blue heat

BTS REACTION: you wanting to be intimate with them but you’re too shy.


Jin sat awkwardly at the end of the sofa, you at the other end. You both decided to watch movies, but you were acting weird. It wasn’t like you didn’t know each other. He was your boyfriend after all. He just wanted you to be closer, even if it was just a tad closer. he cleared his throat, trying to earn a response from you.


he frowned. 

“y/n?” he asked. You looked over, meeting his sweet eyes.

“You’re a little far…” he said. You immediately became shy, cheeks turning a beat red color. 

“I-i..” you stuttered. A concerned look grew onto his face, and he pushed some of your hair out of your face, bringing you a little closer to him. Despite what you thought, his touch was comforting.

“You what jagi..” he whispered.

“Well.. you’re my first real relationship.. so I don’t.. I’m awkward when it comes to this stuff.. I wanna be close to you.. I just don’t know how? If that makes sense? It doesn’t..” you rambled. A soft smile formed on his lips.

“it makes perfect sense.. we’ll take it slow.. okay?” he asked. You nodded slowly. He sat back, putting his arm on the top of the sofa. You sat close to him, laying your head on his chest, earning a smile from Jin. 

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Suga wasn’t the most affectionate person. Yes he kissed you, and held you’re hand. But that was about it. It was actually odd. But you didn’t mind because you weren’t used to being close to another person. You usually got irked by other people, which is probably why Yoongi liked you so much. He told you he was gonna drop by, but you didn’t know when that was gonna be. He was in the studio, and when it came to nights like that, you usually didn’t hear from him. You left a key for him under the mat, and began drifting off to sleep when you heard your door open. You looked up and saw a very sleepy yoongi at about 3 am.”

“baby?” you whispered. No response. He walked over to your bed, almost zombie like.

“yoongi..” you said. He laid in bed, pulling you close to him, and laying on your chest. He cuddled you, so he was close you. You tensed up, but eventually relaxed and got into the motions, running your fingers through his hair.

“i’ve had a long day..” he whispered.

“tell me about it..” you said. He began filling you in, making it an almost perfect night. While you grew comfortable, he felt content, because he knew he had broken through your hard exterior some how.

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J Hope

He was always confused. Every time he tried pulling you close, or kissing you when you two were in his room, you would shy away. You could tell he was confused, and decided to finally tell him how you felt. A confused look grew onto his face.

“That’s all? Jagiiiii” he teased. You groaned, swatting him away. He pulled you clsoe to him, kissing your face.

“That is absolutely pure and innocent I love it.. but you need to be comfortable with me.. I’m not going anywhere” he said. A smile grew onto your face.

“okay okay..” you said.

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Rap Monster

He loved every part of you. He literally would love to just softly stroke your hand, or softly touch your cheek, just to simply see your cheeks flush. You were a piece of art that he loved to admire. But you never liked to be intimate with him, which was insanely concerning. One night, you bother sat in the studio and he sighed, sitting back. He felt flustered and confused. You could see him getting frustrated. He was tired, and overworked. 

“baby?” you whispered. 

“hmm” he replied, rubbing his templed.

“are you okay?” you asked.

“no.. baby i’m not” he said.

“can I help with anything?” you asked. 

“Can you just come sit on my lap please.. I just wanna hold you..” he said, looking over at you. Your cheeks lit up.

“i-i.. I meant like a water or something..” you stuttered. He sighed, looking at his computer. 

“Right.. I’m fine.” he mumbled. You immediately felt bad.

“joon…” you whispered, walking over to him. 

“no y/n it’s fine..” he mumbled. 

“i’m.. just not as experienced or anything.. you know you’re my first serious relationship.. I’m not used to doing things like that..” you whispered. You knew at time you were absolutely ridiculous and distant from him. He had every right to be upset. But guilt struck him. He had completely forgotten about that. 

“it’s okay baby..” he whispered, softly kissing your hand. You shyly made your way around him, sitting on his lap. All the tension in his body seemed to evaporate. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing his head to your chest, and softly made circles in his hair. 

“i’m just tired..” he whispered.

“I know..”

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Jimin planned a whole candle lit picnic to celebrate your month of being together. It was the sweetest gesture that anyone could’ve possibly done for you. After dinner, you sat across from him feeling fully of glee. 

“Thank you for everything Jimin..” you said. He smiled at you. 

“anything for you.. can I have a kiss?” he asked. Your cheeks immediately heated up. You were still insanely shy with Jimin, simply because he was well….


“y/n?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“I.. um..” you stuttered and he gave you a small smile.

“I just.. Jimin you’re so.. yoouuuuuuu. You make me nervous..” you groaned, causing him to chuckle. 

“stop.. I’m normal.. you know me.. you don’t have to be shy with me” he said. You smiled softly, moving closer to him. 

“I don’t?” you asked. He shook his head, bringing his face closer to yours.

“nope.” he whispered. You closed the space between the two of you, by placing your plump lips against his. 

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Thunder roared from outside your window. You jumped slightly, causing your boyfriend concern. 

“jagiyaa? you okay?” he asked. You nodded, immediately lying to your boyfriend. You knew if you said you were scared, he would wanna cuddle you which terrified you. You wanted to cuddle with him, but you were genuinely scared to simply because of how inexperienced you were. 

“you’re lying” he said. You ran your fingers through your hair uncomfortably. 

“jagi come here.” he cooed, immediately pulling you close to him. You seemed o relax, causing him to smile. 

“see..” he said, kissing your temple. 

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Jungkook was shy, everyone knew that. But the only exception was you. He was the one to always initiate kisses with you, and cuddles. You were always insanely shy around him. 

“why are you so shy around me?” he asked out of the blue. Your cheeks heated up, and you took a deep breath.

“my ex wasn’t so kind to my kookie.. He was always harsh and cold to me.. so I just assumed everyone was like that… I’m experienced in a way honestly..” you whispered. Kookie’s jaw dropped and he pulled you to him.

“i would never do that to you.” he cooed

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lia  ♡


“Please… take me back to that ocean.

That´s my last wish.

He is waiting for me ….”

