enthusiastic and content with the lyrics, letting all her emotion flow through the walls and bounce into the ears of her proud audience.

I know you’re never gonna wake up
I gotta give up
But it’s you you you
I know I shouldn’t ever call back
Or let you come back
But it’s you you you
Every time you touch me
And say you love me
I get a little bit breathless
I shouldn’t want it
But it’s you you you


Tom Holland and his interviewer, Kevin, sat down. Both smiling and giving each other a “good-afternoon,”

“So,” Kevin started, holding his cards of which he held with all his questions from the fans, “how have you been?”

I hate my life.

“Well enough,” Tom answered, trying to hold back the truth.

“Good. Good.” Kevin said, thinking something odd of Tom’s answer. “So some of the fans have been going crazy lately with the new reveal of Y/N Y/L/N’s new song.”

Her name pulled at his heart, but all he did was smile and nod, telling Kevin to continue on. “Well, you see, most— actually scratch that—practically everyone who follows and keeps up with the both of you have their suspicions that she wrote the song about you.”

“Uh…” Tom stuttered having no idea what to say.

Yes, his fans had called him out on the song. Bombarding him with questions as to if the song was truly about him.

“Though she hasn’t yet confirmed our suspicions, we were wondering if you had taken a listen to it.”

“Um, yes. I have heard her new song, but I do doubt that it’s about me.” Tom managed to get out through his nervous state.

“Well, you are in a relationship with a girl currently, Taliah Jones?” Kevin asked with a suggestive eyebrow.

“Uh…” Tom stuttered once again, he scratched the back of his neck with complete awkwardness, “we um…— broke up a while back actually.” He revealed.

Gasps were heard from his fans, even Kevin seemed completely shocked that he almost fell off his chair.

But little did Tom Holland know Y/N Y/L/N was watching the whole thing.


She felt she should’ve been there for him. To comfort him and hold him in her arms, but then she remembered how he had crushed her. How he wasn’t there for her when she needed him.

She completely regretted the letters she had sent him. Especially the one he read last night. The one the really struck him in the heart. The letter that made him feel like his mind was on fire, his heart was being stabbed with a thousand knives and he was standing on needles and nails.

“I hope you love her. I hope she makes you want to touch the stars. I hope she makes you want to dance. I hope she makes you want to tell her how amazing she is all the time. I hope you lose her. I hope you feel the pain in your heart. I hope you cry at night, trying to hold yourself together. I hope that when you lose her, you will lose yourself too. I hope so because then you would finally know how it felt when I thought you and I were forever, but you left me for her.”

Back then she really hated him, but also loved him. She wrote those letters to expose her anger and pain. But now that she sees how much he’s actually hurting, how his eyes are breaking from the inside and how he couldn’t hide it for much longer, she regretted it.

His forest was burning. His orbs were shattering. His sea was draining.

But she didn’t know that the moment he left her was when all his suffering had begun. She was his anchor, but he untied her from him and let her go and found someone else. She held his life in her hands, but it slipped once he slammed the door, indicating their time together was over.

He made the biggest mistake of his life when he walked out the door without a second glance, and once he realized what it was, it was too late.

But it wasn’t.

He just had to find her, make her believe in him again. Restore her trust in him.

And in order for him to do that, he was going to need some help.

Big time.


“J-just get her to come, okay?” Tom begged his brothers and best friend. His eyes twinkling with pleas of help.

Harry, Sam and Harrison sighed heavily, “Fine,” they answered.

“Thank you. Thank you.” he praised

“But,” Sam said, stopping Tom from thanking him any further, “she may not forgive you. You have to understand you hurt her…a lot.

“I know,” Tom shamefully responded, “but I’m hoping that she’ll love what I’m doing for her tonight.”

Harrison sighed, sending Tom an encouraging smile, “All right, but don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t take you back, Mate.”

He was hoping that wouldn’t have to happen.


You know what? I’m tired of everyone’s negative comments. I’m getting a baby cloud. Fight me!

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Albus just wanted to strangle Scorpius. Why was he doing this to him? Did he not know that he was the only friend Albus had?

Scorpius had taken to spending way too much time in the Gryffindor common room lately. He had even started sitting with Lily at mealtimes. At the Gryffindor table. Lily and Scorpius had gotten so close that people actually thought they were dating.

“No, James! We are just best friends.” Lily said, giggling. James had just asked her if she liked Scorpius.

Best friends?  Albus had had enough. He put his mug of butterbeer down on the table with a bang and stormed off into his room.

