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First Time - Hakyeon (N) Fluff/Smut

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A/N: So, I figured you wanted the whole thing fluffy, so I tried my best. I’m not used to writing fluffy smut so this is probably 100% trash. Please forgive me. 


It was nearly five in the afternoon when you threw the two outfits onto your bed. The one on the right, a blue, half sleeve lace dress. And to the left, a half sleeve white shirt with a navy blue skirt. You cocked your head to the side, and bit your lip. 

Today marked your first year with your boyfriend, Hakyeon. He had messaged you that morning around 8 am, telling you to be ready at seven because he had a date planned, giving you no details as to where you would be going or what you would be doing.

Eventually choosing the the dress, you walked to your vanity to straighten your hair, before applying makeup. Not doing too much, but just enough to highlight your features. You then stared at your lipstick collection, debating if lip gloss was enough. I mean, today was a special occasion. You shook your head, and decided to just go with lip gloss. After looking over yourself, you smiled, and looked at the clock. Only thirty more minutes. You sighed happily, and grabbed your phone, deciding to scroll through tumblr. 

After a while, and made your way to the living room of the small one person apartment you lived in, and went to your fridge to get a water bottle. You placed it on the table, and looked through your cabinets, trying to find that kiwi-strawberry water enhancer you liked so much. You eventually found it, frowning as you saw it on the top shelf. You groaned as you realized you didn’t have any stable chairs. Your friends all insisted that you should have backless, rolly chairs. 

Cursing yourself, you took out a pan as a makeshift step stool so you could put your knee on the counter to lift yourself up. Once you balanced yourself, you put your hand out, and grabbed the tiny bottle. You then then turned so that you were sitting on the counter, and jumped off. You made your way back to the water bottle, and squeezed the water enhancer into it, freezing as you heard your door unlock. You smiled, and closed your water bottle, shaking it to stir the enhancer into it.

You turned your head to see your boyfriend in a white undershirt, and black dress pants, with a fancy dark blue blazer, unbuttoned. You bit your lip, and he chuckled at your reaction, walking over to you, and placing a kiss on your cheek. “Happy one year, Y/N.” He smiled, before kissing your lips. You kissed back, smiled, before pulling away. “So, mister fancy, where are we going?” You cocked your head to the side, and went to get your heels. “Well, y’know that new restaurant that opened? The one close to Han river?” You nodded. “Well, we’re going there. Then we’re gonna walk by the river, and I’ll show you surprise, then we’ll come back to your place, or mine if you want, and we’ll watch movies with all the snacks you want.” He smiled. You laughed at him. “Let me get my jacket.” You smiled, walking away, but he grabbed your wrist, preventing any further movement. “You think I’d come empty handed? You know my black jacket you love so much? It’s in the car waiting for you.” He smiled, and you couldn’t help but smile back. You walked to your door, Hakyeon following, and you both walked out.

You had pulled up to the restaurant, and Hakyeon gave his keys to the valet, before wrapping his arm around your waist, and walking in. It wasn’t a really tall building, but still fairly tall. The restaurant was on the top floor, with a beautiful view over Seoul, and Han river just down the street, the lights from the bridge evident as the sun started setting.

The waiter showed you to a table by the window and placed the menu’s down, and asked for your drinks. You both got waters, and the waiter slightly bowed before leaving. You turned back to the window, amazed at all the lights as the sun had finally gone down. “It’s beautiful, right?” Hakyeon spoke up. You turned your head, and met his eyes. You nodded. “I’m so glad you moved here. Ever since I met you, my life’s been better. I smile more, I like going out and doing things. I feel like it’s my first love all over again.” He blushed. “Even my friends tease me about us.” He chuckled nervously, and you blushed. Over the course of the year you spent with Hakyeon, he never said anything like this. You were about to speak up when the waiter came back, and asked what you wanted. You mentally face palmed as you realized you never looked at the menu. Hakyeon noticed and smiled. “I’ll have the grilled ribs, and she’ll have chicken alfredo, please.” The waiter took note, then walked away. You smiled. “You know me so well.” He laughed. “It’s your go-to when you don’t know what to get. I know that much.”

