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Day Five of the 30 Day OTP OT3 Challenge 

Steve keeps a photograph of Nancy and Jonathan folded in his wallet. It’s fraying at the edges, but it’s one of his favourites; one of the rare times Jonathan emerged from behind the camera. The picture is a little blurry, but it’s clear that Nancy’s laughing and Jonathan is in the middle of saying something—instructing Steve how to properly use the camera. 

Jonathan keeps one of Steve’s letter jackets in the backseat of his car. He never wears it, but it comforts him to know that it’s there. Every so often, he’ll reach back and run a hand over the soft fabric. He’s also taken to wearing a blue and white striped hairband around his wrist. It’s Nancy’s; she left it on the Byers’s coffee table one Saturday night during a movie. Jonathan meant to return it, but Nancy told him not to bother. If you keep wearing it, she said, I’ll never have to worry about not having one. 

Nancy keeps a box of letters under her bed, a collection of birthday cards and notes slipped into her locker. Somewhere in the accumulated papers is the first note Steve ever left for her, asking her to meet him on the baseball diamond after school. The tentative thank you card Jonathan sent her after the Christmas of ‘83 is also tucked away in that nondescript grey box. 

Each of them also keep a single colourful bulb, unscrewed from the string of Christmas lights they used that night in November ‘83. Steve’s, green, hangs from the rearview mirror of his car. Jonathan’s, blue, is nestled amongst his t-shirts in a nightstand drawer. Nancy’s, red, sits atop her dresser between two framed photographs—one of her and Barb when at the mall and one of her and Eleven in the backyard picking flowers. 

April to May

here we go!! my bokuakakurotsuki parent au lmao 

rating: T

chapters: 1/1

words: 7265

ship: 3rd gym 

“Hey Dad? Where’s Dad?”

Tsukishima lowers his book and glares, “Ha-ha. Very funny.”

The ten-year-old grins, hands behind her back. She’s ridiculously cute; her wild, curly hair is up in a ponytail. The blue hairband looks good with her dark skin- that was probably Akaashi’s touch.

Tsukishima uncrosses his legs, “Who are you looking for?”

“Tetty.” The girl bounces on her feet.

“Oh,” Tsukishima nods, and pats his lap, “He went to the grocery store with Bubba. They’ll be back later.” 

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Her | Bucky Barnes

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The screams are persistent on every morning they decide to take him out of cryo. The words they keep saying to keep him on a leash are almost haunting on her dreams, but there you are, watching as a man is being tortured, his veins are almost out of his skin because of the pain, and he’s sweating.

And so are you.

The fact that you are the only S.H.I.E.L.D agent in the room is almost overwhelming, and the fact that you can’t even fire a gun or fight for your life is almost as bad as the things they’d do to you if they ever find out.

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Can you write a fluffy iwaoi?? Please?? I cry every time i read your fics. They're so lovely but so sad...

Drabble may contain traces of flowers, hair clips and braiding.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about cutting it off.” 

“What?” Hajime’s fingers still their gentle movement through Tooru’s hair, and he frowns without wanting to. They’re cuddling on Hajime’s bed, just another evening after exhausting training, and Tooru has his long limbs stretched across the blanket, rolled onto his side so he can read comfortably in his textbook. Hajime doesn’t like to admit it, but recently, he’s been hurrying to finish his homework before Tooru. 

Because now Hajime’s chest is pressed smoothly against Tooru’s back, one arm serving as a pillow for Tooru’s head, resting motionlessly underneath his neck - and Hajime carefully runs his fingers through the soft strands of Tooru’s hair. 

“Why would you cut it off?” The thought is a bit sad. Hajime closes his eyes and shifts, nuzzling Tooru’s neck where his pulse beats, the warmth and dark scent of his skin sparking a low hum in Hajime’s chest. “I like how long it is,” he says. “It feels nice.” He hesitates for a moment. Should he? Yeah. “It suits you.” 

Tooru’s chuckle echoes all the way into Hajime’s chest. The textbook’s pages rustle when Tooru shuts it and turns in Hajime’s embrace. “Is that so?” His eyes are crinkled around a smile, something sheepish glinting in his brown iris. “But it keeps getting in the way. It’s annoying.” 

Hajime answers much too fast. “I could braid it.” Goddamnit. He can’t keep his mouth shut around Tooru. Before his boyfriend can make another comment, Hajime scrambles to get off the bed and stomps towards the door. “Be right back! Sit upright and brush it, okay?” He doesn’t wait for Tooru’s reply. The bathroom is the kingdom of his two sisters, four and eighteen years old, and Hajime quickly finds what he’s been searching for. 

