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Don’t We Belong?

Christoffer Schistad’s foot nervously taps away against the wooden flooring outside Noora Sætre’s room. He runs his hands through his hair, not believing that he’s actually going to do this. Why does he care? He pats his navy blue, bomber jacket and black t-shirt, before checking the pockets of his jeans for his phone. It’s to help divert himself from the stress of the situation at hand. 

Before he has any time to retreat or think over what he’s going to say, Noora opens this door. Noora, clearly not expecting Chris to ever show up at her home, is stunned, her eyes wide and a crisp look of confusion coating her face. She opens her mouth, cocking her head in front, trying to seem calm. 

Just do it, Chris encourages himself as he twiddles with his fingers. “I need to talk to you!” he blurts out, thinking that it’s best to rip off the bandaid. 

Noora sighs, her shoulders relaxing. “If this is about William, I am –” 

“It’s about Eva,” Chris interrupts, standing there. 

Without him having to explain himself, Noora already knows what he’s come to talk about Eva for. She offers him a soft, sympathetic smile, before stepping back and motioning for him to come into her room. 

Chris takes a deep breath, nodding his head, then walking in. As he passes her, he mumbles a ‘thank you’. Chris looks around, lost, not knowing how to continue this. 

However, Noora helps him about my gesturing for him to sit down on the plush rug with her. Next, knowing that this man is stressed more than ever, Noora pours tea out from her teapot into two cups. Silently, with an encouraging smile, she hands a cup to Chris, who’s sitting cross-legged in front of her, just like her. 

Once again, he says a ‘thank you’ and Noora knows that this politeness has come from Eva’s doing. She probably forced it into the man. 

“So?” Noora starts, wanting him to open up about what he’s thinking, instead of her just telling him. 

Chris gulps, avoiding her gaze. And the images and the things he’s heard and seen come rushing back to him. Promptly, he sets the cup onto the floor before looking up at Noora. 

“I can’t be what Eva wants me to be,” he confesses. “I can’t be that perfect boyfriend for her.” Noora’s expression turns to one of sympathy as she tilts her head to the side. Noora has a confiding vibe to her, allowing Chris to fluently open up to her. 

“I don’t know what we are. But what I know is that we only ever make out with each other, sleep with only each other. Sometimes, on good days. she’ll make me breakfast or it’s me,” Chris hurriedly explains, clearly frightened by giving too much of his feelings away. But the bottle of feelings has been tipped and lid is lost. “I drive her to or back from school and she hangs out at my place on the weekends. I’ll accompany her for dinner and we’ll go exploring the streets of Oslo if a party isn’t what we’re looking for.” 

Noora takes a sip of her tea, trying to formulate a response that will comfort him. However, he goes on. 

“But I heard Vilde say that her and this boy -” 

“Adam,” Noora quietly fills in, giving him that extra piece of information. 

“Yeah. Evan and Adam are cute. Other people say that they’ve become close. . I guess what I really want to ask you is… Does Eva have feelings for him?” 

And Noora’s heart breaks. Never has she ever seen Chris Schistad open up to anyone. . he may have to Eva, but this is new. And, therefore, it helps her understand that the idea of ‘Eva and Adam’ really bothers Chris. Most importantly, it tells Noora that Christoffer cares very much for Eva. And in the romantic away. 

Noora speaks up, “You need to talk to her, Chris. I cannot speak on her behalf.” 

Chris looks at Noora, a little infuriated by her response. However, realisation hits him and he ducks his head, then nods in understanding. 

Chris gets up, thanking Noora for the help, before opening the room’s door. However, Noora stops him when the door has been opened up halfway. “Christoffer, whatever you do, make sure you do what feels right? Okay? And don’t hurt Eva in the process.” 

Chris, without even looking at her, nods before leaving. 

That night, Chris gathered his courage and invited Eva to a park they’ve visited together, frequently, for eating, before Eva leaves to go party. 

Chris sits on the bench of the bench, arriving sharply at five minutes to nine, at night.  

He goes over all the things he can possibly tell her, all the ways he can express himself without making her mad. He goes over all the ways he can stay calm when she brings up Adam’s name. . which he’s more than sure she will. 

After all, she finally found someone to love. 

“Schistad, you alright?” Eva’s bubbly voice calls, from a few metres away. Chris snaps his head in time to see her arrive at the bench and then take a seat. 

He smiles weakly at her, before diverting his attention to passing her a sandwich and a beer. Eva thanks him, grinning, before turning to face him, and propping her elbow onto the back rest of the park bench. She’s wearing a dark blue flannel and white t-shirt, which has been tucked into her pair of high-waisted jeans, which have been tightened by a black belt. 

Chris catches the way she shudders, so he begins to shuffle asking, “Why didn’t you wear a coat?” 

Eva shrugs, “I’m going to a party and then I’ll be warm. I’d forget to take my coat back home.” 

Chris shakes his head, before draping his dark blue, winter coat over her. “Better?” he asks, softly. 

Eva’s fingers pull his coat closer, but then she’s lost in his eyes. He’s staring at her with such gentleness that it captivates her. There’s a softness to his features that Eva has noticed a few times before, but until now, she never realised what it was. They’re close to each other. 

And Chris looks like he wants to kiss her right then and there. 

But Chris snaps out of his trance and shakes his head, to compose himself. 

“I - uh –” Just ask her already, Chris! Being subtle, he shudders, asking, “Who - Who’re you going with?” 

