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Aozaki Touko    型月まとめ by  黒衛門

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arrives 2 and half years later with more papercuts


I love his hair //////v////// just a few doodles //I’ve been trying to develop a new style but I’m not sure about posting art of my new style ;v;;;


//i’m viktor

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A fair amount of fans since Ethan dyed his hair back to brown

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How another part is

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How we’ll always be, and if you only liked Ethan because of his blue hair, either grow up and realize that he’s funny, kind, caring, beautiful, and just an all around just a good bean. BLUE HAIR DOES NOT DEFINE WHO ETHAN NESTOR OR CRANKGAME PLAYS IS. We’ll all get used to it. He even said AND I QUOTE “I’ll always be your blue boy”. I’m sorry for being blunt or rude or anything related to this, I’m just speaking my mind/being honest.

*The only reason the gifs of Ethan having blue hair is because there is I think one(?) gif of him currently with brown hair. Plus I wanted Ethan reactions (I felt it necessary Idk).

Anyways have a good day/afternoon/night.

So you know how ronan lynch is the human equivalent to a crane? well I’m pretty sure he uses this height advantage to bestow forehead kisses on poor, unsuspecting individuals such as adam I’m-trying-to-study parrish and blue what-the-fuck-get-off-me sargent

Let’s talk about white people

1. Their eyes change colors

2. Their hair changes color as well.

3. They can’t handle heat (as in hot food or spices)

4. They like to eat uncooked meat

Here are four facts, that prove the caucasians are indeed shapeshifters.

underappreciated v route things

-Ramen Filled Aristocrats lmaaao

-Jumin’s unconditional love and trust for V! Just..this pure relationship they have with one another in general. Dare I say, bff goals.

-Zen’s Mom Side!! Just… he’s such a group mom I love this and I love Zen what a bean, I love how he’s looking out for Yoosung so much

-No, really, I honestly appreciate Yoosung and Zen’s interactions so much??? love how Zen nags at him and Yoosung appreciates but is annoyed by it. New BROTP, anyone??

-Seven hacking into Yoosung’s computer and downloading LOLOL for him because he knows how upset Yoosung is and he wants to cheer him up I cry everytime. He took a break from work to do this just for him what a pure child I love Saeyoung

-Meet Anxious Other Group Mom, Jihyun Kim. This m a n. And the way he was worried about Zen’s motorcycle riding… and him caring about Yoosung and wanting him to feel better. Aaaaaaaah

-Rika’s heart spam. Honestly I don’t like Rika but I’ve never related to a character so much because I’m the kind of person who will literally spam your inbox with 500000 emoji hearts for no specific reason

-All the hardwork Rika, V and Saeran’s voice actors put into this!!! They all worked so so hard and they did an incredible job and I love them so much oh my god



-Vanderwood being a fuckin dork, I love it I love it I love it

-V without his shades on all the time askksxkekdlwlxke

-OK but that Mint Eye robe is beautiful. I appreciate its design so much and it’s honestly just flippin mesmerising

-V’s mother. I cry everytime

-Also! The long asked question has been answered

-Does Jihyun Kim is Naturallly Blue Haired

-He does

-Rika is not a one dimensional lame antagonist I like this and appreciate it very much, thank you Cheritz

-Also V finally realising that his infatuation with Rika is a problem I cry everytime thank YOU CHERITZ FOR PORTRAYING HOW UNHEALTHY THIS IS


-Saeran’s emojis

-V’s emojis


-The fact that the V route actually fricking exists and Cheritz took the time to do this for us did I mention I love Cheritz

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Wait what 'Kolivan is Keith's grandpa' theory? I never heard that one. Do you know where it comes from? (I don't want Kolivan to die either)

I don’t recall what blog actually first proposed it, I’ve seen it in the tags while distracted, but my personal two cents on it here are, Kolivan is probably elderly because with the sole exception of Ulaz and Lotor, the only galra we see with gray/white in their design are people like Kolivan and Thace, who seem older, and Ulaz, by looks alone, I’d guess is probably a leucistic or albino galra. (Lotor inherits his premature silvery hair either from quintessence tinting like mom, or from the Altean side of his heritage somehow- either way that doesn’t point to it being a natural galra color)

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