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90% of the reason I can’t stand su critical blogs is bc they all have The Tumblr Attitude the one that’s really condescending and passive aggressive and develops after too many years of being in this dusty blue inferno of a hellsite and you just fuckign suck for enjoying this children’s cartoon abt little neon gayliens


Hey lovely people!!!! Sorry that I haven’t really posted my face in the last couple of months, but I’ve been incredibly depressed. The good news is that I finally got out of bed and went to see @worldinferno for the two shows they played in Jersey!! I got to dance and drink with a bunch of really excellent people, and it helped to perk me up a bit 🎶 Honestly, being from NY, I never thought I’d say this, but I’d LOVE to move to Asbury sometime! The scene there was so cool.

Anywho, I’m going to try responding to all your kind messages soon and sorry about the wait, so just know I wasn’t intentionally ignoring anybody at all. Miss you great people!!! ✨

Dianakko~ Sick Of Losing Soulmates

Part 9/???

Story so far: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(5.5)(6)(7)(8)(9)

Summary: In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now. (Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate’s is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last)

A/N I am SO SO SOOOO sorry that this took so long to write, like I don’t know why but it was so hard to write with writer’s block and I didn’t have much time on the main pc as well to write but hey it’s here now, I guess that’s the important bit huh? Also I just checked the word count, it’s around 7.5 k words so enjoy! Hopefully it was worth the wait 

Chapter 9~ Thursday

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Rules: Answer the questions

Tag 5 people.

List your fandoms:

List your OTPs

If you have any ships that are almost OTP’s list those as well

List your top 5 favorite male characters.

List your top 5 favorite female characters.

List your top 5 villains.

List your top 5 male actors.

List your top 5 female actors.

What fandom are you most involved in?

What fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you?

What are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows?

Any favorite fanfictions?

List your 5 favorite authors.

Any favorite writers, directors, or producers?

fandoms: ((hoo boy this might get long)) treasure planet, anastasia, hunchback of notre dame, harry potter, septimus heap, ascendance trilogy, six of crows, merlin, trolls & zootopia. 

otps: honestly i’m not sure i have any of those??? shipping isnt my thing haha. but i do like branch & poppy from trolls, and think hiccup & mala from rtte would be pretty cute

almost otps: again shipping really isnt my thing 

top 5 favorite male characters: hiccup ((httyd)), quasimodo ((hunchback of notre dame)), jim hawkins ((treasure planet)), merlin ((bbc merlin)), zach ((last night i sang to the monster))

top 5 favorite female characters: esmeralda ((hunchback of notre dame)), anastasia ((anastasia)), annie ((2014 annie)), anna ((frozen)), judy hopps ((zootopia))

top 5 villains: frollo ((hunchback of notre dame)), viggo ((race to the edge)), morgana ((merlin)), dagur ((riders of berk)), scar ((the lion king))

top 5 male actors: ahhh tbh i don’t really follow any actors/actresses so im gonna have to say none??? but i’ve seen jay baruchel in a couple other things besides httyd & i think he’s really good!! 

top 5 female actors: again don’t really follow actors/actresses

what fandom are you most involved in? probably treasure planet?? 

what fandom do you think has had the biggest impact on you? the httyd community & tbh not a good one either

what are your favorite genres for books, movies, and TV shows? fantasy!! 

any favorite fanfictions? encounters by yetanothernobody ((treasure planet)), instead of going under by mission to marzipan ((percy jackson)), unbreakable by eight0fhearts ((merlin)), the orcus’ tale by PcKtmouse ((treasure planet)), an industrial revolution of a different sort by windfish ((the lorax)), & resistance by nerdburga ((merlin)). i actually really really like a lot more than that but it’d take too long to cover them all so i’ll stop there

5 favorite authors: k.l going, cressida cowell, frances hodges burnett, benjamin alire seanz, mary shelley 

any favorite writers, directors or producers? no i don’t think so?? again i don’t really follow things like that :P

i tag @drillbeeautomaton @gayfairytales @briannathestrange @blue-inferno @lutavero & anyone else who wants to do it <3 

doji24  asked:

Hurt/Comfort with happy ending tarkrennic for the writing prompt Please?

A Near Miss (1k words)

Krennic should have been in the med bay, but instead Tarkin found him slumped between the couch and the wall in the director’s quarters.

Krennic’s face was ghastly, the blood drained from it that could have been from the blaster wound in his shoulder or the very fact Tarkin was looming over him now.

Krennic’s eyes, a pair of blue infernos, bore into Tarkin, his teeth were bared and practically frothing.

“You missed me,” he hissed.

“I was not aiming for you, Krennic,” Tarkin replied, knowing it was not the truth…not entirely. “In any case, you forced my hand.”

“Have you come here to finish the job, then? 

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What she says:  I’m fine.

What she means:  Why didn’t Carolina Crown get first place?  How did Blue Devils get away with a 10 year old on the field?  Why hasn’t anyone bought me one of those rad Kinetic Noise props yet?  Why didn’t SCV’s tesla coils actually work at finals, because that would have been wicked?  How did Blue Knights know that having mirror props would be sick?  Why did the Cadets get so carried away with the number ten?  Did they really have to have ten freaking snares?  But most importantly:  Why didn’t Tilt win last year?

The Way You Burn

spirit fire
burns through glacial ice
frozen love
slowly flows for millions of years
melt me with your passion
light a candle
illuminate me with warmth of flames
soul sparks
ignite icicles tonight
blue-white heat
stokes infernos in yearning hearts
hot is fire is elemental is love
I love the way you burn…
smolder me

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I believe in a world of endless possibility,
“The Mistress of Misdeeds.”

The ripped dress debutante;
I believe I’m going to fuck you up.