The specific heat capacity of love by Old xian


So. I want to talk about. Why I started to draw. It was because of 19 Days. And Joker Danny. And The spacific heat capacity of love. And the mospaca advertising department ^^; And all that is from Old xian. My big senpai at that time one year ago. I admire their work. So. wonderful. I were often depressive because I couldn´t draw as fragile and manly at the same time, like Old xian. I cried a lot. And after half a year I knew, that the manga/manwha/manhua style is not mine. That I will never reach such a state. But! You now, now I can draw the characters in my style! And it is such a good feeling, to found what I searched ^^ at least, I reached the beginning haha. There will be a steady change. And I know that my art will improve (maybe?) But for now, I wanted to draw one of the Characters of the sadest love story, I ever read in my 26 years that I am here on earth! As always, the character credits goes to Old xian. My hero. <3 ~

#3 Masturbation (Destiel)

Requested anonymously for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: masturbation, voyeurism

Word Count: 1000

A/N: Enjoy some Destiel porn! XOXO

Castiel watches Dean masturbate a lot.

The first time it happened, it was almost an accident. Dean had been in the shower, relieving some tension, and ‘Cas’ had simply been the thought in his mind. He must have thought it pretty hard too (though he would never admit to yearning or longing or praying as Cas had said), because Cas felt it.

It had been a huge surprise for both of them when Cas showed up in the bathroom, to say the least. But it was a nice surprise, and Dean had welcomed Cas to stay.

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“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Peter Parker x Reader

You lay back on Peter’s bed, holding your notecards above your head. “What’s the strongest metal on earth?”


“What is it called when you measure the clarity of water?”


“What’s an example of a transuranic element?”

“Uh . . . Cm-249.”

You throw down your cards and sit up on Peter’s bed, turning to face him. “Honestly, Peter, why am I even studying you? You’re a genius.”

“Pleeeasse, (y/n), I’m really nervous for this final. Please just finish the cards.” He leans forward and gives you his best puppy impression. “Pleeeasssee?”

You sigh dramatically and put your head down as you pick up your cards again, hoping that Peter can’t see your blush. “Fine. What process do you use to produce ethanol from ethylene?” 


“Yup.” You flip to the next card. “What flame colors do copper ions produce when heated?”


You consider his answer. “Blue-green, but sure. Blue it is.” Peter doesn’t respond to your sarcasm, which makes you frown and look up at him. He’s leaning his head on his hand and staring at you with a stupid grin on his face. It’s the look he usually saves for when Liz walks by in school. “Pete?” 


You chuckle nervously. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

He sits up quickly, looking around his room. “Like what?” He blushes at his obviousness, but you choose to ignore it and ask him another time. Knowing Peter, he won’t tell you just now. But he will come clean later.

“Okay. Just try to focus, okay? I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for Aunt May’s spaghetti.” You grin cheekily, and Peter rolls his eyes. An easy smile slides over his features.

“Yeah, yeah, just read the next question.” He hands you the set of notecards you had set down. “Come on, you’re slacking.”

You gasp. “You slacked first!”

He goes to protest, but can’t find an excuse that proves his innocence, so instead, he just groans. “Just read!” You giggle victoriously and flip the cards.

“What’s the most electronegative element?”

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Dating Hank McCoy Would Include

.Kissing him when he starts to ramble

.Wearing his glasses

.Hank not wanting to show you his blue alter ego

.in heated makeout sessions, you could see patches of blue appear on his forehead


.Holding his hand when he gets nervous

.telling him that his mutation was a gift, not a curse

. When he first says he loves you, he stutters throughout the entire sentence

. “I-I love you, Y/N. A-a lot.”

. Helping him in his lab

.Trying to stay awake, waiting for him to get to your room after a long day at the lab and he never shows

.but waking up in his arms every single day

.he’s the big spoon

. Him always talking about science

. You listening cause people usually cut him off

. You go to his lab to eat lunch with him

. And sometimes dinner

.Cuddling all the time

.hugging you from behind and digging his face into your neck

.bringing you flowers just because

.Peter teasing you guys all the time

.“ You guys were so loud last night, god you woke up the whole masion!”

.him getting flustered

.holding hands a lot

.but not really into pda

.pulling him into a kiss with his tie

Unknown Territory // Jughead

Summary: Reader is Riverdale’s mysterious teenager. Jughead and the reader share a lot of firsts and she’s going to be his first time until feelings are said and plans change. How will everyone react when sophomore starts with a new couple.

Characters: Jughead x Reader, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and Archie Andrews

Words: 1212

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters that appear in this story.

Warnings: Allusion to sex, swearing, and fluff

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Popped into my head. This is set in the summer before sophomore and Jason is not mentioned what so ever in this.

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Jughead Jones, little was known when it came to the strange but real teen that was almost always alone. Everybody knew that Jughead and Archie Andrews were best friends; after a short period no one knew why they didn’t hang together anymore.

There was one person that was the true mysterious teen. You were the girl with the trademark dark eyeliner and computer. It wasn’t known what you did on it but the hint was the large studio headphones that more than likely covered your ears.

Last year was when you caught the attention of Jughead more than any other year. He craved mystery but he craved you more.

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Sleepover (Thievery Pt. 2) | Peter Parker x Reader

requested: original was not, but a bunch of people wanted a part 2, and i kinda think imma make it a series

summary: reader prepares to hang with the boys and they have a fun night, though something suspicious happens at 2 in the morning…?

word count: 1449

part 1 part 3


You ran a shaky hand through your hair as you tossed an over-sized sweatshirt in your backpack for tonight. Try as you may, you couldn’t shake the feeling that you recognized the man behind the Spider-man mask. When he touched you, it was the same electric feeling you got when someone else touched you, but you couldn’t figure out who. You frantically checked your watch and saw that it was 5:15. Shoot, if you don’t leave soon you’ll be late.

You zipped the bag hastily and slung it over your back, weaving around the bed and through your decorated door. As you got into your living room you dug around in the cupboard to find a pen and notepad and wrote out a note to your parents that you would be with Peter and Ned, and to call you or May if they needed you. Your parents were hardly around with your father being a surgeon and your mother being a flight attendant and since you’ve know Peter since you were 3 and in preschool together, they just kind of trusted him and Aunt May to take care of you.

