blue sim


1 december 2016

Good because I don’t wanna go
Then don’t go

I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SOMETHING. This is a liddol simself, OBVI not the name but I saw a sim that sort of looked like me and I made her a ginger and was like WUUUT DAT LOOKS LIKE ME. So I made this liddol simself legacy. She also has a ginger cat named Tomcat, hes cute af. Anyways, I used BEA BLUE as a base sim, from @simemi and just gave her a little make over. THANK YOU SHE IS A-DORABLE. I also used a psd from @smubuh she has some AWESOME resources. :D Check them out! 

Here is Timéo, my first toddler !

Thank you @simiracle for your hair conversions :D

Still have a lot of work on him but I definitely need more cc for the little ones…

I Just finished him ! I didn’t modified him too much because I think he’s cute this way :)