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Herbs to Avoid while on Birth Control or Hormone Replacement

Disclaimer: I am not a professional herbalist or physician. Always consult with your private physician when considering herbal supplements.  If your doctor recommends you take any of these herbs, do not discontinue use.  If you are concerned, speak with your doctor about the possible side effects and use additional birth control measures. Once again, this is not professional advice.  I am simply sharing what I have learned in my own research.

I have seen a lot of excellent posts out there with people recommending natural herbal remedies for a whole host of maladies.  While I am a firm believer in holistic medicine, herbal supplements can have some serious side effects.  One that I think is incredibly important to learn is the interaction of some herbs with hormonal therapies such as birth control and hormone replacement. 

Here is a short and incomplete list of popular herbal supplements that can interact negatively with hormonal prescriptions (Feel free to add more):

  • St. John’s Wort recorded cases of unintended pregnancies when taken with birth control
  • Fenugreek blocks the absorption of medications, including birth control
  • Black Cohosh creates hormonal interaction with birth control and hormone replacement therapy
  • Blue Cohosh while I didn’t find anything specifically about interactions with birth control, it appears to cause uterine contractions and was used to induce labor, or abort early pregnancies.  Because of it’s effects on the reproductive system, it may be unwise to take concurrently with any hormonal prescription.
  • Fennel may decrease effectiveness of hormonal birth control and estrogen therapies
  • Hops may interact negatively with hormonal birth control 
  • Licorice taken medicinally, affects reproductive hormones, steer clear if on birth control or hormone replacement therapy
  • Soy while not an herb, can imitate estrogen, thus interfering with hormonal medications 
  • Red Clover may decrease effectiveness of birth control and hormone replacement therapy

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the seven, nico, and reyna but trickster mode

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Hair Color Descriptors (For Writers)

Tired of using the same two words for a hair color? I have the masterpost for you!

All non-italicized terms are adjectives or actual color names. All italicized terms are nouns with comparable traits.

Brown (from light to dark)

  • nutmeg
  • bister (brown, strong yellow undertones)
  • filemot (color of dead leaves)
  • mousy (grey brown)
  • earthy (grey brown or light brown)
  • fawn

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Alright so I had a theory and tested it, and I think I’m spot on so far.

Klaus and Nadi liked the black glasses, and black is the color they like for wrapping gifts so I made yellow glasses and spoke to Raeger (one of his colors is yellow) and he loved them.

Thus if you craft items in the colors bachelors/bachelorette like most they’ll comment on them! In older games they got additional FP/LP

Here’s a list of the colors:

Raeger: Yellow/Red
Fritz: Green/Orange
Klaus: Black/Blue
Nadi: Black/Green
Kamil: Blue/White
Mistel: White/Purple

Agate: Orange/Red
Angela: Blue/White
Elise: Gold/Pink/Red (ooh! She has three!)
Iris: Black/Purple
Licorice: Green/Blue
Lillie: Red/Yellow

Hope it helps! I’m not sure if the same works for outfits or not.

2014 M. Chapoutier Domaine de Bila-Haut Côtes du Roussillon Villages Occultum Lapidem

Lovin’ this red blend from southern France. Quite the full nose - blackberries, black cherries, pepper, spiced red fruit, leather, black licorice, blue flowers, roasted red peppers, and a whiff of meat. Loads of blackberries and black cherries (some macerated) on the palate with red and black peppercorns and spiced black tea. Yum!

4/5 bones


Carignan, Grenache, Syrah

14% abv

Côtes du Roussillon, FRANCE

everyone made one of these posts so i decided to make one for rat owners

foods that can harm/kill your pet rats:

  • citrus fruits and citrus products
  • alcohol
  • mango
  • green bananas
  • peppermint
  • raw onion, garlic
  • raw red cabbage
  • raw sweet potato
  • raw brussels sprouts
  • raw artichokes
  • raw tofu
  • poppy seeds, apple seeds
  • raw peanuts
  • raw/dry beans
  • licorice
  • blue cheese

if any other rat owners would like to add things to be cautious, go ahead, i only listed ones that i know WILL kill them or harm them

please reblog if you own rats or know rat owners!

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hi! i know you don't normally do this, but do you have any post hoo percabeth headcanons? its really fine if you don't want to but it would be nice :)

;______________; I ACTUALLY LOVE GIVING HEADCANONS BUT THE OPPORTUNITY NEVER USUALLY SEEMS TO PRESENT ITSELF. BUT YES! Post-HoO Percabeth is my number one jam and I promise you, I have pages and pages worth of stories about the nuggets. i love them so much it’s gross

Anyways! Here are a handful of the ones at the top of my head! As usual, quite a monstrosity. Angstier ones are under the cut.