Images of the fight flashed across your mind, red and blue, webs everywhere, and heat causing your face to flush and hands to sweat. You didn’t want it to ruin your night with your best friends though, so you shoved it to the back of your consciousness. You tossed the pen back in the drawer and slammed it in impatience and rush. You then turned to the door finally prepared to leave. As you pulled it open, however, you came face-to-face with Peter’s clenched fist, prepped to knock.

“Oh my god!” You sucked in a breath of shock and surprise and grasped his fist, lowering it away from your face. He blushed and looked down at his feet. “Pete, what are you doing here? We are coming to you.” You asked him confused.

“Oh, I was just kind of in the area and figured I could come and walk with you.” He sounded out of breath and looked a little haggard but you figured it was just from the exercise. Admittedly, you were relieved that he was here. You were kind of frightened from the earlier ordeal and it was nice to have another person with you.

“So want to head out? I’ll take that.” He gestured to the elevator down the hall and took your bag from you to hold. You couldn’t help but notice for the millionth time that over the last few months Peter had gotten fairly fit. The tightly would muscles in his forearm bulged a little in his forearm, it was your weakness.

“Oh, thanks Pete.” You thanked him, blushing profusely. He nodded a polite reply and then you two set out. You remained silent throughout the elevator ride, the only noise being the ringing sound of the bell that goes off as you pass each floor, ding, ding, ding, ding. By the time the doors opened you decided you couldn’t hold in the secret anymore. It was nearly bursting out of you and Peter was the one person on earth with whom you felt truly safe and at home, you trusted him with your life.

“Peter, I have to tell you something…” You whispered as the two of you pushed through the glittering revolving lobby doors. Out on the street it was louder and you felt less worried about someone overhearing. Peter tensed up at your comment, weird.

“What’s up?” He asked you in a weird high voice, the one he always used when  he was trying to cover something up. You put that aside for the time being, with your confession being so extreme.

“I met Spider-man today,” You said it really fast from excitement, he looked nervous. “I was going to Delmar’s like I said, and a gunman came in. I began to fight him and then he went on fire and then Spider-man came in and he was beating the guy up and then I opened the ice cream freezer and then he webbed him and he thanked me for my help!” It all came out in one breath. Relief flooded your body, stabilizing you, and allowing you to take a deep breath.

“Wait, what? He had a gun! Y/N, oh my god have some sense. No level of fighting can stop a bullet!” He seemed really angry at you, and it was weird that he seemed more focused on the fact that there was a gun than anything else. Then again, even Spider-man hadn’t seen the gun, seeing as the man was on fire by the time he came in. 

“No, Peter, you aren’t listening… I MET SPIDER-MAN!” You were waving your hands around in excitement at this point. He turned to you and despite his clear unease he choked out a snort at your glee.

You spent the rest of the walk home telling him all about Spider-man, with him smiling this small humble smile and simply listening to you.

You were completely at home in Peter’s living room, with your legs resting on Ned and your head on Peter’s lap you were living the luxury life. The Empire Strikes Back was playing in the background but you guys were trading your best pick-up lines, it was your turn; “Did you just fart?” You asked them, arching an eyebrow. They both shook their heads innocently. “Cause you blew me away!” You threw your head back, laughing at your own terrible joke. Peter chuckled and Ned snorted. 

“That was solid, Y/N.” Peter looked you right in the eyes and said, “You look ill… You must be lacking vitamin ME.” And he booped your nose. You giggled and tickled his chin, always knowing his weaknesses.

“Oh spare me the love fest.” Ned whined. To which you became embarrassed and sat straight up off both of them and leaned into the couch. You couldn’t see Peter mouthing what the hell to Ned, and him shrugging in apology. You immediately felt cold, both physically and emotionally, from the lack of Peter.

From that point on you all sat on your squares of the pull-out couch and watched the movie in silence. But you couldn’t focus. Peter’s hand was right next to yours and you wanted nothing more than to intertwine them and pull him close. You could smell him from here, he smelled of maple and cinnamon.

You were shot back to the day when the two of you were 7, you were dressed up as Princess Leia, a white bed sheet wrapped around you and he was dressed as Han Solo, with a cowboy vest.

“Come here Leia!” He called to you, holding out a small hand. You skipped over to him and gripped it tightly to your chest. “I love you,” You whispered dramatically. “I know.” He gasped and then fell to the ground dramatically. You fell over with him and both rolled around on the ground clutching your aching tummies. He stopped suddenly and sat straight up, golden curls pointing at odd angles. “Will you be my Leia?” He asked. “I already am.” You’d replied.

Remembering that day, you suddenly did something that you never would have done. Maybe, it was because you had fought someone today or maybe you were just growing up but you felt a surge of confidence. You hooked your pinkie over his. You glanced at his face and although he was facing straight ahead, an excited smile crept over his face and weaved his fingers through yours so you were really holding hands.

The feeling you had was indescribable. This was everything you ever wanted. Peter had to have some of the same feelings as you, considering for the rest of the night he moved closer and closer until you were leaning on his shoulder. You fell asleep gradually, breathing him in and feeling completely at peace.

A light noise woke you up to a dark living room lit only by the menu screen from the movie and the absence of Peter next to you. You guessed he went to the bathroom. Sitting up and stretching your back, you heard a noise come from his room, like a small bang of something falling. You stood up to investigate and made it to his doorway, you rubbed your eyes to rid them of the sleepy blurriness and saw something on the ceiling. You looked up and switch on the light just in time to see the hero you worked with earlier peel his mask back. Surprise hit you like a truck, knocking the breath out of you and making you light-headed.



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Movie Scene(Christian Yu x Reader x Loco AMBW Smut)

Soooo once again she trying to deny daddy Yu  so why not fuck her up with two great guys?  As well as the rest of you lmfao yes come thru and tell me what you think about this @silhouetted-beauty just give in, it will only get worse.

