blue harvest moon


Here is my friend @yovaltine ’s harvest goddess cosplay!! She looked like a true goddess and I am like super proud of her. True there were a few minor issues (like the fact that she could barely walk and that is didn’t finish any of the seams) but they were minor inconveniences compared to the fun time we had!!!

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I love Harvest Moon so much, and last year, I got to bring my original flame Muffy to life on a beautiful farm out east on Long Island.

Middle photo: Jaypoc Bauman
All other photos: Aurelian Cosplay
Cosplay made and modeled by me!

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So I have always been reserved about telling others that I play Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Story of Seasons because I seriously fear people judging me for liking farming games (silly, right?). The fact that I play these games (and how obsessed I am with them) eventually came up to my boyfriend; he was not only acceptive/supportive of me, he actually had played some HM before as well! (And he currently plays Stardew Valley, and is courting someone because she’s similar to me). He thinks it’s cute that I’m so in love with the series, and he actually likes to hear me ramble on about the games. If this isn’t love…I’m just waiting on my blue feather.