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Prompts 115, 116, 118- Marauders Era: Remus

Request:  prompts 115, 116 and 118 for remus x reader bc I’m such in a needy mood for moony, gee! AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS!! You’ll slay it ❤

Y/N shivers slightly as a breeze slips in through the open bedroom window. She looks around the room, scattered clothes on one half of the carpeted floor, the other half perfectly neat, crimson curtains suddenly dancing in another crisp gust of wind that made the pretty girl shudder once again, as she walks towards the closet on the tidied side of the room, opening it and looking around, careful to not disturb the order of the clothes carefully stacked on oak shelves.

A few moments later, a satisfied smile spread across her face as she pulled out a navy blue dress shirt about twice her size and slid it up her slim hands, wrapping it around her body and buttoning the bottom half of it up, turning around swiftly when she heard the hardwood floor creak and met a familiar pair of light brown eyes looking at her. She felt her cheeks redden and averted her glance, smiling widely.

“Why are you wearing my shirt?” a chuckle escaped his lips as he looked at the girl practically drowning in the shirt, her eyes wide as they met his.
“I was cold, and you weren’t here,” a slightly defensive tone was present in her voice as she pouted it, “If you mind, I can–”

“Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.” he rushed to get his words out, slightly stunned at the rush he felt at seeing his girlfriend in one of his dress shirts. He walked towards her and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, as she closed her eyes lightly and smiled, leaning on his hand and grasping his wrist with her small fingers.

“You think so?” she wondered, eyes still closed, a blissful smile on her face, “Can I keep it?” she opens one eye and sticks her tongue out at his green flecked eyes rolling.

“Why don’t you just move in here, huh?” he said, lifting her up as she squealed happily, wrapping her arms around his head and burying her face into his hair. 

‘’Because your roommates are too messy,’’ she chuckled.

An unseen smile appeared on his face, against the navy blue fabric that covered her stomach. He walked over to the bed, his hands firm on the small of her back until he reached the bed and lowered her onto it, her laugh tickling the chambers of his heart. He turned his back to the bed and let himself fall next to her.

She looked at his profile and smiled as she lay down on her side, absorbing every part of his presence. He rolled over clumsily, prompting another giggle to fall from her lips as he draped his arm over her stomach and placed his head on her chest.

“I love you, you know that?” his voice cracked slightly as she ran her fingers through his hair and felt her soul smile at his words.

“I know. I love you,” she said, putting her hand under his chin and bringing her soft lips to his.

They pulled apart and he placed his head next to her neck, placing soft kisses on its skin and sending electricity running through her veins and love running through her mind as he placed a soft kiss on her collarbone before placing his chin on her chest and looking up at her, wide smiles on both their faces as sun rays shone upon the embraced lovers.

I have no control over where my thoughts go, but sometimes they come up with beautiful scenarios like this:

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one who is liking this new look that Daryl has, with the whole navy blue buttoned down shirt that shows off his muscles *swoons*…

BUT GUYS! What if in the (hopefully) near future, like in s8, we get to see that same shirt on Carol as she walks out of the bedroom with nothing else on. 

Cause I mean, I’ve always loved her in navy blue…

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PS: @lapicesypantones or @thaliasandy I would love y’all forever if you could draw her in that shirt

I'd do anything for you //Shawn Mendes Imagine//

Whoa so many posts in one day!!

Requested by: arielaloves (wattpad)

Request: can I have one where I’m super self conscious (based on real life lol) and Shawn catches me crying in the bathroom after I locked myself in and he comforts me?

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff

A/n: first Shawn mendes imagine!! Yay!! Hopefully first of many ;). I decided to start writing out the actual request instead of summing up plots because they sound better this way lol. That was totally unnecessary…hope you enjoy!! Ps, there’s a little note at the bottom just make sure you read it ;)


“Y/n is such an ugly whore”

“Why would Shawn date Y/n, I thought he had standards”

“Y/n doesn’t deserve Shawn!”