Steam arose off the white surface as your hand ghosted over the plate, turning on the silver faucet on the sink making sure to rinse the dish off with cold water. Moving to sit it down in the dish rack your eyes skimmed the area beside you to make sure that all the dishes were clean and resting with the one you had just finished. Sweat started to drip down from your forehead and your cheeks onto your chest causing your brown skin to glisten under the bright kitchen light. The black tank top that you had on clung to your body, a bit disheveled and rising up in the front from where you had been pressed against the sink trying to clean off the dishes. Your pink shorts were also crumpled lightly, parts of your ass cheeks were on display as you paced side to side letting the water drain from the sink. In a matter of seconds your vision was blurred and suddenly black from the black gloves that rested against your eyes, the material making your skin heat up more than what it already was. You moved to grab at the hands that were trying to obstruct a view, a small yelp leaving your lips.

“Shhh, just let it happen.” A deep voice muttered against your ear sending chills up your spine, your body shuddered lightly as you nodded your head. “Good girl.” The voice complimented and you couldn’t see it but you could bet whoever said it was more than getting a kick out of this. One of his hands moved down from your eyes to your neck, cupping your jaw as the other hand secured around your eyes, he moved his hand to your breast groping them individually playing with your mounds causing your breath to hitch slightly.

“H-hey.” You called out in warning and he laughed, his hand sliding lower.

“Couldn’t help myself, you have a great pair.” The male complimented as his hand dipped down to cup your sex. Your legs squeezed tightly around his hand and that didn’t do anything but allow him to cup you harder, his palm moving back and forth grinding against your heat. Your legs trembled lightly as you stifled a soft moan from your lips, your head rolling back against the shoulder of the male who remained unnamed at the moment. “Does it feel good?” He asked you, but you didn’t answer, the only indication to his answer was a subtle roll of your hips as you took deep breaths.

“I think she likes it. I think she likes it a lot.” Another voice called out, you couldn’t see what the male was doing, but he was bringing his camera closer to you, recording every moment that was happening. He felt proud of himself for thinking of such things and he knew that you were loving this just as much. He couldn’t wait to see what you had to say when everything was over. Christian watched as Loco played with you, letting his hand continue to tease your clothed pussy, his bulge started to appear, pressing against your ass and the sight alone had Christian biting the inside of his cheek to stifle his own groan feeling his pants get hard at the sight. Looking at Loco and waiting for the male to make eye contact he jerked his head backwards signaling for him to go towards the bedroom.

“I’m going to move my hand, but keep your eyes closed. And if you don’t obey. You won’t like me in a few minutes. Understood?” The voice asked you and though part of you wanted to rebel and look or maybe even run you decided against it, giving a nod of your head. Soon after, the hand was moved and you were hauled over someone’s shoulder, his hand slid up to slap at your plump ass cheeks causing it to sound off in the kitchen. You were carried for a while until your back was hitting your mattress the soft dark blue sheets meeting your heated skin. “Open your eyes.” The voice called out and you did as told, blinking to let your eyes adjust to the light you looked in front of you. Two men with ski masks on, but the area for their eyes and nose was completely cut out showing off their skin. One man had a large video camera up and pointing at you. Both were dressed in black, black sweaters and black baggy jeans. Your eyes shifted between the two before it settled on the man you assumed were carrying you.

“We are going to take off our masks. But you have to promise us you won’t scream.” The male stated moving closer to you as the one with the camera sat it down on your work desk that was directly in front of your bed, the large lens facing you.

“What do you want?” You asked softly, your nerves spiked up while you were alert and slightly embarrassed from the fact that you were wet and the fabric of your shorts were dampened.

“We just want to have some fun with you. And then we will be on our way. No reason to not cooperate, right?” The male asked you and a pout graced your visage as you titled your head.

“I don’t sleep around with just anyone, besides how do I know that you’re not containing anything?” You asked the male crossing one leg over the other.

“We could be asking you the same thing.” The male with the camera countered and you dropped your mouth open.

“Well that’s a fucking risk you take when barging into someone’s house!” You yelled at the male.

“Ma’am. No attitudes- hey look at me!” The first male addressed you gripping your chin roughly with your hand. When your eyes met his darker orbs, he reached into his back pocket with his free hand moving to pull out two slips of paper. “Do you want to see proof?” He asked softly throwing the pieces of paper down onto your bedside table. You rolled your eyes at how conveniently prepared they both seemed. Biting on your bottom lip you had to think for a second, it had been a while since you could even fuck around. Between the stupid ass job, you had and the loss of your partner due to work, you could say you felt you deserved this.  

“If you can convince me that I should give in, then I will let you do what you want. If not, then you can just get out.” You shrugged nonchalantly but deep in your gut you wished that they would both do good jobs.

“It didn’t take you long to get wet, I’m sure it won’t take me long to have you screaming my name.” He chuckled, hands sliding up to grip at the hems of the ski mask pulling it off and over his head, revealing the blonde hair to compliment his baby face. He looked good, damn good and the sight alone had you tightening your legs together. He moved to grip at his black sweater to pull it up and over his head. His body becoming revealed to your eyes that were greedily looking over him. You hummed in approval seeing the taught muscles that rested on his stomach. Counting the abs silently in your head but the view was cut short by him moving to crawl on the bed gripping at your right ankle pulling you towards the middle of the bed. He took off his black gloves one by one as he climbed on the bed to join you.

“Hyukwoo.” He mumbled as he leaned over you, your hands moved to grip at his shoulders nodding your head.

“Y/n.” You spoke your name softly.

“Y/n.” He called your name out letting it roll off his tongue slowly. He continued to look down at you, his gaze was full of heat and want. The way he inched his body downwards to press against yours, his forehead pressing against yours, he tilted his head kissing your lips gently. You immediately kissed back, your hands moving up to wrap around his neck, playing with the blonde locks of hair at his nape, your legs spreading wide to press against the mattress. He groaned softly, his hips pressing down against yours rolling his bulge against your clothed heat. The make-out turned hot and heavy between the two of you. His hands gripped at your hips pulling you against him, your hips clashed as you dry humped the wet spot in your spots becoming damp again and even worse as it soaked your panties. His hands moved back up your body, his hands sliding under your tank top to crawl up your skin. He gripped at your breast, only covered by a thin bra, his fingers tweaking at your nipples, a smirk on his lips as he pulled back.

