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25. “Can I please come back in the bedroom.” “Not until you apologize.” “It’s fucking Mariokart!” “Say you’re sorry!” Please Please Please Please with Thomas Jefferson pretty please?

Guess who’s back, back again. Ooo, yes!! I love me some more TJeffs 💜✨ 

It was around eight o’clock and you were a bit bored since Thomas said he was working late tonight. The two of you shared his wonderfully fancy apartment and you had brought some of your gaming systems over, so you plugged on in making sure to not disturb any of the other wires and plugs, which wasn’t that hard, after all his T.V. had like a million inputs. You sifted through your games as you sat on the floor in front of a small little cabinet that held your games and a couple movies.

“Lego Batman, no, Legend of Zelda, no… “ You huffed, finding nothing to your liking until, “Ooo, Mariokart…yes!”

You used to play this all the time, and you were a boss at it! You unlocked new levels and all the characters in no time after you purchased it. Yet it was till so much fun!! You put it in and searched for the little wheel to “drive” with. After setting it all up and turning on the T.V. you returned to the couch and sat criss-cross ready to win!

About thirty minutes later, Thomas walked through the door to see you swinging around a “steering wheel” intently focussed on the T.V. He laughed to himself a little as he set his work bag and keys down. You heard his dress shoes click as he crossed the room to sit next to you. He reached an arm onto the back of the couch behind you, while you moved your entire body in the motion you wanted your character to go. You extended your arms above your head in celebration as you finished in first place.

“Hey,” you leaned over to him for a kiss.

“Hey baby,” Thomas smiled, “What’s this?”

“What’s this? It’s Mariokart!” you exclaimed, “Have you never played?”

“Mmm, no. I haven’t” Thomas laughed a little as your jaw fell open to his answer.

“Okay, well, you’re gonna learn how, it’s so much fun!” you quickly got up to retrieve another steering wheel.

Thomas just smiled at your excitement, he loosened his tie, leaving it hang undone around his neck as you returned to him. There was never a dull moment with you, and this had to be one of the best ones he’d ever come home to, not that the flour explosion of 2016 wasn’t in his top five, but this was a little less messy. You handed him the little wheel and explained how it worked. How to go, how to backup…

“And most importantly, this is how you attack, well it’s how you throw objects and how you get your power ups to work,” you pointed to the little buttons, “Make sense?”

Even though he was looking at you the entire time during your tutorial, adoring how your eyes lit up as you passionately explained how everything worked; he caught everything you said and nodded when you asked. You let him pick which track to do even though he just asked you what your favourite was and just went with what you said. At first you gave him leeway saying he had “beginners luck,”  but after twenty minutes of him beating you in ever course you got a little frustrated. He thought it was adorable. 

The last straw was when you were finally in the lead and out of nowhere a blue shell bomb landed on you, thrown by none other than the man sitting next to you. Of course, this allowed him to pass you and win. Turning your head slowly to face him, he claimed he didn’t do it on purpose and that you were still number one to him. You crossed your arms and pouted a little, which only made you cuter to Thomas.

“C’mon it’s late, let’s go to bed, baby.” he finally persuaded you. 

As you got ready, he proceeded to tell you that it was ‘just a game’ and ‘he didn’t even know how to play.’ You believed him, but just didn’t want to admit that he had actually beaten you on his first time playing. After crawling into bed, he tried to join you. 

“Oh no,” you placed your hands on his chest before he could even get in the bed, “you are not sharing this bed with me tonight.”

You got out of bed, pressed your fully extended arms against his shoulder blades and slowly backed him away from your bed, until he was out of the bedroom. Even though he could have easily turned around and just picked you up, he let you have your way and willingly walked the direction you pushed. He turned around and leaned against the doorway with his arms crossed as he watched you walk back to the big bed. He smirked as you crawled into bed, spreading yourself across the bed. You turned on your side, huffed and turned back to your other side restlessly. 

