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Imagine...Dean Making Lunch

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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garden spirit!jeno

garden spirit!jeno
• hey lets go to visual king jeno now which only makes SENSE THAT HE CAME OUT OF NATURE he is so ethereal ANYWAYS LETS BEGIN
• you were just a little kid going out to go out in your parents garden with a bright blue pail and shovel because you wanted to plant these daisies that you had picked up from the store
• and you don’t know why you enjoyed gardening so much as a kid??? but you were a pretty patient kid contrary to what most other kids were and you just kind of found peace in it
• and you’re headed out to the garden when you notice something is a little off?? why are there flowers already in your little spot of dirt because the daisy packet was right in your hand
• and you’re confused now because that was supposed to be your spot and someone took it and you’re pouty and about to start crying before you hear a rustle in the bushes and a pair of mesmerizing eyes flash at you in the bush
• and you drop your bucket because right by the pair of eyes is the prettiest flower you’ve ever seen and you’re like OOH PRETTY and so of course you go to approach but the pair of eyes moves backwards
• and you were so distracted by the flower you forgot about the eyes and so now you’re even more curious and you crouch down and cup your hands around your mouth and tell whatever it is not to be scared
• and of course the figure flinches because of the decibel of your voice??? and you realize that and mumble out a quick sorry before saying it quieter and you put your hand out as a harmless peaceful embrace
• and instead of being greeted with a hand A FLOWER JUST APPEARS IN YOUR HAND LIKE IT JUST BLOOMED and you guessed it it’s a daisy
• and now you’re even more curious you’re like who are you??? are you a tree with eyes???
• and this makes the “tree” laugh and it’s such a light and whimsical sound but he says his name is jeno and from now on you only called him jeno the tree
• jeno was in fact actually a boy, a boy of the forest if you want to be SPECIFIC, and his skin was adorned with vines wrapped around his arms and legs with little leaves poking out of random places and jeno’s eyes sparkle green and his hair is so soft and blonde
• but jeno doesn’t reveal himself to you for a LOOOONG time let me tell you but he’s there everyday when you come skipping home from school and you go to meet him in your backyard and he tells you how to plant things correctly and what’s the right soil to use and he tells you he can talk to plants and you’re just like WOAH
• but one day when you come home it’s raining and you’re instantly like oh no jeno is going to need some shelter so you run out with the biggest jacket you can find because you’re expecting to cover a tree are you not
• and so you’re screaming for jeno and holding the jacket out in front of you and now you’re getting drenched but you have to cover jeno and you keep calling for him and your voice is hoarse until the jacket disappears from your hand and is suddenly covering your head
• and it’s jeno and he just has this concerned look in his eyes because you’re still so small out in the rain where you can get sick??? and this is when you finally see that jeno is in fact not a tree but his height difference is almost big enough to be compared to one even for your age
• and you see the vines around his arms and woah you just are staring at him in awe and now jeno’s flustered and pulls you into the shrouded area where a little leaf rooftop comes over your head and wow he just did that
• and you’re just staring at him so intently that a blush is creeping into his cheeks and flowers JUST START BLOOMING OUT OF NOWHERE
