blue laces

Jungkook x Reader Smut

Genre: Smut (18+)

Warnings: Degrading, Anal, Intense Smut, Teasing, Overstimulation, Spanking, Orgasm Denial.

Word Count: 1K

Apology: I’m sorry Jungkook Stans


You and Jungkook haven’t had the chance to spend time together since the comeback. Despite him not allowing you to pleasure yourself while he was away, you still did, also telling him while he was away.

Just thinking of the punishment he had planned for you excited you. You put on his favorite set of blue lace lingerie, under a sheer black shirt. You lay on the bed, ready for him.

The front door creaks open. You hear the commotion of him putting things down, the jingle of his keys hitting the kitchen counter. You hear an echo of his sigh come down the hallway, making you squeeze your thighs together. The hallway light peeks through the bedroom door as he cracked it open. Flicking on the lights, Jungkook’s eyes immediately focused on just you. He made his way over, eyes never leaving you. He spread your legs, positioning himself between them. Your eyes lock with his, his left hand exploring your body, not missing a single bit of skin.

“You’ve been naughty baby girl,” He smirks, his forehead pressed against yours, lips just hovering over yours. The rasp in his voice causes you to bite your bottom lip, your eyes locking on his lips. He softly presses them to yours, pulling away quickly, making you whine of neediness.

“I’ll have to punish you,” His hand slipped underneath your shirt, squeezing your breast, making you moan.

“So sensitive,~” He hums. His lips connect to yours, going in with hunger. Jungkook massages your breast, as you moan while he kisses you. Your legs find their way around his legs, creeping up. He pulls away from the kiss, lifting you towards him. His right cheek pressed against yours, his hot breath hitting your ear.

“Go get in the shower,” He whispers, “I’ll meet you there,” You nod, getting up, heading to the bathroom. You start the water, making it the warmth that’s perfect for the both of you. You strip off your clothing, Jungkook coming in as you were about to remove your panties, his finger hooking on the sides. His hard length grazes your back. Jungkook slips your panties down your legs, allowing you to step out. You step in the shower, the warm water hitting your back, Jungkook follows, turning you around to face him. His hand held the side of your face, your hands placing themselves on his chest, as you put your head up to kiss him. His fingers tangled in your hair, your right hand reached down to touch his length, causing a small moan from him. Jungkook reaches down, grabbing ahold of your wrist. Jungkook lifts you up, holding you against the shower wall, his tip grazing your sensitive entrance, you whimpered in his ear as you wrapped your legs around his waist, arms around his neck.

Jungkook slid in, slowly, with a breathy moan. You began to roll your hips on him, Jungkook moved you up and down on his length. Your nails dig into his skin, leaving scratch marks all over his back. You felt your high coming, Jungkook could tell by the expression on your face. He stopped, turning off the water, then carrying you to the bedroom. You were “bothered” still, you knew he was hard still, but he has something planned. Jungkook went into the little drawer of toys he had for you. It wasn’t going where you thought it was, he lubes it up, walking to the edge of the bed where he left you.

“Bend over,” You situate yourself so that your feet are off the bed, your ass in the air in front of him. Jungkook turns on the vibrator, the noise exciting you. No warning, he stuck it in your ass, you expel a series of moans. He teases your entrance with his tip, you begin to whine.

“Daddy~,” You whine. Jungkook decided to make this a little game. Every time you whine, he’ll spank you.

“Whine some more, I dare you,” He kissed up your back. He continues to tease you, making you just whine more. Your ass is already bright red, stinging with pain. Jungkook begins to roughly thrust into you, your knees going weak. You’re gripping the sheets, moaning as loud as you can.

“Da-dad,” You whine, barely able to make out the word. But, when Jungkook spanked you, you screamed. “Daddy!” You clench around him, lifting your hips.

“Cum all over daddy’s cock, you dirty little slut,” He growls with a few more hard thrusts. You came when your breath hitched. You came, hard, so did Jungkook. But, he wasn’t done yet. He turned you on your back, then slid a finger through your folds.

“Wait here, princess,” He left the room. The vibration of the dildo in your ass made you roll your hip. Jungkook came back in, he took the vibrator out of you, setting aside. He then goes down between your legs, you felt something cold on your stomach, whimpering. You lift your hand, to feel his hair, you tangle your fingers in it, as he moves an ice cube around on your bare stomach. You remove your hands, then he goes down farther, running it along with your inner thighs. Then, he began to suck your clit, the ice cube on your sensitive bud, it was a sensation you’ve never felt, but you enjoyed it.

Once the ice cube fully melts, Jungkook licks a stripe along your core, then begins to eat you out. His tongue twisting, going on the edges of your walls. Your breath hitching at every move he makes. He knew just his mouth wouldn’t get you enough, he moves his mouth from your core to your clit, inserting 2 fingers, padding at your g-spot. He began thrusting them into you, slowly. You were breathless, glistening with sweat. You whimper as you came onto his fingers, back arching.

Jungkook stood before you, sucking your juices off his fingers. Then, leaving the room. You lay there, catching your breath, and limp. He eventually came back, lifting you up bridal style, carrying you to the bathroom, candles were lit up, roses in the water. He carefully set you in the water, climbing in behind you, laying you on his bare chest. He kisses your shoulder, nuzzling into your neck.

“You took me well, baby,” He says, rubbing your thighs. “I’ll take care of you tomorrow,” Still out of breath you whisper.

“I love you,”

“I love you too, princess,” He kisses onto your neck.