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~Eli Ayase Seven Lucky Gods set idolized (#507)~

 C днем рождения, Эли! (My russian knowledge finally became useful :D)

Happy birthday, dear Elichicka! Best wishes~

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Raised From Perdition - a nonverbal spell to help raise you out of a dark place

Originally posted by kell-mel

*Inspired by Cas literally raising Dean out of Perdition*

- a dark cloth, bowl, cup (etc.)
- a representation of you
- a Light cloth, Bowl, Cup (preferably light blue)
- White, Light blue, and Black Candles

- set up your space so that your dark space is on your left and your light on your right.
- Set the candles between them, Black -> Light Blue -> White. Black for banishing the place you are trying to leave, Light Blue for the thing that saves you from this place, and white for the place you are trying to reach. 
- Light your Candles
- Put the representation of yourself in the Dark Place to represent where you are now. 
- Focus on this place, map it out in your mind and establish why you want to leave. 
- Now Focus on the Light Place. Think about what it is like there, and why you want to go there. 
- Take your representation out of the dark place. Move it over the black candle to banish the Dark place, over the Light Blue one to call on your savior, and the white one to ensure travel to the Light place.
- Put your Representation into the Light place and leave it there as long as you can
- Blow out your candles to close and activate the spell

- Aesa <3 (Shoutout to @mythiczero for the idea to write and SPN Spell)
This is my original spell, Do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not.