You were sitting on your bed in your sweatpants and a navy blue t-shirt scrolling through your twitter feed. You sighed lightly to yourself as you read through the hate. You read some of the comments on the post, fans arguing saying that you were beyond gorgeous and Shawn was lucky to have you but it didn’t make the hate any better. It had been going on for a while now and it was making you really self conscious. Every time someone called you ugly, that’s how you saw yourself. Every time someone said you didn’t deserve Shawn, you didn’t question it, and every time someone said you weren’t good enough, you believed it.

You had been home alone all day while Shawn was away at the studio and right now there was nothing more you wanted than to snuggle into his broad chest and feel his strong arms wrap around you, protecting you, shielding you from the hate. You always felt safer in Shawn’s arms. You felt invincible, like nothing could hurt you. All of your problems seemed to disappear when he held you and that’s exactly what you needed right now.

You let out another sigh and continued to scroll.

“Can’t believe Y/n got Shawn…are his standards that low??”

“I hate y/n”

“I need to wash my mouth after saying Y/n’s name”

“Shawn deserves so much better than y/n!”

It seemed to never end and you felt tears well up in your eyes. You tried to blink them away but they trickled down your cheek instead. You decided it was better to let them out rather than keep them in. And no one was here anyway, who would know.

You jumped when you heard the front door open.

“Hey Y/n.” You heard Shawn call from the hallway and you quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind you. You slid against the door until you sat on the floor and hugged your knees. You wiped your tears with your sleeve but they kept coming.

“Y/n?” You heard Shawn call as he walked into the bedroom you two shared. “Y/n you in here?” He knocked on the bathroom door lightly.

“Go away Shawn.” You sniffled as you wiped your cheeks. You didn’t even care if he knew you were crying.

“Y/n? What’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” He sounded concerned and he rattled the door handle quickly. “Y/n why did you lock the door. Baby come out and talk to me please.”

“I said go away Shawn.” You repeated more firmly.

“No. I’m going to stay right here until you tell me what’s wrong. Please come out.”

You sighed lightly knowing that he was indeed stubborn enough to wait for you, even if it took all night. You stood up and unlocked the door. You opened it and immediately fell into Shawn’s chest, your arms wrapping around his waist, hugging him tightly.

He didn’t say anything at first. He just held you. He bent over and picked you up, bringing you to the bed and setting you down softly on the comforter. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap, holding you tightly to his chest.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” He said softly, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear and wiping away a tear from your cheek. You bit your lip and reached for your phone. You opened up your twitter and handed it to him.

You sat up a little as you watched him read the comments. You watched as his once relaxed face turned angry, his eyes turning cold and his lips pressing into a thin line.

“They actually say this about you?” He asked softly, turning to you.

You bit your lip and tried to fight back the tears that were pooling in your eyes again.

“Baby I am so sorry. Please don’t listen to them baby girl, you are so magnificent and beautiful and amazing. You make me feel so complete. Not enough for me? You are way to good for me. I don’t know how I got so lucky. And I don’t care what they say, they’re just jealous.” Shawn said sweetly as he hugged you into him, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. “You are smart, talented, funny, gorgeous, and truly breathtaking and nothing anyone says can make me think otherwise.”

You smiled as tears slipped from your eyes and you wiped them away quickly. “Really?”

“Oh absolutely muffin. Absolutely.” Shawn pushed you back so you were laying on your back and he hovered over you, a smile on his face. His fluffy brown hair bounced slightly and his gorgeous brown eyes seemed to smile at you. You lifted your hand to trace his sharp jawline and caressed his cheek. He closed the distance between you, attacking your lips in a passionate kiss that left you breathless.

“I love you.” He whispered as he traced your outline against the comforter.

“I love you too,” you smiled. “And thank you Shawn. I feel a lot better now.”

“No need to thank me. I would write a book about everything I love about you just to prove all those haters wrong.” he smiled as he lowered himself next to you, propping himself up on his elbow to look at you.

“Famous singer, and author. Hmm I like the sound of that.” You joked as you rolled into his chest, letting his arms pull you into him again.

“For you baby, I would do anything.”