“Take off your top and bra baby girl.” He slapped at your thigh, his fingers dragging lightly down your outside your thigh.

You leaned up, pressing your forehead against his and biting on his bottom lip before you pulled back to take off your shirt, throwing it behind you on the floor and next your bra followed revealing your plump chocolate mounds. Hyukwoo gripped at your breast, eyeing them as his thumbs brushed over your nipples. “It’s so cute that you only have one nipple pierced.” He teased leaning down.

“Shut up!” You moaned out, trying to talk shit but he was flicking his tongue against your nipples at quick motions. Soon he was sucking on your breast harshly letting one hand wrap around your waist, to keep your body close to him. He nibbled on your nipples, pulling on the jewelry with his teeth lightly he pulled back with a wet pop kissing down your body. His hand pushed down at your lower stomach causing you to lay back down against the bed keeping your legs spread for him. He gripped at your shorts and slid them down your legs until he was throwing them onto the floor by his feet. He pressed your legs down against the bed, moving to flick his tongue against your wet spot, up and down and in a circle causing you to moan. He nibbled and bit on your pussy gently through the fabric, your pussy was becoming drenched in the panties, your back arching off the bed as you tried to be patient with him toying with you but It was becoming hard. Your head wandered to turn looking over at the male who had his mask off as well. Curly brown hair against his forehead, he had a charming smile and big kissable pink lips.

As Hyukwoo discarded your panties like he did with your shorts the other male stood up and started to strip himself as well. He didn’t stop until every inch of him was uncovered, your eyes basked in the sight of his tattooed upper body. Walking over towards you he moved your body upwards so that your head was hanging off the side of the bed. He gripped at his shaft, pumping it above your head until the tip was leaking with precum. He bent his knees, smearing the precum on your lips before he gripped at your chin moving it so that your mouth was open.

“A tongue ring huh? I’m sure you’re good with that mouth then.” He called out to you as he slid himself into your mouth. He leaned over your body, his hands resting beside your stomach on each side. Your mouth stretched around his dick but you didn’t mind it at all. Your hands fisted the sheets as your tongue flicked from side to side on the underside of his shaft. The male started to grunt softly, rolling his hips forward to start face fucking you.

“That’s right Christian fuck her pretty little face good.” Loco leaned down to flick his wet tongue against your pussy, spreading you open with two fingers he started to swirl his tongue around your clit, playing with and teasing the bud before slipping it into his mouth. Your whole body was on fire, shaking and shuddering as you were face fucked and ate out against the bed. Your lower stomach clenched and it felt like there was a fire in your bones. You tried to whimper out, but it only caused you to choke around the thick girth in your mouth, spit starting to form in the corners of your mouth as Christian sped up his hips, groaning as he watched his cock disappear in your mouth over and over again the wet warm space making him feel his pleasure and it took on a new high with the fact that you had a tongue ring. His hands moved to grip at your breast slapping at them and playing with them, he held your mounds in his hands jiggling the flesh with his large palms. Hyukwoo moved to slid his tongue into your pussy, causing a moan to slip past your lips and vibrate around his shaft, Christian moved to slap at your clit as Hyukwoo ate you out letting his tongue swirl around the inside of your pussy, he moaned and flicked his tongue curving it and tasting every inch of you that he possibly could. While he devoured you, Christian changed the slaps on your wet bud to quick circles with his two fingers, your hips buck upwards, your hands moved to tangle into Hyukwoo’s hair pressing his face against your pussy as you rode it feeling closer to an orgasm. It didn’t help that Christian was adding to your pleasure, with your hips twitching and your pleasured spot being grazed by the pink tongue buried deep inside of you, it was only a matter of time before your juices were sliding out of your pussy creating a mess as you on Hyukwoo’s tongue, your eyes screwed shut and as you moaned more you kept choking around the shaft slamming inside of your mouth. But instead of stopping, Hyukwoo slid two fingers inside of you thrusting them quick and fast. He curved and straightened them out until you were cumming again this time squirting on his forearm and his chin as he pulled back to make come hither motions with his fingers moving his arm and fingers as fast as he could.

Christian pulled back, letting his shaft tap on your parted lips and then across your face until he was cumming giving you a facial. You let out a deep moan, your chest heaved as you tried to calm yourself, licking the cum off your face, or what you could, soon you were flipped over on your stomach. Hyukwoo placed you on your knees and you felt like you couldn’t go anymore halfway spent. He undressed himself the rest of the way, aligning his tip with your member he rubbed his length up and down your wet slit, causing your hips to roll back against his. You ground your pussy against his shaft coating it with your juices until he got done teasing, he gripped at your hips and slid into you slowly, burying himself to the hilt he moaned softly at how tight you were.

“Fuck, I just stretched you out. You got such a good pussy.” He mewled softly as he started to move his hips feeling you had adjusted enough for him. He surged his hips forward slowly each time burying himself as deep as he could and pulled back until only the tip was remaining. Christian came back towards you, gripping at your hair tightly he crashed his lips against yours moaning as he tasted himself on your tongue whilst sliding his tongue into your mouth. He sucked and flicked his wet muscle against yours, having a mini battle between your tongues before you gave up and let him dominate the kiss because your body was feeling too much. Your hands pressed down against the mattress to study yourself as Hyukwoo continued to fuck into you from behind using your hips to slam back onto his cock. He slowly picked up speed, his hands gripping you so hard you knew it would leave bruises on your body later and for some reason that excited you more. Christian pulled back from the kiss and moved to climb on the bed laying sideway so that he could suck and play with your breast targeting your piercing the most as he lay on his back.