Lily and James stared after him, his mug of butterbeer lay untouched on the table.

Christmas break had been quite gloomy for Albus. He had spent most of it avoiding his family. He had tried writing to Scorpius but every single page of his notepad had ended up crumpled in his fireplace.


He missed Scorpius a lot, but now that he was on the Hogwarts Express, Scorpius was the last person he wanted to see. He didn’t know what to say to him after all those letters he had ignored.

He had so far managed to avoid Lily and the rest of his family. He had even found himself an empty carriage at the very end of the train and was just about to bite off the head of the chocolate frog he had bought off the trolley when he heard someone approaching the door to his carriage.

At that very moment, Albus remembered that he hadn’t locked the door. Running to the door was no use, Albus was too late and he knew it. He cursed under his breath as the door opened and Scorpius walked right into him almost knocking him over.

And before Albus could react, Scorpius had an arm around his waist and time seemed to have frozen still.

Scorpius was so close, Albus could clearly make out every little speck of blue in his soft grey eyes. He had never really looked at Scorpius the way he was looking at him right then. In that moment Albus noticed every little detail, from the way a lock of his white blonde hair fell into his eyes, to how long his eyelashes were, to his lips. Albus wanted to kiss him and find out for himself if his lips were as soft as they looked.

Wait… He couldn’t kiss Scorpius they were best friends. Or at least they had been…Albus pushed Scorpius away forcefully, the moment had passed. He was sure he was blushing now so he turned away to hide it. What was he thinking? He had never liked Scorpius that way.

“Albus, I’ve been searching for you everywhere! Why are you avoiding us? You didn’t reply to a single one of my letters and Lily said you wouldn’t talk to her all break.” Scorpius was rubbing his elbow which had hit the door of the carriage pretty hard.

Avoiding us, Since when did Scorpius refer to Himself and Lily as us?

“Albus, why won’t you speak to me?” Scorpius said, touching Albus’ shoulder.

“Oh, why don’t you just go sit with Lily?! She’s your best friend, isn’t she?” Albus burst out, he was now facing Scorpius, his hand long gone from Albus’ shoulder. Anger and pain were clear in Albus’ eyes.

“What do you mean- oh…is that the reason? Is it because I’m friends with Lily?” Scorpius looked hopeful.

“not everything is about you, Scorpius! Now will you please leave me alone?” Albus was shouting now. He felt as if someone was choking him.

Scorpius looked just as hurt as Albus was feeling. But in the very next moment he clenched his jaw and hurt completely vanished from his face. It was replaced by anger.

“You know what, Albus Severus Potter? Not everything is about you.” Scorpius’ tone was low and as cold as ice. Albus refused to admit, even to himself, that he found it rather sexy.

Scorpius walked away leaving the door open and Albus cursed again, closing the door shut.

He banged his forehead on the door and let the tears he was holding back for months finally flow noiselessly.


“I can’t believe I’m in love with such a jerk! He just won’t admit he’s jealous! He is just so thick.” Scorpius was pacing in the carriage Lily had found for the two of them.

“He is the only one who doesn’t know he’s in love with you yet… literally everyone else can see the way he looks at you.  Just give him some time.” Lily sat on the seat with a book of hexes open on her lap.

“He hates me, Lils! You promised to help, it’s not working!” Scorpius looked exhausted…and heartbroken.

“Just give him some time…” Lily repeated, she hated seeing Scorpius this way, but she was sure about one thing, Albus was as hopelessly in love with Scorpius as Scorpius was with him.


Albus had spent the last couple of days in complete denial. He couldn’t stop thinking about Scorpius and how much he wanted to kiss him. It was messing with his head. It was so bad that he couldn’t even look at Scorpius without going all red in the cheeks. He was glad that Scorpius was keeping his distance and hadn’t tried talking to him yet, but he could feel Scorpius constantly watching  him. It took him everything he had to not look at him or just jump his bones.

Albus turned around as he heard the lock to his dorm room click. Scorpius had just walked in and locked the door. Honestly, where were his stupid annoying roommates when he need them? Albus was now locked in a room with Scorpius. Alone.

It had taken Lily five whole days to convince Scorpius to go talk to Albus. And now Scorpius stood, staring at Albus who was staring right back. Neither of them could come up with words to say to each other. They just looked at each other, each of them finding it harder to breathe with every passing second.

Finally, Scorpius decided he couldn’t take it any more and walked over to Albus and kissed him right on the lips.

