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boi... ur on another Plane with this shit about grif. oh my god. ive loved him since the very first episode and im sO glad u wrote that shit. omg. plEASE tell me more about what you think of grif

Oh my gosh, you’re so kind!

Honestly, I could talk for hours about Grif and just how complex of a character he is! I have so many headcanon’s that I would love to share, but didn’t because most of them are silly and I’m too easily embarrassed. I first watched RvB back in 2009 but stopped watching for whatever reason and the only reason I got back into it years later was because I remembered one of the PSA’s with Grif in it.

He’s been my favorite character since the start of the show, and even though there wasn’t a lot of it his moments of character development having always caught my attention more than they did for any other character. I recently rewatched the Blood Gulch Chronicles and noticed that Season 1 Grif was very different from the Grif he eventually evolves into.

Out of everyone in the show, I noticed that he seemed to act the most militaristic than everybody at that point- including Sarge. There were key moments such as when he was standing on top of the flipped Warthog and using the sniper rifle to spy on the blues and then there was the time he told Simmons to get the Warthog to help out Donut.

They’re little things but it’s such a drastic change in character to what we see now and in future seasons that it really begs the question as to why this change occurs?

Of course, the answer is obviously just the flanderization of all the characters to a single character trait since it’s a comedy web series. But I love to look into the deeper meanings of the show itself.

I like to think that this change in overall tone for Grif is due to the fact that as years go by he’s probably given up on trying to prove himself to the BGC due to their constant belittling of him. I wouldn’t blame him and the fact that until now he’s stuck with them in spite of this still says a lot about him.

Just like Kai said, Grif cares, a lot. But I think as years go by he’s begun to think that the BGC doesn’t care about him as much as he does about them- which is why in the newest episode he exploded when talking to Dylan and inevitably came to the decision that he did.

Grif’s shining moments of badassery are few and far but when they do happen it’s generally when his friends need help- twice in the fight with the Meta and of course during the pre-Battle of Charon.

I should probably stop myself here before I write another essay, but I’m honestly always open to discussions!


"so much depends
a red wheel
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