• and you don’t know at the time but whenever jeno gets flustered and nervous flowers appear but these this time are roses
• and you’re just having the time of your life like you’re out in a rain storm with jeno who isn’t a tree??? and now it’s basically a botanical garden???
• and so of course you start asking jeno all kinds of questions like how long has he been here how old is he can he make any kind of plant grow and he responds he’s just a few years older than you and he’s been here ever since he was born because he’s sorta forced to this area???
• and you’re like oKAY but you stay in the forest the whole time and just watch the squirrels and jeno’s face is confused yet amused and he’s shaking his head and leading you back through the brush past a lake where you’re pretty sure you saw another boy watching you until jeno gestures to the house
• he tells you he can go into the house and that’s about as far as he can go because if not he gets really weak since nowhere is like his forest and you’re like oh jeno it’s your forest are you it’s prince
• and he’s shyly like does that make you its princess and you’re like what and he’s LIKE NEVERMIND
• and as the years go by you and jeno are becoming teens and IS PUBERTY A ROUGH TIME FOR YOU TWO mainly because jeno decided to go through a phase where he would wear a leaf mask like nct do at airports because he was self conscious if he broke out and you’re just feeling the emotions of being a teenager but you always found peace in the garden
• and jeno’s feelings are getting softer because he’s growing up and so YOUR BACKYARD IS COVERED IN ROSES and you’re like hey jeno are you in LOVE or something
• and he’d get so nervous that even more roses would pop up and he’d run off into the forest for a few hours and just lie there with his heart fluttering
• and whenever he did come back you’re like why can they be daisies next time and jeno never makes any promises but you sure as heck know that boy is going to spend the whole night working on a flower
• and of course later on you’re like jeno I WANT TO MEET YOUR FRIENDS and he’s really like no but there you go already inviting yourself in
• and you’re just giving everyone a big smile and like hey everyone im jenos
• and then your face is red and jeno’s face is red and all of a sudden these roses just start appearing out of nowhere???
• and doyoung’s yelling for jeno to cut it out and renjun and sicheng are sneezing their heads off because of sensitive smell and ten is just like why is it all of a sudden a rose festival is it because of jenos girlfriend
• and you’re like jeno ??? what have you been telling them and jeno’s like as red as the roses now and he kinda wants to just leave but he’s kinda forced to explain
• and this boy confesses to you literally in a room full of roses like come on THATS REALLY ROMANTIC and you don’t even let him finish before you envelop him in a hug
• and everyone is just collectively aww'ing because LIKE MARK THIS WAS LOOOOONG OVERDUE
• so now the boys wouldn’t have to worry about random roses in the house at least now when you’re not there
• and jeno rushes to his room and comes back with a pot and the prettiest daisy you’ve probably ever seen in your whole life???
• and you can just tell that jeno’s put his heart and soul into this one because it seems just as ethereal!!! and it’s like the purest symbol of his love for you ISNT IT SO SWEET
• you and jeno are just like the cutest couple ever let me tell you he’s always showing you a flower field or helping you out in your garden still to this day
• because hey that is where you guys met right!!! its basically your unofficial first date spot
• and of course jeno would tell you out of all the flowers that you were the most beautiful THIS IS A SOFT BOY RIGHT HERE
• all in all, jeno is the sweetest boyfriend who showers you in his love and flowers everyday just to remind you how much he loves you