Albus was frozen with shock and when he didn’t kiss back Scorpius pulled away with a sigh.

“Sorry.” he whispered, turning away from Albus.

“No,  wait!” Albus grabbed his hand and suddenly they were kissing again. The first time had been like fireworks, it had momentarily paralysed Albus.

But this kiss was something else entirely.

Albus weaved his fingers into Scorpius’ soft blonde locks as they kissed like there was no tomorrow. The kiss was not like what Scorpius had imagined at all; it was way way better. Scorpius moaned softly as Albus’ tongue entered his mouth. He had kissed people before, but kissing Albus was completely different. It just felt so right.

After what felt like hours, they broke apart, both of them out of breath.

Scorpius laughed, pressing his forehead to Albus’, his eyes still closed.

“What’s so funny? Albus asked, untangling his fingers from Scorpius’ hair just to wrap his arms around his waist.

“You.” Scorpius breathed out in a whisper, opening his eyes and wrapping his arms around Albus’ neck, pulling him closer.

“Idiot.” Albus snuggled into his neck giggling.

“Git.” Scorpius replied  with a smile, holding on to Albus as if he would disappear if he let go of him.

“And for the record…you are my best friend, Albus. And you always will be.” Scorpius said.

Albus kissed his neck “Best boyfriends sound better?”

@mypoorlittlephanshipperheart thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it! 😄

In The Name Of Love: Part Five



You lived a life much different than any other married couple on the planet, it was full of action and mystery. But the only mystery that was unsolved was your marriage. Stuck in the boring routine of the lifeless marriage the both of you were caught in, Tony and Steve make plans to get the two of you back together - with the help of Bruce Banner. You had three weeks, and each session you noticed a change in your love life. But things could get far more messy than the both of you intended.

Notes: Bucky x Wife!Reader, TENSION, ANGST, Let me know what you think, and let me know if you want to be tagged. :) PLS REMEMBER THAT I LOVE U OK

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"Oh." Lance x Reader

Note: excuse any typos! please enjoy!
Requested by @rubywolf12
Could you please do an angst fic where the reader is a prisoner. She makes a deal with Zarkon that if she kills one of the paladins and brings one of the lions then he has to let her and her family go. Zarkon agrees and the reader pretends that she escaped and when Lance and the others saves her. They bring her in but along the way she falls in love with Lance. One night she fell asleep with Lance (just from cuddling) and tries to kill him but can’t because she loves him too much and starts crying which wakes Lance up and it ends all fluffy.

“If you kill one of them, and bring me a lion, I will give you and your family…” Zarkon stood, a hand behind his back as his other gestured toward your parents and siblings. Their hair knotted and greasy.

“Freedom.” His hand fell, as your decision was already made. You took a sharp intake of breath and sat up straighter, your knees rubbing uncomfortably against the hard floor.



You were ready, Zarkon sent you off as he had gotten the coordinates of Voltron and it’s Paladins. They were close by, and now you were plummeting into the woods of an unknown planet. Your plan was to trick them, trick them into believing you were on their side, tell them you had ran from Zarkon.

The pod slammed into the ground, knocking you out from the impact.

Hours later, you stumbled out, it was night and the dark forest wasn’t something you were pleased with, although it reminded you of home. Strange crow-like birds the size of hawks would stare at you from above, their four glowing blue eyes staring down into your eyes as if they knew what you were doing.

Did they?

You reached a clearing, orange grass-like plants emerging from the ground as tall as you gave you a sense of fear. Light seeping from the tops as it came in contact with the skin of your elbows. You ignored it, and came closer and closer to a large white ship.

The force of the ships landing caused the grass to become flat, making a small clearing as you used the most of your strength to stumble into it. A tall man, with peculiar ears and blue specks by his eyes had finally noticed you and gasped, he must have been fixing something on the ship considering he was out in the open.

“Please, help me.” You whimpered as the man came closer and wrapped his arms around you. Your words weren’t fake then, you didn’t want to cause harm, but then again.

Anything for your family.


Hunk huffed, leaning forward to get a closer look at you as he nudged Pidge, who was assigned to check your vitals twice a day.

“I bet she’ll wake up soon.” He grinned.

“Actually, Hunk, she might.” Pidge smiled smugly up at him and walked off, an excited and confused Hunk following behind with hundreds of questions in tow.

Pidge and Hunk soon returned with the other Paladins, Coran, and Allura, and they all gathered around your pod, waiting.