Park It

Hi! Since smut is my favorite I was so excited when I saw a request for car sex with Jooheon (my second favorite in Monsta X) from an anonymous requester. I hope you like it ;3 sorry it’s so long I am very very very detailed with these things haha. Please message back when you see this and let me know what you think :3 

~Admin Takara-yeolie~ 

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You were very excited to see Jooheon after he had been gone for so long. His schedule was packed for months and he had a hard time convincing the manager to let him see you. He decided that a classy quiet dinner would be the best way to celebrate your first night together in months. He wore a black suit without a tie with a navy blue shirt and you wore a fitted black sleeveless dress with red stilettos.  “You know how I asked you to not wear such short tight skirts on dates?” Jooheon teasingly chuckled as he kept looking at the road. You smile to yourself as you cross your legs making your dress ride up a little more.“No oppa…I don’t.” You scoot closer to him and guide his free hand from the arm rest to your upper thigh. You see his eyes widen from the side then hear the blinker. Jooheon checks the side mirror as he crosses lanes to pull over. He violently puts the car in park and locks all the doors. “What are you doing?” He adorably scowls at you before sliding his hand further up your thigh. You display a devilish smile as you turn to him and slightly open your legs. Jooheon takes off his blazer as your lips meet. Your lips stay locked in a passionate feverish kiss as he rapidly scrambles to unbutton his shirt. Your breaths echo in the silence of the car and you can feel the temperature rising. Jooheon loudly moaned as the threw his shirt to the floor, his muscles were flexing as his hands were roughly exploring your body. He planted kisses everywhere he could before he stopped and softly calls your name. “…yes?” You slowly open your eyes to see him lovingly gazing at you smiling with his adorable dimples. “You’re so beautiful…I’m glad we can have this time together. I missed you so much…I love you.” He closes his eyes before gently kissing your forehead. He lingers there then looks in your eyes again with a smile. You shyly smile back then lean to his ear and seductively whisper. “We should take this to the back. We have more room there.” You gently kiss and nibble on his ear making him shudder and moan. You climb into the back seat giggling as he follows doing the same. His fair muscular body hangs over you when you see his face you can see how much he wants you. You pull your dress straps down exposing your bra and extend your arms out to him. He falls into your embrace kissing your neck and breasts leaving hickies. You moan as your hands claw into his back and your toes curl with ecstasy. Jooheon’s hands creep further up your dress to your panties and you can feel him rubbing you. He removes your dress and kisses you lower and lower. Your moans grow louder with each kiss, suck, and lick which spurs him to move lower and lower. His head goes between your legs and he slides your panties down your legs. You let out a piercing moan at the first sensation from his tongue which makes him let out a sexy deep moan in response. He goes without let up using everything he has to please you. “Does it feel good? Do you like it?” You nod and moan trying to hold back.“Yes~!” After what seems like forever you feel your senses peaking, your toes curling, your back arching, and your breath getting short. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum~!” Your hands grab Jooheon’s silky hair as you move his head up and down until you peak. Your breathing is rapid and short as your body relaxes. Jooheon comes back up to your face and as he lays against you, you feel his excitement. You share a kiss and slide your hand to his bulge and began to stroke him through his pants. He moans and begins to grind his hips in your hand faster and faster. “Wait…” He takes off his pants and underwear with a little struggle due to the cramped car space and returns to you. “…is it ok if…I put it in?” You smile at him and gently nod in response making him get a condom from his wallet and rip open the wrapper with his teeth. You stroke him more before he puts on the condom. You both lay down and look at each other with apprehensiveness and excitement. He gently kisses your lips again and then your forehead before he enters you. “Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt does it?” You smile as you bite your lower lip.“No I’m fine I promise. Keep going oppa.” He kisses your neck and continues to move inside of you making you moan. Both your moans fill the car as you feel the car rock and sway from Jooheon’s strong thrusts. The car windows steam as your passions, groans, and moans rise. The sound of skin on skin is clear as it sensually mixes with the car’s rocking. Jooheon wraps you his strong arms as his thrusts pound into you. You begin to gasp and quietly scream in pleasure as you see his face squirm into pleasure. “Ugh I think I’m gonna cum!” You wrap your legs around his waist and claw into his big toned back spurring him on. His thrusts reach a record pace and you’re both ready to boil over with passion. He lets out a strong groan as he lets out three unimaginably strong thrusts into you. As you both finish and come down from the high your bodies shake and tremble and you faintly try to catch your breath. He lays on top of you deeply breathing in your ear as he wraps his strong arms around your waist. He kisses your neck softly over and over again as you gently stroke the back of his head. He weakly pushes himself up to look at you one last time before he pulls out. The sensation of him leaving your body made you moan a little. “Getting dressed in here is gonna be tough.” He laughs displaying his deep dimples and cute little eyes. You laugh and smile back sitting up shaking as you scramble to find your clothing. You get dressed in silence but the joyous afterglow is obvious to see. “What time is it oppa? We don’t want to miss our dinner reservations.” Jooheon’s eyes widen as he checked the car clock. “8:00 we might be a little late love.” You both get out the backseat to the front. Jooheon starts the car and pulls off again. “That’s what happens when you eat dessert first.” You stick your tongue out and wink at him with a giggle.“Yah! You started with me! Do I need to pull this car over again missy?” He laughs and scoffs teasingly at your playful statement making you laugh even harder. You both laugh and talk all the way to the restaurant where you end up being fifteen minutes late for your dinner reservation but it was totally worth it.            

