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Companions react to: the sole finding a plant in the wild and naming it after them! Bonus for what kind of plant (mushroom, flower, tree, etc) Romanced or not is entirely up to you ^_^

There’s a link to the Wikipedia pages, Google Images, or video of each plant right next to their names :)

Dogmeat: [Dogweed] After a particularly refreshing rain, there always seemed to be a flush of green in the Commonwealth. Sole was taking a break, sitting on a rock in the warm sun. Dogmeat curled up for a nap in a green patch with yellow daisy like flowers. Sole smiled at the serene picture. They picked a flower to catalogue it…they could name it Dogweed.

Codsworth: [Dancing Plant] “Sir/Mum, what a peculiar plant.” What looked like a large oak tree was standing before them. Sole was prone to listening to music while they were wandering during the day, but in a heavier wooded area…this tree looked like it was dancing. The leaves were jolting to the music, picking up the vibrations of the songs. “It’s so cheery, just like you Codsworth! That’s what we could call it! Dancing Codsworth.” Sole smiled and could tell that if he could blush he would be, but instead floated in circles, dancing as well.

Preston: [Shy Plant] Just up the hill from Sanctuary, on the way to Vault 111, Sole had day by dad watching this plant sprout. It’s flowers were fuzzy white tufts. The leaves were very small, and sat next to each other all in a row along the stem. As the plant got bigger, Sole took more interest. They leaned down to touch it and suddenly all of the leaves laid themselves along the stem, almost as if they were shy. Sole reveled in their discovery, immediately running to grab Preston. “I found a plant that reminds me of you.” Sole said. They walked up the hill, and Sole showed Preston their discovery. “Why does that remind you of me,” Preston laughed. “Well you can be so quiet,” Sole muttered. “I wanna name it after you. Garvey Plant.” Preston just smiled to himself, proving the point, and walked back to Sanctuary.

Piper: [White Baneberry] “Hey Piper this berry kind of reminds me of you,” Sole said as they trekked through the brush. The berry was white, and it’s stalks were bright red. “It reminds me of your jacket,” Sole smiled, plucking a berry from its home and smashing it in between their fingers. “Blue! Be careful, those can kill you!” Piper said, smacking them out of Sole’s hand. Sole rolled their eyes and smiled. “Reminds me of another dangerous lady I know,” Piper smirked. “We could call them Wright Berries,” she joked. “That’s not a bad name,” Sole laughed. Piper spend the next few hours insisting she was kidding, but not really putting up a fight.

Nick: [Blue Passionflower] “Hey kid, don’t mean to bother you, but take a look at this.” Nick was reveling in this hanging flower. Bright blue with an explosive pistil and stamen. Nick seemed transfixed on the flower, and Sole had never seen Nick take such an interest in flora. “Amazing that radiation gave us Deathclaws and ghouls but also gives us things like this.” Sole smiled at his curiosity. “We could call it a Blue Valentine, if you’d like.” Nick raised his eyebrows at the idea, then smiled. “I’d like that very much kid, good thinking.”

Hancock: [Witches Butter] A lot of odd things grew in the Commonwealth but some of the weirder things tended to be fungus. Hancock and Sole had a bad habit of tasting things they found along the way… It almost seemed like Sole had a lead belly. They stumbled across a yellow fungus, loopy and smooth. Hancock laughed that the browner patches looked like him a bit. The two ripped off a chunk and took a bite. “It would be good in a soup,” Sole remarked. They held it up to Hancock, laughed and said “Hancock Butter.” Hancock didn’t like being teased like that, but secretly reveled in the idea of a fungus being named after him.

Macready: [Bleeding Tooth Fungus] “Uh Sole…either something happened here or this plant it bleeding.” Sole looked closer at this fungus. It was white and bumpy, drops of red liquid were pooling in the cavities of the plant. “Kind of reminds me of your mouth,” Sole joked. Macready scowled, always just a little self conscious about his rotten teeth. However dentists were few and far between in The Commonwealth. “Provided no ones claimed a name on it yet, we should just call it Bleeding Macready Fungus. How does that sound?” Macready still didn’t look impressed. He turned on his heel and shuffled off, muttering something about how Sole was gonna be bleeding in a minute.  

