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“Blue Prompt”

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Item/Object: Blue

Word Count: 1343

Requested by: @willowing-love

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Some people take a long and tortuous fall – rocky, bruising, full of sharp edges leaving you scarred, or worse, broken when you hit bottom. Others take the winding road – sure, the view is beautiful, packed with scenic smiling photo opportunities - but watch out for the sudden twists and turns, and be leery of the dead ends. For you, one look is all it took - a single lingering gaze into shimmering cobalt-blue eyes, and you fell within the narrow expanse between two heartbeats. It sounds simple. Like everything else about your life, it’s not.

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Color themed outfits like these are easy to pull off. Pair the color of your choice with a neutral (black, white, beige). Try coral for a trendy pop of color, purple for a flirty accent, or robin’s egg blue for a sweet summer look.

I don’t think I told you guys this but I’m planning on cosplaying Pearl’s pilot design!! There will be altercations to the skirt to make it puffy, of course, but I have the sleeveless turtleneck, yellow short tights, and skirt! I will be buying the vest online and I’m not sure where i’ll get the shoes yet haha. But I have three things so far, still need the blue tights, blue body paint, pearl, and earrings, also!

Filled my jewelry box my boyfriend have me!