You both talked about your plans for the upcoming week as you waited for your food. You were in the middle of listening to Hakyeon talk about how his friend, Taekwoon, nearly beat his brother to death because he wouldn’t shut up, when your phone vibrated. You saw that it was your mother, and answered quickly, mumbling a quick ‘sorry’ to your boyfriend. “Ah! Y/N! I’m so glad you picked up. How was your day?” You groaned softly. “Mom, I’m kind of on a date with you-know-who right now. Can I call you back later?” “Aish, are you really gonna choose Hak-” Your mom’s voice was cut off as Hakyeon took your phone. “Eomeoni!” He said happily. “How are you doing? Are eating good these days? Should I make you some food the next time we meet?” You couldn’t hear what your mother was saying, but you saw Hakyeon smiling and nodding his head. “Okay, I’ll make sure she calls you back as soon as I drop off her off.” Another pause. “Yes, I’ll make sure she’s home before midnight.” He chuckled before hanging up. You stared at him. “Maybe she likes you more than me.” You laughed. “Like mother, like daughter.” He smiled before pointing out that the food was coming.

You both ate in a comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company. Smiling at each other every now and then. After you ate, Hakyeon paid and placed his arm over your shoulder. “So, you still up for Han river?” He smiled, looking down at you. You nodded. “Good.” He said as he gave the ticket to the valet. “Because that’s the highlight of the night.”

After the valet returned, Hakyeon opened your door, and closed it, before getting in himself. He drove the short way down the street to park the car, and you reached to grab the jacket he left on the back of your seat, pulling it over you. He parked, and you both got out. Hakyeon pouting. You gave him a questioning look. “I wanted to open the door for you.” He grumbled, causing you to giggle. “You don’t need to do that every time I get out the car. He walked towards you, placing an arm on the small of your back, dragging you into his chest. He looked down at you, and your heart started racing. “But I want to. Especially today. You look like a princess, and I wanna treat you like one.” You thanked the fact that it was dark out, or he would’ve seen how your cheeks flushed at his words. He leaned down and pecked your lips. “Now come on.” He said, holding your hand, and leading you down the sidewalk. 

You both walked quietly, and when you reached the middle, with the perfect view of the bridge lights, Hakyeon stopped suddenly. You looked at him, and he walked over to the railing, holding out a hand for you. You walked over, and he put his arm over you, standing completely behind you, with his arms on either side of you on the railing. You felt him move, but thought nothing of it. “Look straight ahead.” He whispered into your ear, giving you goosebumps at the sudden action. A few seconds passed, and still nothing. You were about to turn around when you saw the first firework explode into a beautiful midnight blue. Then a red one. Then green and orange.

The various colors continued to burst, and you were too awestruck to realize that Hakyeon had moved from behind you, to beside you. He stared at you, completely awestruck by how beautiful you looked. After a few minutes, they stopped, and you felt Hakyeon grab your hand, swaying back and forth. “Did you really plan that?” You smiled at him. “Remember my friend I told you about? Hongbin? I just had to send him ‘marshmallow’ and he set up all the fireworks, and set them off. And don’t worry. He does the fireworks here every year, so it was totally okay, because he could just say he was testing some out.” He smiled at you, and pulled you in for a kiss, you kissed back almost immediately. “I love you, Y/N.” He looked down at you. You looked up at him. “I love you too, Hakyeon.” You stayed for a while, just staring at each other. Before Hakyeon cleared his throat. “So. Your place or mine? I have more snacks.” He laughed. You smiled. “Yours. I haven’t gone to the store in a while. I’ve been living off of noodles.” Hakyeon looked at you with fake offense. “And you didn’t share?” You smacked his arm before grabbing it and going towards the car.

