blue nessie

Paypal only, I ship from Seattle, WA area but can ship worldwide! Shipping starts at $5 within the US, $10 to Canada and $15 to anywhere else!

Tumblr messaging is a great way to contact me, much better than asks, or by e-mail at k-hardin(at)

Splatoon plush- $20 each
Highlighter yellow x1
Yellow x2
Green x3

Green Nessie- $25
Teal/Blue Nessie- $30
Yeti- $30
Amethyst Owl plush (One of a kind, won’t be remaking)- $40
Roly poly birb plush x3- $10 or 2 for $15

Bad Time Papyrus pillow x2- $20

Rectangular pillows and zippered pouches- 2 for $5
Yellow owl print pillow x2
Halloween pouch x1
Perching bird pouch x4

Owl pillows- $10
Brown/green x1
Dark brown/gray x1