Appliance Delivery

so this was requested by @ihaveabadreputation ​ because she really likes appliance shawn

You were scrolling through Instagram when the doorbell rang, scaring you. “I got it!” Shawn called, walking down the bare hall and opening the front door.

“Hi, I’m here to deliver the washer and everything, if you wanna show me where they’re gonna be before we get ‘em off of the truck.” A man in a navy blue shirt smiled, holding a clipboard.

“Yeah, yeah,” Shawn nodded, walking down the hall and showing him where the laundry room was. The man nodded before measuring the width of the doorway, to make sure the washer and dryer would fit. In the short span since you and Shawn had decided on the appliances, the roof to the house had been finished, and the house was nearly done. All that was left was to be furnished and painted.

You walked over and stood next to Shawn, looping your arms around his waist. “Hey, darling.” He smiled, turning his head to the side. “Are you excited to finally have a washer and dryer?” He asked.

You laughed, watching as two men hauled the washer into the house. “Yeah, we don’t have to hand wash everything.” You joked, replying to a text from a friend. “Um,” You looked at Shawn. “Hope you’re ready to learn how to set everything up and use the washer.”

“I was born ready.” He laughed, eyes darting down the hall when he heard a crash. “What was that?” He asked, walking down the hall.

One of the delivery men was laughing, the other one had a red face. “The- you guys wanted both doors to open the same way, right?” The laughing man asked, and you nodded. “Well, dumbass over here, he didn’t let me finish tightening the bolts to the door before he tried to load the dryer on top,” The man nodded to the dryer sitting next to washer at the moment. “And the door almost fell off.” He pointed to the dryer’s open door. “Nothing’s damaged, don’t worry. But it was just funny.”

You didn’t seem impressed, but Shawn held back a laugh, and he sighed. “Just don’t break anything.” He joked, and you two waited until they stacked the dryer on top of the washer.

After the two delivery men showed you and Shawn how the washer and dryer connected to the wall and turned them on to make sure they started, they left. You held the instruction manuals to the washer and dryer, and looked at your boyfriend. “Let’s learn how to do some laundry.” You spoke, opening one of the manuals.

a/n: let me know if appliance shawn is a thing u guys like, because i have some ideas planned tbh. edit: i tried to post this 3 times it wouldn’t schedule it properly i hate my life


 Prompt: Fluff/Christmas

Word Count: 785 

Rating: G

This is just a short story I put together because I’ve been opening boxes at work. You can only imagine what they are filled with. Enjoy!

Marinette has been unpacking boxes for a few hours. It wasn’t exactly hard, but it wasn’t fun either. Christmas was coming, and that always started early in retailers’ eyes. The young girl had learned the hard way just what classified something as a Christmas item.