Once you had gotten to Hakyeon’s apartment door, you pressed in the code, and opened the door for him, him following, and going directly to the kitchen. “Jagiya! Look for a movie, or show, or whatever you want. I’m gonna get started on the snacks, okay?” He yelled as you sat on the cough, grabbing the remote. You flicked through the list of shows, movies, and documentaries, eventually deciding on some comedy movie. You tried to get comfortable, but all in all, you wanted to get into something more comfortable. Cursing yourselves, you peeked your head into the kitchen, hearing Hakyeon frantically whisper about fruit snacks. “Um, babe?” You bit your lip. He looked at you and smiled. “Yes, love?” “It’s cool if I borrow some clothes, right? I really wanna get out of this dress.” You whispered, embarrassed. His face flushed, and he swallowed hard before nodding. “You know where everything is, go get comfortable.” You smiled at him, and made your way to his room, opening his drawer where he kept his boxers. It was too hot for sweats. You looked for a pair that didn’t seem too much like boxers, but like shorts. You smirked as you found one, and placed it on his bed. Next, you walked to his closet, looking for a long sleeve. You found a black and white one, and placed it next to the boxers you pulled out. You then reached to the back of your dress to unzip it, and you pulled it off your body. You decided to take your bra off too. You know from experience that Hakyeon’s shirts are too baggy to show anything, so you weren’t really worried. You then folded your dress, and placed it on his nightstand before changing into the clothes.

You made your way back to the living room, to see Hakyeon with his blazer off, and his sleeves rolled up halfway. Your attention soon on the coffee table, a platter of popcorn, fruit snacks, some candy, and two cups, with a giant liter of Sprite. You smiled and bit your lip as you placed yourself next to him, leaning your head onto his shoulder. He looked down at you and nearly choked on the popcorn he currently had in his mouth. He had never seen so much of you. Sure, the skirts and shorts were okay, but his boxers were a litter shorter. He cleared his throat and put his arm around you, his hand taking purchase on your hip, rubbing his thumb over it. You looked up at him, smiling and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “I love you.” You smiled. He looked down at you. “I love you, too.” He said, placing his other hand on your chin. His face lowered a bit, and he stopped. His gaze going from your eyes to your lips, before finally closing the gap. You kissed back. Reveling in the feel of his lips. 

After a while, the kiss wasn’t so innocent. His hands had moved from your hips, to your lower back, helping you lay on the couch, as he hovered over you, his other arm supporting him. Your hands were wrapped around his neck. His tongue slid over your bottom lip, and you opened your mouth slightly, letting his tongue slip in. Your hands moved from his neck, to his hair, pulling lightly. He groaned and pulled away, looking into your eyes. “Y/N..don’t do that. I’m having a hard time holding myself back.” It wasn’t that either if you were virgins, he just didn’t want to rush the relationship. Hakyeon just didn’t want to ruin what you both had. He really cared for you. He just wanted to wait until the perfect time. Making out, and slight touches were the farthest you two had ever gone. You bit your lip, and looked up at him. “Then don’t..” You whispered.

You didn’t need to tell him twice. His lips were back on yours, and his hand pushed you up towards him, and he moved so you were now straddling his lap. His hands made there way to your hips, pushing you toward him. You let out a slight whimper, and Hakyeon quickly placed his hands under your thighs and got up, carrying you down the hallway, and to his room. He placed you on the bed, and leaned over you, looking into your eyes, silently asking if this was okay. You giggled and placed your hand on his hips, tugging at his dress shirt. “This needs to come off.” You smiled. He chucked, and placed his hand on the waistband of the boxers while his head leaned into yours, “And so do these.” He whispered, before placing kisses from below your ear, all the way down your neck. You pushed your legs together, in need of some friction, squirming as his lips moved to your collar bones, placing little bites wherever. You let out little moans, and you could swear that you felt him smiling. He then sat up, despite your groan from the lack of attention, and quickly started at the buttons on his shirt. Once the garment was off, you bit your lip. 

