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Cover of The 1975′s ‘Robbers’ using Ableton and Push

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I'd love to have been Iruma, but uuuuuugghhh I was far too shy to even try and I don't have any good recording software, but yet I am good at voice acting as I have so much range! I'm so sorry for random rant! But I have to say, I'm soooo happy you got Maki! Especially with that last line in the audition, OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

Ah, sorry to hear about your voice acting woes nonnie!

In actuality, I don’t have any fancy stuff either. I use a Blue Snowball mic, which is a great deal at around $50-60. (I think shy boy/Himiko has one too? Himiko is adorable-) And then I record with Audacity, which is free. Shift+R is my best friend, along with leveler, amplify, and noise reduction.

Thank you for your compliment! ^///u///^


So my current headset broke…the volume randomly cranks up to 100 deafening me. I’ve made a couple purchases to replace it. A razer kraken 7.1 v2 and a Blue Yeti USB mic