blue on her way

  • Jamie: I think that what you did was brave, heroic, and awesome.
  • Eddie: Yeah, because you're my partner, you're not my boyfriend. But if you were my boyfriend, you would feel emasculated because chicks, we're not supposed to be the heroes. We're supposed to be the damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by guys like you, not the ones doing the rescuing.
  • Jamie: Well, I think some guys would be turned on by what you did.

TFW you get dead eyes and u gotta pretend ur ok.
But really, it looks like you used the symmetry tool with it, which is really not good (Hint: If you’re going to use with the eyes, do NOT drag the the iris and pupil along).
Also, you need to work on your hair. I’m the same with adding individual strands of hair to my people, but I always make sure to start with a basic, solid shape, and actually add value to it before adding the strands and whatnot.
And please, widen the neck. It looks like her head will snap off if she turns her head the wrong way.
-Mod Blue Moonstone

She’s the type of girl you’ll fall in love with seemingly on accident. You won’t see it coming, you wont feel yourself falling for her. It’s the little things, admiring the way her blue eyes light up in the sun, memorizing the location of each freckle across her face, falling asleep to the sound of her heartbeat as you lay on her chest. The little things, the small moments from each day, that’s you falling in love. You won’t notice in the moment, but one day you’ll be riding in her passenger seat, holding her hand, singing your favorite songs together and it will all come back to you. Those same small moments from days and months before flood back into your memory. The smile she had as you sang her a love song, the gentle kisses she gave you as she told you goodnight, the time you two slow danced alone in your living room. These memories all come together and replay in your head. You think about it and it seems unreal, loving her is so easy and effortless. You’ve been falling in love with her since you met her, and you had no idea.

This is what I’m here for. This moment made me so so happy. I don’t know what it is about it - maybe it’s because they’re riding a dragon. Maybe it’s that Ladybug just sprung a ride on a dragon and she came back to get Chat Noir. Maybe it’s the fact that he just watched her effortlessly jump onto the back of a huge dragon and take control like the boss she is. Or maybe it’s because she looks so lovey against the moonlight with her pretty dark hair and her gorgeous blue eyes. Or maybe it’s because of the way his hands are resting on her shoulders - not gripping. And how his eyes are half-lidded and he’s looking at her like she is the greatest glory in this world. Or maybe it’s because the way his smirk turns into an expression of awe and complete admiration for this amazing girl.

And yes, she’s got that smirk on her face that only turns into a bigger smirk because she knows his compliment comes from a place of genuine admiration and that is what makes me so happy. That they can compliment each other as fighting partners and just as words.


New MH listings

Family Multipack Assortment

Play out all kinds of family fun with the Monster High ghouls and their younger siblings. These multipacks include a favorite Monster High character along with a sibling or two. Fashion and accessories are themed to play out classic moments in monsterrific ways. Choose from Lagoona Blue doll and her sister Kelpie doll ready to make waves at the beach or Clawdeen Wolf doll and her two cub siblings heading to bed. Each doll wears a fashion that showcases her, or his, personality and the activity, like swimsuits for the daughters of a sea monster and pajamas for the children of a werewolf. Accessories, like beach gear or bedtime pieces, complete each set.

Clawdeen Wolf & her two cub siblings
Lagoona Blue & Kelpie Blue

Family Sister 5.5" Doll Assortment

Meet the younger siblings of Monster High! Designed in small scale (5.5 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a themed piece count that helps to tell fun family stories. Choose from the younger siblings of Clawdeen Wolf doll ready for a sleepover, Lagoona Blue doll with pool accessories and Draculaura doll prepared to cook up a meal. Each doll has monsterrific details that indicate a younger age, like a fluffy tail for the young daughter of a werewolf, finned feet for the young daughter of a sea monster and bat wings and larger bat ears for the young daughter of a vampire. Fashions are clawesome and accessories awesome.

Pawla Wolf
Ebbie Blue

Garden Of Frights Doll Assortment

Meet the winged ghouls of this Monster High garden – with gore-geous wings, they help imagination take flight! Shoes are cool and a headpiece bug-themed. Doll wears a vibrant look with elements inspired by the garden and her monster legacy.

Cleo de Nile

Tree Wood Nymph Playset

At nearly 15 inches tall, this Monster High garden ghoul really grows on you – the tree girl doll becomes a play set as you spread out her branches and open her trunk! Unclip her legs to let your imagination roam with the doll. Tree girl doll wears a vibrantly colored outfit with cool shoes and a tree-inspired headpiece. Six included garden-inspired pieces (flowers, bugs and a spider web) can be attached to the set in various places to uniquely decorate tree girl doll’s look and illustrate your garden stories. In addition, other pieces throughout the line can also connect for collecting fun.

Garden Of Frights Bug 5.25" Doll Assortment

Meet the ghouls of this Monster High garden – adorable winged bug characters who live there. Designed in small scale (5.25 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a small plant for storytelling fun. Choose from a dragonfly doll, bee doll and firefly doll. Each wears a brightly colored outfit with shoes and headpiece and has vibrantly colored hair and bright wings. The plant friends are unique and connect to the larger tree girl (sold separately) – there’s flower-inspired piece for the dragonfly, a beehive for the bee and a mushroom for the firefly.