another part of my collab with @dest-writes !!!

Bad Habit

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Part 9

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader) (M) 

You try to deal with what you’ve seen, try to help Pietro but it almost kills you and puts a strain on your friendship with Bucky.  

Words: 3255 Warnings: Angst, nightmares, blood, language, violence, (badly written)smut, tidgy bit of fluff, 

Translations: După tine, frumoasă/After you, beautiful

An: Sorry this is a bit late, been a nightmare trying to get any free time and entertain a hyper four your old that won’t sleep! really struggled with this chapter aswell, for some reason I seem to be incapable of writing a chapter less than 2000 words??? 

Tags:  @goal-mine, @aweways, @iamtheonewhocares,  @wellfuckbuck, @sevenhelens,  @marinaclaridge,  @bugalouie,  @randomlazymusiclover, @officialstegosaurus, @narnian-neverlander, @lexbugz

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Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 6   Part 7   Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 

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“Come on printessa, we don’t have long.”

Pietro pulls you by the hand, speeding you into a side room away from the others, sitting you down on a desk and pulling down the zipper of your suit before you can blink.

“Seeing you fight like that, so fucking hot,” He growls crashing his lips on yours, his hands tugging down your bra and squeezing your breast before pinching  your nipple hard, twisting it between his fingers. You cry out from the pain and pleasure, arching  into him when he trails open mouthed kisses along your neck, his cold inhale sending tingles down your spine, I’ve been trying to get you alone for hours.“

You’d noticed how he was watching you, how frustrated he was getting. It made your insides burn with arousal, knowing you had that effect on him and you may have played it up, just a little bit.

“Pietro we can’t, what if they hear us.” Tony’s laugh echoed through the thin walls, making you freeze up but it didn’t phase Pietro, he loved the thrill of getting caught and even you had to admit it was kind of a turn on.

“Then be quiet.” He raises his eyebrows in challenge, ripping the elastic of your panties and grabbing your ass, lifting you up off the desk so he can rip them away from you.

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My shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back

The reader is an artist and while painting, matty suprises her and she gets paint on him, they begin to have a paint fight and leads to something sexual…. Smut

You sighed in frustration, you had a very important exposition. Even you had a lot of awesome works done, it felt like nothing was enough for you. 

You were amazing in your art, but you always need space for your own. You’re never satisfaced, always unsatisfied, everything is wrong and the place is always a mess. 

There’s always a time where you go mad, lose your mind and then your “office” is an chaos. 

Paint everywhere, the room is filled with colours. Weird for you, you’d only use black, but you wanted to go different this time.

You look at your work, horrible is what you thought. You’re not motivated, not inspired. Even though you had your favourite music playing on, it wasn’t enough. 

You looked at it again and anger filled your body.

You took the pail filled with orange paint and you threw it to your work. At the same time, Matty was going though it.

He closed his eyes, you waited frozen, scared of his reaction. 

When he opened his eyes all he did was laugh. You couldn’t understand, Matty was already showered, fully clothed AND he was wearing his favourite t-shirt. He didn’t mind?

“Just relax woman!” He exclaimed, your expression was still the same when you painted Matthew in orange. 

You looked at your work, well… all that you could see was orange paint. Orange everywhere, it wasn’t a work anymore. It was like a drawing of a 3 years old. 

You were lost, trying to make a new paint, thinking how it coud be. So lost you were, you didn’t even noticed Matty throw red paint on your body.

“MATTY!” He laughed, and ran to get another pail.

He started to paint all the room in red. Even to you, again.

You grabbed the green one, and you did the same with him.

Finally, you started to have some fun and forgot about the work and all the frustration.

“Wait… I’m tired.” Matty said, trying to catch his breath.

“Come on, we’ve been only running for, like, only five minutes!” You both chuckled. 

“I… am… dying!” Matty said falling to the ground overacting, and making you laugh. “God… I need to stop smoking." 

"Yup” You said as you lied with him.

You put your head in his chest as he hugged you.

“Our clothes are a mess.” You said. “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care…”

“But, that’s your favourite t-shirt. And I arruined it.”

“What are you saying? It looks amazing now!” He said, being sarcastic of course. It was a mess. 

“Too many colours for you, Matty. It’s weird.”

“However, it looks really good.”

“Sure…” you said sounding ironic. “It looks better than before.”

“Do you know how it could look better?” You shook your head. "If it would just hang off your back.“ He said.

You got closer to him, ready to devour his lips. But his lips went straight to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses. 

His hands massaging your hipbones. That’s where you loved being touched, and he knew. He even knew things about you that you didn’t.

Quickly, the room was decorated with your and his clothes… and more paint, because Matty with his feet throw a whole pail of blue paint to the floor.

"Why don’t we take a shower?” You asked, making Matty smile, and wake up that big friend of his.

The tought of fucking you in the shower turned Matty on in a second, it’s been a couple of months that you were dating. And it was the first time you’d let him fuck you in his shower.

Matty put the water in a perfect weather and  went down on you and kissed your legs from your knee to your pussy. Your eyes shut tight as he plays with your clit, teasing you. He licks your neck, onto your ear and smiles. 