Eva’s mouth breaks into a teasing grin as she looks at him. She cocks her head to the side, playfully asking, “You concerned I won’t be safe?” Chris chuckles at that. He wants to reply ‘yes’ but for his ego he also wants to say ‘no’. Eva takes care of that problem for him, when she adds, “Noora isn’t coming and Vilde, Sana and Chris are going to come late but I have to leave early so Adam’s taking me.” 

Chris opens his mouth to say something but then doesn’t. He sighs, leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees. He buries his head in his hands, as he takes a deep breath. 

Eva chews her bite slowly, as she inspects him. “You alright?” 

Right as she finishes her question, Chris sits up right, quickly questioning, “You and Adam?” 

Eva puckers her lower lip, asking, “Me and Adam?” 

The tone of her voice tells Chris that she doesn’t understand what he’s asking. He’s already done damage, might as well go through with this. “You guys a thing, now?” 

Eva’s eyes widen in disbelief as it sinks in. Then she chuckles humourlessly, getting up and throwing her sandwich onto the bench. “So this is why you called me out here? Hm? Because you don’t want me to do anything with Adam?” Her arms are crossed over her chest, giving evidence of her unhappiness. 

Chris gets up as well, his anger building up. “Well, have you?” 

“Fuck you, Schistad!” Eva replies, confidently, not missing a beat. 

“You have!” Chris fights back, weakly. All he is is scared. Fuck, he thinks to himself, understanding what that means: he doesn’t want to lose Eva Mohn. 

“I don’t know if you know this Chris, but we’re not a couple. Nor are you my father. So, you don’t get to go around and disapprove the boys I hang out with, alright? I don’t give a flying fuck if it hurts your ego!” Eva says. Her heart stings at her words. 

Chris looks at her, a sudden confidence covering his face. Shit, Eva thinks, oh, shit, he’s about to argue real good. 

“Not a couple?” Chris chuckles, just like Eva had moments ago. He takes a small step closer to her. “Okay, what about you sleeping at my house? What about us going out for lunch and dinner together? What about you not running away the next morning?” 

“Stop,” Eva says through gritted teeth, as she momentarily closes her eyes. 

Chris shakes his head, just as she opens her eyes, sensing he’s taken another step towards her. Now, he’s standing chest to chest. His hand, sneakily, grabs hold of hers. “What do you call staying up late to talk to each other, until one of us falls asleep? What about hanging out and kissing?”

“Don’t do this, Chris,” Eva pleads, her voice cracking. 

“What do you call holding hands and going for strolls?” Chris desperately asks. Sighing, he finalises how this is going to work out. “Tell me you like him and not me and I’ll go away.” 

“Chris,” Eva objects, getting impossibly close to him, her hand now wrapping around his tightly. She takes a shaky breath, before tilting her head to look at him. “I love you,” she confesses, then brings her free hand to cup his cheek. Chris’s eyes widen at her words as his heart skips a few beats. His stomach erupts and the jitters consume him. Eva giggles. “I love you so God damn much, Christoffer.” 

Chris’s mouth hesitantly breaks into a grin. Then they laugh and he crashes his lips against hers. They laugh into their kiss, happy that they finally figured this out. Whatever they were. 

But now . . now, they’re dating. They’re in love. 

The Description Of Death At Columbine

The Columbine Effect > Victim #1 LAUREN TOWNSEND. TABLE 1.

#1 Was found lying on her left side , bent at the waist , head to the north ,feet to the east ,under the northwest corner of the table. She was dressed in a blue top , denim pants and dark boots. Multiple bullet holes were noted in the back of the shirt. Bloodstains associated with the upper two holes were consistent with drainage of blood was present under the left arm. A linear blood drainage stain was present in the rectal area. Bullet holes were present in the right thigh area with surrounding blood drainage stains consistent with the position of the body as found. Transfer bloodstains were present on the lower legs and on the sides and bottom of the boots. These bloodstains were not associated with injuries to the victim. Bloodstains on the carpet indicated that the legs of the victim were moved to the east through wet bloodstains to their position as found. The position of Table 2 and the surrounding chairs were marked on the carpet and then moved to view the body. Additional bullet holes were noted in the front crotch area when the body was moved. LAUREN TOWNSEND WAS AN INNOCENT CHILD.


#2 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 2. She was dressed in a black shirt , denim pants and black/white tennis shoes. An entry wound consistent with a shotgun discharge was present in the lower left back of the body. The plastic shotgun cup/wad was present in the wound tract. Several associated pellet holes were present adjacent to the main entry wound. Drainage of blood from the wound was minimal and consistent with the position of the body as found. Drainage of blood from the nose/mouth area was consistent with the position of the body as found. No other bloodstains were present on the body. A single shotgun blast entered the lower left back ,traveled straight upward ,and the pellets were contained in the upper left back area. The acute angle of travel through the body indicated that the victim was in a prone or near prone position when shot.


#3 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the southeast of Table 6. He was dressed in a dark T-shirt , denim pants , and white/black tennis shoes. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Numerous wood fragments and pieces of foam padding were dispersed in the area of the body. Drainage of blood from the right side of the head was consistent with the position of the body as found. A large pool of blood was present on the carpet extending to the west of the victim’s head area and under the victim’s chest and right arm. The victim’s eyeglasses were present under the lower portion of the face. No bloodstains were noted on the pants or shoes of the victim. No impact blood spatter was noted in the area.


