blue ivy turns 2

“I was showing Beyonce how to work the remotes and she asked me where the music that was playing [in a separate room] was coming from,” Sing Sing owner Kellie Pilicer told Us. “And I said ‘Oh don’t worry, it wont bother you.’ And she said 'No, I want to see who is singing my song.’”

It turns out three girls in a nearby room had been singing Beyonce’s 2011 hit “Party.” The mother of Blue Ivy Carter(who turned 2 years old one day before!) walked down the hall to the girls’ room. Though the singing fans didn’t initially recognize the chart-toppers, the girls invited them in to sing and dance. 

“Beyonce and Michelle started singing and dancing with them,” Pilicer continued. “They were also videotaping the whole thing. These girls had no idea it was them for the first couple of minutes. It was cute.”

One of the girls’ friends had passed out on the coach and Rowland, 32, and Beyonce photobombed the sleeping girl before leaving the room.