blue greys

February 20, 2017
  1. Leo
     Home station

  2. Aries
     Spanish cuisine

  3. Sagittarius

  4. Libra
     Beauty parlour

  5. Aquarius
     Beef stew

  6. Gemini
     Cooking classroom

  7. Cancer
     Grilled fish

  8. Taurus
     Light blue

  9. Scorpio

  10. Virgo
     Daikon radish

  11. Pisces

  12. Capricorn
     Aromatic goods

anonymous asked:

I'm aromantic so can I get a sorta platonic ship? I'm 5'3 and speak English and some French. I'm logical to a fault and have been called rebel. I was told if I was born in the past I'd have been a warrior princess dead set on overthrowing the government. I'm a political activist, despite being told I'm to young. I love art and history and picking fights. I have blond pixie cut hair and my eyes shit between hues of blue,green, and grey. Thank you so much 😊!!

I ship you with Angelica! Imagine helping her write her maid of honor speech for Hamilton and Eliza’s wedding and eating more than getting actual work done whoops

baellamyshug  asked:

Hi! I don't know if you noticed that or it's just me but i do think that clarke's outifit has a meaning.In this season I see her wearing two t-shirts of two different colours (blue and grey) which are also the colours of the Bellarke's t-shirts.What do u think?

Someone made a note that Clarke’s shirt this season is blue, like Bellamy’s shirt in season 1. While Bellamy’s shirt this season is kind of taupe/khaki like Clarke’s shirt in season 1. This I find interesting. I was so busy thinking Bellamy’s shirt was like Well’s I failed to notice that they had switched colors. This makes sense because Bellamy and Clarke often take on the lessons learned or taught by the other, they repeat lines the other said, they take the side first taken by the other. They are two sides of the same coin.

Now why Clarke is wearing two shirts? I don’t know. Will she be removing one at some point? And the top shirt has buttons. Will that be unbuttoned more? I don’t really know what it means exactly yet.

Any ideas?


DOLL 365, 2017 - Day 50

I love Yusuke’s dusty blue and sparkly grey color scheme so much. He is amazing to photograph in the last light of the day.

Yusuke is a Unoa Sist boy
- Faceup: Studio Miscast
- Eyes: Mako Eyes
- Wig: Unstrung Hero
- Sweater: Sugardoll
- Headband: Studio Miscast

anonymous asked:

hello i am a bi girl, 18, about 5'8" with brown hair, blue-grey eyes that can't see for shit, and, consequently, glasses. i play the flute and piano, and sing, but also couldn't draw anything more complicated than a stick figure to save my life. i speak pretty good French and am shockingly bad at math. have often been told i am sarcastic and annoying, but like in an endearing way i guess. please ship me with someone? thanks

I ship you with Lafayette because I can kinda picture him whispering cute things in Fench to you and other really fluffy stuff like that