Glitter. Lots of unwanted glitter. It came in all colors and sizes. She was covered head to toe in the seemingly endless coats of glitter. Her black slacks and navy blue shirt were suffering tragically, and Marinette was afraid to rub her eyes in fear of blinding herself with the small devils. She still had quite a few boxes to go through before she could free herself from the sparkling doom she was forced to take on.

As she got on her toes to reach for the top box, a voice called for her. She jumped quickly, tipping the box forward. It was like a movie as it seemed to slowly pour down over the girl’s head. Pure glitter. She felt it hit her hair first before running down her face and into her shirt. She accepted her fate as the box fell over her head. She sat there for a moment before realizing she had knocked the box over for a reason.

The voice!

She pulled the box off her head, whirling around to face whoever had called her. She glanced up slightly, her eyes meeting a pair of green ones. She blushed as she took in the male’s features. He had beautiful blonde hair and his eyes seemed to go on forever. She sighed softly before coughing up glitter.

“Are you ok?” The male asked, glancing at the girl’s name tag. Marinette. It was cute.

Marinette nodded quickly, trying to dust herself off. How embarrassing! Although that was far from what the male was thinking. The way the girl sparkled seemed to give her a unique kind of beauty. Her lashes seemed to glisten, allowing him to notice how blue they were. Her skin shimmered in the harsh light of the store. He ended up coughing himself before dragging his eyes back to hers.

“Sorry… I was wondering if you carried candles?” He finally spoke.

Marinette nodded again before realizing she should probably speak to him. He was a customer, after all.

“O-oh, yes we do,” She chimed in quickly, “Aisle twelve. If you take a right at the end of the store and go down to… ” She trailed off. “It’s a rather big store. Perhaps I could show you instead?” She asked, trying again to dust herself off.

He smiled, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Lead the way,” He agreed before following the girl.

She made her way back, glad for the excuse to leave her glittery enemy. As she rounded the corner she glanced at the male. “What do you plan on using the candles for?” She asked curiously, biting her lip as she studied him.

He looked over, surprised by the interest. “Oh, well my father wants to host a Christmas party this year. He thinks it will help the models feel better for having to work so hard around the holidays,” He told her.

She smiled, nodding as they approached the candles. “Well, here we are.” She motioned towards the candles.

He nodded slightly, reluctant to leave. “Thank you, Marinette. If I have any other questions I’ll assume you’ll be fighting glitter in the front,” He teased, giving her a smile that made her knees weak.

“Yes…of course. Hopefully winning this time,” She added with a blush. She awkwardly moved away, scurrying back to her boxes. Her heart was pounding as she moved to open another box of evil miniature sequin. The girl couldn’t clock out for another few hours, although as she did one of her coworkers gave her a smug smile.

“Someone told me to give this to Marinette,” She stated as she gave the girl a folded piece of paper. Marinette took it, slightly confused. Who would want to send her a message?

She unfolded the slip, reading over it.

Dear Marinette, I’m sorry for making you jump. Perhaps I could make it up to you at my father’s Christmas party. I’d love to see you there, and I avoided the glittery candles.

It was signed by the name Adrien Agreste, and it also contained his number. She blushed as she shoved the note into her pocket. Marinette received another smug smile from her coworker before she hurried out of the building. Her cheeks were completely red, and the chilly weather wasn’t to blame. She was invited to a party by the cutest guy she’d ever seen.

Perhaps glitter wasn’t so bad after all.

I want to send out a special thanks to @theianeko and @panda013 for taking the time to go over this for me! 

Truck 105 AU // Poe x Reader

Anonymous said: I know you must be very tired of Poe x reader but could you please do a Poe x reader AU where he’s a fire fighter and he saves the reader who gets hurt badly and visits her in the hospital and he falls for her.

Originally posted by sw-edit

The heavy brown material chaffed away at his skin as his slips the suspenders over his shoulders. His navy blue shirt was stained with sweat as well as his curly hair. Running his fingers through his locks, he lets out a sigh before going into the break room’s fridge to grab a water bottle. Downing the water bottle in just a few long gulps, he tosses it into the trash can as he flops down onto the couch.

