blue sockies

Thank you anon! AND HECK YES IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS REQUEST The rfa boys as dads makes me !! scree !! in love !!

I didn’t reread this to check for mistakes because it’s really late but i will recheck it tomorrow and fix anything that needs fixing!

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Overwatch OC Meme: #4 - Formal Attire 

Yep. I already did this one, but when I drew it out on paper, I couldn’t decide if I wanted her in a suit or in a dress. The dress won out for the coloured version in my sketchbook, but I realized that I still really liked this one - enough to make it digital as well. 

And like, I want the whole outfit. 

One day at the office, a couple co-workers told me I was wearing “protagonist boots”.

It was a great thought, because everyone is the protagonist in their own life (or in my opinion, they should be). So now if I feel fancy, or cool, I think of it as living my best protagonist life.

My cousin suited me up with an EL-wire (not pictured) and we went out to discover. I’m a lucky girl.