He trails kisses down your body and in between your legs, warm and wet kisses, his soft lips mixing with the water from the shower. He holds your hips, gently licking over you first, tasting how wet you are for him. He flicks his tongue against your clit, licking and sucking on it before sliding his tongue inside of you, circling it around you making you scream his name, your fingers tangling in his hair. 

He smiles against you as you moan for him, his tongue working deeper inside you, hitting all the right spots. He moves one hand from your hips to your clit, rubbing his fingers against it making the familiar feeling in your stomach come back. You grip onto him and cry out for him as he moves his tongue in small figure eights, his fingers pressed hard against your clit you cum for him, your body hot and tensed. He lets go of your hips, gently kissing your stomach as you try to steady your breath. You groan as he starts to tease you again, placing gentle kisses over your breasts and your nipples. 

“Stop teasing me Matty.” You beg, he laughs stroking your dripping wet hair. He kisses your arms, bringing them up around his shoulders. You wrap your arms around him, gripping him tightly as he raises your legs, wrapping them around his waist. He presses his hips against yours and enters you, his lips pressed against yours, his tongue sliding over your lips as he thrusts into you. He holds your hips keeping you in place, digging his nails into your skin the more he thrusts. Your hands run across his shoulders, one dropping between your bodies to rub up and down his chest, scratching over his erect nipples. 

“Don’t stop… or there will be no more sexy shower times with me”, you say seductively in his ear, he moans your name and slams into you faster. You moan loudly as his pace increases.

He bites his lip and kisses your neck, biting your skin as he makes his way to your breasts. His teeth cling to your nipple, biting it hard. You moan, your moans filled with pain and pleasure. He soothes the pain by licking over it, flicking his tongue over it. His lower half thrusting into you along with his licking, sucking and biting on your nipples, his hands rubbing over your body sends you over the edge, you feel yourself close. Your moans get louder, he can tell you’re not far off so presses his fingers against your clit again. You wrap your legs around his waist tighter, pushing him into you more. 

He groans out as you start to tighten around him, you cling onto him, biting his shoulder as you hit your orgasm.

You moan into his ear, and with that you both cum together. You both breathe heavily, Matty still holding you in his arms. He lifts you out of the shower, turning it off and opening the shower doors again. He kisses your forehead, brushing your hair out of your face as he wraps you in a towel. He smirks at you, a cheeky look in his eye.

“Wanna carry on in th-" 

"YES!” you say interrupting him. He laughs and carries you into your bedroom, kissing you passionately as he places you on the bed.

killer-pail  asked:

I can see it now: The Joy of Inking with Garlen Castello. XD (And I have to say, that sketch of Blue on the far right in the ask about your drawing of Inkling ears doesn't look familiar... *strokes chin*)

Pthptp… Indeed. And oh yeah… It’s a random sketch I did some time ago.

I’ve been doing lots of sketching and not publishing them here for either spoilery reasons or because I’m saving them for… Future. 

I try to not post that much splatoon art here until HOI is done. Same with answering splatoon related questions. Trust me when I say it’s better to wait till HOI is done. I have plans.


summary: Fishing is easy if you know where to go.

Sunny Side Up | Crying Over Onions | Fish | Birthday Cake | Tomato Soup 

“Let’s go fishing, Sasuke.”

Sasuke glanced up from his afternoon playdate with Sarada. He had the day off from missions and was lounging in the backyard with Sarada climbing over him as he took a nap. Itachi had somehow wandered inside his house and was now sitting on the bench that accompanied the picnic table.

“Nii-san, do you always just come and go as you please?” Sasuke asked as he closed his eyes again.

“Fishing, Sasuke. By the lake,” Itachi repeated.

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Genre: Fan Fiction
Pairing: Jai Courtney/OFC (Roo)
Warnings: Language
Rating: PG
Length: Short Story
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: I planned to post this a little later, but it sort of tumbled out. @ashtotes stress no more, for it has arrived! 