“You know you can’t sleep without my arms around you,” Thomas said in a smooth voice.

“Yes, I can…” you huffed back at him, looking over to the doorway to see him smirking sweetly.

You curled under the covers and tried to ignore how good he looked standing there with his shoulder against the door way and hips slightly tilted. Why, why did he look so good in pajama pants? It wasn’t fair. You ran a hand across his side of the bed, forgetting that he was watching you. 

“Can I please come back in the bedroom?” he asked. 

“Not until you apologise!” you sat up in bed.

“It’s fucking Mariokart, baby!” He lifted his shoulders a little, but still maintained his calm tone.

“Say you’re sorry!” You crossed your arms over your chest.

He sighed, and dropped his head, before looking up at you with those eyes.

“Okay, you’re right,” he walked closer to the bottom of the bed, “I’m sorry.”

You bit your lip, surveying his beautiful body. He took you staring at his abs as forgiveness and crawled up to face you on the bed. He gave you a puppy dog look and you gave in, kissing him as you lied back down. He rested on his forearms over you. You broke the kiss just to tell him:

“It was still beginners luck.”

All's Fair in Love and Mario Kart (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WARNING: SMUTTTT, very light teasing, stripping, body confidence issues from Jared because- well because it’s Jared.

You stared at the split screen in front of you. How were you still in second place? You had red shelled shelled, blue shelled and bombed this asshole, but Jared Kleinman was still beating you. You’d been dating for a couple weeks or so, and while actual dates were fun- sometimes all either of you wanted was a thunderstorm and to play Mario Kart in his room. He was laughing, because every time you got close you’d make a stupid mistake and he’d overtake again. You glared at him, “you’re cheating.”

“No, I’m better than you.” He winked and you shoved him, “you’re such a sore winner.” You growl. He lets out an obnoxious giggle and leans against you. With every win he gets more and more condescending, forcing you into losing your cool. You needed him to break focus if you ever wanted to pull this race back. He’s leaning his shoulder against yours and you see an opportunity. As your Yoshi kart starts gaining against Waluigi’s, you lean over and lightly kiss his cheek, breathing “fuck me.” Into his ear. His kart crashed into a wall as he fumbled and dropped his controller.

“That is DEFINITELY cheating!” He shot and you grinned as you sped ahead of him. He swore under his breath and picked up the controller, but it was too late. You were three laps in and as you flew over the finish line he threw the wii down, “cheater.” He grunted, he was bright pink but grinning. You kissed his cheek again and he turned to look at you, cocking an eyebrow.

“What?” You deadpan, knowing his scheming face well. He tucks his hand behind your ear, “if you’re feeling oh so confident- we could make this interesting?” He already looked smug and you backed away, “are you trying to hustle me?” You’re trying to sound skeptical, but the twinge of curiosity in your voice is enough to push him forward.

“Whoever loses…” He pulled at the cuff of your t-shirt, “takes something off.” He sounded a little shy and you gulped, “are you suggesting strip Mario Kart?” You ask; he laughs, “I am.” You lean back on your elbows and graze your eyes over him, “alright. But you just lost, gorgeous.” You remind. He suddenly turns an even brighter pink, “Ok- ok. That’s fair.” He removed a sock and you rolled your eyes, “coward.”

He sucked his teeth, “fine. You wanna play? Let’s play.” He pulled off his t-shirt, kneeling bare chested in front of you. You briefly wondered which one of you was blushing more. He grabbed the controller and you picked up yours, pressing start and heading into the next race.

