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Favorite actress series | Cate Blanchett : “Luminous, statuesque, angular, daunting, thoroughbred. These are adjectives commonly used to describe Catherine Elise Blanchett, the most respected actress since Streep and Fonda. They all fit. A tall (though not as tall as you’d think – 5’9”), striking woman of phosphorous skin, sharp bones and fierce blue eyes, Blanchett has lent her severe beauty, glinting intelligence and, of course, frightening talent to a procession of privileged characters. Yet to describe Melbourne-born Blanchett with only words of frigid reverence is to be myopic. This is an actress who locates the frailties in the most regal of characters, chipping away at layers of class and austerity to find the vulnerability and warmth – the humanity – within”. -  Total Film


You know, when you see yourself on a big screen, I tend to watch from behind my hands. There is absolutely the regret. You always get that at the end of every project. That’s what’s great about theater: at least every night you get the chance to go out and re-offend. I’m endlessly disappointed, which is what propels me into the next project, probably, not to repair the damage but to kind of hopefully keep developing. Otherwise there’s no reason to keep doing it, is there?