blue nail polish

Navy Pearl: Inky-blue nails with Pale Blue-green Pearlescent Glitter (How to do glittery nails without glitter polish)

I’m no nail maven. I do my own nails every week, but I certainly am not a pro when it comes to nail art and techniques, so do excuse the imperfection!

This is just a quick overview of how you can use any glitter as a nail polish without having to dunk a lot of it into clear nail varnish, using the last zodiac shade (there is a 13th but that one is not one of the 12 signs). How many of us have run out to buy little bottles of clear varnish and then dipped tons of precious glitter in? 

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Chanel Le Vernis in 657 Azuré: Gloss vs Matte

And my obsession with Chanel polishes and blue shades continues. This time I decided to try it with 2 finishes.

Gloss: I applied 2 coats of Azuré over base coat, finished with top coat.

Matte: I applied Essie’s Matte About You over the nails and let set. The finished effect is actually more matte and cloudy looking than in the images.


I do like the chrome effect that a matte topcoat gives over some metallic polishes! Certainly more interesting than traditional creme polishes, but in this case, it seems the beautiful blue-green duochrome disappeared and I was left with a nice, but flat, teal.

Better to try it with a regular metallic instead.

Tip: Matte topcoats “wear off” and get glossier and more normal looking after awhile. You might want to refresh it with a second coat the next day just to maintain the finish a bit longer.


Denim for the Weekend: Dior Vernis 607 Blue Denim with a gold metal star decal

Rich royal blue nail polish with a touch of indigo. Feel free to use any polish you have. Creme (no shimmer) is best so the metal star stands out.

This Dior gives full coverage in one coat, but the formula is quite thick and dries out quite quickly as well, so make sure you have a nail polish thinner like Seche Restore (I don’t use anything else because this works SO well) on hand.

I applied two coats for a thicker lacquered effect - if you use a thinner polish you might need 3-4 coats - and applied gold metal stars to each ring finger. (You can use either nail glue or a tiny bit of craft glue to glue them on. Otherwise just use a sticker if that’s easier to find.)

Tip for using metal decals: Make sure you press each piece of metal decal to a curved object like a pen, so that it curves. If it’s flat, it won’t fit on the surface of your nail properly.

Metal decals are available from online stores like for just a couple of dollars for 80 pieces. (Now there’s a deal.)

Delivery takes awhile if you opt for free international shipping, but it usually arrives in a couple of weeks or so.

Just make sure you apply a very nice thick layer (or two) of topcoat so the edges aren’t sticking out much. The more they curve to fit your nail, the longer they stay on.