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Dystopia: Chapter One

Summary: After 2 long years of a civil war, the UK is in shambles. The government barely exists and it’s created even more division in the cities through its use of factions. Suddenly, in the midst of chaos, two boys, Dan and Phil, will be forced together. 

Warnings(for this chapter): Slightly suicidal thoughts/mentions, mentions of blood and violence

Chapter One:

Dan was standing atop the hill, staring out over the dilapidated city, his curly hair rustling in the breeze. As he watched the chaotic city full of people running and screaming, fires being set on houses and even a few small explosions, he was completely still. In a world full of chaos, he was the calm. He was the calm during a hurricane.

See, it wasn’t that he didn’t care. Of course he did. But he knew he couldn’t do anything about it. The government had collapsed, imploded on itself and it was too constant. It was an almost daily thing at this point to hear screams and explosions. Dan was only a simple 16 year old with no family left; what could he do?

Nearby on the hill he was standing atop, he noticed a rather curious scene taking place. There was a young girl of about 14, pulling on a boy with mousy brown hair and bright blue eyes. In a dark and depressing world, his eyes lit up like the moon in the night’s sky. He was about Dan’s age, maybe a year older and he looked pretty annoyed to be dragged up the hill. “…to go up here. We need to help him,” Dan caught the boy whining.

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Two things about Cody & Rex:

1. Ten million years ago I decided that it would be cute if Cody eventually needed reading glasses. Today I have furthermore decided that “eventually” is “now” and that Rex needs them too. Not because twins work like that (they don’t), but just because it would be double-cute

2. I can’t find the actual source on this, but I swear I’ve seen a post somewhere about how in one of the TCW novels, Rex dyes blue streaks into his hair. That 100% happens in this AU when he’s a teenager. It’s cheap drugstore temporary dye… or so the box said. Yet somehow even with multiple shampooings, half his hair remains a faded blue-green color. Their parents would NEVER let that fly (he only dyed it in the first place because they were gone all weekend and it was only supposed to last ONE NIGHT GDI), so he begs Cody for help. After a good long bout of obnoxious laughter, Cody agrees. Obviously the simplest solution would be just to shave it, but idk I think it’s way funnier if instead they cover it up with black dye (since he’s mysteriously naturally blond here). Suddenly TRULY identical twins. And totally not suspicious…


I present to you my favorite fallen child, (besides Chara and Frisk), Patience.

Headcannon: patience is female and her name is…uh…

You guys decide, okay?  I’m done. (Collapses)

anonymous asked:

What hair color Veruca actually has?

well like most people who dye their hair unnatural colors her hair changes freshly dyed can be a bright blue or bright green but after a while the hair fades to pastel blues and greens even greyish blues so usually blue or green and anything in between