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Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects Summer Tour featuring The Maine and Social Animals

Who’s ready for the hottest (and most emo) tour of the summer? Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects are heading out on a huge summer tour with support from two great bands, Social Animals and The Maine. 

Both bands play many of your old favorites, and also have some exciting new music coming out as well. Check this tour out if you can when it comes through your area, you’ll be glad you did.

Some tickets are already on sale for some dates- festivals, Costa Mesa, Sandy Ampitheater, Tags, Wolf Trap, and Ravinia. Most dates go on sale Friday with presales this week, but check your local venue’s site for more information.

May 12- Rock The Ranch New Caney, TX-

May 20- Wildflower Arts and Music Festival Richardson, TX-

July 13- Pacific Amphitheatre Costa Mesa, CA, US
July 14- The Masonic San Francisco, CA, US *
July 15- Pearl Concert Theatre, Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas, NV, US*
July 17- Idaho Botanical Garden  Boise, ID, US*
July 18- Sandy City Amphitheater Sandy, UT, US*

July 21- Myth St. Paul, MN, US*

July 22- Stir Cove, Harrah’s Council Bluffs Casino & Hotel Council Bluffs, IA, US*
July 23- The Pageant St Louis, MO, US*
July 25- EXPRESS LIVE! Columbus, OH, US
July 26- The Fillmore Detroit Detroit, MI, US+
July 29- Tags Big Flats, NY, US+
July 30- Sands Bethlehem Event Center Bethlehem, PA, US+
August 3- SummerStage, Central Park New York, NY, US+
August 4- Foxwoods Casino & Resort Mashantucket, CT, US+
August 5- Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion Gilford, NH, US+
August 6- Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston, MA, US+
August 8- Stage AE Pittsburgh, PA, US+
August 9- Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing Philadelphia, PA, US+
August 10- Wolf Trap Vienna, VA, US+
August 12- Ascend Amphitheater Nashville, TN, US+
August 13- Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC, US+
August 15- Ravinia Festival Highland Park, IL, US

August 19- Marshall Army Airfield Fort Riley, KS-

- Denotes The All-American Rejects only

* Denotes Support from Social Animals

+ Denotes Support from The Maine

One of the best shots I have ever taken of Dallon! 

Panic! At The Disco

Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 


Going to Hell

I have become solangelo trash. Please accept this little one-shot about some headcannon I saw that in an argument Will said ‘go to hell’ and Nico actually goes to hell

They had been dating for about a month now and they usually bickered and shot insults at each other but this was a full blown fight.

“Oh come on Solace, you actually think that girl wants to be your friend?” Nico said rolling his eyes. This girl had been talking to them when they out in town and it was obvious all she was doing was flirting with Will, Nico didn’t know why his boyfriend couldn’t see that.

“She was very nice, di Angelo. I don’t get why you’re so bent out of shape about this.” Will said furrowing his brow as they walked back to the Hades cabin.

“Because she was flirting with you and you’re too blind to see it.” Nico said is voice getting louder.

“So what? Are you jealous?” Will said raising his brow with a small smirk.

“No!” Nico blushed, “I’m just surprised that you’re so stupid you can’t see what’s obviously right in front of you.”

“Oh please, don’t talk to me about being oblivious.” Will said crossing his arms and rolling his eyes. “Mister Passively aggressively likes you from afar.”

“Shut up, Solace this is about you and your stupidity. How many other girls do you flirt with anyways?” Nico said poking the taller boy’s chest. At that Will’s face contorted into a sneer and he openly glared at Nico.

“Seriously?” he said and Nico’s face just challenged him, “Go to hell.” Will said it so fast he didn’t even realize what he’d said until his boyfriend was no longer glaring at him and instead had his eyebrows raised. That’s when Will realized exactly what he was thinking. “Di Angelo, don’t you dare.” he said as Nico took a step back his face set in a scowl. “Don’t!” Will said just as Nico turned on his heel straight into a shadow. “Nico!” Will yelled at his boyfriend who was already gone. “My gods, I’m gonna kill him!” Will said his cheeks going red with anger, before he stomped back to the Big House.

“Hey, Will, what’s up?” Jason said noticing the fuming blonde as he was walking.

“Nico just shadow traveled himself to the Underworld in the middle of an argument!” Will said turning his anger on the other boy.

“Whoa, you’re mad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mad.” Jason said taken aback.

“Well, it’s not every day I’m in an argument with my boyfriend and I say 'go to hell’ and he actually goes to fucking hell.” Will said making wild gestures with his arms.

“Wow.” Jason said unsure of how to respond to that. “I’m sure he’ll come back soon, until then you might want to calm down a bit.” Will mumbled to himself before walking into the Big House to go to the infirmary to hopefully calm down a bit.

