blue lightening

Have you ever seen lightning make such crazy shapes? This bolt looks like a Tyrannosaurus rex getting ready to chomp a formation at Blue Mesa in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park. Monsoons usher in summer lightning, so explore safely and be sure to check the weather. Photo by Hallie Larsen, National Park Service.

I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 1/??

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I’ve always found clouds in miniature paintings interesting hence decided to do a compilation. They’re not in any order or style. Below are the names of the paintings they’re from

1. "Bakasura, the Crane Demon, Disgorges Krishna,“ Folio from a dispersed Bhagavata Purana (The Ancient Story of God) - 1690 - Bikaner

2. "Todi Ragini: A Lady with a Vina Attracts Two Deers,” Folio from a dispersed Ragamala (Garland of Melodies) - 1700 - Aurangabad

3. Maharaja Takhat Singh with a companion taking delight in the rains, Shivdas, c. 1843-1873, Jodhpur

4. Bishen Singh as a Young Man - 1780 - Uniara

5. Bundi, 1760

6.Aurangabad, 1720

7.Maharao Ram Singh II Rides on his Roof. Kota, 1851

Imagine discussing Wallpaper with Sebastian

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“Sebastian!” You called from the stairs as you looked at the wall from the stairs, the space where your parent’s portrait once hung was now exposed was shining against the dirty, always exposed portions.

“Yes my lady?” He asked from the spot where the duel staircase joins, his gloved hand over the breast of his suit as he looked down at you, leaning against the railing. 

Your heart beat sped up a bit at the sight as you looked at him, long for him to just touch you once.
“You know my dear you really shouldn’t be touching that railing with such an elegant dress. You may get…”

“We both know that no one has polished these this week, for you are the only one who properly does it.“ 

"Well my lady I do pride myself on my work." 

"Sebastian what your opinion on new wall paper, I was thinking maybe a light blue, to lighten up the room, however with that much dirt, maybe we should go with a dark red color?" 

 "My opinion is whatever the young Earl and you decide my lady.” He answered as he stepped down the stairs closer to you, and looked at the way your hand rested on your chin and your face looked. 

“Well as long as Elizabeth doesn’t decide, that annoying little brat would make our entire house pink and far too girly for anyone’s taste." 

"I will keep that in mind my lady.” He said as he walked around you, leaving you were you stood. 

He glanced over his shoulder one last time, taking you all in before he said, “Perhaps it is time for the lady of Phantomhive to go to her chambers. We have a busy day tomorrow." 

"If by that you mean the fact that we must entertain a few people that I guess you are correct.” You offered him a warm smile before turning and walking up a few stairs, turning back towards the butler to capture the image of him, your heart breaking because you knew you could never go to bed with him

“Goodnight Sebastian." 

 "Goodnight my lady.” He replied with a wave, knowing that you were too far away from him already, and that he could never have you.


Fairy Tail Hair Colours: Part 1


Request: sweet, virgin!luke in high school 

Luke has never been one to draw attention to himself. Tall, lanky, blonde and with a face crafted by the angels, he could easily be part of the ‘popular kids’. But with a mom as a math teacher, an unflattering pair of glasses and a strong aversion to sports, he’s made himself scarce in the high school food chain. He’s simply one of the invisible ones.

He was also invisible to you for a long time, until you got paired with him in chemistry – very unfortunate for him considering how clumsy you are. But quite fortunate for you as you discovered what an amazing person was hidden behind the old clothes and timid attitude. The first time you actually managed to draw him into a discussion, it’s because you were wearing a ratty Metallica shirt that used to belong to one of your brothers. This spurred him on to talk about the band and rock in general for the entirety of the double-period.

There was something about the way his baby blue eyes lightened up, a smile grazing his face, that made you suddenly realize how attractive he was.

From then on, it’s been a rollercoaster of finding out what an interesting personality he hides, his passion for grunge and pop punk music, his talent at singing, his loyalty towards his friends and his need for cuddles. Safe to say you fell for him fast.

But while you’ve had a few boyfriends before, Luke is new to the whole dating thing. Of course you told him it didn’t matter to you but you know that he’s pretty self-conscious about it. But honestly, and you must have told him hundreds of times, there’s nothing to feel self-conscious about. He’s talented, smart, sweet and hot – and everyone is allowed to take their time.