Jada Hindwing
Beeanca Stinger
Fyra Sparks

Deluxe School Bus & Spa Playset

Hop on this Monster High bus for some Monster High magic – it transforms into a spa-themed play set for two-in-one fun! As a bus, the vehicle sports Monster High colors and details for signature style. But pull the bumper to open the side, flip the top and reveal the spa with rooftop lounge, then pull a little more to swivel six seats for access to a piranha pedicure. Pull up the mirror to create a primping station, lift up the smoothie station for a healthy treat and flip open the hood to reveal the Jacuzzi. When everyone is gore-geous, close up the spa and head back on the road to let your imagination go​​​.

Draculaura Kitchen Playset & Doll

This Monster High play set features Draculaura doll and a kitchen setting ready to host a feast for two. Dracula’s home kitchen includes a stovetop and oven piece, a sink with refrigerator below and a table with chairs for two. The design includes popular colors, iconic details (like spider webs, lots of bats and a glam chandelier) and working features like a door that opens and closes on the refrigerator. Fun food accessories help spark stories and include a mixer, pots, pans, desserts and even a menu.​

Minis Draculara Playset

Enter the house of Dracula with this cool castle play set that comes with a Draculaura mini. Three floors offer colorful design, iconic elements and fun surprises. On the first-floor, young ghouls can lift up the lid in the kitchen to reveal monster food or “magically” move a mini using the bookcase in the library. On the second floor, a pull of the flush handle on the toilet in the second-floor bathroom pops up the lid and knocks the mini off. Draculaura mini’s bedroom hides on the third floor. Open the clock to let her sleep hanging upside down; when the clock face is closed, the bat pops out. Other fun elements include a mini swing on the first floor, a study room on the second and a rooftop deck on the turret.


GRILLBY: I-I….you were right…?

RAINA: That charm keeps you safe from anything that could harm your body, meaning it protects you from all types of water. That’s why you’re able to live in Snowdin without problems.

PAPYRUS: What about Mama though? She doesn’t have a charm….I don’t think.

RAINA: She is made of blue fire, which tends to be way hotter than orange fire. Her body is strong enough to fight off the cold of Snowdin, though I wouldn’t suggest she go swimming.

*Grillby believes her.

honestly i’d love to see a villain like blue diamond in something that actually had its shit together wrt the writing

There’s a myth of an evil empress that ones ruled the earth deep inside the Earth’s core, and you’re trying to stop her ressurection. A long the way giant blue woman mourning over her lost lover, the same woman you’ve been hunting down and trying to stop this entire time. 

Turns out the ‘evil empress’ was only half correct, what’s actually asleep in the earth is a geo-weapon. She takes your dad/mother/girlfriend/etc to keep as a reminder, boss battle. You’re a lesbian with a giant sword taking on another giant lesbian 20x your size while they’re carrying your loved one.

that’d make a fucking great video game honestly

Play With Fire

AN: So I know Nessian training together has been probably done many times but it’s a trope I can’t get enough of (PLEASE LET US READ ABOUT IT IN ACOWAR).

Post ACOMAF. Slightly nsfw but nothing major. Hope you enjoy ;)

Comment on AO3 here if you’d like ;)

Air knocked out of his lungs, Cassian finds himself on the floor, pinned down by the pair of delicate, yet incredibly strong hands.

She managed to distract him. Again.

“Point for me.” The corners of her lips - their rosy shade and the luscious curve of them being the exact cause of his distraction - tip slightly upwards, flicker of satisfaction simmering in the blue of her eyes.

He should be annoyed at himself, at the way Nesta’s so easily won this round but the feeling is overshadowed by the intoxicating smell that hits his nostrils, poppies and honey and something else that he can’t exactly pinpoint. Loose curl escapes her bun and brushes against his cheek as she looms above him, her small frame fitting perfectly against his body.

Their eyes meet and Cassian observes the amusement fade away from her features, can almost feel the breath that hitches in her throat. Nesta’s grip on him loosens and she doesn’t seem to notice as one of his hands rises - slowly, carefully - to twine the unruly lock of hair around his fingers.

He’s well aware there’s something brewing between him and Nesta, has been for a very long time. After Hybern, they were both just so…angry, so lost.

Cassian, with wings that were almost ruined and healing painfully slow, too slow for the warrior, too slow when his High Lady, his friends were out there, fighting the war. And Nesta, this brave and unrelenting woman, trapped in a Fae form - made into something she had learnt to hate throughout her whole life. With immense power rippling through her veins and threatening to swallow her whole.

They were both lost but somehow, in the midst of chaos and blood and war, they found each other. They sought each other out.

Because it wasn’t comfort of their friends and family that they needed. It was arguments and vicious snarls and sparring matches - verbal and otherwise - that made them fight back.

And now, when he’s realized how his blood stirs and rushes through his veins at her proximity, that ineffable tinge in Nesta’s scent calling to him - Cassian wants to fight for more.

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The Palanquin Theory:

Crewniverse obviously showed this image to us for a reason, clearly meaning it will come back and have some significance to the story

I believe that Steven will come across the Palanquin and find a severely cracked gem inside, near the point of shattering.

Steven would likely try to save this gem, but who would it be?

None other than Blue Pearl.

It would be Blue Pearl for 4 main reasons-

1) Deedee herself said that Blue Pearl will be getting lines in the upcoming season, shown here-

2) Blue Diamond would want to eliminate her Pearl after the events of “The Answer” because Blue Pearl witnesses our Pearl rebelling and going against her original purpose. Blue Diamond wouldn’t want her Pearl to rebel.

3) Plus, what better way to express our Pearl’s past and her struggles than to bring in another Pearl who was under similar upbringings (going by the Pearl was once White Diamond’s Pearl theory).

4) We would get Homweorld’s perspective on the War through Blue Pearl’s experiences with her Diamond, giving us a new outlook on the past