Read Handle With Care  & Night Best Forgotten 

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Splatfest 10 Squid Shenanigans

So last night in the Splatfest, I played 50 matches, got my Barbarian Queen title (my Inkling’s a girl) and, along the way, reach Level 43.

Today, I wanted to play some more Splatfest in order to chip away at the remaining EXP I need to reach Level 44, but to make things a little more interesting, I decided to do it as some of @tamarinfrog‘s squid-kids.

I set myself some rules. I would play the same amount of matches as last night (50), pick five of her characters and play ten matches with each. To change things up a little more, I decided to pick some of her boys. So, to start off, I decided to play as…

Angelo the Barbarian!

With the deepest of apologies to @tamarinfrog, I really don’t think I did him justice. I did manage to get the hang of tossing the Custom Splattershot Jr.’s Disruptors around, but unfortunately the matches where I played best were the ones where I just focused on covering turf than trying to pick fights.

Final results: 4 wins, 6 losses.

So, Angelo was pretty much a wash. However, things got a lot better when I switched weapons and gear to play as…

Cosmo the Barbarian!

And I gotta say… MAH BOI! Whenever I play Splatoon, be it Turf War or Ranked Battles, I usually play a round of ten matches anyway. And very, very, very rarely does it happen, but with Cosmo I managed to get a perfect run! And amusingly apropos, the majority of matches I played with him were at Ancho-V Games!

Final results: 10 wins, 0 losses.

Given how Tammy usually has Orange Clementine and Blue Whinter as the subjects of her Splatfest jokes, I figured it was only fair to give her representative for Team Barbarian a fair shot, so next I played as…

Blue Whinter the Barbarian!

It’s kind of disturbing seeing him in the almost blood-red colour of Team Barbarian. But anyways, I got into a nice play method with good ol’ Blue Whinter.

I concentrated more on covering turf like I normally do, but I did always make a point of setting down Squid Beakons in remote corners of the maps. Also, I decided to just use the Kraken to give myself an extra boost in moving from one part of the map to another. (I don’t think it’s been the same since the added knock-back from getting fired upon was patched into the game.)

Final results: 8 wins, 2 losses.

Normally I main the Aerospray RG for Turf Wars anyway, but since I was cosplaying, I simply had to have a go as…

Sorrel the Barbarian!

You’d think the chance to really cut loose and wreck some Team Ninja supporters would cheer up the grumpy little try-hard, but there you go. (And yeah, I know the weapon is still set to the Krak-On. I was switching gear first and he struck this pose, so I simply had to capture it.)

Not much to report with Sorrel, really. I have been getting better at ambushing enemies with Ink Mines, but I still think they’re one of the less useful sub-weapons in the game. Again, I just concentrated on covering turf and firing off Inkstrikes whenever possible - Aerospray’s really not super-great for actual combat, unless you have the drop on someone.

Final results: 8 wins, 2 losses.

So finally, because I had to do it…

Taloupe the Barbarian!

And yeah, I didn’t play how Tammy has him play. This Taloupe has had it up to his tentacle ponytails with pussyfooting around and being messed with and splatted and called a sissy, and joining Team Barbarian is how he’s gonna show everyone that he ain’t taking it anymore, Cod damn it!

I do like the Splash-o-matic to use for more accurate firing (handy in Ranked), but I kind of prefer the specials where you don’t have to mash the R button to use it, especially the Suction Bombs, given how they have a delayed detonation.

Final results: 7 wins, 3 losses.

So all in all, a pretty successful experiment, I think. And hopefully, it’s helped towards in Team Barbarian taking the W. Mostly because I want to see some ninja salt. I just know if they win this, there’ll be all sorts of crowing and junk about how “Oh, we avenged you, North America!” blah blah blah. Whatever. Frickin’ weebs.

Angelo, Cosmo, Blue, Sorrel and Taloupe belong to @tamarinfrog / @searching-for-bananaflies.