blue moustache

The Signs as Mortys

Aries: Stray Cat Morty
Taurus: Blue Shirt Morty
Gemini: Double Morty
Cancer: Veiny Morty
Leo: Karate Morty
Virgo: Spoon Morty
Libra: Telepathic Morty
Scorpio: Mustache Morty
Sagittarius: Spooky Morty
Capricorn: Buff Morty
Aquarius: Greaser Morty
Pisces: Rabbit Morty

The bears respond to the current drama of the fandom (Louis’ alleged baby, Harry apparently going solo etc) with a toilet scene. The book RBB s holding is home-made and uses the British spelling of ‘diarrhoea’ but there is an American socket in the bottom left. Posted by @Rbbsbbofficial - 28th of January, 2016

My lady is rather fond of the side parting so this one is for her, and my septum is perfectly straight (biggest pet peeve of miss-deadly-red)