“You want to put that in my hair?” Tooru raises an elegantly curved brow at the items that Hajime spreads out on the bed before him, just moments after returning from the bathroom. Well, he has to admit, it may be a bit unsual for a boy. But Tooru’s doubtful glance shifts into something softer when Hajime kisses him. “Just let me, okay?” He whispers. And, a miracle, Tooru nods and turns.

His hair is so smooth, Hajime thinks as he tucks a few bobby pins between his teeth to have them ready. His fingers gently trace Tooru’s head, nails scratching over his scalp in a quick, calming massage. “Mhm, that’s nice,” Tooru says and his head tilts back a bit, shoulders relaxing. “Stay like that,” Hajime mumbles through his teeth and takes a deep breath. 

He takes his time with Tooru’s hair. The braid is easy, but Hajime tucks a silver and blue hairband into it as well, and puts a violet flower hair clip near Tooru’s ear, just above his temple. The small fake flowers are from his little sister, and Hajime’s picked the tiniest he could find, barely large than his thumb’s nail and perfect for Tooru’s hair. His fingertips gently work them into the valleys where the braid’s strands meet, the white colour almost innocent against Tooru’s brown hair. 

“Okay. I think I’m done. I can take the clips out if you don’t like them - “ Oh god, shit, he totally forgot that he was just supposed to braid and not decorate Tooru like some nature princess, “I can fix it, gimme a moment.” 

But Tooru’s up on his feet already and taking a hand mirror out of the nightstand. Hajime waits nervously as his boyfriend looks at himself in the mirror. Tooru’s fingers trace the braid, the flower above his ear. Then, he turns to Hajime and lifts his chin with one hand. “Thank you,” he whispers and kisses Hajime’s lips until they tingle. “Thank you so much.” 
“You’re welcome,” Hajime mumbles, and no, his cheeks aren’t red at all. 

Maybe when Team Jabberwock appears , as well the new Kisedai + Kagakuro team is called Team Vorpal Sword,  people be like: Wow,  Fujimaki is putting Alice In Wonderland reference here? But actually, the  Alice In Wonderland reference has always been there, but subtle. Akashi seems to be based off the Queen of Heart and Red Queen. Hell, his name, Akashi, literally means Red Ruler, a more gender-neutral word with similar meaning to the Red Queen.  More accurately, the fact that Bokushi seems to be based off Queen of Heart and Oreshi is based off Red Queen, and the fact that people often mistook the two and eventually fuses them up. Akashi is an inversion of that , not only he’s a male, but also, when usually people depicts the Queen of Heart merges with Red Queen, Akashi eventually splits into Oreshi and Bokushi. How can I say Bokushi is based off Queen of Heart when Oreshi is based off Red Queen ? Here, this is a poetry Lewis Caroll himself used to denote the difference of the two queens: 

“I pictured to myself the Queen of Hearts as a sort of embodiment of ungovernable passion - a blind and aimless Fury.The Red Queen I pictured as a Fury, but of another type; her passion must be cold and calm - she must be formal and strict, yet not unkindly; pedantic to the 10th degree, the concentrated essence of all governesses!”

So basically the Queen of Hearts is the psychotic despot who lashes rage to anyone, regardless to whom,  embodies the uncontrollable fury as well madness, when Red Queen, is indeed vain as rulers should be, represent the proper governess as she is formal and strict, yet is still kind, the ideal ruler.  Bokushi is very arrogant that to the point he doesn’t want to listen to anyone even to his father, the uncontrollable desire/passion of victory, is indeed aimless fury that would lash rage easily-just remember when he point  his scissors to Kagami. The Queen of Hearts. When Oreshi, is at many point is referred at the ideal captain of GoM, is mentioned to be motherly and caring, notably less formal-but not that informal either, and much more calmer  and rational compared to Bokushi. The Red Queen.  Some aspects are still mixed up, but at least you got my point that Bokushi is the Queen of Hearts when Oreshi is the Red Queen. 

Also when Bokushi is the Queen of Heart, it would make Kuroko the Alice. the original depiction of Alice by Lewis Caroll have black hair with blue dress. Kuroko ’s surname means black but his color theme is blue. Should he follow the theme of people from Teikou have the same color of the surname, he would have black hair yet blue character color/theme. Alice. 