#4 Was found lying on the floor in a prone position to the west of table 14. He was dressed in a grey shirt , denim pants ,and brown leather boots. A large concentrated bloodstain consistent with drainage from the rear of the neck and the upper chest was found under the body. This pooling of blood continued onto the carpet to the west of the body. A large concentrated transfer bloodstain was present on the lower back area of the clothing and body. No wounds were present in this area of the body. A single bullet entered the left arm ,continued through and entered the left chest ,and exited the back of the neck. A second single bullet entered the upper back leaving an atypical entrance hole and lodged in the left chest. A third single bullet entered the back and lodged in the left chest. The bloodstain originated on the exterior of the outer shirt , soaked through the thermal undershirt and onto the skin of the victim. A strap from the victim’s backpack was present under the left arm of the victim and the backpack was found to the west of the body. The bottom of the backpack was heavily blood soaked. No corresponding stain was present on the carpet under the position of the backpack as found. A pattern in the pooled blood to the west of the body was consistent with the size and shape of the backpack bottom. The bloodstain patterns were consistent with the backpack initially lying in the pool of blood of the victim ; and then moved to the floor to the west of the body.

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#5 Was lying found lying on his right side under Table 9 in the middle section. He was dressed in a tan shirt , denim pants and black/gray tennis shoes. His right arm extended to the south and the wrist area was positioned on top of the right rear stile of chair 9E. The chair was found lying on its back to the south of the victim. An injury to the fingers of the right hand was and a small pool of blood of dripped blood was found under the position of the hand. A concentrated pool of blood was present under the head ,neck and shoulder area of the victim. Eyeglasses were found under the head of the victin ,partially on the upper face. Chair 9E had a bullet path through the chair , entry in the seat cushion and exit in the front upper wooden rail. Wood fragments were dispersed over the body. A number of wood fragments were embedded into the right forearm of the victim. An injury to the right ear was noted upon repositioning of the body prior to transport. Three projectiles had entered the right side of the head/neck area and exited the left side. Additional injuries to the torso were consistent with shotgun pellets. The fatal injury was a single bullet that entered the nose and exited the back.

Daniel Mauser was an Innocent Child


#6 Was on his back under Table 16 against the north table leg or support. His right leg was extended to the west and his left leg under his right thigh. Possible Burns were seen on his left hand , the center and right side of his gray , long sleeved shirt and two dark areas on his blue jeans. He was wearing white athletic shoes , white socks , and a ball cap with the letter “ M ”. His head was towards the east. Blood was on his face and the left shoulder of his shirt. A hole was in the left front shoulder of the shirt. His right hand held some type of writing instrument. KECHTER suffered a gunshot wound to the chest ,with a left -to- right trajectory with possible wadding in the right lung. He also suffered burning from an unknown incendiary ( explosive or flammable ) device.

Matthew Kechter was an innocent child Victim #7 ISAIAH SHOELS. TABLE 16.

#7 A black male ,was to the south of ,and slightly under , KECHTER. He was generally facedown with the left side of his chest slightly above the floor. His legs were extended generally to the west. SHOELS head was towards the west. He suffered a gunshot wound perforating the left arm ,entering the left chest ,and exiting below the right armpit. Two pieces of wadding were found in the right arm of his shirt and a possible shotgun slug between his two shirts.

Isaiah Shoels was an Innocent Child


#8 A white male , was seated on the floor leg area of computer station number LMC 17. This station was at the west end of the south side of the south row of computer stations. His back was against the west panel with his right leg partially bent under his left leg , which was also partially bent. His arms were crossed at the wrists and in his lap. He was wearing a short sleeve blue shirt , blue jeans ,white socks and brown and black boots. He suffered a tangential wound to his right shoulder and a perforating wound entering on the right side of the neck and exiting on the left.

Steven Curnow was An Innocent Child


#9 A white female was found under Table 19. Her shoulders were against the west side of the table ,her head tilted to the north ,and her legs extended to the east. She was wearing a green short sleeve shirt over a black shirt ,light blue jeans ,white socks and black boots. She suffered a defensive wound to the right middle finger. There was blood on the right side of her face , her right hand ,and the right and center portions of her clothing. An apparent contact or near contact wound was visible on the back of the right hand. Another wound was visible on the right side of the head.

Cassie Bernall was An Innocent Child


#10 A white or Hispanic male was on the floor in front of the south side of the north bank of computer station 7. He was on his right side , head facing southwest ,with his left leg extended south and bent at the hip and his right leg bent under the left. His left arm was under him and his right arm partially under his head. He was wearing a blue and green coat over a white shirt ,black pants and black athletic shoes. Three pellets had entered his right shoulder and exited the lower back. He had a head wound with seven holes and a shot cup in his head.