It started bad for you. Now he had something to play for; and he was determined. But he was still susceptible to your tricks; a quick breathy moan in the right place, pressing against him; or whispering his name at the right time pushed you into the lead. You tore around the track and beat him- not easily, but you beat him. The placement screen rolled up and you turned to face him expectantly. He looked furious, “I feel like I’ve been hustled.” He muttered, unbuckling his pants and kicking them off, revealing his emoji boxers. You fail to stifle a laugh and his eyes widen and look away from you. He actually looks mad, reaching for his shirt, “Jesus I mean ok- you didn’t have to laugh when you saw me, fuck.” You grab his shirt from his hands in a panic, “No! No! I was laughing at the emoji movie boxers- not you. Never you.” You babble out, gripping his hands tight in yours.

The relief on his face was instant, “oh. That’s embarrassing.” He was still pink and rubbed the back of his neck. You shake your head, “the only thing that’s embarrassing is how bad I beat you. Damn Jared, I wasn’t even trying.” You try to sound cocky and change the subject. He takes the opportunity willingly, “I’m letting you get a win in. I don’t want you to cry after I crush you.”

The next race you start winning quick, speeding off. It’s easy. Too easy. You glance side ways at him and he’s grinning, planning something. He’s behind you and you’re comfortable with your lead, until you feel the weight shift on the bed and he leans close to you and sucks the crook of your neck. It sends shockwaves down your spine, and as your eyes flutter closed you hear an all too familiar sound, a blue shell bombs you into the sky. Jared stops leaving a mark on your body and over takes you, along with 5 NPCS. You glare at him as he laughs, “you asshole! That’s cheating!”

“Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” He giggles and you feel yourself lose your temper, which only makes your driving worse. He wins with ease and you go to take off your shirt. He shakes his head and gets of the bed, getting down on his knees and pulling down your skirt. He looks intense, like he’s psyching himself up for being this dominant. You lift up your hips and allow him to tug it to the floor while your stomach does small flips. Suddenly he’s grinning, “are they lace?” He looks up and you cover your face with your hands, “yes.” His head moves closer between your legs and your breath catches in your throat.

He places a small kiss on your thigh and just as you’re starting to feel lightheaded he stands up, “next race?” He sounded chipper and you try and pull yourself together, “tease.” You whisper, he laughs quietly as he presses start. You feel your competitive nature take over, but you’re flustered and making stupid mistakes. This boy has you rattled. You can still remember what his ears felt like against your inner-thighs. He side glances you and giggles.


“You look miles away. Are you that thirsty for me, princess?” He whispers. You speed again and send a well times green shell at him. He’s behind you now but he’s still chuckling, “touch a nerve?” He asked.

“No, that’s the problem.” The last part was meant to be in your head, and he starts laughing- “wow!” He starts overtaking you and you crash into him. You’re on the last lap and the finish line is in sight, but one well timed banana sends you spinning, and he finishes first again- holding his hands above his head. You lean your head back, “for fucks sake.” You grumble. He sits behind you, wrapping his legs around you. You feel fingers pull your shirt up, “so did it turn you on when I called you princess or…” He whispered into your neck. You feel heat rising to your face, “you’re such an ass.” Your shirt was pulled off and thrown onto the floor as he kisses your neck and shoulders, easing down the straps of your bra.

“You know I technically won that tournament.” You reminded him. He runs his hands along your stomach and down to your lace underwear. He hums lightly as his fingers brush against your clit. You close your eyes and let out a shaky breath, “baby.” You whine, and he chuckles. His fingers slowly curl inside you as his thumb rubs against your clit. You feel him stretch, forcing another ragged groan out of you, “J-Jared.” His thumb picks up speed. He gropes your chest and you can feel his erection pressing into you.

You crane your neck to look at him, “fuck me.” You beg. He pulls out his hand lyes you on your back, kissing down your chest and pulling off his boxers. He pulls a condom out of the bedside table and rolls it down himself. He eyes you hungrily before pulsing his hips slowly into you. You close your eyes and feel him inside you, the wind knocked out of you as he gives you a second to adjust before undulating his hips. You grab at his hair and moan quietly. You can hear the bed start to squeak faster as he picked up speed, “you like this, princess?” Your pride makes you want to hit him, but fuck this was good- all you could allow was a nod and an unintelligible whisper.