It was times like this that the firefighter appreciated during the day. Coming off of a shift and sitting down to breathe a breath of fresh air. There was no down time for him, but when he got it, boy did he cherish it.

“Long day?” a voice asks from the door frame. Poe nods his head with a breathy laugh, the man in the door frame nodding his head. “Enjoy it while you can.”

Soon enough, other workers start filing in, taking the same form that Poe took. Everyone just sat there in silence, the only noises in the room were the sounds of breathing and the cracking plastic of water bottles being drank from.

The group of firefighters sat there for a good fifteen minutes before the familiar buzz and flashing red lights sounded. Almost everyone lets out a groan before standing up. The firefighters rush to the door, putting on their work attire.

Clapping his hands, the fire chief calls for them to get a move on. Poe slips on his black fire resistant boots and matching tan coat.

“It’s a college campus,” the chief tells the group of fighters. “DelRose University. It’s coming from the science wing, probably from a lab they were doing.”

With that, Poe and his group of fighters hop into their truck, Number 105. Sounding the siren and lights, the squad rolls out, ready to take on their challenge. All cars pull over for the cherry red vehicle as the rush to the campus.

Soon enough, the campus comes into few. Black smoke erupts from the ceiling of the farthest building in the east corner. As the truck pulls up, the sirens cease as everyone files out. "Squad three, move into the building and get anyone out of there who is trapped. The rest of you get the fire put out. Let’s move it!“ Poe calls as he runs into the building, securing his oxygen mask over his mouth and nose.

Knocking the doors down to the building, they give in under his kick. Dispatching all over the building, carrying and pushing people out the door. Poe runs around the halls, directing people out of the flaming, polluted building. He had a feeling in his gut that the building still wasn’t cleared out.

"Poe, get out of there!” a fellow squad member calls, his voice echoing through the halls.

The captain shakes his head, knowing that the just heard something. He shushes them and holds up a finger. Fainting, Poe hears a weak voice call out in pain followed by a small screech. Poe starts to run towards the pleads for help. “Where are you?!!” he yells as he hears the voice call again, louder than the times before.

Turning to his left, he hears the voice call as he knocks down the weak wood with his foot. Scanning the room, he sees a girl with (Y/H/C) sprawled out on the floor, with a large block of wood on her back, restricting her movements. She coughs a whooping cough, the carbon monoxide clearly getting to her. Rushing to her side, he pushes the wood that fell on her off. Poe knows that she is going to be able to walk after the blow to her back. Scooping her up into his arms, he pulls her off the ground as she wraps her arms around his neck, coughing uncontrollably. “We’re gonna get you outta here, don’t worry,” he says as he rushes down the call, hearing wood start to fall more frequently.

Terrified for her life, the girl wraps her arms around her savior tighter in fear if she lets go, her life will slip away. Poe starts to run faster down the hall before a beam of light pops up, signaling that the outside world is almost there. With one last push, the doors fling open to expose the rescuer and his damsel.

“Hook her up to an oxygen tank!” Poe calls as a gurney is rushed to the side. The girl is slipped out of his arms and onto the gurney as a mask is pulled onto her ash covered face. “You’ll be fine. They’re going to bring you to the hospital,” Poe rubs the mystery girl’s hand as her eyes flutter closed.

She is carried away as Poe stands there watching her being loaded onto the ambulance. As the doors close, the ambulance begins its trek back to the hospital. After inspecting the damage the fire did to each building and doing through insurance policies with the dean, the fire squad loads back onto the truck, going back to the fire house. Driving back to the house, Rico, a fellow fight fighter says, “Who was that girl, Poe?”

The captain shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know, she was trapped under block of wood in a physics room. The room where the fire started,” he explains.

Rico looks back to Harry and Stew. “She was cute,” he smirks as Poe shakes his head. “I’m not kidding. She was. She’s going to Waldorf Hospital. You gonna visit her?” Poe laugh at the question as he looks around the truck to see if this was a joke.

