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hyukjae collecting all toys to put on donghae’s lap and he making a heart from them (▰˘◡˘▰)
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The signs as blue haired anime boys

Aries: Daiki Aomine

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Taurus: Aoba Seragaki

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Gemini: Saruhiko Fushimi

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Cancer: Aoba Kuronuma

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Leo: Black Star

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Virgo: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

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Libra: Tokiya Ichinose

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Scorpio: Jellal Fernandes

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Sagittarius: Gintoki Sakata

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Capricorn: Rei Ryugazaki

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Aquarius: Kamina

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Pisces: Shin-ah

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(HERE I AM!!! I am alive and didn’t abandon you all, I swear! Sorry about the lack of drabbles. I had some real life issues, but I am back on track now! So here, have some fluffy aokaga. I was gonna make this nsfw PDA, but who doesn’t like the fluff?)

Kagami stood against the train door, his face reflected in the glass as he felt the crowd pushing against his back. He hated the train, but as it was his best route back home from the game, this was what he was stuck with. He readjusted his bag over his left shoulder, his muscles aching. It had been a really good game and they had won. Kagami smiled a bit at the memory until he felt a brush against his back he looked over his shoulder in the glass, his body jerking a bit with surprise.
“Aomine? What are you doing here?”
The blue haired boy grinned at his boyfriend in the reflection, “Ah we had a game. What about you?”
“Same,” Kagami rolled his shoulders a bit, his body stiffening up.
“You sore? Finally getting old Kagami?”
At the tease Kagami stuck his tongue out like an adult, his body too exhausted to argue. He pulled his right hand behind him as much as he could to rub his lower back. He loved his jumping ability, but it sure took a toll on his body. As soon as he felt his hand being pushed away to be replaced by two other large hands, he jerked around, facing his boyfriend.
“What the fuck are you doing?” His eyes darted around to the other people.
“I was helping you, I thought that was obvious,” Aomine’s voice drawled as if he was talking to a child.
The redhead seethed, “Thanks but don’t. We are surrounded by people.”
Aomine shrugged, his hands moving back behind his boyfriend, “So? People touch their partners all the time Kagami. It’s fairly normal.”
The redhead was going to argue and push the boy away but then he felt Aomine’s strong fingers push into his back, rubbing gentle, but firm circles into his muscles. Kagami groaned, the feeling instantly easing the tension in his shoulders and neck. As Aomine moved his hands up towards the middle of his back Kagami let his head drop to his boyfriend’s shoulder, another satisfied moan leaving his mouth.
Aomine smirked and spoke into the redhead’s ear, “You keep making those noises Taiga, and someone might get the wrong idea.”
“Shut up baka. I can’t help it. It feels so fuckin good.”
Aomine didn’t tease him further as his arms moved up a bit more to the redhead’s shoulder blades. From an outsiders point of view it would simply look as if he was hugging the redhead. As he looked to his right he saw an older woman looking at them with disgust. Aomine glared at her until she looked away. He didn’t care what other people thought when they saw Kagami and him together. He wasn’t an overly affectionate person in public, but he didn’t try to hide his feelings for his boyfriend. And when Kagami was obviously in pain from his sore muscles? Damn right Aomine was going to help him in any way he could. Everyone else would just have to deal with them like this.
As he felt Aomine’s hands move up towards his neck, Kagami turned his head, resting his cheek on the boy’s shoulder, his breath fanning over the dusky neck in front of his face. He felt like jelly in his boyfriend’s hands. He tried to push the other people from his mind, wondering if anyone was staring. He didn’t really like publicly showing his affection towards Aomine. It was something he liked keeping special between them, but he had been known to hug the other boy or even hold his hand, although it was still slightly awkward. Hell, once when he met up with Aomine after not seeing him for nearly a week he had actually kissed him with excitement. Even with those in his mind, he got a bit red from their position. He knew it looked like they were hugging, but he had to try a bit harder to relax his mind, letting his body follow as he enjoyed the massage he was getting. Aomine was nice enough to do this for him, he didn’t want to ruin it.
The announcement for his stop suddenly came out over the speaker. Pulling back, Kagami took a deep breath and looked at his boyfriend.
“Thanks Aomine. I feel a bit better.”
The boy smiled and leaned into the redhead, “Do you want me to come home with you? I can do a better job with you on the bed and your shirt off.”
At the image Kagami felt himself blush a bit, his body slowly lighting up with a burning heat. Aomine hadn’t been over in a while, the beginning of basketball season cutting into their time together, and it had started to make a frustrating effect on his body.
“Ah yeah, that sounds good.”
Before Kagami could give either of them a chance to think about it, he reached forward and grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, locking their fingers together.
“Let’s go.”
As soon as the doors were opened, he led Aomine out and down away from the station, walking towards his apartment. Nothing was said as he walked with purpose, just Aomine squeezing his hand tight as he followed the redhead.