blue is my favourite colour so yay

ok, so I made this refs for myself, but maybe they will be useful for someone here as well. In the comics we had three main color schemes for Senator Shockwave, unfortunately his design varies a lot from chapter to chapter…

The most popular color scheme is ofc the cute marshmallow from mtmte #9

then we have the “I’m Orion Pax groupie” in #10 and #11

and my personal favourite, blue and gold (so glamorous, oh yay) from Chaos Theory #2

In RID#17 SS has the blue-green-white and navy-red-white colors as well, plus this strange full white appearance in the scene with Jhiaxus. Also I’m very confused by the armor on his chest changing shape with every colour change…

Get To Know Me

Yo yo yo, I love these kind of things so yay!

Rules: Tag 10 (I only tagged four ahaha) people you want to get to know better!

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Relationship status: single

Favourite colour(s): black, dark blue and a soft orange

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Three favourite foods: burritos, noodles, paneer pakora

Last song I listened to: My My My! By Troye Sivan

Last movie I watched: The Other Guys

Top 3 shows: BROOKLYN NINE NINE, Stranger Things, Men on a Mission

Top 5 bands: DAY6, SHINee, Twenty One Pilots, EXO and BTS

Books I’m currently reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (thanks @theasparagusawakens for the rec)

I tag: @theasparagusawakens , @sunbaethehuman , @jeon-jungkxook , @kkookies , idk who else to pick 😓