blue mary

So everyone’s making Rogue Scientist sonas, huh? I guess I might as well jump on the train. Here’s Mary Posa (yes it’s a pun and you can’t stop me)! She’s a lepidopterist, a scientist who studies butterflies, moths, and other wing things. Her “rogueness” I guess comes from her ideas. For example, one time she tried to engineer butterflies with machine guns. It was “a concept to change a generation”… it never really got off the ground. Anyway! As far as I know the sona idea came from @e-mirus, so thanks for that! Hope I’m not too late to the party.

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.