blue leather rider

The shocking truth about InternetFlexin aka Flock 2.0's blue rider

Everyone remembers the first time they saw this leather and I clearly remember gasping and saying out loud “God damn that is a nice blue leather rider” and I assumed it was undercover or some other designer of grail leathers.

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Undercover FW2011

However I really couldn’t find it on yjp or other places so I decided to go the source himself, InternetFlexin. I asked him if it was a rare Undercover piece and his reply made me both shocked and envious, “nah man its just an old vintage rider just got really really lucky paid basically nothing for it and it fits perfect. Easily my most worn and treasured piece of clothing." 

I though to myself "what does this motherfucker mean by ‘paid basically nothing’?” Well I asked him and his reply will probably make you jealous too. “I paid like $70 i think i can’t really remember it was a few years ago… I was searching everyday for months “blue leather rider” and comparing measurements with my dream fit. The leather is really really thick tho its taken until recently to soften up but the thing will last forever no doubt. #apocalypsewear ”

This is definitely one of those rare vintage finds that I would classify as a shiny legendary pokemon. Its amazing how humble flexin is with this piece as he doesn’t blog about it much or wave it in our faces like I would. I feel like we are blessed with his presence as he has found a true grail for $70. I wonder how many of you will start checking ebay everyday with the search term “blue leather rider”. 

Recent Purchase: Blue Leather Rider

So this may look familiar to you but if not its, flock2.0 aka internetflexin’s blue rider. This beast is ridiculously heavy and pretty similar to a ToJ calf leather. I’ve been on a hunt for a blue leather rider and ToJ just didn’t have the right blue imo. It was just a coincidence that flock recently upgraded his leather and was looking to sell this piece on ebay but I managed to intercept that terrible idea. I really love how chunky the zips are and the placement as well.