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YES!!!! Thank you Astrid! Then I would request sexy time betwen angel Byron and devilish vixen princess ;) I have no shame hohoho

Kaaaaarin! I’m sorry it took me a while to answer this…. enjoy this sexy Byron story. *muah*

Teen Rating. 

Byron sat in his study and eyed the clock on the wall. 11pm, another late night. It wasn’t fun, but he always did what was necessary - whatever was best for his country.

There was a quiet knock at the door and he beckoned entry. It was his love, the Princess. She entered and locked the door behind her. In her hand she carried a cup, and she wore her night robe.

“I brought you some tea.” She extended her hand as she closed the space between them. “Are you OK? It’s awful late Byron, even for you.” 

He nodded. He’d always been so engrossed in doing whatever it took to run his country properly- only recently did he feel the sting being over worked. He missed seeing his lovely Princess.

He reached out and took the cup. “Thank you, love.” He said as he took a sip, tasting the sweet hot flavor of tea and honey. “You should go to bed and get some rest.” He gave her a gentle smile.

She leaned down and ran her fingers through his hair. “Byron, wouldn’t you like to take a break?” She whispered. “I would like to show you my special costume for All Hallow’s Eve.” 

“I’ve got some things-” He began but stopped when she slid off her robe in front of him.

 She revealed a black and blue corset laced half way up the front- exposing the plump of her breasts. Below that was a short, black, lacy skirt- short enough to show sheer thigh high stockings underneath.

He took a long moment to look her up and down. He felt his face grow hot from his thoughts. “Princess.” Was all he said.

She smirked at him- pleased with his reaction. 

“Princess,” he whispered, “may I make a request?” 

She nodded as she climbed into his lap and straddled him on the chair. She pulled off his eyepatch and tugged at his hair- studying the surprised expression on his face. 

“Please don’t wear that for anyone else.” He said. “We can find you another costume.” He set the cup down on his desk.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” She replied in a sultry tone- her face just inches from his. She then kissed him open mouthed- both enjoying each other’s savory taste. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed her firmly against him- they moaned from their throats as their tongues twined together. 

Needless to say- Byron did not get any work done after that. 

Anniversary Accident

REQUEST: Can I have one where the reader makes Dan cum in his pants

You take a deep breath, standing in front of your boyfriend’s bedroom door and building up the courage to open it and go find him in the lounge. You glance down at your getup one last time- a tight-laced, blue corset with a matching thong and garters. Your hair hung in loose curls down your back and you had gone heavy on the makeup- dark smokey eyes to make your ice blue eyes pop and a nude lip.

Dan didn’t even know you had come over, it was your one year anniversary and you had told him you’d be over later tonight to have dinner and celebrate but you wanted to surprise him early. He didn’t hear you come in, he was watching Formula 1 at top volume in the lounge, so you snuck into his room and quickly put on your outfit, trying to keep your nerves at bay. It wasn’t the first time you’ve worn lingerie for him, you planned on giving him a anniversary lap dance, and it was the first time for that.

Finally you open the door and begin to stroll down the hallway, trying to be silent in your 6-inch heels. He was so engrossed in the race that he didn’t even notice you enter the room until you grabbed the remote from the edge of the couch and turned the tv off. He head jerked toward you in shock and he jumped, having thought he was alone. But as soon as his eyes fell on you they widened. “Y/n, wha-?”

“Shh,” you whisper, pressing a manicured finger against his lips. You press a button on your phone to play the song you’d queued up- Cowboy by Kid Rock- and straddle his hips. “Happy anniversary baby,” you purr.

You feel his erection already pushing against you through his sweatpants, and it encourages you.You grind your hips into his to the beat of the music, running your fingers up your sides and then through your hair sensuously. “Mmmmfff,” Dan moans, biting his lip as his eyes roll back into his head. His hands grip onto your hips before one reaches around to place a sharp slap on your ass. You breath hitches and an incredibly turned on whimper escapes your lips.

“Oh my god babe,” he murmurs, leaning up to try to kiss you. You turn away from his lips and smirk, leaning down instead to kiss his neck. You nip his earlobe and then suck on his neck to make your mark. “Babe, oh god, babe you need to stop I’m gonna-” he cuts off and throws his head back, his eyes squeezed shut and his hands twitching in their grip on your hips. You feel the spot between your crotches growing wet and you finally realize what just happened. You stop immediately and your mouth drops open, not sure how to respond or what to say.

Dan’s hands drop and clench into fists. A minute goes by in silence, both of you trying to process before Dan’s cheeks get red and his eyes open. “Well that’s never happened before,” you finally say, breaking the awkward silence.

“Oh my god y/n I’m so sorry,” he looks away from you, avoiding your eyes and clearly mortified. “You can go if you want.”

You smile, holding his face in your hands. “Babe. It’s okay. It happens. How about we take a shower together and then finish again in the bedroom?” you run your fingers through his hair and press your lips to his.

“You’re amazing,” he murmurs against your lips.