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“The Lost Continent”

The 1999 opening of Islands of Adventure next-door to Universal Studios Florida was a game-changer for Universal. Unlike its sister park and Hollywood counterpart, Islands didn’t just rely on Universal properties, but instead on licensed properties like Dr. Seuss, Marvel superheroes and Popeye. However, It did feature one original land, The Lost Continent. Seeped in ancient legend and lore, it was easily the park’s most exotic and escapist “island”. And it could have been even more immersive, had this blue sky concept from Favilli Studio come to fruition. Much of The Lost Continent has been enveloped by Harry Potter’s magic, but even when walking through what’s left, it’s clear this was Universal theming at its strongest.

Art ©️ Favilli Studio


Thanks for all the great emails and questions about putting a portfolio together. I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions and decided it would be a better use of my time to write it all out. I’ve derived the content from from my own experience and internships before having a full-time job. As you’ll read, a portfolio is the most important thing you’ll do when applying to a job. I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible.

These are the first five pages in a series of posts about how to layout a portfolio, including content, images, size, material and everything in between. Part I is for the artist still deciding what to do for a discipline. I’ve catered the last three pages to a visual development portfolio for animation but the principles can be applied to any artistic presentation (illustration, design, even interior design).

These are my opinions and I realize there are many ideas out there which are also fantastic. What I have written are simple truths and tips I’ve learned along the way. This doesn’t represent a studio I work or will work for. I hope it is helpful and can provide some perspective into a competitive portfolio and help you land your next job!   

The dire wolves are bigger in the books… I’m not basing the look of anything from the show or being too specific with anything really… Just having fun! It would be sweet if the show made the wolves big though! 

Happy First Anniversary to the Peanuts Movie! By far one of my absolute favorite films to come out of Blue Sky Studios! I may not have worked on this film, but I can just FEEL the love, effort, and fear that was put into this film, and I adore it for that.

This picture was pretty difficult for me because I’m not used to drawing group shots. I can only draw like two people together. XD But I still pursued! Even if it didn’t come out QUITE as good as I had hoped it would. Especially how I drew Linus and Lucy, I’m cringing so bad! XD

But I hope you guys like it. Cause I’m certainly happy that I drew it. :D

Here’s a color key from my new class on color scripting! You can sign up at until the 30 of Sept to get the full tutorial bundle

A color key demo from my class. In other completely unrelated news, I’ll be at CTNx next week in booth t-009! Are you going!?!?!?!