His body wasn’t built, but it was still a perfect sight, and it made you squirm with anticipation. His eyes were darker and he his voice was lower as he spoke. “Are you gonna take that off, or would you like me to do it, babe?” He licked his lips. You blushed, and sat up, grabbing the hem of the shirt, lifting it off of you, and throwing it to the side. Hakyeon swallowed as he saw that your bra was missing, and placed a hand on your hip, before bending down and placing his mouth on your right breast, his tongue rolling around the bud, while his other hand gave your left breast some attention, rolling it between his index finger and thumb. 

You grabbed his onto his hair as he moved his head to give your left breast some attention. He looked up at you, and your facial expression was enough to set him off. Your head thrown back against the pillows, your teeth chewing on your lip, and your eyes scrunched together. He pulled away, and placed kisses down your torso, and stopped at the waistband, looking up at you while he slowly pulled off the garment, placing kisses on every inch of skin he uncovered.

Once the last bit of clothes were gone, you were slightly annoyed that he was still covered, but your annoyance was gone as he ran his hands along your thighs, and kissed his way up, eventually kitten licking at your clit. You let out a gasp as his tongue slid up your slit, and his lips closed around your clit sucking. Your hands flew to his hair, and your back arched at the feeling. His tongue flattening around your clit with just the right amount of pressure. It wasn’t enough and you whined. Hakyeon mumbled something against you, and the vibrations made you shiver. “Ha-Hakyeon. Please don’t tease.” You whispered as his tongue went back to kitten licking. He pulled away, and smiled at you, working on his dress pants, and stepping out of them.

He grabbed your legs and pulled you towards him. “Wait a minute.” He said, before walking to his nightstand, opening the drawer and pulling out a condom. He ripped the foil packet, and slid it over his length. Once he was back between your legs, his tip was at your entrance, and you bucked your hips up, desperate for anything. Hakyeon tsked and you groaned. “Hakyeon, please. I need you.” You whined, fed up with his teasing. “You just look so beautiful like this.” He said, placing a kiss on your lips as he pushed himself inside of you. You moaned and he took the opportunity to let his tongue slip in, immediately winning the battle for dominance as his thrusts sped up and you completely got lost in the feeling. He pulled away, and placed his hands on yours, intertwining his fingers with yours, as he watched you. Every little moan that left your mouth was music to his ears, and it only edged him on. His pace got even faster, and he picked up your hip with one hand, causing the new angle to let him in deeper, causing your back to arch as your moans raised in pitch. “Fuck, Hakyeon. I’m-” You were cut off by his finger on your clit, rubbing harsh circles on your clit. “Fuck.” He grunted as his thrusts turned sloppy. Your hand gripped onto his arm as you felt your legs shaking. “Hakyeon~” You whined as you came, your release triggering his. 

He slowly pulled out, and took the condom off, walking to the restroom to throw it away. You got under the covers, and snuggled into his blanket, his scent surrounding you. He came back and got under the covers with you, wrapping his arms around you. “We should probably shower.” He laughed. You turned to him. “Yeah, but I’d rather lay in bed with you, and enjoy the fact that we just did that.” You smiled, and he looked at you. “I love you, Y/N.” You leaned in and kissed him. “I love you, too, Hakyeon.”

When Winter met the Sun (Pt 2)

It had been a total of six days since the rather odd interaction between one James Buchanan Barnes and Zoe Evelyn Grace Bishop.
They’d never really spoken before the encounter, yet he had come into her office and asked to fill out forms with very personal information of his on them. Odd.
It had been a total of four days since she’d actually seen the infamous Winter Soldier in the flesh and she couldn’t help but wonder where he’d gotten to.
It wasn’t a lingering thought or minor obsession, but he had ignited a spark of curiosity in the young girl.

Bucky Barnes had met his fair share of women, Zoe seemed to stand out amongst the rest.
For one, he’d never met one with an Australian accent. He’d served with Australian men in the war, but never really got around to meeting the nurses they’d bought with them. Or at least he thinks he didn’t, his memory was still somewhat fuzzy.