Kyle V was An Innocent Child


#11 A white male ,was on his back with his head pointing east. His legs were bent at the hip with his knees towards the north and his lower legs pointing west. His left arm was across his stomach with a fingerless black glove on his left hand. His right arm was extended by his side and his right hand was around the grip of the TEC-9 pistol. Gray tape , holding two match strikers to the inside of the forearm ,was around his right wrist. He was wearing a black T-shirt with the word “ Wrath ” in red on the front ,black cargo pants , black boots and white socks. A large knife was on the left side of his belt. His face was bloodstained and a pool of blood was on the carpet under his head. Ammunition on his body included 14 rounds of 2 ¾". Federal shotgun shells in an ammunition belt around his waist ;in a bandoleer were 19 rounds of Federal 00 buck shells ;numerous live shotgun shells in a pouch in a pants pocket. There was a near contact wound to the left temple with a corresponding exit wound through the right temple. He also aspirated blood. He could have been capable of some involuntary movement. A pool of blood on the carpet to the north ,east and south of KLEBOLD’S(#11) head ,as well as to the west under his left shoulder. There was a bloodstain on the area on the back of his left arm above the elbow that was not consistent with being formed with the arm in the position found. In addition , some of the blood flows on the face were also formed with the head in a position other than found. These flows were consistent with KLEBOLD’s head resting on the right side of the face to allow the blood flow on the left side out of the wound. There were bloodstains on his right bicep and left center portion of the neck. The underside of the bill of the ball cap to the north of KLEBOLD appeared to be blood-soaked. This cap was in close proximity to the bloodstained area of the left knee of the pants worn by HARRIS.

No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world

Body #11. ERIC HARRIS.

A white male was to the north of KLEBOLD. The upper back was leaning against the bottom shelf of the west side of Row 6 with his head pointed south. His skull was open at the top and the shelves behind ( to the east ) of him and the ceiling above him and the carpet below him were bloodstained. The heaviest areas of blood staining above the floor level were on the bookshelves to the east ( which his body was resting against ) were in line with his waist and legs and above his body. The stains on the ceiling and shelves were consistent with HARRIS receiving the gunshot wound to the head while he was in a seated position. At least two indentations were found on the underside of the metal shelves above and slightly north of the position of HARRIS hips and legs. The physical evidence was consistent with HARRIS’ torso generally facing west with his buttocks on or near the floor and his back near or resting against the west end of bookshelf Row 6. His head and upper torso moved to the south or left. His arms were by his chest with his forearms and hands angled up towards his face. He had a fingerless black glove on his right hand , which was next to a green pouch with shot shells. His legs were somewhat extended to the west. He was wearing a white T-shirt , black pants with a green ammunition belt , black boot and a knife strapped to his right leg. He had an ammunition pouch in his left cargo pants pocket. That pouch contained 10 rounds of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells ,each shell labeled as containing 15 pellets of 00 buck. Two single-column magazines with 9 mm rounds were in a pants pocket. A black ball cap with the letter “B” was between HARRIS’s left leg and KLEBOLD’s head. HARRIS had a shotgun wound to his head with the muzzle in his mouth. Bleeding was observed through his nose. At this time skull fragments from HARRIS ,some with circular holes through them were collected. When the body of HARRIS was being moved into the body bag , a mass of blood fell out of the open skull and landed on the carpet where KLEBOLD’s body had been. No longer Innocent but was a victim of bullying and fell to depression and suicidal thoughts and Child who lost his place in the world The events that unfolded at Columbine High School on April 20 1999 were tragic and very sad but we all have to learn that you can’t treat people any kind of way and not expect them to just continue and let it happen it’s not right and it’s sad that it took something like this to happen for them to realize it but those teachers knew Eric and Dylan were getting bullied they didn’t say anything because they saw them as weird and outcasts because of how they dressed and the fact that they were not on a sports team everyone knows the jocks ruled the school.And on the other hand Eric and Dylan did not have to kill those kids they could have just damaged the school Last note. This is what caused Columbine The Jocks bullied E/D the teachers/staff did nothing about it the other kids didn’t help them defend them so that caused them to hate the school then the people who attended and the worser their depression they began to hate the world. When they tried to be normal/themselves people made them feel powerless and no one wants to be powerless so what do you do you make yourself strong and they felt that their revenge would make them strong and being strong meant weapons. They went to that school and let out all the hell they endured that’s why people said they were laughing as they were killing people. They were doing this because it was a I have the power now type of situation. They wanted to make them feel what they felt they wanted them to feel the nothingness just like them. E/D felt they weren’t worth anything so they had no problem with death but it doesn’t have to be that way never let people mistreat you and be kind to others and stand up and always do the right thing. (TheColumbineEffect) R.I.P April 20 1999

(Show me your broken heart and I’ll take you as you are)

’Badass’ and ‘Dad’ are not mutually exclusive

Bright Blue Coat - Bae Jinyoung Scenario


Genre: soulmate!Jinyoung

Message?: im so excited for this

I don’t know why I had to be born into the world with soulmates.

Why do they exist?

Why in this world?

It’s not like I’m complaining though, it’s quite an exciting thought.

Different people connect with their soulmates in different ways, some through matching tattoos, some experience the same pain, some wear the same thing all the time, but me? I have his voice.

Whenever I think something, it’s not my voice speaking out in my head, it’s his. Loud and clear, a beautiful, soft-spoken voice.

It does make me wonder, where is he? I know he’s Korean. That’s one thing.

Maybe he goes to my school.

Maybe I’ve walked past him on the street.

Maybe he’s my cousin.

I wonder the same thoughts every single morning as I step onto the bus, sitting in the same place, at the front, every single day, letting the thoughts surround me until I put in my headphones and drown them out.

But this morning as I stepped onto the bus, out of the rain, my seat had been taken. The only place on the bus was next to the boy who always gets on the same bus, but he sits by himself at the back.

So I sighed and walked over to him, sitting where he usually sits as he scooted over to the window seat.

I put in my headphones, letting the music drown all my thoughts of soulmates and this boy out my head, while pulling my bright blue coat over my shoulders.