It turned out Nico didn’t come back soon, he came back a week later. Which really just served to piss Will off even more. Once Nico shadow traveled into his cabin after a week in the Underworld and proceeded to walk to the dining pavilion, knowing all his friends would be there for lunch. He grabbed a few things to eat before sitting down at his table. Nico knew if he just waited they’d show up and they did first was Jason.

“A week in hell, really? Do you know how pissed Will is?” was the first thing out of his mouth as he sat down across from Nico.

“Not even a 'hello’ or 'how are you doing’ just straight into 'you’ve made your boyfriend mad’.” Nico said keeping his eyes on his food.

“Well, you did make your boyfriend mad.” Jason said eating another bite of his sandwich. After he spoke Nico felt a sharp slap connect to the back of his head.

“Ow, what the…?” Nico said looking back at the offender. It was Piper and she was standing over him with her hand on her hip and her lips pursed with a glare that made anyone in the immediate vicinty cower in fear.

“How could you do that to us? Just leave for a week, no explanation, just gone and poor Will, he slaved away in that infirmary trying to keep you out of his head.” she said taking a seat next to Jason which just made the couple look like scolding parents in Nico’s opinion. “You’re lucky you came back, because I was just about to call Hazel to knock some sense into you.” Piper said her face still cross.

“He said go to hell, so I did. He always told me I should listen to him more.” Nico said with a smug little smile on his face.

“Seriously? Nico,” Piper said as his smile only grew. “He forgot for a second that you can actually go to hell. I hope you realize that whatever he says to you next you deserve.”

Nico rolled his eyes before finishing his food, he was forced to listen to Piper lecture him through it all. Then he got up planning to find his boyfriend, just as he did that familiar mop of blond hair walked into the pavilion. Will’s blue eyes landed on him almost immediately, they narrowed into a glare before he turned and walked out. Nico rolled his eyes as he heard Piper behind him.

“You deserved that.” she said a little smug. Nico rolled his eyes before shooting her a glare, then he rushed off after his very pissed off boyfriend.

He saw his boyfriend’s retreating back and instantly regretted his entire week. “Will!” he called after him, Will ignored him and kept walking. “Will, please!” he said running as fast as he could. Then just as he was about to catch up Will stopped and turned around quickly.

“What?!” he yelled glaring down at his now very shock frozen boyfriend. “What do you want? After being in hell for a fucking week! I said something stupid forgetting the fact your dad is king of hell and that the door is always open for you and you decide to go down there and punish me for a week! A week, Nico!” he shouted and every demi-god within the area was gone, they knew if the usually level-headed healer was shouting it was in your best interest to leave.

“I uh…” Nico stuttered unsure of how to respond.

“You’re the biggest idiot on earth, di Angelo.” Will said placing his hands on Nico’s shoulders brining his face very close to his own before pulling him into a smashing kiss. Just as it began it ended and Nico was standing once again with wide eyes and an open mouth. “You aren’t gonna see me for few days.” Will said before walking away leaving his very flustered boyfriend behind.

“Wait what?” Nico said just as Will disappeared behind the door to the Apollo cabin.

True to his word Will was no where around Nico for three days, every time Nico entered a room Will left it and when Nico had come to the Apollo cabin they had all told him Will was elsewhere even though he’d literally just seen him walk in. By the third day Nico had had enough, he walked into the infirmary and stormed up to Will before he turned around and saw him, grabbed his arm and yanked him around.

“Okay, I get it, I was stupid and for an entire week I stayed in the Underworld because you said one dumb line when you were angry, now will you please stop ignoring me, I’ll never do it again, okay?” Nico said quickly before his nerves got the better of him.

“You were pretty stupid.” Will said crossing his arms.

“That’s what you’re going to focus on?” Nico said dropping his shoulders narrowing his eyes.

“Of course, because I realize you’re new to relationships, but don’t go to hell is seriously a very obvious rule in a relationship that I should not have to tell it to you.” Will said taking Nico’s hands in his. Nico hmphed before he looked down at his feet a blush taking over his cheeks.

“Well, whatever.” he said and Will chuckled before putting his hand on Nico’s cheek tilting his head up to give him a kiss.

“Just never do it again and we’ll be good.” Will said when he pulled back, Nico only nodded, “Now leave so I can get back to work, death boy.” he said giving Nico a small slap on his butt. Another blush broke out on Nico’s cheeks.

“Not a chance, sunny, I’m staying here, because I haven’t seen you for a week and three days.” Nico said sitting down on one of the empty hospital beds, kicking his legs back and forth since his feet didn’t touch the ground. Will grinned and kissed his boyfriend once again until one of his siblings coughed behind them and Will had to go back to work. Nico never did go to hell again even though Will did say it a couple times more.