Elaryn Cionnath WIP Process:

Finally back from my latest convention and trip back to my hometown! It was a long two weeks without being able to really work on art/post online, but I’m ready to get back on schedule and continue making new scifi/fantasy concepts and paintings.

Once again being wrangled into a new D&D campaign, but there were limitations on race (Volo’s guide), so I ended up remaking my unused Tiefling Bard into a Triton. Triton’s happen to use ‘yn’ at the end of female names, so I kept the name 'Elaryn’ as well. I hope to make a Tiefling character someday~

I absolutely love fish and aquatic species, so the Tritons are a good fit for me! They typically have blue, scaly skin and brightly colored hair, so I used a mix of turquoise and magenta to create some contrast- but of course added my own fishy touches. Above are pictured the steps I use to prepare a piece for painting in Photoshop.

1. Sketch- the foundation of most of my pieces!

2. Undercolors and Line Recoloring- I lay flat colors under my sketch and then color the black lines so that they are darker than the flats but no longer desaturated. This allows for easier blending later.

3. Overlay, Multiply, and Fixes- Overlay is a wonderful tool for blending in new colors and creating vibrant lights without destroying the layers underneath. Multiply works in a similar fashion but is better used for creating shadows with color. By avoiding black and white with both I can create shadows and highlights without flattening my image or muddying the colors. I also started to paint in areas that needed retouching. These can be more easily seen by flipping the piece and correcting slanting lines that is common with one’s dominant hand.

Up next will be expanding the canvas so that I can show Elaryn playing her lyre, then completing the background and final rendering! I am recording this as well, so expect this on Youtube when I finish the piece!