When the bus pulled up at my spot a stood up and braced myself for the rain which was going to hit.

As I stepped outside, I looked around before continuing on and walking towards the school gates.

No one else on the bus gets off at my stop but out the corner of my eye I saw the bus drive off before coming to sudden halt again.

I shrugged it off, pulling my coat tighter around me and continuing on.

A few seconds later, my thoughts were interrupted by someone grabbing my shoulder. I turned around, ready to complain until I saw the boy from the bus, dripping wet, holding out my wallet.

“I um.. you left this on the bus so I decided to um.. you know, bring it to you,” he stuttered, “oh! And I wasn’t stalking you, you just um.. have a very bright coat.“

I stopped, listening to his loud and clear, beautiful, soft-spoken voice.

"You..” I managed to say, taking my wallet.

“I?” he asked, looking confused.

“You sound a lot like the voice in my head,” I chuckled.

He stopped then, his face looking like a lot of emotions just went through his head.

“You..” he said, trailing off.

I smiled, nodding as the rain pounded down on our heads.

He laughed in shock, drops of rain spilling down his face, “um.. I’m Bae Jinyoung and uh, I’m your soulmate?”

Clothes worn by the victims
  1. Rachel Scott
  2. Daniel Rohrbough
  3. Kyle Velasquez - Blue and green coat over a white shirt, black pants, and black athletic shoes.
  4. Steven Curnow - Short sleeve blue shirt, blue jeans, white socks and brown and black boots.
  5. Cassie Bernall - Green, short sleeve shirt over a black shirt, light blue jeans, white socks and black boots ( Velvet Doc Martens).
  6. Isaiah Shoels - Short black sleeved shirt, green slacks, and white socks with white athletic shoes.
  7. Matt Kechter - Gray long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, white athletic shoes, white socks, and a ball cap with the letter “M”.
  8. Lauren Townsend - Blue top, denim pants and dark boots.
  9. John Tomlin - Dark T-shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  10. Kelly Fleming - Black shirt, denim pants and white/black tennis shoes.
  11. Daniel Mauser - Tan shirt, denim pants, and grey/black tennis shoes.
  12. Corey DePooter - Gray shirt, denim pants and brown leather boots.
  13. Dave Sanders - Blue and white dress shirt, T-shirt, gray slacks and brown shoes.

( Taken from the 11k pages 11240 to 12502. Couldn’t find the reports for the first two victims since they were located outside :/ )

Talking Body**

Title: Talking Body**

Pairing: Steve X Reader X Bucky

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, use of sex toys[you guys asked for it;)],Oral sex, threesome, spanking, slight bdsm, anal sex

Request: Hi! I was wondering if maybe you can do a fic with dom!Steve and dom!Bucky taking time to discover the wonders of sex toys by using it on their sub!girfriend (the reader)? The theme is pleasure torture, and it could just be a pure sin of a fic. Your smut are AMAZING

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“Now I realize that there is no righteous path, it’s just people trying to do their best in a word where it is far too easy to do your worst.” -Castiel, angel of the lord (10.09)

Keith is debating how best to punch Lance in the face.

Based off of this here Voltron fantasy AU, Galra Steel because everyone needs a klance to get through the day.

anonymous asked:

What kind of formal outfits would Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and Prussia would wear?

Here ya go! We hope you enjoy!~ Admin Sarah and Jay

Austria: Roderich would wear typically wear a pair of black slacks with a white button up, and a long dark purple or dark blue coat over it. He would rather wear an ascot than a tie, but typically decide on neither.

Hungary: Elizabeta would usually wear a long dress, typically dark green. Her most known accessory would be a flower in her hair. Though don’t underestimate her… there is most likely a small knife attached to a garter under her dress. Why? Just in case.

Liechtenstein: Lily would wear a dark pink dress with white lace. Since she has short hair she wouldn’t be able to do much, but would have her ribbon in her hair at all times.

Prussia: Gilbert would wear a Prussian blue suit. Yes, Prussian Blue. No navy, just Prussian blue. Under the suit he would wear a white button down and black slacks.

Switzerland: Vash hardly goes to formal events, but if he had to, he would wear a dark green suit jacket, one that resembled his military jacket, but wear it open with a button up and pair of slacks. Nothing too formal, but what he had. At least it would pass    

Who’s This?

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Request: Maybe Jealous Newt? Like Readers ex boyfriend comes over and tries to make a bunch of moves on Reader and when he leaves Newt gets huffy and Reader has to cuddle with him to make him feel better. 😊

You were walking around a little town in England holding hands with your boyfriend Newt Scamander, who you loved very dearly. You were looking for a little pub to sit in as it was very cold outside. When you finally found one the only seat left was a love seat in the corner, not that you were complaining. You and Newt both sat down and you put your head on his shoulder, and his head was against yours. You took his hand in yours and he started playing with your fingers. Newt whispered that he need to use the bathroom and you pulled out a book, until he came back.

“Hi darling.” You heard a voice that was not Newt’s but you recognised it. Your old boyfriend.

“Hi.” You replied shyly. You didn’t really want to see him at the moment and were praying for Newt to come back.

“So what are you up to these days?” He asked, sidling up to you.

“I moved in with my boyfriend. What about you?” You asked politely.

“Nothing much, who’s this new boyfriend you have, hm?” He asked as though he didn’t believe you.

