blue on black crime


Should assaulting police be a hate crime? Lawmakers across the US are saying “Yes.”

  • More and more states push to are enacting special “Blue Lives Matter” laws making violent acts against cops a hate crime.
  • Social justice advocates argue the new laws give police greater power to crackdown on protesters and silence dissent.
  • New York’s state senate on Tuesday became the latest legislative body to pass a so-called “Blue Lives Matter” bill, voting 55-7 in favor of the Community Heroes Protection Act.
  • If it’s passed by the state assembly and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the proposed law would “make crimes explicitly committed against law enforcement and first responders punishable as hate crimes,” according to a New York State Senate press release.
  • Louisiana became the first state to pass a Blue Lives Matter law in May of 2016. Kentucky followed suit in March by increasing its own punitive penalties for attacking cops. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a Blue Lives Matter bill into law on April 17. Mississippi and Maine lawmakers have introduced similar bills as well.
  • So far in 2017, at least 15 states have introduced or passed so-called Blue Lives Matter bills, according to a March HuffPost report. Read more (5/12/17)

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hey i'm sorta new to the fandom and idk much about the batfamily who seem to be a big part of dc so can you describe them to me?

bruce wayne: 75% brooding, 25% adopts children with black hair and blue eyes and turns them into his crime fighting sidekicks

richard (more commonly known as dick) grayson: 50% ass, 50% love and affection

jason todd: 50% daddy issues, 40% anger, 10% looking for love and approval

tim drake: 50% insomniac, 50% drinks coffee like drug addicts snort coke

damian wayne: 30% cutest nose ever, 30% threatens to kill half the people he’s met, 30% adopts stray animals like his father adopts kids (it’s a wayne thing!!), 10% favoring dick over his other brothers

stephanie brown: 100% the most bad ass person in this family for slapping bruce that one time

cassandra cain: 50% cinnamon roll that could kill you, 40% showing affection with body language instead of words, 10% most adorable brown eyes ever

alfred: 100% the heart of the family, nothing would ever get done without him around, even when the other members don’t get along with each other they get along with alfred + they would all be dead without him like who tf would cook

i know i’m missing some people like barbara and duke because i only did the people that i knew really well sorry
Understanding (Reid x Reader)

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Title:  Understanding

Request: Could I possibly request a spencer reid x deaf reader? Were she works at the bau and spencer tries to protect her because she’s deaf. Fluffy is possible? Sorry being deaf I’d love to see a character like me. Thank you!

Pairing:  Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Crime Scene Description

Words: 805

A/N: Darling, of course, anything for you my sweet. I am actually fluent in sign language myself and may I say it is quite a beautiful way to communicate! Love this idea, thank you for requesting! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo



The crime scene photos were gruesome. Black and blue bodies draped over rocky shore lines and woodland areas. The bastard of a killer had finally been caught and was now facing charges. Unfortunately, you had the wonderful job of collecting all the photos of the victims.

You grimaced at the pictures and then began to recall how the killer had been found. The team ended up finding out that he was working at a local bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio; where all the killings took place. It was awful to see how someone so normal could be so malevolent.

He attempted to make a break for it when the police cars rolled up to his apartment, but Derek managed to shoot him right in the leg. You snickered to yourself, recalling how Emily was complaining about how the gunshot had “broken her eardrums”.

One of the better things about being a part of the FBI and being deaf was that the loud, bizarre noises didn’t affect you. Of course, not having your hearing, you had to step up a little, but you were pretty much the smartest one on the team. Well, Spencer was more likely the brightest one out of all of you, but you had worked hard and earned your place.

Spencer Reid. The name made you shiver and your stomach twirl. The first time you locked eyes with him was on your first day at the BAU. He, of course, knew fluent sign language, which you thought was incredibly smart, but you were very efficient at reading lips, so you already knew what he was saying.

Honestly, everyone on the team was fascinated by how easily you functioned. To them, not having your hearing had brought out all your other senses and they considered you much stronger than all of them.

Gripping the photos tightly by your side, not even giving them one more glance, you flounced off to the copier to make more copies for the others to have in their reports.

You were almost there, the machine in your view, when an older gruff looking man body slammed into you. You collapsed onto the floor and let out a cry of pain.

Staring up at the man in anger, you saw that he was yelling and looked very upset. His lips were moving too fast for you to read them and, clearly, he didn’t possess the skills to know sign language.

Derek quickly came up behind the man and escorted him out of the building. You could feel yourself beginning to cry. The embarrassment displayed itself on your cheeks as everyone was looking at you.

You buried your face in your hands, but then felt the gentle touch of someone, grazing your wrist.

Spencer was looking at you with his soft, doughy brown eyes. He gave you a sweet smile.

“You okay?” he spoke to you.

You nodded and he helped you up to your feet. The two of you walked outside to get some air. Spencer always made you feel comfortable and at ease. He wasn’t a violent person. Quite the opposite actually, but that’s why you always felt so safe around him. You could always be yourself no matter what when he was nearby.

You both stood there on the sidewalk, not talking, just staring out into the busy roads with cars flying by every second.

You were watching a black truck zoom by as you felt a warm, soft sensation on your left cheek.

You turned towards Spencer, who was smiling sheepishly. Your heart began racing as you lost control of your body and pushed yourself up against him.

His lips pressed against yours, your arms wrapping around his neck and his cuddling your waist. The kiss was passionate as if all your bottled up feelings were being spewed out.

Pulling away, Spencer gave you a genuine look of love.

“Wanna grab some lunch?”

You didn’t have to be able to hear to know that his voice had stuttered a bit and he barely managed to get out that question.

Nodding your head, he grinned and laced his fingers through yours and you felt that same bolt of electricity rush up your spine. No one else could ever make you feel like that.


the point, about “black on black crime” (😒 whatever that is) vs cops killing ppl, that you keep choosing to ignore!

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Making a Murderer is that no-one is THAT shocked by it.

Yes, the cops are corrupt as fuck.

Yes  they will lie under oath.

Yes, they frame people. 

Yes, they will heavily coerce and manipulate confessions from mentally disabled teens on camera.

And no wise, intelligent person is at all surprised by this. Not really. If they’re being genuinely honest.

In 1947 the body of 22 year old Elizabeth Short was found in two pieces in a parking lot in Los Angeles.

According to newspaper reports shortly after the murder, Short received the nickname “Black Dahlia” at a Long Beach drugstore in the summer of 1946, as a play on the then-current movie The Blue Dahlia. However, Los Angeles County district attorney investigators’ reports state the nickname was invented by newspaper reporters covering the murder.

In either case, Short was not generally known as the “Black Dahlia” during her lifetime.

Many rumours and tales have spread about the Black Dahlia, and the investigation (one of the largest in LA history) never found the killer.

Honestly, the video of the cops getting a blatantly coerced confession out of Brendan Dassey on Making a Murderer is one of the most horrific things I've ever seen in my life.

And I’m not naive or in a bubble. My dad wasted away and died of lung cancer right before my very eyes, ffs.  I’ve seen some shit.  I know the world is horrible. 

But those smart, educated and corrupt adults wilfully and happily exploiting a severely mentally disabled teenager and manipulating him into confessing to something he obviously had no clue about was pure, unadulterated evil.

I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my head. Not really.  It’s genuinely quite nightmarish.