Cait: [Cape Sundew] After a particularly rough rad storm, Cait and Sole emerged from their hide out of three days- a small run down cabin that was only just good enough. Outside where the sun shone, carcasses of animals who weren’t so lucky we’re being bleached by the sun and picked by the flies. As the two packed up Sole noticed flies becoming stuck to certain plants surrounding the cabin. The leftover rain was glistening on the green stalks, the plants red dots and juices devouring the flies. Sole noted that these must be flytraps, telling Cait that these plants physically ate small bugs unlucky enough to get stuck. She thought that was the most amazing thing, so Sole named this particular one the Cait Sundew. She gave them a playful punch in the arm but was beaming the rest of the day.

Curie: [Aloe] One thing that Post War Commonwealth didn’t have that Sole desperately wishes it did was sunscreen. Long days wandering in the sun meant sunburns. They tried their best, wrapping rags around their head and wearing masks, trying to stay comfortable in full coverage clothes without overheating. But when they weren’t so lucky, and they laid down at night with no covers because they were so sunburnt, they wish they had sunscreen. One particularly rough night while they were lying in their bed groaning in pain, Curie came in holding leaves of what looked like a smooth cactus. The insides of the plant were gooey and soft. She sat on the edge of the bed and told Sole she found something that could help. She started rubbing the stalks juices on their arm and on their face. There was instantly relief as the cooling plant counteracted the burn. “I do not know what zis plant es called,” Curie explained, “But I saw a Radstag rub itself on it so I thought you should try!” Sole joked that they should call the plant Curie, because it was an angel just like she was. She blushed and continued to help Sole but smiled the rest of the night.

Danse: [Lamb’s Ear] “What is that.” Sole was tending their little planter that was given to them on the Prydwen. They liked to collect little samples of plants in the Commonwealth, and try to grow them in the labs. Danse was pointing to a patch of oval shaped leaves that were…fuzzy? “Touch them, they’re very soft.” Sole said. Danse ran his finger over the leaves and asked what they were called. “I haven’t really given them a name yet. I was thinking of Danse’s Ear though.. Because they remind me of a big softy I know, and they’re kind of ear shaped.” Danse furrowed his brow but turned slightly pink. “Sounds like a fine name. Carry on.” He shuffled away while Sole giggled.

Deacon: [Duckweed] “You know, we passed this pond a few days ago and I don’t remember it looking so….” Deacon paused. “Green?” Sole asked. “Like a swamp monster was going to bust out was more what I was thinking.” Deacon finished. “It looks like these plants multiply real fast,” Sole noted. “Soon they’ll take over and be everywhere at once!” Deacon joked. “I was thinking Deaconweed would be a good name for these,” Sole joked back. They started to walk off but turned to see Deacon scoop up a handful and put them in a safe place.

Strong: [Fernleaf Fiddleneck] There wasn’t a lot of life in the Glowing Sea, so imagine Sole’s surprise when they found plant life near the Crater of Atom. It was green, long, thin and curled at the top with small purple blossoms. The Children of Atom just shrugged when Sole asked, insisting that they had always been there. Strong didn’t really care. When Sole said they were going to name this plant after Strong, Strongleaf, he seemed to brush it off until Sole said that it must have taken a particularly powerful plant to grow in a place like this. He beamed the rest of the day!

X6-88: [Oleander] Sole spent a lot of time with the plants in the Institute, liking to watch the mutations that were occurring 200+ years later. They had asked to have to bio department let them know when they created something deadly. Once they were notified they were looking at a bright pink flower. “As a token of my gratitude for all of the help you’ve given me,” Sole declared to X6-88, “I name this plant 88-Bane.” Sole could tell his eyes lit up behind his glasses, but was still attempting to keep a straight face. “This is a very thoughtful gift, thank you.” He grabbed the small planter pot and excused himself to put it in his quarters.