“Him over there, with the blue coat heading over here.” You said, pointing to Newt. “Hi love, this is my ex-boyfriend.” You said glumly.

“Oh hello there.” Newt said.

“Do you mind moving so Newt can have his seat back?” You asked your ex. He moved and Newt sat down, you immediately grabbed his hand, when you did this, Newt pulled you closer to him because he knew you were uncomfortable.

“Y/N can I talk to you for a quick minute?” Your ex asked pulling your arm. You got up and followed him, looking back at Newt sadly. “I just want to say that for the record I never should’ve broken up with you and I want you to take me back.” He begged.

“No, I’m with Newt now, you lost your chance and quite frankly even if I hadn’t found the love of my life I still would say no.” You said trying to walk away. Your ex pulled you close and you were immediately confronted with his lips attacking yours, you frantically pushed him off you. “What was that?!” You asked angrily.

“I was trying to make you remember the good times we had Y/N.” Your ex tried to reason.

“Never do that again.” You threatened before walking back to Newt, tears leaking out of your eyes. “I’m sorry Newt, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have got up I should’ve stayed right here where I belong and I didn’t know he’d kiss me I’m so sorry.” You sobbed trying to hold Newt’s hand in your shaking ones.

“I know love, I know, it’s alright.” He said, pulling you close. “I know what you could do to make it up to me.” Newt said cheekily. “Come home and give me cuddles.” He finished grinning. You nodded and gave a grin back. “I love you Y/N.” He said, he’s never said that before and you were shocked.

“I love you too Newt. So much.” You replied wrapping an arm around his back and he did the same at your waist.


I love the colors in Fantastic Beasts…especially the difference between them in the two worlds the Rowling creates. On one hand you have the No-Maj world where the colors are muted with mainly grays and beiges. Then there’s Newt’s case which is muted earth tones, greens and golden colors. And all of these are tied together with Newt’s navy blue over coat. 

God this movie is gorgeous 

I Love You - Cassian Andor
  • Anon asked: Happy belated (?) Birthday! I know this might be too soon but, I was wondering if u would like to write smth about Cassian? Smth like, realizing his feelings for the reader and him getting jealous as the reader gets really close w Bodhi. Thank u :3
  • Anon asked: happy birthday!!! sorry to bother you but can you do a cassian andor x reader where the reader and cassian are very close and secretly like each other. And when some guy is flirting with the reader, and cassian gets possessive and jealous and they ends up admitting his feelings. Female reader. sorry if it wasn’t clear! Hope your day was great!
  • I combined these, as they’re really similar. Enjoy!

“Are you okay?” you asked the pilot—Bodhi Rook, you thought—attempting to catch your breath as the ship took off from the ground. You had made it, barely, before the cloud of dust engulfed you, but you weren’t out of the water yet. But you let that part up to Cassian and K-2SO, who were more than capable pilots.

Bodhi nodded. “I… I think so, yes. Thank you.”

You reached out and put a hand on his shoulder in comfort. “You’re safe now.” The ship rocked as a piece of rubble hit the side of it. “Although I do suppose safe is a relative term.”

He chuckled. “Yes, I suppose it is. You’re very kind.”

You fell into a quiet conversation with Bodhi the pilot as Cassian and Kay-Tu navigated out of Jedha airspace and into safety. He seemed like a nice enough guy—he had supported the Empire at first, but the more he had worked with them, the worse his opinion had gotten. Finally, when he was assigned to Galen Erso’s command, he found a way to keep himself safe and do the right thing, which was what landed him in a cell in Saw Garrera’s hideout.

You hadn’t noticed Cassian enter the compartment, but when he signed off from the transmitter with a firm “Understood,” you perked up. Cassian Andor had been your best friend for as long as you could remember. You had joined the rebellion together, gone through training together, and even rose through the ranks together at the same pace. He was the only comforting presence in the entire galaxy for you, now, so when he glared at you before barking orders to Kay-Tu, you were taken aback.

“Is that where my father is?” Jyn questioned, looking at Cassian expectantly.

“I think so.” Cassian answered, his eyes still on you. They were dark and difficult to read. You wished you knew what he was thinking.

“So you’re Galen’s daughter,” Bodhi said, addressing Jyn for the first time.

Jyn looked shocked, but hopeful. “You know him?”

Bodhi nodded. “I’m Bodhi, the pilot.”

“You brought the message?”

“Yes, your father…” Bodhi paused. You could tell it was difficult for him to speak of whatever it was he was trying to say. Gently, you squeezed his hand, silently saying that it was okay to go on. “He said I could get right by my self. He said I could make it right if I was brave enough and listened to what was in my heart. Do something about it.” He sighed, smiling sadly at you. “I guess it was too late.”

“It wasn’t too late!” you protested. Cassian’s brow furrowed and he turned away from you.

“Seems pretty late to me.”

“No!” Jyn looked around at the group in the hold. “We can beat the people who did this!”

When you landed on Eadu, Cassian suggested taking Bodhi and going scouting to see what was happening at the base. Just as they were about to leave, you stood up.

“I’m going with you,” you said matter-of-factly, throwing a blue coat over yourself and attempting to exit the U-Wing.

Cassian shook his head. “You should stay here with them.” He pushed you back into the ship. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I am coming with you, Captain,” you replied flatly, elbowing your way past him and into the rain. He rolled his eyes, but said nothing else.

The trek through the mountains was relatively silent. Only Bodhi would talk to you, and even then, Cassian would glare daggers at him, so after a few attempts, even that stopped.

