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25.06.17 // Bullet Journal July Spread

I started this month’s plan spread with a little mix of colors. With a touch of the tones of blue. Inspiration from AmandaRachLee’s bullet journal layout. I’m planning to add some college schedules into the journal as well. I hope it goes well. 

Pretty plain - mind me, but I’m trying to find out which layout works best for me. 

Seeing my spread - I’m taking my studyblr account pretty seriously. Because - I think, this is what actually makes me motivated to study.

POTD // Ghibi Soundtracks - Joe Hisaishi

Boone Fork 2016 18-B – Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 16, 2016

Of course, we are two.
We are as different as daylight and dark.
Two-ness is no more of an illusion
than one-ness is.
Everybody can see that,
while we are one,
“we are not the same one”
(Johnny Cash and 10,000 others).
Just as daylight and dark
are different aspects
of the same day,
so you and I
are different aspects
of the same species–
we are even different aspects
of ourselves over time.
All trees are the same
and no two trees are alike.
A rock is not an egg.
We can break an egg
and eat its contents,
but if we break a rock
we still have a rock–
and rock dust
(commonly called “sand”)
is still not an egg.
We all have fingerprints,
but none of us have the same fingerprints.
Oneness is not uniformity.
It is in our distinguishing features
that we become the wonder we are.
Our gifts display our uniqueness,
reveal our identity,
set us apart–
yet, not too far apart,
but far enough apart
to recognize the beauty
of the other,
delight in the variety
of the whole,
and appreciate the magic
we all bring to life in the world.

idk what happened

i guess my hand slipped

i was just randomly sketching and then next thing i know i was linearting and then coloRING AND SHADING AND AHHHHH?

how does this look so good i dont understand im screaming

okay so, have an original Dice with his magic in battle(?)