blue grill


You won’t find fires like this burning in open kitchens back in the States, eh?!

Here at a restaurant (whose name I forget, sorry) near Sendai station, they lightly charred our “kajiki” blue marlin, over the flames in this “irori”, or open hearth, as we sat a few feet away, sweating from the heat.

Simply sprinkled with salt and topped with green onion to let the taste of the fish and the char speak for itself… spectacular!!

I made a big batch of fajita style chicken (but in a tomato sauce - see recipe in source, but with added canned tomatoes and more spices to compensate) so I’ve been living off of that and making different meals with it. On the menu today: deconstructed chicken taco (sort of) with a grilled blue corn tortilla, avocado, extra mature cheddar and pickled jalapeños | so yummy, healthy and about 450 calories.