Eventually, after it seemed like Bodhi was leading you on a wild goose chase, you got into what he said was a decent enough position. The three of you knelt behind a large rock outcropping that hopefully hid you from the sightlines of the Empire. The station sprawled out in front of you, shiny because of the rain and all lit up like they were expecting someone important. Several men were lined up on the landing pad in a neat line.

“You see Erso out there?” Cassian asked Bodhi, handing him a pair of binoculars.

Bodhi was silent as he scanned the area. You could tell Cassian was getting ready to give up, when finally, the pilot whispered, “That’s him. That’s him, Galen, in the dark suit!”

Cassian nodded, taking the binoculars back. “Get down there and find us a ride out of here,” he commanded, nodding toward the station. At Bodhi’s protest, he shot him a cross look. “You heard me.”

“But you said we came up here just to have a look!” Bodhi looked quite confused and a little betrayed.

“I’m here. I’m looking. Now go! Hurry!” Cassian shooed him away. Confused, Bodhi looked to you and you shrugged, giving him a soft smile.

When the defected pilot was gone, you pulled Cassian’s shoulder around so that he was facing you. “What the hell was all that about?” you questioned, crossing your arms.

“I have orders to kill Erso,” Cassian said frankly, turning back around and peering through the scope of his rifle.

“Okay,” you stared at the back of his rain-soaked head as if it was going to give you more answers. “Not what I was talking about, but good to know.”

“What were you talking about, then?” Cassian’s tone was sharp and dry. It stung a little to hear the man you considered to be your best friend, who you looked up to and respected more than anyone else, talking to you as if you were garbage.

“I…” you faltered, unsure if you even wanted to broach the subject, if it was even worth it. Finally, you decided that yes, it was worth it, if only to figure out why Cassian was being such an asshole to both you and Bodhi. “I meant in the ship. You being an asshole.”

“I am not being an asshole.”

“Oh, I beg to differ, Captain Andor. Looking at me like I have eight heads. Not talking to me except when you’re bitter. If it’s something I did, just tell me.” You sighed. “I hate when we’re fighting, and I hate it even worse when I have no idea why.” Cassian was silent and unmoving, and you weren’t sure if he was even paying attention to you any more. Offhandedly, you noted that his finger was nowhere near the trigger, but he still seemed to be looking through the scope. You sighed. “Look, Cassian, you know that you’re my best friend. And you know that you can tell me anything. No matter what. So, if you’re upset with me for whatever reason, I deserve to know so that I can fix it. I want to fix it. Please.”

Again, he was silent, but now his head was turned slightly in your direction. At least you knew he had heard you. But then again, that meant that he was making the conscious decision to not answer you, which frustrated you more than him being angry with you.

Deciding you had endured enough, you started to push yourself off the ground. “Fine,” you stated flatly. “If you aren’t going to talk to me, that’s fine. But I’m going back to the ship. It’s cold and damp and I really don’t want to sit here on a rock with you all night if you aren’t going to at least acknowledge the fact that I’m sitting beside you, so… Call Kay-Tu when you’re coming back, I guess.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry for treating you like that. I just… I was not thinking straight.”

You crouched back down beside him. “Cassian, what are you talking about?”

He sighed and moved so that he was lying on his side, facing you. “I saw you talking to the pilot and I got very upset. I’m sorry.”

You reached out, grabbing his hand. “I was just trying to be nice to him. He’s been through a lot these past few days.”

“I know. I know.” Gently, he ran his thumb across your knuckles. “I just… I cannot help it.” You raised an eyebrow, prompting him to continue. “Oh, come on. You know what I’m trying to say. Don’t make me say it.”

“No, Cassian, I really don’t.” You did. Of course you did. You just wanted to hear him say it.

“We’ve been friends for so long,” Cassian began, looking just over your shoulder. “I haven’t wanted to say anything because I didn’t want it to change things between us, you know?” You nodded. “I think I love you.”

The left corner of your lips twitched up into a crooked smile. “Well, then. Good.” You nodded. “I’m glad you feel that way.” You squeezed his hand firmly, causing him to meet your eyes. “I love you, too. Now, shouldn’t you be watching what’s going on down there?”

Cassian grinned at you, bringing you hand up to his lips and kissing your knuckles before rolling over and bringing his focus back to what was happening on the landing pad. You smiled gently to yourself, gazing down at the station. You hadn’t even acknowledged that you loved Cassian until you said it to him, but you were glad. It felt right. And, best of all, he was still your best friend.

Newt Scamander x Reader- Only You

Requested- So it’s basically Newt already having reader character as a love interest but she doesn’t come with him to America (like in the films) and as he’s saying goodbye to Porpentina (again like in the film) the reader sees them because she’s come to America to find Newt, bc he’s taking so long releasing the Thunderbird, and sees this.

A/n- I hope this is okay. Had a bit of a writers block so sorry if the ending isn’t that good.

Warning- hints at cheating (not really though) and fluff.

You paced around the deck of the ship as it pulled into New York, trying to keep your excitement in check so you didn’t look like an idiot. You were coming to New York to get Newt back.  A little while back, he told you that he was going to America to release Frank and that he wanted you to stay in England since it wouldn’t take long. That was five months ago and you were tired of waiting. You wanted to see him again.

