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The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask, and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 1/4

Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

Summary: After a chance encounter, you start to see the fabled “Spider-Man” everywhere. 

A/N: This is my first fic in honestly a million years and I am so happy with it also Tom Holland Spider-Man is everything and I just wanted to join in with this fandom. 

Warnings: Light swearing. Honestly just full of fluff. Spider-Man x Reader.

What a shitty day. First - the oversleeping, second – being late for school. The next six hours then proceeded to be the worst in human history. From forgetting homework, to a bad chemistry grade, to detention after school. And now, 5pm, rush hour, and the subway is closed. Who the hell closes the subway at this time on a Monday?

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Strapped Up

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x AJ Styles

Summary: AJ’s just wrestled his match with Finn at this year’s TLC and his dance belt has been rubbing him a certain way since he got into his gear. He thinks Dean might be able to help him out…

Notes: I have never written Dean before, so I just based him on how goading and sassy he was to AJ during their programme last year. The WWE Live in Manchester (November 2016) mentioned near the start of this fic was one I was lucky enough to go to – AJ’s gear was SO LOOSE that night (like this). Btw, here is the evidence of AJ’s slutty black dance belt at TLC this year.

Warnings: SMUT, and a bit of nasty talk, humiliation, and roughness. And maybe typos. And if you’re too young to read this and I tagged you by a mistake, please skip it and pretend it never happened.

Also: There are some AMAZING AJ/Dean fics on AO3, particularly by @cruxcantare and @scriptor (oh, and ‘Soft Styles’ – WOW). If you haven’t read them yet, you should. 

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janedujour  asked:


Sorry, @janedujour for the wait and for the fact that this is just a silly bit of nonsense. I’ve been really uninspired recently and am just glad I actually wrote something again! It’s Marvey, but there’s a rather large helping of Louis in there! 😉 Thanks for the prompt.😘

No.51) “What the hell are you wearing?”

“Harvey! Can you get that, please? Louis will be here soon and I’m not ready yet,” Mike yelled from the bedroom as the phone started ringing.

Dragging himself off the couch from where he’d been catching up on his not so guilty pleasure, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’, (he refused to dignify Mike’s suggestion that maybe he had a soft spot for kickass black women lawyers with killer wardrobes with a response), Harvey answered the phone, muttering under his breath about why exactly Mike felt the need to ruin a perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon by agreeing to go biking with Louis. Just because Louis was on a health kick didn’t mean they had to get dragged into it.


“Hello, Mr. Specter-Ross, this is Tom at the front desk.”

“Hey, Tom. What can I do for you?”

“I’m sorry to bother you, sir, but I have someone here who says his name’s Louis Litt and that you’re expecting him, but…”

Tom didn’t get any further than that before Harvey heard a very familiar, very irritated (and irritating, but that was beside the point) voice huffing in the background. “I don’t say I’m Louis Litt! I am Louis Litt! And you’re about two seconds away from getting Litt up, Tom!”

Harvey snorted and rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah, that’s him all right. It’s okay, send him up, we’re expecting him.”

“O… kay,” Tom replied, obviously still a little dubious, but willing to take Harvey’s word for it.

“Oh, and Tom?”

“Yes, sir?”

“You know how every year at Christmas I tip you and you demur and say it’s far too much and you don’t deserve it because you’re just doing your job, etc?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Trust me, you’re not gonna have to say that this year. Even just two minutes of having to deal with Louis and you’ve earned it.”

Tom chuckled. “No argument here.”

Hanging up with a laugh, Harvey shouted to his husband that Louis was on the way up then headed to the door ready to greet his only remaining senior partner at the firm.

Harvey had seen some things in his day, but nothing had prepared him for the sight that met him when the door swung open to reveal an obviously still seething Louis Litt.

“Goddamn lobby Nazi!” Louis griped, storming past a shell-shocked Harvey into the condo’s main living area. “Wouldn’t believe me when I said I was expected! Insisted on calling you to check. Said my name wasn’t on your pre-approved list of visitors who can come and go without having to be buzzed up! Why aren’t I on your pre-approved list, Harvey??”

Louis stopped talking long enough to draw breath and realise that Harvey hadn’t yet spoken a word to him, but was just standing there, gaping at him.

“What? What is it? Why are you staring at me like that?”

And that did it. The dam broke as Harvey finally processed the sight before him and burst out laughing. Naturally, that only served to exacerbate Louis’ annoyance.

“Harvey, I swear to God, if you don’t stop laughing and tell me what the hell is going on with you, I'll…”

“You’ll what, Lance Armstrong?” Harvey managed to get out. “Run me over with your bike?”

“Harvey, goddamn it, what’s so funny?”

Harvey went into another fit of laughter before he regained his composure enough to say, “Louis, are you serious right now? Have you seen yourself today? What the hell are you wearing?”

Louis looked down at the neon yellow and blue Lycra monstrosity he was clad in before looking back up at Harvey, clearly confused.

“What? Mike and I are going biking. I’m wearing biking gear.”

“Yeah, but you’re going for a couple of laps through the park, not entering the Tour de France! You look ridiculous! Even for you.” Harvey felt another peal of laughter coming on, but then his eyes fell on the skintight cycling shorts Louis was wearing and he suddenly didn’t feel like laughing anymore.

The conversation he and Mike had once had about whether or not Louis had worn a codpiece for his turn as Shylock in Donna’s play that time or if he was actually packing that much heat of his own popped into Harvey’s head and he realised they finally had their answer. He would’ve been impressed if he wasn’t so nauseated at the thought that it was Louis’ junk he was contemplating. Turns out some questions really are better left unanswered, he thought with a shudder.

Trying to put the disturbing image out of his head (which was hard when it was right there and, oh God, he didn’t need the word ‘hard’ conjuring up any more traumatising pictures in his head) Harvey yelled, “Mike! Get your ass out here!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Mike fired back, before tripping through the door from the master bedroom, pulling on a t-shirt.

Taking one look at Louis he turned on his heel without missing a beat and headed back to the bedroom with a resounding, “Nope.”

Harvey just laughed again before he caught sight of the offending bulge in Louis’ Lycra once more and made a mental note to be extra generous with Tom’s Christmas bonus this year.