“You do? You like this?” He lifted your legs and you cover you face with your hands, “yes, fuck.” You whine. You wrap your arms around him and he gets closer to you, tracking kisses into you’re neck, “you’re so beautiful.” He grunts- you can feel the world fuzz around you, “Jared.” You whisper, fingers trembling and toes curling up, “Jared, fuck I’m-“ you feel light as intense pleasure crashes over you, and over you, and over you. He keeps thrusting into you, “you’re stunning when you cum.” His breathing is ragged as he pins your hands either side of your head.

He’s breathing heavy- panting over you, “so hot. You’re so- oh god.” His arms buckle and he leans over you, cumming hard, brokenly shouting your name. You run your fingers through his hair as it happens, and as he moves from on top of you, you curl into his arms.

“Give me 10 minutes, I’m ready to reclaim my title as Mario Kart Champion.” He murmured into your hair, “but anything goes with distractions.” He noted. You chuckled, “All’s fair in love and beating your ass in Mario Kart.”

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Monsta x Jooheon + fighting/arguing + 'kiss me' (pls n thnx x)

“Jagi, I’m bored. Wanna play with me?” Jooheon asked ______ who was laying across from him, her legs lazily propped on his lap.

“No, not really” ______ said disinterestedly.

“But jagi” Jooheon whined dragging out the word.

“Jooheon, no. You’re literally the worst person to play video games with. Especially Mario Kart” she tells him frankly.

“I’ll behave, I promise” Jooheon tells her with pleading eyes. “Don’t make me pull out the ageyo” he teases.

“I’ll play with but if you end up getting pissed because I beat you, you owe me a kiss” ______ told him with a smirk knowing full well Jooheon had a thing (quite a petty thing to be honest) about withholding kisses from her when he got angry.

Jooheon rolls his eyes and hands her a remote.

“Yah! ______! Stop throwing banana peals all over the place!” Jooheon exclaimed. He moved his entire body with his remote control as he tried to avoid the line of banana peals ______ had left.

“I have to, it’s part of the game” she told him calmly.

“Three times in a row?” Jooheon exclaims angrily.

______ giggles and shrugs carrying on playing.

“Stop hitting me with the shells!”

“Again? Are you kidding me?”

“Oh my god, ______ ! STOP WITH THE BANANAS!”

At this point, Jooheon has lost nine times in a row, and well he’s not happy at all.

It’s their last match and ______ has managed to get the first place but Jooheon is right behind her. He pulls ahead just as the hit a line of multicolored floating boxes.

______ yells happily as her box reveals a blue shell bomb.

“I swear to god, ______ if you use that!”

She waits until they’re closer to the finish line and presses down on the button to release the shell. Jooheon’s player gets hit just before hitting the finish line and ______ wins for the tenth time in a row.

“That’s not even fair? How is that even fair? You’re a filthy cheater! I can’t believe you” Jooheon yelled angrily.

“Kiss me” ______ demands.

Jooheon scoffs and sits back against the couch.

“Jooheon, kiss me. We had a deal” ______ singsongs.

“This isn’t even fair” he whines throwing his head back. ______ settles herself on his lap and cups his face making him look at her.

“Kiss. Me”

Jooheon rolls his eyes and pecks her chastely on the lips.

“That’s not a kiss and you know it” she smirks.

“You are such a pain” he grumbles before pushing her off of him and into the sofa. He follows after her hovering over her body before leaning down to capture her lips in a slightly bruising kiss.

“Mario Kart is banned in this household” ______ grins licking her lips.

“Just as well, who wants to play with a cheat like you”

“Don’t be bitter that I’m the superior gamer here” she teases before Jooheon shuts her up with another kiss, except this time it’s much softer.

“One more round, I think I can beat you” Jooheon whispers against her lips.

“I’m going to bed” ______ says pushing Jooheon away.