Life after HoO

  • Technically, they missed junior year! But as always, good ole Hermes is there, ready to hand off a few favours to the needy demigods (with a price of course.) After a few changes in units, some bribes, and a good summer school deal, they didn’t have to repeat the level and were guaranteed a slot for Annabeth in Goode the next year. Hermes had Percy and Annabeth on call if he ever needed anything from them.
  • Annabeth had to go to San Francisco for a week or so to settle things with her family about the rest of her schooling, and it almost drove them nuts. Nevertheless, Iris messages were fully functional again, and the goddess gave them a handful of free calls because they were great heroes who helped her through a rut, and also because she’d do anything to help the current Brangelina of Olympus. 
  • They Iris messaged until they fell asleep. Bedside fountains//waterwatches courtesy of Tyson and Leo (who was alive! the ass). 
  • Senior year was a blast and a challenge–Percy did much better in school with Annabeth breathing at his neck (also because he wanted to impress her), and they excelled at sports. Even if they usually kept to themselves, they became that one couple everyone wanted to date but not really. 
  • It had become a challenge for the mortals to flirt with either of them. They cast bets. While Percy replied muddled and blushing, Annabeth didn’t have time to say anything because Percy would be by her side, making out with her in an instant. They were both the jealous types.
  • The other eight often visited the Jackson’s place with pizza, but always made sure to call before their trips and have bronze daggers tucked in their pockets just in case.
  • College was a whole other story. 
  • The fact that two obviously Greek demigods were welcomed into a singularly Roman place opened up several possibilities of building a safer world and sanctuary for demigods of all kinds. 
  • Other than that, Percy did well in the entrance test for that New Rome university because there was an option to take it in Latin or Ancient Greek. Other than Sally and Annabeth, people were surprised that he aced the test. Percy got into Marine Biology, (as well as he did, school still wasn’t his thing. He picked the course to make learning a little bit easier and more bearable.) and Annabeth chose Architecture. 
  • Before they could pack their things and head on to the other side of the country, Percy and Annabeth were surprised with a party in Camp Half-Blood where the littlest campers widened their eyes at the sight of the famous heroes. Also, the Aphrodite cabin, to Annabeth’s dismay, made them a cute collage book, where pictures of their not so inconspicuous PDAs were printed and pasted on a notebook. Percy accepted it with glee.
  • Once in school, they behaved like the normal cutesy couples–they shared a dorm room and practically lived together in those four years. Living together made their relationship a little more real in each other’s eyes–and although the commitment would’ve scared other people, it exhilarated them both.
  • She made him coffee every morning and he made hers at night.
  • When there were Froot Loops for breakfast, Annabeth always spooned all the blue ones out and dumped it in Percy’s bowl.
  • Annabeth usually brought up stuff about the future–”where will we live? do you want children?” and Percy loved it.
  • “Are you going to marry me?” she asked one day, and he had to hold back his eye roll and “you think?” and instead replied with a “yes, of course” and a nice long kiss. 
  • After a year of living with her, he decided he wanted to do it forever and proposed at nineteen. No one batted an eyelash–not even Annabeth. She was actually the one who insinuated the thought in the first place, and in all honesty, everyone expected it sooner.
  • However, like all couples, they took a break from each other.
  • But… it lasted two hours. After their argument about never having the time for each other anymore, Annabeth slammed the door and announced that their relationship was on hold and that she’d be sleeping in a classmate’s room tonight. However, once Annabeth was out the building, guilt consumed her. 
  • She cut her classes for the first time and greeted Percy with blue jellybeans, blue licorice and a teary ‘I love you.’ Percy was on the dining table, angry sobbing while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “I just Blue myself” and staring at their seven year-old dog-eared photo in his wallet.
  • They make out.
  • Nope–they’re not taking breaks ever again.
  • They get married right after they finish school, and it was like Prince William and Dutchess Kate’s wedding. While only a few were invited, everyone came. They get married on the beach right next to Camp Half-Blood, where it all started. 
  • Despite the original plan, they don’t stay in New Rome–Percy and Annabeth move to a lovely Manhattan apartment where Annabeth could take her masters and where they’re surrounded by friends and family. Especially near grandma Sally.
  • Because Annabeth gets pregnant really quickly. 
  • Right when their healthy girl comes out, they fall in love a second time.
  • She’s a ball of sunshine–and a terror. Annabeth’s intelligence and commandeering personality mixed with Percy’s stubbornness and sarcasm, minus the ADHD and dyslexia, made her a legacy born to rule the world.
  • And when the next one is born, a healthy baby boy, Hermes finds himself by the hospital bed. In return for helping them pass Junior year, he asks them to
  • “Name your son Luke.”

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