She seemed to have more to her than met the eye. She was bright and airy and bubbly and just so full of life, he could see it in the twinkle of her eye. She obviously tamed it for work purposes but Bucky knew she was a happy person. But at the same time he couldn’t help but feel like there was more to hr than smiles and happy feelings. He couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but there was something.

Despite his little psychic intuition he wasn’t head over heels. But he was curious. He was very curious. Steve liked that fact way too much.

6 days after their little interaction and Bucky found his super senses picking up on something.
Yelling? Disagreement? Then he placed the familiar accent. Zoe.

Following the noise, he came to the floor of her office, which was completely empty except for her office and she wasn’t in there alone.

“Zoe can you just think about it?” asked a voice.
“No! And I don’t need to, I know my answer and I know nothing good can come of this, need proof? Just take a trip down memory lane, you’ll have it all there” she said clearly more than exasperated and annoyed.

An ex perhaps. Bucky felt like a creep for listening but according to Steve and roughly 12 videos SHIELD had made him watch, sexual harassment occurred in the workplace and could escalate violently, so he stayed.

“But Zoe”
“But nothing Luke! You had your chance throughout four years of university and you fucked it up every chance you got. You used me the first time, then a second and a third and a fourth and here you are trying again. When are you gonna understand that I want nothing to do with you! You screwed me over repeatedly and now you want a relationship? Please. Not gonna happen. I don’t care if you’ve changed. You’re the old you in my head and no Luke you don’t deserve a second chance!” she raised her voice, not quite yelling, but not at her all her usual volume.

Bucky didn’t know who this guy was, but he automatically decided he didn’t like him. He sounded like an ass.

He sounds like you. Said the little voice in his head.
Yes, but I’ve come a long way since trying to get Dot to go to lunch with me and her cousin to go to dinner with me on the same day. He reassured himself.

“Look Zoe, I fucked up, I know, but I’ve changed, I can be the guy you wanted” he tried, sounding very desperate admittedly.

“I’m not that girl anymore Luke, I want different things. I don’t want to move to the country and get a ranch, I don’t want the house and the white picket fence and children and dogs, well I want the dogs, but that plan I told you all those years ago, gone” she said clearly fed up. “Now get out and leave me alone, before I call security”
“You could’ve called security ages ago” he pointed out.
“I didn’t out of reverence of our past friendship, I see that was a mistake, now leave, I won’t ask a third time and it would be unwise to try my patience” she said firmly.

Bucky heard footsteps and so he quickly hid behind a wall while a blonde haired man walked past, apparently this was Luke. Dickhead.

Walking towards Zoe’s office he smiled upon smelling some sort of women’s perfume.

Zoe was sighing repeatedly as she gathered papers and put away files and turned off her computer. Straightening up she yelped as she noticed Bucky standing in the door frame.
“Oh my god! You scared the shit out of me” she said with an amused sort of smile, well as amused as one could manage while in shock, while clutching her chest.

She closed her eyes and let out a small laugh while Bucky couldn’t help but admire how nice of a shape she had. Again wearing a black pencil skirt, this time with a blue half sleeved button shirt and her hair obviously curled but put into a ponytail.

“Sorry” Bucky smiled.

“Really? Cos you seem rather entertained from where I’m standing” she observed.

“Cross my heart” Bucky smiled.

“Is there something I could help you with James? Nothing went wrong with the paperwork did it? I’ve got spare copies if needed” she said while rushing to a set of drawers behind her desk.

Bucky didn’t know whether to be amused or touched. Amused because he never said a thing about the papers and here she was rushing to get them and touched because everyone hesitated with him yet here she was without a question going out of her way to help him. No one except Steve did that for him. Well, Steve and Wanda.
Steve was Steve and Wanda knew what it felt like to be unfairly judged.
But Zoe? He didn’t get that.