And Teikou’s uniform color. White blazer,  blue shirt, and black tie. Even more reference to Alice’s clothes that consits of white apron, blue dress and black hairband. Even more clearer if you compare the Teikou school uniform to the 89th Alice’s suit in Are You Alice manga. A male Alice with white blazer, blue shirt and black tie. Hell, even the basketball uniform of Teikou is also white and blue. So does Rakuzan’s. Which represent how Teikou is Akashi’s “Wonderland”, as well Rakuzan, and he’s still trapped in the “madness” as “Wonderland” is many times referenced as “mental map of Alice’s madness” . 

Also compare with American Mcgee’s Alice. In order to regain sanity, Alice have to blast  The Queen of Heart off. In order to return GoM (and ultimately, Akashi himself)  back to normal sport-loving teenagers instead of victory-crazed jerks (cue on the word crazed)  , what did Kuroko finally did? Pushes Bokushi, the “Queen of Hearts” , the “core of madness” to fear of defeat and destroy that  insane personality for good ,  placing Oreshi, the “Red Queen” , the ideal leader,  back to where he belongs, recovering the GoM of their proper  leader. 

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Bellarke + 19?

parents meeting when they take their kids to class au

Wow, I am incapable of keeping these short, so I put the rest under the cut. But this was so fun!! Thanks for the ask, hope you enjoy!

“Daaad, come on, I don’t wanna miss it, it’s—”

“Picture day, I know, I know. I’m coming.” Bellamy rounds the car, smiling at his little girl obediently bouncing on her toes in one spot. Brunette curls fall to her shoulder, held back by a blue hairband that matches her t-shirt.

Thank god for Octavia helping him out, or they’d still be in the house trying to figure out what to wear.

Thea takes his hand and pulls, hard. Bellamy chuckles and walks alongside her, listening to her chatter about Balto and why they should totally have a dog until she pauses mid-sentence and waves frantically into the distance.


A blonde girl turns, her face lighting up in equal joy as she spots Thea. She takes off running towards them, followed closely by her mother. Bellamy recognizes her. They’d met at the parents’ night early in the school year. She already stood out in her blue scrubs, but it was the way she pushed aside her clear weariness to greet not just her own daughter but the other kids, chatting with the teachers politely and putting her kid’s needs first— that was what Bellamy had noticed.

Now he sees her every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, dropping off Riley right as he drops off Thea.

Riley reaches them first, arms wide for a hug. Her mom smiles at the two girls, then more hesitantly at Bellamy, her eyes roaming over his form like she’s trying to place him from somewhere.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” he replies. “Ready for picture day?”

Her smile widens. “Definitely. Though,” she leans in closer, whispering, “I can’t believe we actually made it out the door on time.”

He grins. “Trust me, I get it. My sister is the only reason we’re here.”

Understanding flashes across her face. “Just you guys, huh?”

“Yeah. Her aunt’s a big help. And she has many uncles ready to spoil her at a moment’s notice.” He looks at Thea fondly. “They’re not blood, but they’re still family.”

“That sounds nice. It’s good that you have that.” She sounds wistful.

“And you?” Bellamy finds himself asking. “Is it just you two also?”

She nods. “Mostly. Grandma’s a big help, when she’s not working. We trade off on transportation twice a week.” That explained her schedule. She looks down when her daughter tugs at her shirt.

“Mom, this is my friend I told you about! Althea! Isn’t her name so cool?”

“That is cool,” she agrees, crouching. “You’re a very lucky girl, Althea.”

Thea beams as Bellamy squeezes her shoulder. “You can call me Thea,” his daughter says, remembering her manners.

“Thea it is. My name is Clarke.”

“Clarke.” Thea repeats it once more, softer, then looks up at him, dark eyes wide and a little too innocent. “That’s a pretty name, isn’t it dad?”

Bellamy nods in agreement, absently wondering if Thea’s been spending too much time with O. Then he glances at Riley, who’s studying him about as curiously as her mother. 

“Riley, right? I hear you have great taste in stories.”

The girl straightens and smiles toothily, dimpling her cheeks. “Mom reads me the best books at night,” she says confidently.

The sound of the first morning bell makes them all turn. Bellamy leans down for a kiss and hug from Thea, promising to see her in the evening after work. “Be good for Aunt Octavia,” he murmurs.

“I will dad, bye! Bye Clarke!” She yells.

Clarke waves after receiving her own hug from Riley. They watch the girls skip into the school together arm in arm, already exclaiming over another topic.

Bellamy turns to her and holds out his hand. “I’m Bellamy, by the way.”

“Hi, Bellamy.” Clarke’s smile is considerably less tentative, and just as a captivating. He holds her hand a few seconds longer than necessary.

