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Summary: You and your boyfriend break up and you use Bucky to release your pent up frustrations. 

Warnings: Smut (including masturbation and penetration)

Word Count: Almost 3000

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged in any Bucky smuts in the future

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Love Triangle (Part 1?)

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A/N: inspired by the song “Love Triangle” by Raelynn

You glanced over at your daughter as she stared out the window, looking sadder than any six year old should ever be, and tossed a balled up sock at her head.

She turned around, curiously, and your heart nearly broke to see her blue eyes shining with unshed tears as you tossed a shirt in her direction, smiling when she giggled and pulled it off her head.

You turned back around, folding a skirt when the sock bounced off your back, and you whipped around, chasing her when she tried to run away, tickling her sides.

She laughed loudly and your heart swelled as you held her close as you tickled her, making sure she wouldn’t fall and hurt herself on the wooden floorboards, grabbing a sock from the nearby basket and throwing it gently on her face, standing and waiting for her retaliation.

You ducked as she threw it back at you, only to fall back as she tackled you, laughing as you hit the floor, her giggles the sweetest thing you’d ever heard.

You laid there, holding her, both of you smiling now and catching your breath when a honk was heard outside and your smile melted away.

“Dad’s here!” She shouted joyously and jumped up, running out of the room.

You sat up slowly, holding your knees to your chest for a moment, her shoes pounding upstairs followed by the sound of the wheels on her suitcase as she came down the stairs.

You stood, forcing a smile as she jumped off the first step and followed her to the door. You smiled as she held her arms open for a hug and crouched down, wrapping her in your arms, fighting back the usual tears. “I love you, Mommy,” she whispered and you snapped your eyes shut, squeezing her tighter.

“I love you too, Sarah,” you whispered, releasing her. She tugged her suitcase down the porch steps, waving before sprinting to the familiar Volkswagen Beetle.

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