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i’ve got quite a few messages in my inbox abt jinyoung’s appearance in legend of the blue sea so im just gonna answer a lot of them here with my thoughts. no, that kissing scene is not cute. no, it’s not romantic. no it’s not anything to be fangirling about. that girl he’s kissing is 14 years old. jinyoung is 22. if they wanted the love story around that point then they should’ve casted an older actress or not have casted jinyoung and instead a guy much closer to her age. i don’t blame jinyoung for this, the decision was out of his hands, it was in the script, he’s just the actor and he had to just play his role. but i’m getting sick and tired of seeing this recurring gross theme in k-dramas of young girls getting casted to act with older guys.

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Teru in C2 bc I'm terrible

I do believe the word you are looking for here is TERUble

SOmeone get this poor boy some blankets and hot cocoa or something, he is quite ill :’(

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KH Aesthetics: Saix

If I had a heart, this would be where I die of laughter.

Own Our Heavens

This is dedicated to all the awful people who felt the need to point out to me that any Blue-Pearl-joins-the-rebellion AUs actually inevitably end in tears. You know who you are. Anyway, here’s a small take on Blue’s Life Goals Or Wife Goals Crisis, as I like to call it. I promise there’s lots of Blue Pearl/Terrifying Renegade fluff in between the two segments, and that I will definitely write it some day. ~1800 words

Own Our Heavens

She regrets the one real act of rebellion she’s ever committed, that little sneak of a glance through the lattice by Her Diamond’s throne.

It pales in comparison to what she’s now seen, true - but then, there are few things that don’t. Certainly none she can imagine herself ever even attempting. But there, precisely, is the problem - she looked, and now she is imagining, and every rotation of this soon-to-be colony in the long, long line of Her Diamond’s conquests only makes it worse. She is only a pearl, of course, and knows very little of anything, but she is ready to believe there is something about the atmosphere of this particular planet, something about the moisture in the air, perhaps, or the yellowness of its star, that toys with Gems and makes them forget their place.

She knows her place.

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what if after all this build up blue finally kisses gansey and he just. is the worst kisser. in the world. he has no idea what he’s doing and he is a Mess. and blue is just like “???? i waited my whole fuckin life for this and ur literally going to die now??? because of this??? noah was better than you. and he’s DEAD” 

Also I mentioned that Felix didn’t have to do much because, I honestly don’t think he did. I don’t think he had to talk Locus into being partners, I think Locus did that all on his own. I mean, Felix would’ve definitely encouraged him sure, cause what better partner than someone who’s willing to overlook Felix’s absolute disregard for life.

But I mean, they wanted the same things, ‘the one thing they’d always agreed on.’ Felix wanted to keep killing for pleasure and validation, and Locus wanted to keep killing to make himself feel better, so he’d never have to deal with the things he’d done. It’s not like Felix had to pull his leg about it. They relied on and used each other for different things. And Locus relied on him for validation, so he could keep being Locus and avoid responsibility and guilt. And what better validation for Locus than a partner who also kills but doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Felix sees neither of them as bad or doing wrong. All Locus had to do was watch Felix and listen to him when he said ‘who cares if they’re dead, we’re better than them anyways.’

And I mean, I guess that depends on when and how he became Locus, which is 120% speculation. 

I’m just partial to the idea that they became partners because of mutual ground and wanting the same thing. And relied on and needed each other for slightly different reasons.