Coran confirmed that you will in fact wake up today, but it’s unknown at what time exactly. They ended up waiting for hours. Allura, Hunk, and Coran were the first to fall to sleep, then it was Keith, and soon after Pidge. The last two awake were Shiro, and Lance, who were determined on being awake to catch you, but as the final hour of the day came, Shiro knocked out.

You woke minutes afterward, Lance launching toward you to catch you. Being awake in somewhere unknown in someone’s arms startled you, so when you opened your eyes and looked up at him, you thought you were home. He was human, like you.

You gasped and pushed him away from you, causing him to yelp and trip over his friend and land on another, you stumbled and landed on the ground crawling backward as quick as you could.

How long has it been?

The others stood, but you were too busy hyperventilating and recollecting yourself and your memories to notice.

“Who are you?” A tall woman asked, her head tilted as she stepped forward cautiously.

“(Y-y/n).” You whimpered and wrapped your arms around your knees.

Later on, they began to introduce themselves, and slowly but surely you came to become a lot more comfortable with them. You even got your own room eventually, but you weren’t here forever, you still had a mission.

You found that the boy Lance, the one that felt like home, was your favorite. He would bring you food if you forgot to eat one day, he would wake you up if you slept in during training days. You two would spend hours talking and talking about Earth. The Paladins knew Lance was different around you, he barely throws in puns and pickup lines when with you.

And now? You began falling in love with him and it scared you to death.

What were you supposed to do? Leave your family to die and betray them as well?


After a long day of training, you returned to your room. Your first task was to shower, and then go eat.

Though after your shower, you found yourself staring into the mirror. You stared at yourself, you felt like a stranger to those you once knew, and you knew tonight had to be the night where the mission would end, and you and your family could go home.


After landing on a beautiful planet, the Paladins took a small stroll while (Y/n) stayed inside, they took that as an advantage to find a decent weapon, one that could be easily hidden in their boot.

They ended up finding a knife, it was far different than a knife from Earth, and was far more bulkier than expected, but it’ll do.

When everyone returned, they called it a night. Everyone off to their sleeping quarters, (Y/n) and Lance sat on his bed, looking down at their feet as (Y/n) leaned into Lance, they fell onto the covers and lay there.


It felt like hours had passed, when it was probably only 45 minutes, but light snores came from Lance and your heart rate picked up, you sat up and stepped away.

Your breaths became louder and louder and you had to force yourself to calm down, crouching down and reaching into your boot you grasped the blade, tears welling in your eyes.

“Oh gosh..” you murmured, your legs shaking as you stood up and walked closer to Lances sleeping form.

Every single ounce of fear in your being came out in the form of tears and swears, you slowly began bringing down the blade but another part of you was telling you to stop, telling you that this wasn’t right.

You began bawling, you brought the blade away from him and crumbled to the floor, you slid the blade away from you and began hitting your forehead.

“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” You spat. You hated yourself, for everything you’ve ever done from the moment you said yes. Why would you do this to him? To the Paladins? To Coran and Allura? Why?

Your parents will never forgive you, your siblings will never understand why it’s taking you so long to return back to them and bring them home safe.

You felt soft fingers lightly touch your shoulder, you jumped to your feet and began crying all over again.

“(Y-Y/n), is everything okay, what’s wrong?” Lance stood and reached for your shoulders, you had no choice but to fall into his hug and explain everything. He was shocked of course, but he didn’t know how to feel about this.

All along, every genuine smile wasn’t real? Every conversation they had was doused in a facade? He felt heartbroken.

“Listen, (Y/n), I- I really don’t know what to say, b-”

“I understand, I c-can leave and I can go back to Zarkon.. I understand, Lance.”

“No, you’re staying, we can talk about this with the others in the morning, but for now, how about we head back to bed, alright?”

The two of you did as said, laying down under the covers and staring into the dark.

“What stopped you?” Your ear vibrated as it lay against his chest, and you furrowed your brows. What?

“Hmm?” You lifted your head, although you could barely see him you could hear his hair scratching against the pillow under him as he turned his head.

“You know what I mean, what stopped you? What stopped you from killing me? I understand we’re pretty close and all, but we’ve known each other for about four or five months now, so what was it?”

“Oh…” you paused, having no idea how to put your feelings into words as you just smiled.

“About that.” You leaned into him and kissed him, it was merely a few seconds but was like decades to Lance. And as you pulled away and lay your head against him once again, his body ruptured with a few chuckles.