“No, guys. I’m not,” he says in all seriousness. “She was just another rescue. That’s it.” The guys shrugs as the pull into the firehouse’s garage. Poe and his squad return to the break room, taking the positions they had once again.

Thank God that there were no more calls left to take care of, so for the rest of his shift he just sat and talked. As he lay on the couch, watching his usual cartoons, the fire chief walks in. “Poe,” she says as Poe raises his eyes in curiosity. “I just got a call from Waldorf Hospital from a visit who requested you? They said you were the one who rescued her from that fire at DelRose?”

Rico stands up and starts clapping. “Oh, yeah. Mystery girl, here he comes!” he laughs as the others join in.

Poe simply shakes his head and stands up. “Yeah, I’ll go visit her,” he says as his fire mates cheer. The captain changes into jeans and a clean shirt before taking his car to the hospital.

Walking through the glass automatic doors, Poe walks straight to the front desk as the older lady who sits there smiles. “Hello, how can I help you?”

“Hi, um. I was requested to come visit a girl here? She was in a fire accident at DelRose University?” he asks as she nods her head.

“Yes, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Are you the fire fighter from truck 105?” she asks as he nods his head. The woman hands him a visitor’s sticker and speaks, “She’s on the fifth floor, room 2A.”

Thanking the woman, Poe walks down the hall to the elevators to press button five. In response, the elevator dings and begins it’s slow trek upstairs as redundant elevator music plays in the background. Once again, the elevator dings and the chrome doors slide open, revealing a calm soothing nature. When he steps out, he flashes his visitor’s pass to the guards as they open up the door.

He scans the doors for the label 2A until he arrives there. Sucking in a breath, he knocks on the door lightly. “Come in,” a delicate voice calls. When he walks in, the girl he rescue lays in her bed, her hair pulled up into a ponytail and a large t-shirt over her small frame. “Hi,” she smiles.

“Hi,” he replies, giving the same smile back. “So, you’re name is (Y/N).”

The girl laughs, her (Y/E/C) eyes glistening, nodding her head. “Yes, it’s nice to meet you…?”

“Poe,” he smiles as he shakes her hand, sitting in the chair next to her bed.

“Poe,” she repeats. “I called you down just to thank you for saving me. I’m forever in debt to you.”

The fire fighter smiles and shakes his head. “It’s my job and it’s the least that I could do. Especially for a beautiful girl like yourself,” he winks as she blushes. “Anyway, now that I’m here, I’d like to know a little more about you.”

(Y/N) giggles at the handsome fire captain. She had to admit that he was very handsome and extremely smooth with his words. The two of them talked for what seemed like hours until her buzzer sounded.

“(Y/N)?” a voice calls.

She clears her throat and presses the response button, “Yes?”

“Visitor hours are almost over. You got five more minutes, baby,” her nurse speaks through the buzzer.

Sighing she speaks, “Okay. Thanks, Linda.” Looking at Poe, he wears the same expression as she as she sadly smiles. “I appreciate you coming over. I enjoyed the time we had,” she touches his shoulder.

Poe nods his head. “I’m glad I could come down here. Maybe, I could come back tomorrow?” he asks as she immediately nods her head.

For the next three days, the fire captain visited as often as he could. Of course, Rico and the fire squad teased him for it, but at this point he didn’t care. He could feel himself falling harder and harder for (Y/N) and he didn’t mind the feeling.

At the hospital that day, Poe sat in his usual chair, eating ice cream with (Y/N) as SpongeBob played on her small television set. (Y/N) places her bowl down beside her and turns to Poe. “It’s my last day today…” she trails off.

Poe looks up into her eyes and sadly smiles. “So I’ve heard,” he grabs her hand, squeezing it a little.

“I mean, maybe we could work out a schedule where we could hang out between my classes? I graduate in a few months, so we’ll have the summer?” she asks.

In that moment, he feels a surge of confidence. “Well, maybe I could take you out tomorrow night at six o'clock?” he asks with a small smirk.

(Y/N)’s heart flutters at his words. “Maybe I’d like that,” she laughs as he chuckles.