Hyukwoo started to switch angles trying to find your spot once again so that he could have you seeing stars and moaning for him. He was addicted to the sweet sounds you made, how your back ached lightly and shuddered under their ministrations. You were a sight to see, so beautiful in his eyes your chocolate skin was glowing to him under the room light, your hair wild and puffed from the humidity but that only aided in the beauty of you. Once he found your spot, he continued to abuse it slamming his hips forward creating a light smacking sound against you as he rutted his hips forward. Christian moved to flick and nibble on your clit when he could, trying to help you reach one more orgasm for the both of them, he leaned up letting his tongue flatten and glide against your sex as your hips rolled back. Your pussy was squeezing around the shaft buried deep inside of you, rolling your head back you tried to moan out that you were close but your voice was failing you.

“You look so beautiful. Come on baby girl cum for us, wrap this pretty pussy tightly around my cock and give me everything you got. Be my fucking dirty slut and cum.” Hyukwoo used one hand to grip harshly at your hair tugging it backwards making your hips arch until it was painful while his hips slammed against yours, his balls smacking against your ass.

“Hyuk.. Hyukwoo!” You cried out as you came for them once again. Christian pulled away to watch your face contort in pleasure as you lost yourself, Hyukwoo circled his hips and ground himself forward feeling the walls tightly suck in his shaft and cause a wave of pleasure to slam into his body. It only took a few more thrusts for him to be cumming inside you as well riding out the both of your orgasms. He pulled out of you slowly and moved to lay you down on the bed with him, Christian turned off the camera with a goofy grin and crawled on the bed.

“What did you think baby?” He asked kissing your lips softly.

“That was a horrible version of porn.” You admitted rolling your eyes. “Stop letting Loco write scripts.” You huffed and he chuckled from behind you slapping your ass.

“That was good and you know it. Don’t act like you didn’t like it.” He grinned pulling you close.

“I’m never doing that again unless I am in charge of the script.” You rolled your eyes before shutting them.

“Anything for my princess.” Christian admitted stroking your hair as he watched you relax and drift off to sleep.

A fic for @taylor-tut based on a prompt she posted. I’m so, so sorry it took so long to fill, this has been a super busy summer so far! Words: 2.5k.

Lance had been raised to live in a clean house. Being the oldest of a huge family he had been given the bulk of the household chores and when his siblings weren’t feeling up to their chores Lance would always take the burden upon himself, being the good older brother he was. After years of scrubbing floors and folding laundry, Lance found that he didn’t mind chores. So when one lazy afternoon Allura lined up the paladins, giving them chores for the next day, he found that he didn’t mind the work, even though the other paladins groaned as Allura gave them their duties.

“Paladins, I’ve noticed that your lions seem to be getting rather dirty,” she announced to the line of paladins lined up in the training area. “As we have no pressing matters that need to be dealt with, you will all be cleaning your lions tomorrow. This way you will be doing something productive with your time instead of dragging your feet around the castle and complaining about being bored.”

“Our lions are fine, Princess,” Hunk insisted. “I don’t see why we have to clean them.”

“Yours is the worst, Hunk,” Allura responded, crossing her arms. “May I remind you that as a result of your constant motion sickness your lion smells like a combination of moldy cheese and rotten eggs. If we show up to battle with a lion smelling that bad Zarkon may just die laughing.”

“Come on, guys, it’s not that hard,” Lance said. “A few hours of work and it’ll be done.”

“Thank you, Lance,” Allura smiled. “I wish all of you would take on his attitude to cleaning your lions tomorrow.”

“This sucks,” Pidge complained, trudging out of the training area with the other paladins. “I was planning on re-programming my computer tomorrow.” She glanced up at Lance, a hopeful look on her face. “Since you don’t seem to mind chores that much, would you be willing to do mine for me?” Lance sighed, weighing Pidge’s question in his head. It wasn’t as if he had anything more important going on the next day, and he was a fast cleaner.

“Sure,” he responded. Pidge squealed, giving Lance a quick hug.

“Thanks, Lance, you’re the best!” she grinned before skipping away, most likely to work on some project in her room. The remaining four paladins continued to walk slowly down the hallway until Lance caught Hunk staring at him, halting his walk.

“Do you need something?” he questioned. Hunk grinned awkwardly.

“I know you already have chores to do tomorrow, but I was going to make dinner for everyone tomorrow, but it’ll take all day to make, and I won’t have time if I have to clean my lion.”

“So you want me to do it for you?”

“That would be amazing.”

“Yeah, alright,” Lance decided.

“Thank you so much!” Hunk said. “I’ll make the food extra good just for you.” He left to his room, leaving Lance with Shiro and Keith, talking in hushed whispers.

“I don’t want to ask him!”

“Well, neither do I!”

“What do you want?” Lance sighed, pushing a small headache that was beginning to form at the back of his head.
“We were going to train tomorrow,” Shiro answered. “We thought we were going to have all day to practice, but Allura just sprang this on us, and we won’t have any time.”

“I can clean your lions, too,” Lance muttered.

“Really?” Keith grinned. Lance nodded.

“Thank you so much,” Shiro said. “You’re amazing!”

Lance honestly didn’t mind the load of work that he had taken on. Back at home his Mama gave them chores all the time and whenever his siblings weren’t feeling up to theirs, he was happy to take their chores. He didn’t even mind the chores, if he was being honest with himself. They reminded him of home and with the prospect of never returning to Earth again, lance needed all of the reminders he could get.

Lance immediately regretted the promises he had made. He woke up the next morning curled into the fetal position, shivers wracking his body. His sheets were wrapped tightly around him, signifying a fitful night. After detangling himself from the web of sheets he swung his legs to the front of the bed, attempting to ignore the headache was pounding in his skull. He stood up, legs shaking and weak. He changed into the warmest outfit he could find, zipping his jacket up over a thick, long sleeved shirt in an effort to stay warm.

After taking a quick moment to asses his appearance in the bathroom mirror, Lance came to the conclusion that he somewhat resembled a ghost. His face was pale, the only color the bright red fever patches covering his cheeks. Dark circles highlighted his bloodshot eyes. Lance rubbed at his temples, wishing more than anything that he could climb back into bed and sleep whatever illness this was away. But he had made commitments, and he had to stick to them.
On his way to the lions he passed Pidge’s room, hard at work tinkering on her laptop. Her tongue was sticking out, an intense look of concentration on her face. Lance felt bad about even thinking about breaking his promise to her.