“No, no the papers went through, I just heard a noise and came to check it out” he said warmly.
“Noise or the dickhead?” she muttered.
“The latter” he smiled. Okay, now he was amused.
“I deal with idiots in every aspect of my life” she deadpanned.
“My condolences” he said in mock empathy. “How come you’re always the last one here?” he asked curiously.
“I like it here, plus, my apartment doesn’t have a view that can compete with this” she said eyeing the beautiful sunset New York had to offer tonight.
“You’re not too far?” Bucky asked.
“Couple of blocks” she answered.
“That’s an expensive rent” Bucky said seriously.
“Tony pays well” she answered.
“How long have you worked here?”
“Little under 5 months, I love it here, plus I get insurance which is hard to come by these days”
Diabetes" he remembered.
“Diabetes” she affirmed. “Hey James?” she asked.
“Yeah?” he said somewhat surprised she was asking him questions.
“What’s the hair like?” she asked.
“The hair?” he asked thoroughly confused.
“You’re hair. Does it annoy you being the length it is?” she asked.
“It’s longer than my old hair, but I can tie it back if I want to, why do you ask?” he said still confused.
“My mother keeps annoying me to cut my hair and I need to come up with valid reasons to tell her to piss off” she said honestly.
“Well doll don’t you have a way with words?” he laughed.
He noticed her breathe stutter for a moment. Why? He had no clue.
“I’m somewhat articulate with a dash of foul mouth” she admitted rather shyly.
“I’ve noticed” he said as she packed up the last of her things. “Do you need someone to walk you home?” he asked.
“No, the kid is walking me home tonight” she smiled.
“You have a kid?” he asked shocked.
She looked way too young to have a kid.
“No, THE kid. Peter” she told him.
“Parker?” he asked before he could help it.
“Spider-boy is my escort to my humble abode” she said shocking Bucky.
“You know?” he asked with genuine surprise.
“he saved me multiple times, it’s embarrassing really” she laughed. “Also how I ended up here”
“Nearly got hit by a drunk driver while he was superheroing and he put me on stark tower where I had a conversation with Rhodey and the came to get me, I met Tony, sassed him with my verbal brilliance and he hired me that day, I’d already had a recommendation from my old boss” she summarized quickly. “Plus, Mia likes him”“Mia?”
“My friend had a kid, she passed away last year and she is occasionally at my place and Mia seems to have taken a shine to him. I think he may be her first crush” she smiled, obviously fond of the kid.
“you like her” he observed.
“kinda hard not to, even with my hating all things optimistic she’s just a ray of sunshine and ugh I can’t even describe how adorable she is” she gushed.
Finally having packed everything and making sure she didn’t forget anything she began to move away from her desk.
“can I walk you downstairs?” Bucky asked.
“Elevator James, I don’t do stairs in these heels” she said rolling her ankle around in the air.
Taking a look at her feet, he agreed with her logic. They looked like little death traps.
“Elevator it is” he smiled.
As they walked to the elevator chatting about random pieces of information about their day he noticed things. He was trained as the Winter Soldier to do that and it stuck. He noticed her curled hair, he noticed how brown her eyes, how unbelievably well they suited her, her small but slightly muscular legs, her smallness in general. She was quite busty and he wouldn’t have minded walking behind her, but she was tiny. She couldn’t have been more than 5'2. yet she seemed to think she was 6'7 in her head the way she argued with the asshole from earlier. Bucky suddenly chuckled at this new idea.
“What?” she asked.
“You’re tiny” he said.
“Really? I had no idea.” she deadpanned.
“You should observe more” he played along.
“Okay no that’s just mean” she frowned.
“Bet you loved hide and seek as a kid” he observed.
“Oh yeah” she laughed. “Could fit into the tiniest spaces and it was great” she confirmed his theory.
Finally opening its doors the elevator had arrived.
Stepping inside and hitting the ground floor button she looked up only to see him staring at her like she was the most fascinating creature to live.
“What?” she asked.
“Your nails” he said.
Looking down at her pinky nude acrylics she giggled, he’d probably never seen anything like them.
“they’re fake” she said. They put a little nail at the end and cover it in a gel and paint over them. I don’t normally get them cos they kinda destroy my nails but I have a friends 25th and I wanted to get dolled up so I got em done yesterday" she explained. “Plus they’re great for back scratches and what not, or hair” she added.
“What?” was all he asked, back scratches? Hair?
“Here bring your head down a bit so I can reach it” she said as he obliged.
Running her fingers through his hair a few times before letting her nails graze his scalp, Bucky had to resist a groan that bubbled up in his throat. It felt amazing. If he needed proof, the eruption of goosebumps on his skin would do the trick.
“See, nice isn’t it?” she asked.
“Yeah” he agreed. “Definitely”
“It pretty much all I do in my spare time” he admitted.
“I would be too” he said honestly.
Keeping up the small talk till they reached the ground floor they stepped out of the elevator.
“Want me to keep you company until Parker gets here?” he asked.
“That’s alright I’m sure you’ve got better things to do, besides, I wanna get the food before the arachnid shows up all impatient from fighting crime.
“Food?” Bucky asked.
“It’s movie night and his Aunt is working late at the hospital, so it’s Rush Hour marathons and essay writing and Chinese takeout and whatever hot chocolate and baked goods I can get at the café for us” she said indicating to the café across the lobby.
“I thought you said he saved you once?” Bucky asked.
“Yeah, but I’ve known him as Peter a bit longer than I have a spider-man. His Aunt and I worked together” she told him.
“At the hospital?” Bucky asked confused.
How did she go from Hospital to Stark Industries assistant?
“Yeah, I’m actually a registered nurse” she said.
His eyebrows flew into his hairline at that revelation.
“Really?” Bucky asked.
“I went straight into university after high school, got my nursing degree and then moved here to work in the hospital and became friends with May, Peter would always drop by to bring her food or visit and I used to talk to him a lot and eventually played occasional baby sitter and well yeah, you can only imagine my reaction when I found out about his night time activities” she chuckled.
Glancing at her watch she cursed.
“Crap, sorry James but I really gotta get him the food” she said rummaging through her purse to get her wallet. “Poor kid’ll be starved between school and this and what not” she said. “Thanks for the conversation though” she said earnestly.
“You’re welcome” he said before watching her dash off to the café.
He didn’t go back upstairs, opting to watch her instead.

