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Booster Gold #26

This is from Boosters perspective and he feels all these guys treated him and Ted like they were beneath them. 

Because they do

Justice League is like high school for super heroes. If your not with the big three you’re nobody.

This facet is one reason I like the unlimited series, it showed painfully fast how cliques and social circles were in the league. 

Also Identity Crisis. It was the first time I read a Justice League thing, and it was really jarring how fragmented and “cliquey” the JL seemed


Justice League Action “Time Share”

Saturday, February 18

7:30 a.m. on Cartoon Network

Written by Josie Campbell

Batman and Blue Beetle have to travel back in time to stop Chronos from destroying a young Dark Knight on his very first case!

Watch 2 clips below:


Here are my most anticipated DC Rebirth comic books! When I started reading comic books, I mainly stuck with Marvel because they had more POC heroes like Sam Alexander and Miles Morales, but I always wanted to read DC. I started with Doctor Fate and Prez but those were relatively low-key. Now with Rebirth, I cannot wait to read more DC. So here we go!

The one I’m most excited for is Green Lanterns. When on the fringes of DC, I was most interested in the Green Lanterns because of Moviebob’s crazy Green Lantern comic videos and I love outer space stuff. This series also has two POC heroes, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, that I wanted to read but were very obscure and not featured at all. Sam Humphries is also one of my favorite writers (Weirdworld, Jonesy, Star-Lord) so I am very excited for this book. It’s a lot like Nova so I guess all you need to get me to read a comic is set it in space and have Latinx star, haha!

I was first introduced to Blue Beetle in the Batman the Brave the Bold and Young Justice cartoon but I wasn’t that familiar with the comic stuff so I will definitely be reading this.

I’ve never been a huge Batman guy but after @hellyeahteensuperheroes recommendation and award for the Robin: Son of Batman series, I have become a big Damian Wayne fan so Teen Titans and Super Sons not only sound super fun, but also feature a character I really like. I’m very excited for those two.

New Superman has my money purely based on the premise and Gene Luen Yang as the writer. He wrote graphic novels that were very helpful in helping me come to terms with what my race meant, despite me being Latino, and a Superman based in Chinese culture sounds super awesome and right up his alley. I’m staying in the dark on this one because I want to be wowed.

What are you guys excited about?