You walked off the boat as soon as it stopped, ready to start your search for your boyfriend. You knew that he wouldn’t be hard to find. He kinda sticks out from the crowd with his personality and how he thinks, your favorite thing about him. He was unlike anyone you had ever met. He was different, in a good way, in a lovable way. Thankfully, you didn’t have to search.

As soon as you got off the boat, you saw him in his bright blue over coat with his old and beaten case. You were about to run to him until you saw he was with someone, a women with short black hair.

You watched as they talked and felt a surge of anger go through you when he lifted his hand and push some hair behind her ear, letting it linger there for a split second. He gave her a little smile and walked away then ran back to her and said something before actually heading onto the boat.

You stood there dumbfounded for a minute, staring at the women as merrily skipped away. You snapped out of it and bolted onto the boat, ready to yell at Newt and ask him what the hell all of that was about.

Newt walked into his room on the boat and put his case on the bed, happy to finally be going home. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of you, a loving smile on his lips from the thought of seeing you again.

He put the picture back in his pocket and turned to leave the room and saw you in the door frame.

“(F/N). What are you doing here?” Newt smiled, walking over to you to bring you into a hug, but stopped when he saw your expression. You looked angry but you were trying to suppress it.

You said nothing as you walked past him and over to the case, opening it and heading down. You came up a few moments later with the Niffler in your arms.

“(F/N)? What’s wrong?” Newt asked you, becoming frightened by your silence.

“Who was that?” you asked as you patted the Niffler, the only thing keeping you calm.

“What?” he asked, confused.

“That girl you were with before you got on the boat. Who was she?” you asked again, sending a slight glare his way.

“Oh. Her name is Porpentina Goldstein. There is so much for me to tell you. So many things happened while I was in New York and she helped me with a few of them.” he replied excitedly. He couldn’t wait to tell you about all that happened and the friends he made.

You could feel yourself twitch a bit at that last part about Tina. You knew you shouldn’t be, but you were analyzing every word Newt said, making your mind go crazy with ideas.

“Why were you so……close to her.” you continued to ask, your anger level starting to rise as one idea kept coming back. You tried to push the idea back down. Newt wasn’t the kind of man to do that, was he?

“I don’t know what you mean.” Newt replied, becoming extremely confused by your constant questions about Tina.

“Yes you do!” you yelled, your anger boiling over. The niffler jumped out of your lap as you suddenly stood up and scurried into the corner, afraid. Newt was just as afraid as the niffler by your outburst.

“No, I really don’t!” Newt yelled back. You were both froze a bit when he yelled at you, something he had never done before.

“But you have to! With the way you pushed her hair back and smiled at her, how could you not?! Are you that much of an idiot!?” you yelled, trying to hold back the tears you knew were coming. As Newt looked at you, he finally understood what you were trying to say, which broke his heart.

“It’s not what you think, it can never be what you think. I love you (F/N), only you. Don’t you know that?” Newt asked you, breaking you.

“I know, I know you do. I love you too Newt, it’s just, you don’t know how that looked. I’m sorry for calling you an idiot.” you said, staring to cry, ashamed of yourself for thinking Newt would do that to you. Newt quickly ran over to you and brought you into a warm embrace, holding you as close as he could.

“It’s okay and your right. I don’t know how that looked and I never will, because I will only ever look at you like that. You are the only one for me and will always be the only one. Besides, you’re the only person who understands me and my creatures.” Newt reassured you, giving you a loving smile. All you could do was smile back at him like a big idiot at his words.

As you smiled at each other, you felt Newt bring his hand to the back of your neck and pull you into a gentle yet passionate kiss. You automatically wrapped your arms around his neck, running your hands through his hair, something you’ve been wanting to do ever since he left. Newt pulled you closer, trying to tell you how much he loved you through this one kiss so you would never think differently.

Eventually, both of you pulled away, resting your foreheads against each others.

“I love you.” you said.

“And I love you.” Newt replied, laying a light kiss on your forehead.

“Now, tell me about New York.” you smiled, pulling away and leading Newt towards the bed.

“With pleasure.” Newt said, beginning to tell you about his adventure. When he was done telling you everything, night had already fallen and day was starting to break.

“Wow. You are definitely taking me with you to New York next time.” you said, laying down to maybe get a little shut eye.

“Don’t worry, I am never going anywhere without you ever again.” Newt smiled, laying down next to you and bringing you close to maybe sleep a little as well.

Overwatch AU: Twisted

A Commission for @nikanono who requested a proper Talon!Tracer and Overwatch!Amelie 


Read on Ao3 here

Exactly two weeks ago today at 8:09 pm Overwatch agents found the body of Gerard Lacroix, declared dead at the scene

He was made an example of by the very terrorist organization he fought against; in the end they got the last laugh.

His newlywed wife now a young widow was given no time to move on. Overwatch agents came and went, returning home to the shocking discovery of a fallen friend. Then seeking her out to offer their dull condolences. Everyday she is reminded of his legacy, of the friends and comrades who mourned him.

Thus as she sat alone at the top of Gibraltar, the tallest tower of OVerwatch headquarters with the intention of being just that, alone…

“Phew…oh…bloody hell that was…god awful…hello? Hello?”

And yet her efforts to escape the repeated apologies for her loss and empty promises of support, somehow someone still managed to physically climb the tower to find her. That is to say it wasn’t impossible, a simple maintenance ladder was all one needed to get there, but the very idea that someone went out of their way to scale a sixty foot tall tower was the only thing holding her back from pushing this person straight off.

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