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Okay so every Version of the Pokédex is made in groups of 3, right?

The 3 Old Johto Pokédexes, the 3 Old Hoenn Pokédexes, the 3 New Kanto Pokédexes and Red’s Old Pokédex, which is now Yellow’s.

Green and Blue’s Old Pokédexes got destroyed during the FireRed and Leafgreen Chapter…

Then the 3 Sinnoh Pokédexes…

The 3 New Johto Pokédexes…

And the 3 Original Unova Pokédexes…

But currently there only 2 remaining out of this trio, Black’s Pokédex and White’s (formally Bianca’s) Pokédex.

The third was destroyed by Cheren while he was being used by Team Plasma.

Anyway, the next set of Pokédexes are the New Unova Pokédexes, belonging to Lack-Two and Whi-Two. Sorry, I mean Blake and Whitley

But there’s something up with this set. We’ve only seen 2 Pokédexes.
Is there another one? Where is it? Is it going to be metioned at all in Black 2 and White 2? Would the new ones resonate with Black and White’s Pokédexes, even if they’re not in the same trio? So are there only 4 Unova Pokédexes in existence? Would this actually count as a trio right now as one of the four is currently trapped in a rock with its trainer?

Anyway, The Kalos Pokédexes were made as a trio…

But one was destroyed by Malva when she found Fennekin.

There were 3 New Hoenn Pokédexes obviously, for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (but we never actually see Sapphire’s)

And so far we’ve only seen Sun’s Pokédex in Sun and Moon, but Moon should get one at some point, and Hau will probably end up with the 3rd one, at least for a while, like the way Cheren had a Pokédex.

Which leaves the 2nd set of Unova Dexes as the odd ones out. Is there another Unova Pokédex? Where could it be?


Mage Baby

A small compilation of the Forest Baby featuring Spirit Mischief, Malva, Bowen, and Valen. The Elf Crew.

Click for dialogue.

(Mischief, Malva , Bowen belong to @bittersweet-blue-hearts)


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