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CONCEPT: the zircons fusing

we’ve seen same gem fusions that are pretty much the same but since they’re different types i’d imagine they’d be less exact^^. anyways i love her she’s my wife


New prints batch! ☆
If you’re interested, I’m selling them; they were printed on thin cardboard.

Price is 2€ for one print, shipping fees will depend on where you are from.
- For France: 0,80€ (1 print) / 1,50€ (2 or 3 prints)
- For european country: 1,50€ (1 print) / 2,50 (2 or 3 prints)
- For USA: 2,60€ (1, 2 or 3 prints)

For other countries, ask me shipping fees (^v^)

☆ Paypal only (it’s the easiest for me).
Send me a private message if you’re willing to buy print(s).

Most of the price will go in the print refund and shipping fees.

VNC theories

There’s 13 of them, some more developed than others but click keep reading if you wanna see any of them. I numbered and bolded the different ones so you can skip over some if you like. Some are more speculation than theory tbh as we are only on chapter 9. 

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Waiting for the second chapter, I continue to look at the official arts and generate more and more questions. The fandom has already paid attention to the hourglass earrings of Vanitas.

About the symbolism of an hourglass:
“Hourglass is a symbol of the impermanence of life and the passage of time, about the « memento mori »  principle, irresistibly approaching the hour of death.”
Main meanings: mortality, death, inexorable passage of time, the cycles of creation and destruction, the relationship of Upper and Lower Worlds.

And now I want to share with you about what attracts me in the following art.

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I dunno about you but that just makes me want to post MORE golly/gail peck/holly stewart also chloe, traci, oliver because everyone loves them and also golly/officer lunchbox/gailxholly :P in the rookie blue tag. So don’t send mean messages. Just post more of what you like especially if that includes golly. Like a whole lot more. Lots lots and lots more. They’re awesome and there’s never too much of them.

Because I can and I want to and I’m gonna tag it Rookie blue whenever the heck I want. So there.

The golly fandom is awesomesauce.