She got in line and waited her turn, letting an older man in front of her who she beamed at as they obviously shared a laugh. It wasn’t long before Peter on his skateboard came up behind her throwing an arm loosely around her shoulders. She looked to be scolding him for something. Probably the skateboard before he held his hands up and said something amusing because she couldn’t help but smile, which in turn made Bucky smile, before they looked through the window together picking out different things and quite obviously disagreeing before she gave an exasperated sigh and caved to whatever it was he wanted. You could compare it to a mother and her four year old except in a way you couldn’t.
Watching them leave together waiting until they both disappeared from his line of vision, Bucky’s curiosity turned into something more.

Asuma Kousuke’s Fan Meeting Event Report (1st day 1st session)

Hi again fellow fangirls!

Another story time from Felicia Angelika today! Thank you for always reading my gross fangirling babble experiences meeting my obsessions idols in Tokyo! (´∀`)♡

Yesterday (June 18th) and Today (June 19th), our angel Asuma Kousuke had his first fan meeting event! Well Kousuke himself didn’t call it a fan meeting event, he called this event “fan gratitude event” because he wanted to thank all of us, his fans ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ this boy is just so sweet I can’t

I feel so blessed because I managed to take 3 tickets for me and my 2 other friends to go to the event!

The event was basically a talk event in which Kousuke answered lots of questions and tell us about things we didn’t know about him. Every session’s topic is different but if you’re curious about what did he talk about in the first session of the first day, please keep reading!  ♡

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