Because she doesn’t seem in a rush to move, he says, “So you work at the hospital, right? You came to Parents’ Night in scrubs,” he adds hastily.

“Yeah,” she grins, a bit sheepish. “I was hoping to change after my shift, but I got held up… barely made it on time. But I wanted to be here, for Riley’s sake. I hate missing any of this stuff.”

He smiles. “It’s fun, getting to watch them grow up. Scary as hell, but fun.”

Clarke laughs with him, and it’s a beautiful sound.


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Aomine grinned down at the boy next to him, his wild purple hair flying everywhere as the warm breeze fluttered past them. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing as the boy shoved a chubby hand over his face, his small pout obvious as he tried to push the long locks away. Aomine waited another minute before he heard the high pitched whine, his sleeve being tugged on.
“Papa my hair is annoying. I want to crush it.”
The tall, dark skinned man couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle, his hands going under his son’s arms as he lifted him to stand on a bench, bringing the boy slightly closer to his height. Reaching to his left wrist, he slid a bright blue hairband off.
“Turn around Atsushi, and I’ll pull it back. Do you want a ponytail?”
The toddler turned and grabbed onto the back of the bench to steady himself, his long legs making him wobbly.
“Mmmm. Papa I’m hungry. Want sweets.”
As he ran his fingers through his son’s long locks, bunching them into his hand as gently as he could, Aomine rolled his eyes. The demand was something he heard at least fifty times a day from the boy.
“We haven’t had dinner yet, Atsushi. Sweets are only for after dinner remember?”
He imagined his son’s bottom lip jutting out with defiance, “But I want sweets now, papa.”
Wrapping the hairband around the purple hair twice, Aomine turned his son and poked his tummy playfully, knowing it would make the little boy giggle.
“Be patient my little bear cub.”
With yet another pout, Atsushi grabbed his father’s hand and jumped off the bench, following him into the crowd, his smaller hand wrapped tight in Aomine’s larger one. Just as they turned a corner, the young boy read a sign on a window, the word catching his eyes immediately. Of course it would too; it was his favorite word. The sign was bright red with swirly font, and it simply spelt out “sweets.”