He passed the kitchen, delicious smells wafting out of the room. Even though his nose was clogged he could just make out the scent of paprika and basil, about to be made into some amazing dish by the team’s personal chef. In the training area Keith and Shiro were working hard, shirt sleeves rolled up as they sparred, Keith with his bayard and Shiro with his metal arm. Even though physically Lance felt awful, he still felt good that he was allowing his friends to do the things they loved.

All good feelings were gone not ten minutes into the cleaning process. Armed with a towel and a bucket of water Lance attacked Blue’s exterior, scrubbing hard. However the work was difficult and in the short period of time he was exhausted, the headache increasing tenfold. He leaned his head on Blue’s leg, and she heated herself up when she sensed his obvious fever.

“Thanks,” he muttered, letting his arm dangle at his side, water from the towel dripping to the ground. He closed his eyes, letting the warmth run through his feverish body. After a few precious minutes of relaxing he opened his eyes, a harsh chill making him shake. Blue rumbled.

“I know, but I have more cleaning to do,” Lance sighed. He dipped the washcloth in the bucket, scrubbing at a spot of dirt on Blue’s paw. After his brief moment of quiet everything hurt even more and his arms shook with the effort of the cleaning. He stopped to let a wave of pain wash over him, trying not to let it knock him over. He felt so weak that if a small gust of wind were to blow, he would most likely fall over.

Blue hummed, sensing his discomfort. She opened her mouth, letting heat wash out of her. Lance knew that she was telling him to stop working, to take a small break.

“You’re probably right,” he sighed, his voice soft and weak. Dropping the towel next to the bucket of water he staggered to Blue’s mouth, crawling inside. He climbed into his seat, drawing his feet into his stomach to fit his entire body inside the seat. He tugged his jacket tighter around him, cold despite the heat Blue was emanating. He was asleep so fast that he didn’t notice the footsteps walking into the room not a moment after Blue closed her mouth.

When Allura walked into the room housing the lions she expected to find five paladins cheerfully cleaning their lions. What she found instead was a room devoid of paladins, with a single towel and bucket of water sitting next to Blue. She did a quick scan of the room, confirming her suspicion that the paladins had blown off their chores. She stalked out of the room, walking to the comms.

“All paladins to the training area, all paladins to the training area,” she broadcasted. She waited next to the training area, two sweaty paladins popping out of the room first. Shiro and Keith had obviously been sparring, and seemed to have no idea of what they had done wrong. Hunk and Pidge were last, Hunk smelling of spices and Pidge looking slightly frazzled, her glasses askew. Both looked confused, and again, neither one seemed to know what they had done wrong.

“Do you what I found when I went to the lions?” She asked, bristling with anger. The paladins shook their heads and the anger increased. “What I expected to find was a slightly clean blue lion and no paladins. Your lions are still extremely dirty, which means that you disobeyed my direct orders! As paladins of voltron you should always listen to your leader’s instructions, no matter how small the task is. This does not only reflect upon your poor listening habits, but on your ability to be a good soldier as well.”

“We’re so sorry, princess,” Shiro said, stepping forward. “It seems that there was a miscommunication. If you would be so gracious to forgive us, we would be incredibly grateful.” Allura sighed, tapping her foot on the floor.

“Alright,” she decided. “Just make sure your lions are cleaned by the end of the day.”

“Of course, princess,” Shiro said. “We’ll get right on it.”

“I can’t believe he would go back on his word like that,” Keith complained. “Where is he, anyway? He didn’t come when Allura called.” Pidge motioned toward Lance’s lion, a soft glow emanating from its eyes.

“His lion is on.”

“Do you think he’s in there?” Hunk wondered.

“We’ll he’s not anywhere else,” Keith spat, marching to the blue lion. “Blue!” he yelled, knocking on the metal surface. “Open up!”

“Blue won’t open up if you talk like that,” Hunk reprimanded, walking up to Keith. He ran his hand across Blue’s surface, earning a soft pur.

“Hey, Blue,” Hunk said. “Can you open up for us? We want to talk to Lance.” Blue hummed, their mouth staying closed. “Come on. We just want to talk.” Blue remained stoic, protecting the paladin inside.

“Come on, Blue,” Pidge pleaded. “We need to talk to Lance.” Grudgingly, Blue unhinged their mouth, allowing the four paladins to venture inside.

They found Lance curled up in his pilot’s chair, eyes shut tightly as he slept. Pidge couldn’t help but notice his faint but harsh shivering or the way his bright pink cheeks stood out against his pale face.

“Is he sleeping?” Keith muttered. “Lance, wake up!” Lance grunted, fluttering his eyes open. His normally vibrant blue eyes were dull and glassy. He dazedly gazed around, trying to get his bearings.

“Wha-” he murmured, rubbing his eyes. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is that you told all of us that you would do our chores,” Shiro said. “It’s your fault that Allura yelled at us.” Shiro’s outburst seemed to have triggered an explosion that Pidge never would have predicted. As if a wall had been broken, Shiro, Keith and Hunk let their anger out on Lance. Lance shrunk back into his chair, ducking his head down as he tried to avoid the barrage of yells flying at him.

Pidge could tell that something was wrong with the brunette cowering in the chair. Lance’s eyes were far too glassy, and even though it must have been eighty degrees in the lion, Lance was wearing multiple layers, the thick clothing swallowing up his shivering frame. “Guys,” Pidge said, trying to get the attention of her fellow paladins. They ignored her, continuing their rant. “Guys!” she yelled. The yelling halted, the other four paladins surprised at Pidge’s burst. “Can’t you see that something’s wrong?” she asked, pushing Keith away to get to Lance. She rested her hand on his forehead, Lance leaning into her touch. “He’s burning up,” she muttered. She spun around, desperate to heal her friend. “Keith, I need you to get a thermometer and all the medicine you can find, as fast as you can.” Keith looked immensely guilty, as if his rant had caused Lance’s illness. Without a word, he turned on his heel and sprinted away in search of something, anything, to cure Lance.

