blue is the warmest

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Alex: *holding up a red coat, a black coat, and a blue coat* babe it's cold out, which looks the hottest Maggie: I think blue Alex: so what your saying is....Blue is the Warmest Color Maggie: Alex: Maggie: Alex: Maggie: I want a divorce Alex: bitch we aren't even married

Someone needs to make this a graphic, like stat.

Nerd girlfriends being nerdy about lesbians.

My god.

the handmaiden was universally dismissed by my fellow white feminists for being objectifying and male-gazy & basically condemned just because it featured sex scenes. even though movies about white women shot in the West that also featured sex scenes and were shot by a male director (Carol, Blue is the warmest color…) are still applauded… 

honestly it reeks of orientalism and racism and we all should do better.


You shit on me