blue merle with blue eyes

For those of you how haven’t figured out from my two to three reblogs of Lazytown things (ie most of you) I have fallen into Lazytown Hell. It’s quite nice here, great weather. I wasn’t going to spam you all but I had an idea while taking a nap (Robbie would be so proud), LazyCatandDogtown! (I too hope a better title is in the works). Honestly it’s just what I think everyone would look like as a cat or dog and who would be what.Great excuse to look up puppy and kitten pic.

First the dogs!

Sport- Border collie because if you know anything about these dogs you are nodding your head in agreement. He’s be a blue merle color and have blue eyes which isn’t really common or a thing in borders. Elf magic.

Stephanie- Standard Poodle or possibly golden or labradoodle. Obviously she’s a puppy right now. Poodles are athletic and intelligent dogs and it fits even when ignoring the “pink poodle” cliche. I imagine she gets a lot of flack, especially from Trixie, until one day Trix falls into a pool or pond and can’t swim. Enter Steph’s water retriever instinct and saves her. Insta bff. 

As and adult she is dyed pink (with beet juice), which she actually loves, and vistis kids in hospitals along with other more athletic pursuits.

Trixie- German Shepard. She’s misunderstood and sometimes feared but it’s all in how you treat her. Likes to be the tough girl but is still just a puppy.

Mayor Milford Meanswell- Basset Hound. That face just screams the name Milford to me.

Now the Cats!

Robbie- Siamese. Long and lanky with a distinct face and voice the Siamese was the first thing that came to mind. Robbie however has grey eyes though almost no siamese does.

Stingy-Scottish Fold. Personality wise I don’t have anything to back this up. It’s more in the face, the big eyes and ears make me think of Stingy. And I can just imagine this little gay saying to himself ‘that’s mine’.

Bessie Busybody- Persian. Elegance, grace, a little bit stuck up? Certainly has the looks of it. Honestly the cats are mostly based on their looks vs. personality. Maybe I’m cheating. But Ms. Busybody does look like a persian to me. Can’t anyone tell me otherwise.

Ziggy-I went through so much with Ziggy. An image of a mostly white Kitten-Ziggy with brown tabby patches playing with a hair tie was what inspired this whole thing. I could just see Kitten-Ziggy getting into so much trouble. Originally he was going to be a British Short Hair. I know I know, BSH? They have such big eyes. Well no one quite fit. I bounced around a lot and thought Norwegian Forest Cat! Someone should be a Scandinavian breed. Then I found this guy. A munchkin. And it just clicked. The face, the short stubby legs.Ziggy. 

Now your about to say where’s my son Pixel?! And rightfully so. And he could’ve been either cat or dog (most of them could go either way) but my half asleep brain had immediately said ‘He’s the human!’ I guess this is at an animal daycare and Pixel takes care of everyone? I think my brain needed it to be even but it’s still a cute idea. I’m planning to find the cat-dog reverse of everyone and post it so I’ll add his breeds there. I already have them picked out ofc.