“Lance, buddy?” Shiro whispered, his demeanor changing instantly. “How are you feeling?” Lance shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose tightly in a futile effort to alleviate his pounding headache.

“Not good,” he responded, resting his head on Pidge’s shoulder.

“We need to get him to the med bay,” Hunk said. “I’ve never seen him this sick before. I’ve never seen anyone this sick before.”

“I can’t move,” Lance whispered. “Everything hurts too much.”

“We can get you to sleep before moving you to the med bay, but you can’t stay in here forever,” Pidge informed him.

“Ok,” Lance murmured, letting his head drop onto her shoulder.

Footsteps pounded into the room and Keith sprinted into the room, waving the thermometer wildly in the air with one hand and clutching a massive . “I got it!” he gasped, handing it to Pidge. She slipped it inside of Lance’s mouth, waiting a few ticks for the beep.

“103.3,” she sighed, pulling it out. “This isn’t good. Can you take the medicine? We need to get you to the med bay.”

“Yeah,” Lance responded. He took the pills from Keith, washing them down with a glass of water that made him double over in a fit of harsh coughing that had his lungs rattling inside of his body. Pidge patted his back, rubbing small circles as Lance’s fit ended. Lance buried his head in her shoulder, curled up next to her. “My head hurts,” he whispered, already beginning to get drowsy from the pills.

“Just wait a little while longer and you’ll be asleep,” Pidge promised. She continued the small circles on his back, humming softly. Lance’s eyes were already beginning to flutter shut, relaxed by the soft melody.

Pidge heard a faint snore and looked at her shoulder to see a sleeping boy, his eyes shut tightly. She stopped her humming, gently easing him off of her shoulder. His head fell and she caught it, lowering it to the arm rest.

“We should get him to the med bay,” she sighed, resting the back of her hand on Lance’s forehead in the faint hope that his fever would have gone down. “He’s on fire.”

“I’ll carry him,” Shiro volunteered, scooping Lance up like he was a sack of potatoes. He cradled Lance in his arms, supporting his head and letting Lance’s long legs hang over Shiro’s arms.

“You know he won’t remember any of this, right?” Keith smirked, nudging Pidge’s shoulder.

“What?” Pidge asked, clearly confused.

“He never seems to remember bonding moments,” Keith sighed, shaking his head. “No matter how intimate, he never remembers. If he didn’t remember ours, then there’s no way in the universe he’ll remember yours.”

“Hey, Keith?” Pidge inquired.


“Do yourself a favor and shut up.”

She Ain’t Yours

 Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2454

Warnings:  Smut, fluff

Notes: I got a little carried away with this lol, I just like the thought of possessive Daryl. I am tagging everyone who liked Baby Steps. If you want me to take you off the tags, let me know!! Hope you all like it xox

Originally posted by reedusnormanbr

Backing you against the bedroom door, Daryl smirked and began peppering your neck and jaw with light kisses, making you squirm in delight.

“What are you doing?!” You asked urgently, your hands wrapping around the biceps that were threatening to tear their way out of his shirt. “We could get caught.”

“Nah,” he breathed against your skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “Everyone’s waitin’ by the gate. Only person here’s Carol and she knows to stay away when it’s just us three.”

You bit your lip and grinned, wrapping your arms around the archer and giving in to him, his strong hands caressing your body through your clothes. The two of you had been secretly together for months, ever since reuniting after Terminus, and Carol was the only one who knew after catching the two of you in the act. Since being in Alexandria it had been difficult to find any time for each other so you were stealing as many precious moments alone as you could.

His lips left a trail of kisses over your cheek before finding your lips, his hand cupping your face as he pressed his body against yours, letting you feel his arousal through his jeans.

“Daryl… we can’t,” you whispered against his lips reluctantly, your body betraying your words as you pushed your hips forward and made him grunt.

“Waiting on you, Daryl,” Rick’s voice came from downstairs and made the two of you freeze.

“I’m coming,” he growled loudly, resting his forehead on yours.

“I wish…” you said quietly, making him smile.

He placed another, softer kiss on your lips before sighing and stepping back from you. “C'mon.”

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BTS reaction: You having small, cold, shaky hands

Anonym requested:  Hello sweetie can i have BTS reaction when there S\O had a small, cold and shaky hands always ?


Hopefully my love for you will warm up your hands“, he’ll confess before kissing the back of your hand. Jin would also always make sure you take your mittens with you, once the weather became colder.

Originally posted by two-different-realms


He noticed how you’d always bury your hands in your pockets or hide them in your sleeves. Yoongi would take your hands and put them in the pocket of his jacket, since it’s warm in there and say noththing else. If they weren’t heating up at all, he’d either drag you to the bathroom and make you wash your hands with warm water, or make you a cup of tea or hot chocolate, where you can heat up your hands on the mug.

Originally posted by the9397


Hoseok would think his hands are tricking him, making him believe that your hands are so cold. He’d take your hands and put them onto his warm cheeks, checking if they were really that cold.

„Woosh, woosh, make Y/N’s hands become warm“, he’d say those magic words. He’d then hold onto them and sqeeze them from time to time, waiting for them to get a little warmer.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


It’ll worry him a lot since they were ALWAYS cold, 24/7, every day of the year.

Baby, have you thought about talking to a doctor about your hands ?“, he’d ask, the concern visible in his voice. He thought you might not be able to move your hands at all if it keeps getting worse.

Originally posted by namseok


Jimin always had those small heating pack thingies with him and would give them to you, when he saw your hands were turning blue. If the heating pack wouldn’t work, he’d take your hand and rub it between his hand, making them warm due to the friction.

Originally posted by okayoongz


It scared the shit out of him, when he wanted to hold your hand and expected to be welcomed by the warmth of your body, only to be confronted by the coldness of your hands.

Taehyung would buy you matching gloves as a gift, in order to keep your hands warm and be fashionable.

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He’d always engulf his hands with your and softly stroke the back of your hand, sticking them under his shirt from time to time, just to heat them up.

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