So that’s what you do. The first few times you hang out after he asked you to be his girlfriend and you eagerly accepted, it’s almost friend-like. It’s only the night after your first date – where he, as a hopeless romantic – took you out for dinner and then a walk down the beach that you kiss. He bites his lip, looks at you hesitatingly as you stand on the porch of your house. And finally you smile and put an arm around his neck, tugging him closer.

“Go on, Luke.”

So his lips meet yours and it’s sweet and warm and wonderful, and he’s so very gentle that you feel your stomach burst into butterflies. When he pulls away, his blue eyes are shining and a blush rises to his cheeks.

“Was that…was I…okay?”

And you giggle and pull him in for a short and sweet peck.

“It was perfect.”

From then on physical contact comes easier to you. He kisses you gently from time to time, holds your hand both in public and when it’s just the two of you, and uses any and every opportunity to hug and cuddle you eagerly. Your heart bleeds over how adorable he is, and even though you’d love to get more physical with him, you can’t help but enjoy how pure your relationship is.


So when you’re both cuddled up in front of a movie one night, and his kiss turns a little insistent, it’s safe to say surprised. Pleasantly, of course. You pull away, eyebrows raised.

“I…I want to…can you teach me how to kiss you properly? I don’t wanna suck,” he says, eyes slightly downcast as he blushes.

You smile and nod, treading your hands through his soft hair.

“Of course, don’t worry. Just kiss me normally, and follow my lead.”

When his lips meet yours once again, you let him guide the kiss in the beginning until he’s confident, and then you run your tongue down his lower lip. His breath hitches but he keeps kissing you, deeper now as his mouth parts to let your tongue. He meets you halfway and you swallow back a moan at his taste. He picks up the idea fairly quickly, his tongue exploring your mouth as your lips part and meet again and again. He tightens his hold on your hair, slowly pushing you back against the couch until his body is hovering over yours, his arms bracing himself on each side of your head.

You can barely catch your breath, small aborted noises escaping you as he dips his head to taste you again and again. Trying to gain some control of the situation back – really, it was supposed to be teach-Luke-day, not kill-you-with-talented-kissing-day – you bite at his lower lip, tugging the newly acquired piercing. He groans and drops his face to your neck, sucking at the tender skin until you feel a bruise blossoming and you’re letting out small moans.

“Fuck,” he finally says, lifting his head to look at you with wide, awed eyes.

Somehow you manage to gather your wits and send him an impressed smile.

“Guess you’re a natural, Hemmings.”

Terrible photo cause front camera on my phone but MY HAIR IS THE COLOUR MY HAIR ACTUALLY IS. The previous lovely fiery orange was washing out and growing out so I had a massive lazy and dyed the rest of my hair to match the roots.

There was no bleach involved. I used a colour remover followed by a permanent stonewash denim blue (deposit-only, no lightening) to neutralise the remaining yellow and orange tones on the ends.

I honestly don’t remember the last time the entirety of my hair was my natural colour. I’ve never liked it before cause it’s kind of a non-colour, really neutral-toned and living in that weird space between brown and blonde (not sure the photo really gets the neutral-ness across). I’ve been dyeing it, mostly ridiculous colours, for more than 20 years and I’ll probably get bored at some point and dye it bright blue again, but for now I’m going to embrace it being what it is.


  • BIRTH NAME: Chelsea Katherine Garland
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 11th August, 1997 (Leo)
  • ORIENTATION(S): Biromantic Bisexual
  • RELIGION: Raised Catholic, non-practising
  • PRONOUNS: She/her
  • NATIONALITY: American
  • OCCUPATION: Student, PA to the Dean
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Boston, Massachusetts
  • RAISED IN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • CURRENT RESIDENCE: Aurora, Virginia
  • FINANCIAL LEVEL: Lower Upper
  • FOOD HABITS: Vegan (and no she wont try and convert you)
  • SCHOOL TEAMS: Captain and Wide Receiver for the Womens Football team, goal tender for the ice hockey team and runs track
  • STUDIES: Business with a Minor in Marketing

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