“Atsushi! Atsushi!!”
Aomine ran back around a corner they had come from, his blue eyes darting all over the crowd, hoping to find a purple ponytail somewhere. Not finding it, his panic grew even more as he jumped up onto a bench, similar to the one they had been at before.
Tons of people turned to stare at him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to find his son, the fear of losing him burning his chest, making it difficult to breathe. Just as he was going to call the police, his eyes locked on a red sign. A sign that would easily get anyone’s attention, especially a little boy addicted to sweets. Rushing through the crowd, Aomine approached what looked like a bakery, the large windows allowing him to peer inside the shop easily. When he spotted his son smiling gleefully as he bit into a cookie, he nearly cried from relief. Grabbing the door handle, he pulled it open, the bell ringing out to announce his arrival.
The purple haired boy turned at his father’s voice, chocolate on his lips as he smiled, “Papa I found sweets! Papa, what’s wrong?”
Aomine crushed the boy to his chest, his body already down on his knees as he held his son. His heart rate was starting to return to normal, his nerves calming. Pulling back he looked his boy over, noticing the worst thing that had happened was the chocolate stains now on his son’s shirt. He felt anger welling up inside of him, his mind telling him not to yell at the boy. Although as he spoke, he couldn’t help the stern tone that came out.
“Atsushi, what were you doing running off like that without telling papa? You scared me.”
As he watched big purple eyes fill with tears, Aomine sat back on his heels and sighed, his tone much softer now as he pushed some stray locks out of the boy’s face.
“I’m sorry papa got upset, but you have to tell me where you’re going first ok, little cub?”
Aomine watched as his son’s bottom lip quivered as the boy nodded. He didn’t have to ask for a hug, this time Atsushi pushing into his chest, rubbing his face all over his shirt. Aomine chuckled as he realized he was going to have matching chocolate stains with his son.
“Oh, are you his father?”
Aomine looked up into the brightest red eyes he had ever seen, and he was friends with Akashi. His eyes moved over the face leaning over the counter, taking in the matching hair and forked eyebrows, the happy grin, and the golden tan skin. As he put all the pieces together, taking in the man entirely, Aomine had to refrain from whistling with appreciation. Whoever this man was, he was downright gorgeous, even more so as his smile grew. Standing, Aomine smiled back at the man as he put his hand on top of his son’s head, Atsushi happily munching on his cookie again with one hand, his other gripping his father’s pant leg.
“Yes, I am. I’m sorry about him coming in here alone.”
The redhead leaned back and smiled softly down at Atsushi, then back to Aomine, “Its ok. I figured he had wandered off and it was best to keep him here in one spot. I was sure someone would come for him.”
“Thank you. I appreciate it so much.”
Another heart melting smile from the redhead, “No problem. He seemed to be happy with a cookie sample. I hope its ok I gave him one.”
Letting out a deep sigh, Aomine looked down at his son who stopped chewing on the treat in his hand, his innocent eyes peering up at him. Defeated with that look, Aomine ruffled his hair with a grin.
“Yeah it’s fine. Thanks again…”
“Kagami. Kagami Taiga. Nice to meet you.”
Aomine put his hand forward to shake Kagami’s, making sure to lock eyes with the handsome baker, “I’m Aomine Daiki. And this is Atsushi, my son.”
Kagami nodded once and looked over the counter at the little boy, who now had no treats and was trying to lick the remaining chocolate off his fingers. Laughing softly, Kagami looked at Aomine.
“I can give you both a little treat box if you’d like. To take home I mean.”
Aomine didn’t have to look down to know his son was looking at Kagami as if the redhead was his absolute hero. Letting out another deep sigh, Aomine shook his head playfully.
“You’re not helping my cause here Kagami.”
The baker smirked, his head cocking to the side, “What cause would that be, Aomine?”
Enjoying that the baker was going along with his teasing, Aomine smirked, “The cause of feeding my son something more than sugar.”
Kagami feinted hurt as he looked down at Atsushi, “But sugar is the best kind of food, right Atsushi?”
The little boy jumped with agreement, the movement a rarity for the boy who in general disliked doing anything extra. Aomine pretended to glare at Kagami, the baker just sending a cheeky grin back at him. As his heart raced at the look, it took a few hard tugs on his pants for his son to get his attention.
“Papa can we?!”
“Do you think you deserve more sweets after running off, Atsushi?”
The little boy thought for a moment, “No, but can we anyways?”
Aomine tried to hold back his laughter, but as he heard Kagami laugh he couldn’t help but join in, “Fine. We can take some home, but they are for AFTER dinner, understand?”
Atsushi nodded happily, his sticky hands already pressed to the glass that separated him from the assortment of sweets laid out. Aomine watched as Kagami grabbed a box and bent down behind the glass.
“Which ones would you like, Atsushi?”
Aomine watched as his son thought extremely hard. Sweets were something he never took lightly. As he pointed at each treat, Kagami carefully placed them into the box, taking the little boy’s choices very seriously. As Aomine watched the interaction, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of hope well up in his chest.
“Ok, I think that’s plenty of sweets, little cub.”
Atsushi nodded at his father and made his way over to the counter, his arms barely reaching over, his fingers grasping for the box excitedly. Aomine stood behind him and nodded, Kagami then handing the boy the bright red box.
“Atsushi, don’t you dare open that box.”
“Yes yes. I know papa.”
Shaking his head with amusement, Aomine pulled his wallet out and looked at Kagami, “How much for the box?”
Kagami smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. You’ve had a rough time, consider it a peaceful gift to calm you both.”
Wanting to argue about paying, but realizing his son was getting antsy behind him, the little boy most likely not going to wait to open the box, Aomine put his wallet away.
“Thank you again. Next time we pay for it though.”
Aomine watched as Kagami leaned forward on the counter, a sexy smile on his face, “I look forward to it.”
Licking his lips, Aomine returned the look, his lower stomach tightening at the thought of seeing the sexy baker again.
“Papa let’s go eat dinner so we can eat the sweets!”
Looking at his son with amusement, Aomine walked to him and patted his head, “What do you say to Kagami?”
Raising his sticky hand, Atsushi waved goodbye to the baker, “Thank you Kagachin.”
“You’re welcome Atsushi.”
With one last look, Aomine waved goodbye as well and steered his son out of the bakery, making sure to take his hand in his tightly. As they walked home, he heard Atsushi pipe up.
“Papa, we are gonna go back and see Kagachin right?”
Reaching down, Aomine lifted his son up and settled him onto his hip, holding him with one arm and carrying the red box of sweets with his other.
“Of course we are little cub. You will need more sweets right?”
Atsushi nodded as he wrapped his arms around his father’s neck, his face resting on his shoulder. Aomine thought of the handsome baker and how soon they could go back to visit him, not only for his son’s sake, but for his as well.